A vision for medical affairs in 2025


Four core areas of medical-affairs activity combine to maximize patient experiences and outcomes. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Air freight 2025: Agility, speed, and partnerships


Companies in the sector must become as agile as possible, maintain air freight’s speed advantage, and deepen their partnerships. Our Insights

Agile 55

Chemicals 2025: Will the industry be dancing to a very different tune?


Chemical companies have been riding high, but the trends that have underpinned that performance are shifting. Companies should reflect carefully on their strengths as they move into this new territory. Our Insights

Businesses Moving Too Quickly to Robots? Will 1 in 3 Jobs Vanish by 2025?


Will 1 in 3 Jobs Vanish by 2025? Is Gartner right that One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025 ? Businesses Moving Too Quickly? Are businesses are moving too quickly to robots? Is any job safe? Patrick Thibodeau at Computer World discusses the idea things are moving "too fast" with a review of Nicholas Carr''s new book, The Glass Cage, Automation and Us. Please consider Automation Could Take Your Skills -- and Your Job by Patrick Thibodeau.

Harvesting golden opportunities in Indian agriculture: From food security to farmers’ income security by 2025


Several megatrends may drive the next wave of growth in Indian agriculture. Focusing on a number of investible themes could enhance farmers' incomes and transform their quality of life. Chemicals Insights

Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan; Self-Driving Trucks on German Autobahn; Millions of Truck and Taxi Driver Jobs will Vanish in US by 2025


And as I have stated numerous times, millions of truck driving and taxi driving jobs will vanish by 2025 at the latest. I predicted robot taxis and trucks by 2020. Most doubted it, but I maintained I was as likely to be too late as opposed to too early.

The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?


Technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient, individualized care—and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025.

Impact investing finds its place in India


The country’s market for purpose-driven finance could grow to $6 billion to $8 billion in 2025. What’s shaping the landscape? Our Insights

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Asia Pacific


trillion to their collective annual GDP in 2025, a 12 percent increase over the business-as-usual trajectory. Advancing women’s equality in the countries of Asia Pacific could add $4.5 Gender Equality


How can we recognize the real power of the Internet of Things?


trillion a year in economic value by 2025. If policy makers and businesses get it right, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 Our Insights

An SEK 850 billion digital opportunity for Sweden


If Sweden can fulfill its digitization potential by taking advantage of six important technological trends, it could generate SEK 850-1,400 billion per year by 2025. Digital Insights

Realizing gender equality’s $12 trillion economic opportunity


Investing in access to essential services and reducing the gap in labor-force participation rates could significantly expand the global economy by 2025. Employment and Growth


Global Payments 2016: The Interactive Edition


This interactive explores how regions and segments of the payments market will shift in important ways from 2015 through 2025. Interactive Monday, September 26, 2016. The selected stories in chapters 1–4 of the interactive explore four aspects of this evolution. Interactive

The New Indian: The Many Facets of a Changing Consumer


India, experiencing rising affluence and changes in consumer behaviors, is poised to become the third-largest consumer economy by 2025. Focus Monday, March 20, 2017.

The power of parity: Advancing women's equality in the United States


trillion to the country’s economy in 2025. Every state and city in the United States has the opportunity to further gender parity, which could add $4.3 Employment and Growth


Möjligheter för Sverige i digitaliseringens spår


If Sweden is able to fulfill its potential for digitization by leveraging six important technological trends, it could generate SEK 850-1 400 billion per year from 2025. Europe

How can digital technology speed up gender equality?


trillion a year by 2025—or the equivalent of adding an economy the combined size of Germany and Austria every year—by accelerating progress towards gender equality, write Anu Madgavkar, Kweilin Ellingrud, and Mekala Krishnan in Equals. Asia Pacific economies could increase their collective GDP by $4.5


s+b Trend Watch: Supermarkets' Misguided Strategy


By 2025, this imbalance will lead to a significant drop in sales per square foot Even as grocery sales decline, companies are still building new stores.

Sales 43

Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age


By 2025 they could add $2.7 Online talent platforms are increasingly connecting people to the right work opportunities. trillion to global GDP, and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labor markets, write James Manyika, Susan Lund, Kelsey Robinson, John Valentino, and Richard Dobbs in a report issued by McKinsey Global Institute. MGI in the News

How reducing gender inequality could boost U.S. GDP by $2.1 trillion


could add at least 5% to GDP by 2025 by advancing the economic potential of women in the workforce, write Kweilin Ellingrud, James Manyika, and Vivian Riefberg in Harvard Business Review. Gender equality is an economically "smart" thing to do. The U.S. MGI in the News


Retail Payments: Mapping Your Digital Destiny


Moreover, across regions, there are vast differences in both the retail payments revenue mix and growth projections through 2025. Article Monday, September 26, 2016.

$3 million in practice revenue by specializing

Rod Burkert

But after, say, 2025 I think all bets are off. Greetings from the Finger Lakes. The RV is parked on the east shore of Lake Seneca where we will be touring several wineries in the area.

Wholesale Transaction Banking: Leveraging “Fin” and “Tech”


Account and payment revenues (included in BCG’s Global Payments Model) represented $290 billion of that total and are expected to reach $548 billion by 2025, a CAGR of nearly 7%. Article Monday, September 26, 2016.

Global Payments 2016: Competing in Open Seas


This year also marks the third edition of our Global Payments Model Interactive, available on bcgperspectives.com, which explores how regions and segments of the payments market will shift from year-end 2015 through 2025. Report Monday, September 26, 2016.

Review: 2016 BCG Global Challengers

Consultants Mind

Gazprom (Russia): #1 natural gas producer, expects 30% of revenue to come from Asia by 2025. In sharp contrast from the last post about slow global growth, BCG writes in their 10th annual report about emerging market companies that are killing it.

B2B 208

Consultant’s gripe: US education is a mess

Consultants Mind

Some great things from Bill Gate’s Blog here : By 2025, two-thirds of all jobs in the US will require education beyond high school. Many of my friends have school-age children and they worry about their kid’s education. Sadly, they have a lot of reasons to be worried.

RoboTrucks from Mercedes-Benz to Hit US Highways Within 10 Years; Mish Supply Chain Proposal


Mercedes-Benz has announced “ Future Truck 2025 ?, That’s because the “Future Truck 2025? With the idea that humans who drive less cause less trouble, Mercedes equipped the Future Truck 2025 with the “Highway Pilot” automated system. “It Time Flies Faster Than Expected Mercedes-Benz calls the project “Future Truck 2025?. a self-driving truck that it expects to be on the streets by that date. I expect sooner and will give my reasons in just a bit.

Self-Driving "WEpod" Shuttles Hit the Road in Europe; Autonomous Car Updates


And millions of truck driving jobs will vanish by 2025. This November, in the Netherlands, the WEpod six-person passenger van, will become the world's first self-driving vehicle in regular traffic, where cars and trucks also go.

How Reducing Gender Inequality Could Boost U.S. GDP by $2.1 Trillion

Harvard Business

state and city could add at least 5% to GDP by 2025 by advancing the economic potential of women. trillion by 2025. a year in the period to 2025, compared with 0.6% It is remarkable that gender inequality in the United States, the largest economy in the world, remains so high.

What Is Blockchain? A Beginner’s Guide

Tom Spencer

By 2025, according to top consultants like Deloitte [pdf], the banking industry (at a minimum) will be profoundly disrupted. The year 2017, for everything else it may or may not be, is already heralded as “The Year of Blockchain.”

Reader Question on the Inevitable Los Angeles Bankruptcy; What About Chicago?


billion through 2025. billion through 2025. billion short of the extra contributions needed through 2025. In response to LA Commission Studies Pension Crisis, Recommends New Commission; Bankruptcy Inevitable reader Daniel writes. Hello Mish, Can you please explain why a home owner in a place like Los Angeles would be concerned with their city''s future bankruptcy? Will whatever happens not be short lived?

Socialist Delusion: France Promises Full Employment, a Third Industrial Revolution, an Affordable Housing Utopia in 10 Years


By 2025, it was a “realistic” target for the country to reach technical full employment and have “recovered fully its budgetary sovereignty”, according to the reports. If you are looking for a good laugh today, simply read Ministers set out utopian but hazy vision of a strong France. France’s Socialist government has set out a gleaming vision of the future marked by full employment and cutting-edge factories thanks to “a third industrial revolution”.

These 6 Sectors of Africa’s Economy Are Poised for Growth

Harvard Business

trillion in 2025, fueled both by population growth and rising incomes. In East Africa alone, more than six million households are expected to enter the consumer class by 2025. trillion by 2025. In manufacturing in particular, we estimate that Africa could nearly double its output from $500 billion today to $930 billion in 2025. In 2011, we published an article in HBR examining the surprisingly rapid growth of African economies and consumer markets.

Your Business Is Going to Depend on Connected Spenders, So You’d Better Understand Who They Are

Harvard Business

Today connected spenders count for about 19% of the global population, and that is projected to grow to 37% by 2025. where internet access is just shy of 90%, only 36% of the population are currently connected spenders, a number that will grow to over 50% by 2025. By 2025 just three mature economies — the United States, Japan, and Germany — will feature in the top 10 countries for connected spenders. Consumer-facing companies are at a loss.

Reader Asks "Without a Job, Who Can Afford to Buy What Robots Make?"


McKinsey : Automation Will Change Jobs More Than Kill Them Bank of America : Robots and other forms of artificial intelligence will transform the world beyond recognition as soon as 2025 Pater Tenebrarum at the Acting Man blog pinged me with his thoughts (similar to ideas I have expressed before).

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Robots, Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy 5.1 Million Jobs by 2020


I expect millions of truck hauling and taxi jobs will vanish soon, in the USA alone, by 2025. Millions of driving jobs of all kinds will vanish in the US alone, by 2025 though, not 2020.

Bad Deal Math: I have a Product, But Please Don't Buy It


She’s run the California Air Resources Board since 2007, championing the state’s zero-emission-vehicle quotas and backing Pres­ident Barack Obama’s national mandate to double average fuel economy to 55 miles per gallon by 2025. How often do you hear a car manufacturer (or any other manufacturer) tell people to "not" buy their product because they lose money if you do?

Historic Hype Over Global Warming Agreement With China; CO2 vs. Death-by-Pollution


Agreement Summation President Obama pledged to cut US carbon emissions by 26-28% of 2005 levels by 2025 China agreed to cap its emissions by 2030 (earlier if possible, but no guarantees) China will expand zero-emission sources to 20% by 2030.

Brazil, Russia Cancel Debt Auctions; Head-in-Sand Move Won't Work


The government had planned to sell zero-coupon bonds maturing in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and fixed-rate bonds maturing in 2021 and 2025. Russia and Brazil don''t like escalating interest rates. Their "solution"? Cancel government debt auctions.

6 Ways the North American Clean Economy Agreement Will Affect Business

Harvard Business

The biggest commitments are: Generating 50% clean power by 2025. Reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40% to 45% by 2025. Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025, and calling on G-20 to do the same. Laura Schneider for HBR.