HR Analytics Tools

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The post HR Analytics Tools appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consultants Consultant: Data analytics is the new black. If you’re not a data analyst or data. Consulting Well data scientists recruitment

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On Digital Tools, Behavioral Economics, and Retirement

Steve Shu Consulting

How Digital Tools and Behavioral Economics Will Save Retirement. Just wanted to share a Harvard Business Review post by my colleague, Shlomo Benartzi. In a nutshell, the digital world opens up many possibilities to apply behavioral economics to help people.

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Essential Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs

Women in Consulting

It’s also key to have practical tools to get established and maintain your workflow. Here are a few valuable use cases and my go-to technology tools: Keep track of the interwebs. By: Josh Zerkel. :: Entrepreneurs need lots of support to be successful, and it can take many forms.

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Case Interview Tools

Find the right tools. Learn how to use chosen tools. Finding the right tools. I can confidently say that LOMS is the best tool for developing your case interviewing skills. Learn how to use chosen tools. When I am contacted by candidates who have made it through the case interview process with a successful offer, often I get emails like the one below with tips for those still interviewing.

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5 Online Tools I Use to Grow My Consulting Firm

David A Fields

The right tools can multiply the effectiveness of your efforts, enabling you to grow your consulting firm’s revenue and profit faster.

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The right tool

Seth Godin Blog

Just because something is handy doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the job Umbrellas are a fabulous invention. You can use one when you need it, but you shouldn’t confuse it with a grapefruit.

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Resilience and value: A CFO tool kit for withstanding shocks


New research has identified a set of capabilities that allow an organization to repeatedly bounce back from setbacks or adapt quickly to new trends. CFOs are supremely well placed to ensure that these “resilience assets” are in place. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

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Onboarding Consulting Clients And Projects The Right Way With Kristen Gallagher: Podcast #113

Consulting Success

Consulting Success Podcast Consulting Business consulting clients Consulting Strategies CRM tools onboarding technical onboardingOnboarding your clients is the first step in their journey with your product or service.

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5 Best Lead Generation Tools for Your Consulting Website

Tsavo Neal

It’s a tool that can help bring you more leads. To get more leads through your consulting website, you need the right tools to do the job. The right tools to acquire leads are ones that… Foster interaction between you and your potential clients.

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Accelerating product development: The tools you need now


To speed innovation and fend off disruption, R&D organizations at incumbent companies can borrow the tools and techniques that digital natives use to get ahead. Insights on Operations

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Protected: Consulting tools in word

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The post Protected: Consulting tools in word appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consultants Consultant: There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Start up your consultancy Secret stuff Your own consultancy: start up and run

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Housing affordability: A supply-side tool kit for cities


Global housing stock has not expanded quickly enough to keep up with a surge in demand, but cities can focus on three supply-side solutions to make progress. Meeting Society’s Expectations

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Fiscal resilience: Tools to manage state budgets in an age of uncertainty


When the next economic downturn comes, states will need to be more deliberate about how they manage expenditures and revenues than ever before. Public Sector Insights

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Top Content Marketing Tools for Independent Contractors

MBO Partners

10 content marketing tools and tips to create brand awareness, engage your target audience, and achieve business goals

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Virtual Training Best Practices – Common Collaboration Tools

Gina Abudi

There are a variety of collaboration tools common to virtual training environments that enable you to effectively engage participants and enable for them to collaborate and share with each other. These include: TOOL USE FOR… Whiteboard Brainstorming solutions to case studies/problems Summarizing what participants have learned using annotation tools Having participants debrief on their individual [.].

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Virtual Meeting Tools for Independent Contractors

MBO Partners

Four virtual meeting tools and platforms for independent professionals

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Pairing advanced analytics with intuitive tools to transform retail markdown management


A measured approach to pricing during the clearance cycle could be worth millions of dollars to retailers. Retail Insights

New Tools! More Pure Bank Profit!


It proposes a new tool to pay banks even more interest on money banks don''t lend and cannot use (as an alternative to shrinking money supply). New Tools! Policy makers are testing a new tool intended to improve their control of near-term borrowing costs.

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The US cutting-tools market: What changes lie ahead?


A new approach to segment strategy, distribution, and pricing can help companies win in the evolving cutting-tools market. Advanced Electronics Insights

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Should You Be Part of a Large Network with an Assessment Tool?

David A Fields

A consultant sent me the following question: I have been approached by a company that wants to market through affiliates. Their approach is to pitch free assessments that diagnose problems then call upon specialists to man the projects.

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What’s the ROI of the ROI tool?

Ed Kless

The most popular business “tool” has a gaping hole in it. Has anyone ever put the use of the ROI tool through the ROI tool?” Indeed, they will note that any argument made to justify the use of the tool will just be assumptions with no ability to prove or disprove.

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Can Online Tools Help Employees Build Resilience?

Harvard Business

A study explored new ways to help stressed-out workers. Stress Managing yourself Technology Digital Article

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How social tools can reshape the organization


In a new survey, respondents say the most valuable tools make it easier for employees to collaborate—and could even transform the way organizations work. Not all social technologies bring equal benefits. Our Insights

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Twitter Tools for Newbies (and the Rest of Us)

Joellyn Sargent

Eventually, I discovered the wealth of Twitter tools that had been built to make Twitter more practical. After getting over the irony that a service would require a host of 3rd party tools to make it useful at all, I started testing tools to see what worked. If you’re just getting started with Twitter or have been slowly crawling up the on ramp, here are a few tools and tips that should help: Getting Started with Twitter. Find More Twitter Tools.

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Naming tool of the year

Seth Godin Blog

When it''s time to name your project, you probably want to find a domain for it. And, alas, all the obvious and most of the silly dot com choices were taken a very long time ago. Time for wordoid. Scroll down on the left, put a short word in the ''pattern'' box and off you go

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Decoding Apple as a luxury tools company

Seth Godin Blog

Hundreds of years ago, Hermes and Louis Vuitton started out as luxury makers of tools. They competed on luxury, which is a fundamentally different promise than the optimal design of a tool. Patagonia is still a luxury tools company.

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Facebook Launches an Emergency “Check-In” Tool: Safety Check

Melissa Agnes

As Twitter has its emergency alert system , and Google offers a crisis response resource , Facebook has recently launched an emergency check-in tool, called Safety Check. During a natural disaster, the tool is automatically activated. I think this tool is a great initiative.

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What Marketing Strategy Is the Best for You?

The More Clients Blog

In my opinion, email is the most powerful overall marketing tool. Email is the online tool that’s been around the longest, and I think it’s taken for granted. If you pick the right marketing strategy, you’ll be like that little guy in the middle of my diagram above. Winning! Fist pumps!

A 6-Part Tool for Ranking and Assessing Risks

Harvard Business

In addition, many security experts consider it the definitive assessment tool for protecting critical assets. David Crockett/Getty Images. One of the most overused expressions thrown around by wannabe “Wall Street Rambos” is business is war.

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Use the Strategic Plan as a Daily Management Tool

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

Keep in mind, when you use the strategic plan as a daily management tool. The post Use the Strategic Plan as a Daily Management Tool appeared first on Weber Business Services, LLC. The Vision is "The Big Goal." It's THE thing you are working to achieve together.

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Bank of Canada Announces Tools Including -0.5 Interest Rates; Loonie Sinks to 2004 Low; Right Tool at the Right Time


Tools Needed Isn't a sinking currency supposed to help exports and the economy in general? Instead, the Bank of Canada announced it has Tools Beyond Zero Rate if needed. If the Fed knew how to use tools, why was there a global financial collapse?

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Listening Is an Overlooked Leadership Tool

Harvard Business

Listening is an overlooked tool that creates an environment of safety when done well. HBR STAFF. “What do you think?” ” I ask this question a lot. My team knows that when they come to me with a question, this is likely the question I’ll come back with first.

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4 Tips and Tools for Keeping Track of Your Expenses as an Independent Contractor

MBO Partners

Get a better handle on your income and expenses, and avoid year-end tax stress by following these four tax tips and tools for independent contractors

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Role models as a tool for decision making

Seth Godin Blog

Innovation is essential, but it’s rarely true that we do something that’s truly never been done before. And that means that our work is toward something. We’re making decisions, taking risks and expending effort to get from here closer to there, where there is a place that’s been visited before. Are you spending time in the gym trying to be more like Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Dwayne Johnson? Do your policies push our country to be more like China or Denmark?

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Top Four Productivity Tools I Cannot Live Without

Women in Consulting

I get asked a lot about all the various nifty tools I use to run ThinkResults (and me to be honest!), I discovered this tool while working with the first cohort of Microsoft Ventures as their Go-to-Market advisor. And if you have other tools that you love, let me know. By: Jennifer LeBlanc. so I decided to pick four of my faves and share them with y’all. I count on these to run aspects of our business every day and don’t know what I do without them.

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Why Customer Feedback Tools Are Vital for Nonprofits

Harvard Business

And how they’re using them. Social enterprise Customers Data Digital Article

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Until You Have Productivity Skills, Productivity Tools Are Useless

Harvard Business

Making the switch to electronic tools was difficult and disruptive, and initially I didn’t want to do it. But the truth is, it wasn’t the tools alone, it was also the workflow management process —or methodology—I applied to the tools.