Financial Terms Guide

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Though you’re not expected to be a master of finance when you join a consulting firm, you will be quickly exposed to financial terms on the job. The post Financial Terms Guide appeared first on Management Consulted.

Novantas – Financial Consultants

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NOVANTAS FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS Today, we take a look at the industry leader in advisory services for financial institutions. The post Novantas – Financial Consultants appeared first on Management Consulted. For the last 15 years, Novantas has worked with 80% of the world’s largest global banks, payment networks, wealth managers, and other … Continued. consulting interviews

2008 Financial Crisis – Causes and historical context

Tom Spencer

My friends and I walked out of the Big Short several years ago feeling like a group of global financial crisis experts. Many an economics and finance course later, I see that the layers of complexities to the 2008 financial crisis are innumerable. Economics financial crisis

The age old tale of financial crises

Tom Spencer

The story of the 2008 financial crisis begins somewhere shortly after the death of Jesus Christ himself. Not 33 years after Christ’s passing did Emperor Tiberius of the Roman Empire have to rescue his constituents’ financial sanctity through the age-old process of quantitative easing.

William Black on Global Financial Stability

Tom Spencer

In his TED Talk from last year (watch it below) Black talks about “liar’s loans” and other tactics that the banks used to bring the global economy to its knees during the 2008 financial crisis.

4 Financial Innovations to Make Business Easier

Tom Spencer

Here are four (4) examples of financial innovations that can make your business easier to run. Peer lending is one of the newest financial innovations in the world today. This is a guest post from Sarah Smith. Overview.

Wanted: Accurate Financial Statements

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Solid financial systems and (therefore) accurate financial statements are one of my four top things an owner can do to increase value and prepare for a sale. After the run of mangled financial statements I’ve seen this year it’s my number one reason, with a bullet. The post Wanted: Accurate Financial Statements appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Once again I’m in the middle of a deal where the seller treats accounting like a weak little step-sister.

Fueling the energy transition: Opportunities for financial institutions


As renewable-energy sources proliferate, power grids become smarter, and industries electrify, strong financial partners will play a critical role in providing funding for a capital-intensive sector.

Transformation 101: How universities can overcome financial headwinds to focus on their mission


Troubled universities can reset their financial trajectory. Transformation Insights

Growth of Fintech and Disruption of Brick-and-mortar Financial Institutions

Tom Spencer

The idea that technology can be configured to drastically improve the delivery and usability of finance began taking off following the financial crisis of 2008, when consumer distrust for traditional banks combined with the increasing popularity and functionality of smartphone apps.

Ensuring financial sustainability while serving a growing Medicaid population


A concerted effort to improve revenue can strengthen a system’s financial sustainability. High-performing health systems have succeeded in “breaking even” in Medicare, but many continue to struggle to achieve similar results in Medicaid.

How secure is the global financial system a decade after the crisis?


Great strides have been made since 2008 to prevent a recurrence of the financial crisis and recession that followed. Yet there is more debt than ever in the global financial system. Insights on Financial Services

The new dynamics of financial globalization


Cross-border capital flows have fallen 65 percent since the financial crisis as global banks retrenched, but a more stable form of financial globalization is emerging. Our Insights

Data Analytics for Financial Institutions


Financial institutions continue to collect vast amounts of data, but few are generating a return commensurate with their investment. Article Tuesday, May 09, 2017.

How to Create and Sustain Financial Inclusion


Financial inclusion helps propel socioeconomic development. Only by fully understanding and quantifying financial inclusion can stakeholders bring more people into the financial system and raise their overall standard of living and well-being. Focus Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

A decade after the global financial crisis: What has (and hasn’t) changed?


Insights on Financial ServicesThe world economy has recently returned to robust growth. But some familiar risks are creeping back, and new ones have emerged.

ModelOff 2012 ? The Financial Modeling World Championships

Tom Spencer

ModelOff 2012 – Financial Modeling World Championships. MODELOFF is a fun, innovative and professional competition for students and young professionals to develop and test their financial modeling skills against their friends, colleagues and top modelers from around the world.

Closing the gap: Leadership perspectives on promoting women in financial services


Insights on Financial ServicesMen still make up most of the management ranks at banks and insurers. New survey data and interviews with female executives point the way to improving gender diversity.

3 ways financial advisory consulting bests strategy consulting

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From the variety of work and access to C-level executives to the wide array of exit opportunities, strategy operations consulting far surpassed financial advisory consulting as our recommended career to pursue. Financial advisory firms recruit from a broader set of schools.

What Brexit Means for Financial Institutions


Focus Monday, August 01, 2016. The vote in favor of “Brexit,” Britain’s exit from the EU, has created significant uncertainty for the UK, the EU, and global economies. The arrangements for the UK’s departure and the terms and timing of the eventual exit are unclear.

Using fintech to democratize financial services


PayPal’s CEO explains how digital can bring new people into the banking fold and create opportunities for them to spend, save, and make charitable contributions. Our Insights

Ensuring Digital Readiness in Financial Services


Article Thursday, April 28, 2016. Across industries, digital innovators are pushing customer service standards higher every day, offering ever-expanding arrays of cutting-edge, digitally enabled services and features.

5 reasons to choose strategy consulting over financial advisory consulting

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Strategy consulting vs. financial advisory consulting – both are consulting. Financial advisory consultants address how a company spends cash, manages debt, and issues equity for specific internal projects, acquisitions, or other key growth plans. One note – we’re addressing here specifically financial advisory consultants who work for large companies – not personal financial advisors.

The Financial Insecurity Bias


If people haven't lived up to their own financial expectations or think their peers are better off, it can affect the way they spend and save, and can make them more likely to behave unethically.

Transform Your Consulting Business with Financial Management Visibility

Management and IT Consulting

How consulting firms can manage cash flow with better precision and streamline accounting processes rapidly

Financial globalization hits a more stable, inclusive stride


After the global financial crisis, a number of countries stepped back from the world stage, choosing to instead focus on domestic capital while being more selective about foreign investments.

Improving Financial Inclusion in South Africa


Financial inclusion, which is linked to family prosperity, GDP growth, and reduction of poverty rates, can help build a more promising future for South Africa. But financial institutions and the government must work together closely to achieve it. Focus Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

Growing through M&A in Financial Services


In a wide-ranging interview presented as part of our "Inside the Mind of the CEO" series, Gary Norcross, chief executive officer of global payment and financial technology giant FIS, discusses the company's strategy. FIS is preparing for growth amid disruption by investing in acquisitions, placing bets on startups, and bolstering its own technological capabilities

Efraim Benmelech on Financial Disease


The associate professor of finance at the Kellogg School of Management, discusses the lifecycle of a financial crisis. For more related insights, read " Efraim Benmelech on Financial Contagion

The Ghost of Financial Crises Past


Economic historian Barry Eichengreen finds telling parallels between the botched responses to the stock market crash of 1929 and the financial crisis of 2008

Mobile money in emerging markets: The business case for financial inclusion


Insights on Financial ServicesMeeting the mobile money needs of the unbanked in emerging markets is a vast opportunity. To succeed, providers need a clear view on what drives mobile money economics, and an innovative mind-set.

Looking Beyond Short Term Financial Metrics (Nigel Lake, Part 2 of 10)

Tom Spencer

Tom: Do you think that short term financial metrics are part of the problem in developing long term strategy? Business Strategy HIP Investor Nigel Lake Nokia Royal Mail Short Term Financial Metrics The Long Term Starts Tomorrow(Source: Flickr ).

Lacy Hunt on Financial Repression; Deleveraging Not


In another of his series on Financial Repression, Gordon Long of Market Research and Analytics interviewed Dr. Lacy Hunt, Executive Vice President of Hoisington Investment Management Company. On Long''s Financial Repression Website , you can see all the interviews in this series.

What a Business Financial Statement Can Tell You About the Health of Your Business

Tom Spencer

Bills come in, sales go out, you have your day-to-day goals and you watch the curvy line of profit and loss make its inexorable progress throughout the financial year. You have your big one-year and … Continue reading "What a Business Financial Statement Can Tell You About the Health of Your Business". Business Strategy balance sheet business planning cash flow statement financial statements income statement

Financial Services and Social Value Can Mix


In times of uncertainty, insurance companies often lead the conversation about the future. In this candid interview, Antonio Huertas Mejías, CEO and chairman of the global insurance company MAPFRE, headquartered in Madrid, makes it clear why this is so.

How a Cyber Attack Could Cause the Next Financial Crisis

Harvard Business

Ever since the forced bankruptcy of the investment bank Lehman Brothers triggered the financial crisis 10 years ago, regulators, risk managers, and central bankers around the globe have focused on shoring up banks’ ability to withstand financial shocks. Peter Dazeley/Getty Images.

How financial products can attract infrastructure capital from institutional investors


By mitigating key risks of investing in major infrastructure projects in emerging markets, banks, governments, and international financial institutions can close the funding gap in developing Asia.