Five Lessons on Digital Transformation from B2C Leaders


Article Monday, December 12, 2016. Companies’ lifespans are shorter than ever before. Digital disruption has become so intense that pure players in digital are no longer disrupting just incumbents, they are disrupting other pure players as well: HomeAway has emerged as a strong rival to Airbnb.

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Why Are B2B Companies Ignoring B2C CX Practices?

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But unless B2B customer experience practitioners want to run the CX race with one foot in a bucket, they should also learn strategy from Holiday Inn and Burberry, customer understanding from Vanguard and Virgin Mobile Australia, and design practices from Fidelity and the Spanish bank BBVA - the list of relevant B2C case studies goes on and on. It disappoints me when customer experience professionals at B2B companies won't even consider CX practices from business-to-consumer companies.

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Measuring B2B’s digital gap


B2B companies fall short of their B2C counterparts in key areas of our Digital Quotient assessment. Our Insights

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How B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers


By focusing on the right digital practices, B2B companies—currently trailing B2C companies in digital transformation—can create long-term value. Here are five areas where digital leaders excel. Our insights

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Customer Experience Design Lessons From B2C & B2B Award Winners

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B2C financial services provider Ally Bank and B2B professional services firm PwC Australia took home top honors in the design category of Forrester''s first annual Outside In Awards.

Simplifying IT to Accelerate Digital Transformation


For B2C companies, disruptive innovators—such as Airbnb, Simple, and Uber Technologies—continuously roll out new models and services, and each one raises the competitive bar. Article Monday, April 18, 2016. Corporate IT functions are being hit with a one-two punch.

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How a Digital Storm Will Disrupt the Parcel and Express Industry


Business is solid, with stable revenue in B2B and rising volume in B2C. Focus Thursday, December 15, 2016. It’s the year 2026, and you’ve just emerged from a tough earnings call with analysts. Revenue was down by 10%, and profits fell twice that.

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Engaging the B2B Customer

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Given the amount of emphasis that''s placed on using data and automation to engage with B2C customers across the industry, I was instantly intrigued by the possibilities for B2B organizations. A few years ago while attending Dreamforce, I had a few meetings with executives from marketing automation companies who shared different approaches to engaging with B2B customers and prospects.

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Chief Customer Officers Must Orchestrate Experiences

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Whether firms call them a chief customer officer (CCO) or give them some other label, they are sitting at the highest levels of their companies and exist in both B2C and B2B companies as diverse as GM, UnitedHealth, Fidelity, Level 3 Communications, and Eli Lilly. Over the past seven years, Forrester has observed the trend of companies putting in place a senior executive responsible for leading customer experience efforts across a business unit or an entire company.

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Box’s CEO on Pivoting to the Enterprise Market

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But by staying disciplined with the product and deeply understanding market trends, they’ve made the strategic shift from B2C to B2B work. Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, reflects on the cloud storage company’s entry into the enterprise market. He was skeptical about pivoting away from consumers, and it was challenging. Download this podcast. Technology Disruptive innovation Business models Audio

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Strengthening Digital Customer Engagement by Creating Buyer Personas

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Machine Learning Can Help B2B Firms Learn More About Their Customers

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B2C firms have been the leaders in customer analytics initiatives. Extensive data and advanced analytics for B2C have enabled strategists to better understand consumer behavior and corresponding propensities as visitors and purchasers conduct daily activities through online systems. By helping B2B companies gather better data on their customers, AI will help them catch up with their B2C peers. vincent tsui for hbr.

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The Internet of Things Needs Design, Not Just Technology

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As B2C companies rush to exploit new IoT applications, pushing technology to potential end users no longer works. Gartner Research predicts that the typical family home will contain as many as 500 networked devices by 2020.

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Ban These 5 Words From Your Corporate Values Statement

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Several words always come up in practically every discussion, no matter if the company is a large enterprise or a small business, B2B or a B2C, product or service, new or established. CSA Images/Getty Images. Practically every organization today has a set of core values that ideally function as the “operating instructions” of the company.

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Stop Treating B2B Customers Like Digital Novices

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Consumer-facing (B2C) companies like these and many others have long realized the power of online digital networks to address the questions or issues of their customers. When your laptop malfunctions, you usually can find a fix on an Apple or Dell user forum within minutes.

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The Most Successful Brands Focus on Users — Not Buyers

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Although our survey emphasized B2C brands, we believe the Purchase and Usage mindsets are equally, or even more, relevant for B2B brands. Ilka & Franz/Getty Images. What makes a brand successful in the digital age? A joint study by SAP, Siegel+Gale, and Shift Thinking suggests that digital brands don’t just do things differently; they also think differently.

Sometimes “Small Data” Is Enough to Create Smart Products

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These are amazing technologies with great promise for any level of executive in any B2C or B2B company. When thinking about practical applications for artificial intelligence in your business, it’s easy to assume that you need vast amounts of data to get started. AI is fueled by data, and so it only makes sense that the more data you have, the smarter your AI gets, right? Not exactly. When it comes to extracting intelligence by applying AI to data, context matters.

Is B2Me the Future of Marketing? | Business Consulting Buzz

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Everyone talks about B2B and B2C. And if we’re talking about marketing, there are many similarities in how you will market to both B2B and B2C markets. Helping You Become A Successful Independent Consultant. Contact Us. Skip to content. PRODUCTS. WORK WITH MIKE. ARTICLES. ABOUT.

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You Don’t Need an “India Strategy” — You Need a Strategy for Each State in India

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Industry cluster metrics measure the size of the pool of potential customers for B2B or B2C companies, and market stability metrics measure institutional, business, and social stability.) Linda Coussement/eyeem/Getty Images. The Indian economy has long been an attractive investment destination for multinational corporations. Already a large domestic market, Frontier Strategy Group’s estimates suggest the country will average growth rates between 7.4% and 7.6%

What to Do When You’re Returning to a Company You Used to Work For

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She managed crisis communications, ran PR for big national brands, and worked in B2B and B2C. The idea of boomerang employees — workers who voluntarily leave a job at an organization and then rejoin that same organization at a later date — is gaining more and more acceptance from hiring managers and in the labor force. If you’re one of these employees, how should you handle your comeback? What’s the best way to get back into the fold?

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Consulting Jargon 101

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B2C: Stands for “business to consumer” and indicates that a business is aiming to sell directly to consumers rather than to other businesses. ORGANISATIONS hire management consultants to help them solve their most challenging business problems. Senior management are busy people, and so consultants need to communicate their message clearly and concisely, preferably accompanied by some colourful powerpoint slides.

The Results Are In: The 2012 ThinkResults Launch Survey

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By: Jennifer LeBlanc In summer 2012, in partnership with our survey partner, The Insight Advantage , we surveyed B2B and B2C leaders about their experiences with launches within their companies over the previous year.

What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

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There are of course many other factors to consider for any role such as the type of product you are building (B2B, B2C, industry, etc.), Aron Vellekoop Len/Getty Images. Because I teach a course on Product Management at Harvard Business School, I am routinely asked “what is the role of a Product Manager?” ” The role of a Product Manager (PM) is often referred to as the “CEO of the Product.”

Doing Business in India Requires a Mobile-First Strategy

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Not just B2C companies, even B2B companies such as Rolls Royce and Deere, and technology companies such as Corning and GE better abandon marketing and communication using TV and newspaper channels and instead develop robust digital marketing strategies using mobile. If you want to see how mobile technology can disrupt the very basics of business models and habits established over hundreds if not thousands of years, look at what’s happening in India.

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The Social Cost of Bad Online Marketing

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In the B2C world, it is about sales and customer loyalty: not just getting your customer to click and buy, but getting them so worked up about your product that they’ll never so much as think about buying from your competitor instead.

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The Real Danger of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Madness

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Long-term success with your customers, whether you’re in the B2C or B2B market, requires providing goods and services that your customers value at a fair price to both you, the provider, and to the customer. By: Linda Popky The post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy started early this year, with some stores actually holding Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening.

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Consulting Jargon

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B2C: Stands for “business to consumer” and indicates that a business is aiming to sell directly to consumers rather than to other businesses. (Source: Flickr ). We have commented on consulting jargon before, but we will do it again.

Business Blogging Tips To Grow Your Consulting Blog To 20,000.

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If you’re in an industry where you can find, let’s say, a LinkedIn group with you’re in a more of a business to business or even B2C, you could fine a LinkedIn group where other people in your industry or potential clients are hanging out. Helping You Become A Successful Independent Consultant. Contact Us. Skip to content. PRODUCTS. WORK WITH MIKE. ARTICLES. ABOUT. Search for: Business Blogging Tips To Grow Your Consulting Blog To 20,000 Visitors A Month.

Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Brand to Create Passionate Fans: What Microsoft Learned About Customer Engagement in the Sports Industry - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM Microsoft

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The brand can also be licensed (B-2-B-2-C) to third parties for entertainment, apparel, or any number of other products; in addition, it can merchandise its own products and sell new services to its customers or fans (B2C). In the age before the digital revolution, marketers used to tell customers about a product and then work through a traditional step-by-step purchase funnel.