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Use This Unique Tool to Focus Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

A simple tool—the Focus Wheel—will help you and your consulting firm point your energy in the right direction. The post Use This Unique Tool to Focus Your Consulting Firm appeared first on David A. Managing yourself … Continued.

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AI-Powered Consulting: Tools You Need to Know About

Tom Spencer

This article will explore three powerful AI-powered tools, and some of the ways that these tools can be used to improve the work of consultants. Machine Learning Machine learning is one of the most powerful tools available to consultants. It could also include employing cutting-edge tools like neural networks.


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The Success Ladder: A Simple, Powerful Tool for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You can install a simple, powerful tool at your consulting firm that will stimulate progress toward your goals. The post The Success Ladder: A Simple, Powerful Tool for Your Consulting Firm appeared first on David A. There’s explosive elegance in combining a couple of basic principles to produce spectacular results.

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A Common Tool Trap: the Tool Will Help Your Delivery and Planning Problems

Johanna Rothman

Many of these people want to use a tool to plan from the “bottom” (what the teams do) to the top (roadmaps and portfolio). Worse, they want to start with a tool. See Schedule Game #11: The Schedule Tool is Always Right as an example.). They think the tool will do “everything” for them.

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How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

CRM software is a powerful tool when used correctly, yet another obstacle to a sales team’s efficiency when it’s not.

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Executive Coaching is a Powerful Tool

Brimstone Consulting

Executive coaching is a powerful tool to transform your leadership and your organization. Learn More The post Executive Coaching is a Powerful Tool appeared first on Brimstone Consulting LLC. Coaching has a direct impact on business performance while accelerating personal development and performance.

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Strategy tools

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: My favourite tools for strategy days include these ones which I have made into. The post Strategy tools appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

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Catch Them If You Can: The Passive Candidates Edition

Yet, with the right tools and mindset, it’s possible to track down this candidate - and many others like them! Hiding behind laptop screens and smartphones, the passive candidate is hard to find and tougher to catch. Simple: By thinking like one.

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B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers.

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The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through leveraging strong data and go-to-market tools to unlock the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. But none of this is possible without the most important element of a successful ABM program: good data.

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You Can't Teach Without Eye Contact

Based on these insights, we define non-negotiable elements of successful distance learning and review tools which help us achieve them. The sudden shift to distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to study the impact of digital-first experiences on students' well-being and ability to learn.

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The Power of Conversation Intelligence

Looking for tools to surface the voice of your customer? Has Conversation Intelligence (CI) been discussed in your organization, but you don’t know where to start? Generally curious about the CI space?

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The Recruiting Crossword Puzzle

You can solve your recruiting problems using new tools and data specifically designed to help do your job: find top passive talent and fill those open reqs – faster than you thought possible. The good news? Test your recruiter-brain with this crossword puzzle, which reveals the best ways to move forward in your efforts with every answer!

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Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with these tools: More data! What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? We have added 10's of millions of personal emails and mobile records. Basic search: Easily search using keywords, job title, location, industry, and more.

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2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

Insights detailed within this report include: Tools marketers are using to gain deeper intelligence on current and prospective customers for better targeting and messaging. New tactics to acquire data to reach marketing goals.