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Forget B2C and B2B -- We Need B2I

Strategy+Business strategist Peter Schwartz argues that the lines between B2B and B2C are forever blurred, and now every company competes in the business-to-individual sphere, where the products and services it offers are tailored to every one of its customers.

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Put Marketing at the Core of Your Growth Strategy

Harvard Business

Specifically, both B2C and B2B companies who view branding and advertising as a top two growth strategy are twice as likely to see revenue growth of 5% or more than those that don’t (67% to 33%). Companies that make the decision to put marketing at the core of their growth strategy outperform the competition, according to McKinsey research.


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What B2C retail can teach consultants about sales

The Source

Consumer behaviour has changed a great deal over the past few years. As shoppers have embraced the digital revolution—a revolution which has been accelerated significantly by the pandemic—brands and retailers have come under increased pressure to deliver compelling and cohesive customer experiences across both physical and digital channels.

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Five Lessons on Digital Transformation from B2C Leaders


The results are striking. With new attackers appearing all the time, digital transformation is seen by many as the only path to survival.

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How to Design an Offer Consulting Clients Will Love

Consulting Matters

I also want to talk about the difference between B2C offers and B2B offers. A B2C business is when the actual buyer is an individual, and you need to think about your offers differently. Consulting vs. Coaching Offers (6:13): B2C businesses, so for those of you who are coaches, this is going to be more where your world is.

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Why Are B2B Companies Ignoring B2C CX Practices?

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But unless B2B customer experience practitioners want to run the CX race with one foot in a bucket, they should also learn strategy from Holiday Inn and Burberry, customer understanding from Vanguard and Virgin Mobile Australia, and design practices from Fidelity and the Spanish bank BBVA - the list of relevant B2C case studies goes on and on.

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Customer Experience Design Lessons From B2C & B2B Award Winners

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B2C financial services provider Ally Bank and B2B professional services firm PwC Australia took home top honors in the design category of Forrester''s first annual Outside In Awards.

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