Social Enterprise

Tom Spencer

Business Strategy consulting financial goal posts Management Consulting not for profit social enterprise social good It’s about much more than generating social good. It’s about changing the financial goal posts.

Flourishing in a Social Enterprise World

Tom Spencer

Rise of Social Enterprise. The growing trend towards social enterprise could be a game changer. A social enterprise, in essence, is an organisation which is not run primarily for profit and is required to reinvest any profits to further its social aims. THE YEAR is 2050.

Sustainable Social Enterprise - Tom Spencer consulting blog

Tom Spencer

Sustainable Social Enterprise. Lack of a sustainable ‘business engine’ is a Social Enterprise’s Kryptonite. IT’S a charity … It’s a for-profit … No, it’s a social enterprise! All social enterprises have a business model.

Five enterprise-architecture practices that add value to digital transformations


Enterprise-architecture teams can play an integral role in transforming companies with technologies. New survey findings and firsthand experience highlight the practices that matter most. Digital Insights

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

Taking the pulse of enterprise IoT


A new survey suggests that the enterprise Internet of Things is poised for strong growth. Here are the trends companies need to understand. Our Insights

Enterprise Architecture Planning 2.0


Businesses are finally ready to help close the gap between digital strategy and execution. Capabilities architecture planning is a vehicle for doing so. It takes digital technology out of the IT function and aligns it to a company's strategy

The Enterprise Zone


The case for real case studies. THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS LICENSED IMAGES

The Role of the Enterprise PMO Director

Gina Abudi

In ensuring success of the Enterprise PMO A highly functioning enterprise project management office (PMO) should be responsible for all initiatives within the organization – across all departments and divisions. In order for an enterprise PMO to be successful, however, the head of the enterprise PMO must be empowered to make strategic decisions regarding project [.]. The post The Role of the Enterprise PMO Director appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Building a Resilient Global Enterprise Inspired by Biology


Many global enterprises today have succeeded by following a simple recipe: procure, manufacture, and assemble in the lowest-cost locations, link these using reliable, standardized logistics and information technology, market the resulting products globally, and book profit in low-tax havens.

Reimagine Your Enterprise


When a company puts human-centered design at the heart of its digital agenda, it can find new sources of value through technology. Here are five principles to embrace to achieve this new way of doing business

Sequencing a Complex Enterprise Design Initiative

Kates Kesler

Global companies are typically composed of three dimensions: Geographic market units (regions, countries, or country clusters). Global business units (products, … Blog

Evaluating an Enterprise-Grade Direct Sourcing Solution

MBO Partners

Five benefits your organization can gain from implementing an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Enterprise PMO

Gina Abudi

Once an enterprise PMO has been launched within the organization, its effectiveness should be measured on a regular basis. To begin an ongoing assessment of the enterprise PMO, baseline information should be captured on how projects were conducted prior to [.]. The post Assessing the Effectiveness of the Enterprise PMO appeared first on Gina Abudi. In the past I have mainly seen assessments conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Isn't Every Company a Social Enterprise?


Social responsibility is no longer optional for leaders -- it must be an integral part of their business

Leaders and laggards in enterprise cloud infrastructure adoption


Investments in organizational capabilities rather than specific technology choices separate the leaders from the laggards. Our insights

Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on Enterprise Resilience


Pursuing effective growth strategies will help firms navigate the uncertainty in the U.S. market

What enterprise-technology companies must know to drive digital-sales growth


B2B companies often achieve subpar results from digital-sales initiatives—and tech companies are not immune to this problem. How can they reverse the trend? Our Insights

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How to go agile enterprise-wide: An interview with Scott Richardson


Successfully scaling agile starts with a strategy that’s consistent from the front lines to the C-suite. Our Insights

Research Shows Digital Transformation Maturity Across the Enterprise

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Indeed, digital transformation initiatives are maturing into enterprise-wide movements. A recent report, “The State of Digital Transformation,” echoes what business leaders of every stripe are realizing: digital is pervasive.

Legacy Barriers to Independent Workforce Strategy and the Agile Enterprise

MBO Partners

Four ways organizations can overcome barriers to successfully engage independent professionals and become more agile in today's competitive business environment

The Criminal Finances Act 2017: What UK Enterprises Engaging Independent Professionals Need to Know Now

MBO Partners

What UK enterprises need to know about the Criminal Finances Act 2017

5 Best Practices for Creating an Enterprise-Grade Direct Access Program for Independent Professionals

MBO Partners

Five best practices organizations should keep in mind when creating a Direct Access program to source and engage independent professional talent

How enterprise architects can help ensure success with digital transformations


Those who design and steer the development of the technology landscape can mitigate risk by setting operating standards and promoting cross-functional collaboration. Our Insights

The Impact of IR35 on UK Independent Contractors: 5 Ways Your Enterprise Can Begin to Prepare

MBO Partners

Follow these five tips to prepare your global business for the changes IR35 will bring to off-payroll working in the private sector

How Enterprising is Your Organization? - Henman Performance

Henman Performance Executive Blog

How Enterprising is Your Organization? Enterprising and resourceful—those are words that describe a successful change initiative. Enterprising” implies an innovative, inventive, creative approach to the status quo, and “resourceful” indicates an imaginative but practical orientation. Both words are apt for the changes Enterprise Rent-A-Car has implemented in the last few years. Avis lacked both an enterprising spirit and a resourceful nature. About Linda.

Transforming enterprise risk management for value in the insurance industry


Leading insurers are retooling the role of their risk function from incident response and compliance to an essential partner in advancing the business strategy. Our Insights

Which commercial models make mobile-enterprise SaaS start-ups successful?


A new survey shows that some SaaS providers achieve greater value per customer than others. Their strong go-to-market strategies may help explain this trend. Our Insights

Will Your Next Electric Company Be a Global Oil Enterprise?


Box’s CEO on Pivoting to the Enterprise Market

Harvard Business

Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, reflects on the cloud storage company’s entry into the enterprise market. He was skeptical about pivoting away from consumers, and it was challenging. But by staying disciplined with the product and deeply understanding market trends, they’ve made the strategic shift from B2C to B2B work. Download this podcast. Technology Disruptive innovation Business models Audio

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The Most Effective Social Enterprises Understand the Power of the Individual - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DELOITTE

Harvard Business

Sponsor Content from Deloitte. Employee retention Hiring Sponsor Content

How to Become a Digital Enterprise - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC TECHNOLOGY

Harvard Business

Many enterprises use “digital” to change how they interact with clients, but that’s too limiting. Truly digital enterprises take a 360-degree view, using information and technology to improve the way all users — clients, employees, and partners — collaborate around information to substantially increase productivity and performance. Explore the position papers that detail the steps to becoming a digital enterprise.

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Inside sales, outsize impact: An interview with Alice Coatalem of Hewlett Packard Enterprise


“Inside”-sales teams operating remotely are often viewed as local support for higher-profile field-sales forces. But centralization can turn inside sales into a significant source of revenue growth. Our Insights

Why the WTO Should Constrain the Power of China’s State-Owned Enterprises

Harvard Business

Such state-owned enterprises or state-supported industries (SOEs) — think steel, aluminum and solar panels — have flooded global markets , depressed prices, and literally shut down hundreds of U.S. chuttersnap/unsplash. The Trump Administration has a chance to start working with 164 other countries to create “rules of the road” to stop China building national champions with government funding.

Why Customer Feedback Tools Are Vital for Nonprofits

Harvard Business

Social enterprise Customers Data Digital ArticleAnd how they’re using them.

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To Get Companies to Take Action on Social Issues, Emphasize Morals, Not the Business Case

Harvard Business

Influence Ethics Social enterprise Managing up Digital ArticleConnect the cause to what the company stands for.

Enterprise risk management: What's different in the corporate world and why


This report captures many years of experience in both the corporate and FIG worlds, explaining what each might learn from the other and where there might be pitfalls if techniques and approaches to ERM are imported unthinkingly across sectors. Our Insights

Microsoft's $26.2 Billion Bet to Boost its Enterprise Player Cred

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Microsoft took many people by surprise when it announced on Monday that it had acquired LinkedIn for the eye-popping price of $26.2 billion. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner described the deal as a chance to "change the way the world works." For Microsoft though, this acquisition is another example of the company playing catch-up to its competitors. . There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Engagement Social Media homepage

Big Data Deficiencies Earn Failing Grades for Enterprises

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Marketers readily believe that Big Data is a key enabler of personalization. However, according to a recent report conducted by the CMO Council, personalization of interactions is only happening at the marketing campaign level with email, direct mail, the Web, and social media engagements. In fact, some 65 percent say frontline resources do not have access to social media intelligence to leverage in personalized outreach.

The Era of “Move Fast and Break Things” Is Over

Harvard Business

Venture capital Social enterprise Digital ArticleHere’s what that means for VCs and entrepreneurs.