McKinsey Middle East Careers

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Consultant Interview: How one consultant aced the McKinsey interview, broke in, and broke out again Are you interested in understanding more about McKinsey careers – from the McKinsey case interview to the difference between McKinsey offices in the Middle East?… The post McKinsey Middle East Careers appeared first on Management Consulted. Consulting exit opportunities consulting interviews life as a consultant McKinsey Consulting

McKinsey Digital Assessment

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We have to give credit where credit is due – McKinsey is trying to make recruiting (somewhat) fun. One of the more recent additions to McKinsey’s recruiting process is the McKinsey Digital Assessment, a video game that is used to … Continue Reading. The post McKinsey Digital Assessment appeared first on Management Consulted. McKinsey Case Interview

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McKinsey PEI: Personal Experience Interview

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If you interview for McKinsey, you may come across the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI). The McKinsey PEI is a separate behavioral portion of the interview process on top of standard behavioral questions you can expect to see. The post McKinsey PEI: Personal Experience Interview appeared first on Management Consulted. Years ago, … Continue Reading. Case Interview

McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew

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The McKinsey consulting case interview – there are so many things to become familiar with in McKinsey consulting interview prep. The post McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews consulting interviews management consulting McKinsey Case Interview McKinsey Consulting mckinsey interview new consultant

McKinsey PST: Complete Prep Guide

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The McKinsey Solving Problem Solving Test (or McKinsey PST) sounds scary when you don’t know much about it. The post McKinsey PST: Complete Prep Guide appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews consulting interviews McKinsey Case InterviewAfter all, it’s a test created by some of the smartest people at one of the most competitive firms in the world. … Continue Reading.

McKinsey Case Interview Preparation Resources

About McKinsey. McKinsey Careers. McKinsey Problem Solving Test. Case Resources: Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. McKinsey Problem Solving Test Example Question and Answer. McKinsey PST Score. Example Tests from McKinsey: Practice Test A. McKinsey Problem Solving Test Top Tips. McKinsey Personal Experience Interview. McKinsey Personal Experience Interview. McKinsey Interview.

Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

I applied to nine firms, and I had networked heavily with the four major players here in Germany, which are McKinsey, BCG, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (which are huge here!), However, I got invited by all top firms (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Berger)! I got seven job offers in consulting (McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyman, LEK, Monitor (since acquired by Deloitte), ATK -- and I canceled my Booz final round), but I could not get past BCG Round 1!

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McKinsey GPA cut-off

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Management Consulting Resume McKinsey GPA Cut-off Do McKinsey, Bain, and BCG have No … but yes! But… … McKinsey GPA cut-off Read More » The post McKinsey GPA cut-off appeared first on Management Consulting Prep. No they don’t have a particular benchmark for GPA. It is not like “Never hire below 3.6”. GPA is just one of the many important factors screeners use to evaluate. There are many passing cases with low GPA.

Bain vs McKinsey

I now have to decide between offers from Bain and McKinsey! As I mentioned earlier, I am now in the fortunate position of being able to choose between Bain and McKinsey. In terms of choosing between Bain and McKinsey. Though when I was choosing between the two, at Bain you would typically work on two clients at once; at McKinsey, one client at a time. Bain Job Offer Reports McKinsey bain offer management consulting offers McKinsey offer

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Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

Using your frameworks and guidelines, I was able to recently secure offers from Oliver Wyman and McKinsey (I accepted the McKinsey offer). My school is a non-target and I am not sure if anybody from my school has received a non-MBA position at McKinsey in the past 10 years. However, including the McKinsey case coach, I only had three practice cases before my first live case.

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

I wanted to send you a quick note on how I have been able to secure a McKinsey interview , despite not knowing anyone in consultancy. Whilst writing my thesis on [ A topic related to economics in Islamic Countries ], I desperately sought the "World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report", co-authored with McKinsey & Co. Why don't I just contact McKinsey?" The report was co-authored by a McKinsey partner who is based in the UAE.

Personal Experience Interview - McKinsey PEI

At consulting firms like McKinsey, you will receive a personal experience interview (or McKinsey PEI). It is an unusual combination to find in candidates, and that is in part one reason why firms like McKinsey will consider 40,000 applicants (or some ridiculously high number like that), just to hire a few hundred people each year. Sometimes an entire interview is devoted to these types of questions.

Prep Tips from McKinsey F1Y

This F1Y's report of the preparation needed to secure a McKinsey offer should be useful to you. Keeping in line with your synthesis style, here's my conclusion first: I just got an offer from McKinsey! McKinsey invited me to begin their process but Bain & BCG both responded with polite, generic emails saying my application wasn't considered. Job Offer Reports McKinsey case interview preparation consulting offers McKinsey offer

McKinsey Case Interview Tips

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That’s why today, we’re bringing you the most high-level McKinsey Case Interview Tips we can. The post McKinsey Case Interview Tips appeared first on Management Consulted. Whether you’ve been casing for months, or just started yesterday, it always helps to get some expert guidance along the way. What’s the one thing … Continued. case interviews

McKinsey, Bain, and BCG: 3 Things They Look for in Consultants

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McKinsey, Bain, and BCG look for specific traits in consultants. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG look for something different in consultants than other … Continue Reading. The post McKinsey, Bain, and BCG: 3 Things They Look for in Consultants appeared first on Management Consulted. business consulting consulting recruiting consulting resources Consulting skills management consulting McKinsey Consulting new consultant

McKinsey Offer from Top 200 University

The following field report is from a McKinsey new hire from a Top 200 U.S. While McKinsey and the other top firms are heavily represented by graduates of Ivy League universities (and their international counterparts), it is not staffed exclusively this way. Very quickly, I found that a close connection of mine was connected to a McKinsey BA ("Business Analyst"). I am excited to start at McKinsey! Probably not, but look at it from McKinsey's point of view.

BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey

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BCG careers are distinctive vs competitors Bain and McKinsey. The post BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey appeared first on Management Consulted. Consulting Firms consulting recruiting management consulting McKinsey ConsultingIn this video, Jenny Rae focuses not on Bain Case Interviews like in some of our other videos, but on culture- what’s it’s like to work for Boston Consulting Group. What … Continue Reading.

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McKinsey + BCG Undergrad Consulting Offer

Below is a success story from a student that received offers from both McKinsey and BCG. I was just offered positions at both BCG and McKinsey!! I just received McKinsey's offer, and factoring in bonuses and their generous retirement contribution, it's about $90k; my family's income right now is slightly over $25k. BCG Job Offer Reports McKinsey Undergrad bcg case interview case interview Case Interview Articles consulting job offers consulting jobs mckinsey

5 Tips for McKinsey Case Interview

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McKinsey Case Interview Tips gives you wisdom that will help you get a McKinsey job offer! Case interview prep can be tough, but in this video Jenny Rae describes specifically what you need to do in your McKinsey interview. The post 5 Tips for McKinsey Case Interview appeared first on Management Consulted. Take … Continue Reading. Case Interview case interviews

BCG & McKinsey Case Interviews - Final Round

Below is an email I received from a student that has final interviews with McKinsey and BCG coming up asking for advice on how to prepare for the final round and my response with the best way to prepare for MBB final round interviews. I am having final round interviews with McKinsey and BCG in about a week. If you got to BCG AND McKinsey final rounds, you have some skills in this area.

Lisa Bright shares about her McKinsey Career

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We have a special treat for you, as our very own interview coach Lisa Bright joins us to share about her McKinsey career. Glean from Lisa’s experience as she shares how she broke into The Firm from a non-target school in Ohio, the nature of her projects while at McKinsey, and how she decided to leave McKinsey when the time was right. Have questions about breaking into McKinsey? Without further ado, here’s Lisa sharing about her McKinsey career.

McKinsey Experienced Hire Job Offers

These success stories come from readers who secured offers with McKinsey as an experienced hire. While I enjoyed receiving your insights, I will no longer need them as I have begun my new life as a consultant with McKinsey! I received an offer from McKinsey / European office. Congratulations on the McKinsey offer!! I had applied only to McKinsey and received my offer yesterday after six interviews. Experienced Hire Job Offer Reports McKinsey experienced hire

Comparing Offers from BCG and McKinsey

Thanks to them, I got job offers from McKinsey and BCG in (Middle East Country) to start as a business analyst. Thus, I was wondering if you can compare Mckinsey and BCG in terms of: Sponsoring more percentage of analysts for MBA? I'm not sure that the comparison of "McKinsey uses only frameworks" and "BCG does custom work" is necessarily true. I can't think of a single project I did at McKinsey that was off a framework. Also, McKinsey is a very international firm.

McKinsey 7 S Model

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Case Interviews Management Consulting consulting Consulting Frameworks consulting interviews McKinsey 7 S Model(Source: Flickr ). While you may not directly use the 7 S Model in the consulting case interview, it will give you a deeper understanding of how to examine the inner workings of an organisation, identify strengths and sources of competitive advantage, as well as weaknesses and reasons why an organisation may not be operating effectively.

McKinsey Offer for Non-Traditional Candidate

This McKinsey F1Y's story reminds us how important practice and prep work are in securing an offer. Success Story: I wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that I just received an offer for an Associate position with McKinsey. I am an MA candidate from a top-ranked international relations/public policy school and am thus from a fairly non-traditional background (in that even among the APD candidates at McKinsey, most seemed to be JDs, MDs, or PhDs).

McKinsey Electric Vehicle Index: Europe cushions a global plunge in EV sales


McKinsey’s recent analysis of global electric-vehicle markets shows both challenges and opportunities ahead. Automotive & Assembly Insights

From Ad Agency & Non-Target School to McKinsey Offer

It is because of the resources you have made available online that I was able to secure an offer from McKinsey as a Business Analyst. It was my achievements during my first two years [ there ] that I think caught McKinsey's attention, and prompted them to reach out and ask me to apply. I gave up all my free time for about a week and had my first 30-minute case interview phone screen with a McKinsey alum.

How McKinsey Partners Solve "Cases"

There's a joke within McKinsey on how to solve a case. Blog McKinsey career strategy career success networkingHere's the case: A client is considering entering XYZ market segment because their core market is shrinking. What do you do? Candidate / 1st Year Consultant: "My hypothesis is they should enter the market. For that to be true, four key factors must be considered. These include.". Partner: "That sounds like 1 engagement manager and 2 associates for 5 months." End of case.

Speaking Like a McKinsey Consultant

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If you want to learn to speak like a McKinsey consultant, read Brett Arends’ recent article in Forbes. He is a former McKinsey consultant himself, and the article is both informative and amusing. Management Consulting Brett Arends consulting Forbes McKinsey

Preparation Tips from a McKinsey New Hire

A couple of weeks back I got an offer from McKinsey's [ U.S. By the time I went to my McKinsey interviews, I had done about 60 cases with other people and about 15 by myself. If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming a registered member (it's free) to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews , land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey. Job Offer Reports McKinsey case interview practice case interview preparation McKinsey offer

McKinsey Offer vs. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Offer

Yesterday I got the call from McKinsey and BCG and both have accepted me for positions. P.S. Do you have any thoughts on McKinsey vs. BCG? At the firm level, I'd say maybe McKinsey has a very slight edge in terms of a larger, more connected Alumni network, but in terms of future career opportunities, I think it's basically the same. When I was at McKinsey, out of 100 analysts hired across the world, after two years I was ranked one of the Top 10.

Interview Advice from McKinsey New Hire

Success Story: I am a fresh grad who got an offer from McKinsey , and I can assure everyone that is what drove me into Big3. Here are 5 particular key moments which transformed me from a rather poor performer to a McKinsey fresh hire. That was the time when I understood I can do everything if I try hard enough; and, at the same time, I was invited to a McKinsey business dinner.

McKinsey International Offers

The following success stories come from readers who have successfully landed offers with international McKinsey firms. I did get an incredible job at a McKinsey subsidiary which specializes in one industry in particular, and finally got extended a job offer. I passed the McKinsey and Bain selection exams. For the McKinsey interview I had plenty of time to prepare, so I ended up listening to the LOMS twice, and practiced about 30 different cases with some friends.

Insights on mental health from a 2019 McKinsey Consumer survey


McKinsey conducted a national survey to understand the impact of unmet social needs on consumer health outcomes, utilization, and preferences. Given the link between unmet social needs and lower socioeconomic status, respondents for this survey included adult Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as well as low-income adults who were uninsured or who had purchased insurance through the individual market. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC 2019 application deadlines

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Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC Overview Attention Advanced Degree Candidates! Yes, that means you PhDs, JDs, and MDs – Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC application 2019 deadlines are now published! The post Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC 2019 application deadlines appeared first on Management Consulted.

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