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Looking for Skilled Workers? Hire Creative and Performing Artists.

Harmonious Workplaces

At our blog here at, I’ve written several articles about workplaces and music ensembles. I was a visual art major at UChicago during my undergraduate studies, and my experience as an amateur musician and professional graphic artist has led to my career in marketing. So, I have a keen interest in creatives at work. […] The post Looking for Skilled Workers?

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ChatGPT is dumber than it looks

Seth Godin Blog

That’s not true for a screwdriver. Or a table saw or even a spatula. These are useful tools, but they don’t pretend to be well-informed or wise. They’re dumb, and they look dumb too. That’s one reason that tools are effective. We use them to leverage our effort, but we don’t trust them to do things that they’re not good at.

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