Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry in 2022

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This year, the automotive industry is expected to continue its recovery following the headwinds of tough 2020. C-V2X technologies are gaining momentum among automotive original equipment manufacturers, city infrastructure manufacturers, and electronic module suppliers.

Automotive Industry 2022: Overcoming Project Challenges

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The trends shaping the automotive industry in 2022 will certainly have an impact on its companies’ projects. What issues will they bring to automotive project management, and what are the ways to address them? Challenges in Automotive Projects.


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Relationship-Building Mastery for Consultants with Martin Stadelmeyer: Podcast #210

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Consulting Success Podcast automotive industry business development business relationships Client Relationships networking OEMRelationship-building is a fundamental aspect of running a business. So how does one go about it?

Technology Is Changing What a Premium Automotive Brand Looks Like

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The automotive industry is being disrupted by electric vehicles and self-driving cars, just as home appliances is being disrupted by the Internet of Things and smart appliances, home entertainment by on-demand content providers, and apparel by online personal stylists such as Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. Here’s how technology is changing the game in the automotive industry: Product: hardware vs. software. JEWEL SAMAD/Staff/Getty Images.

The Connected Car: Transforming the Automotive Customer Experience

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The automotive customer experience is becoming increasingly digitized. Automotive electronics are now embedded in drive trains, controls, and in dashboard systems. And while companies such as NVIDIA are making headlines with advances in autonomous driving capabilities at this week''s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the connected car is also creating a host of customer experience opportunities for marketers and automotive customer care leaders to act on.

Sonic Automotive Sets Its Sales Strategy on 'FIRE'

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While sales teams are an important driving force for profit in organizations across all industries, Sonic Automotive recognized that most are rarely given the tools necessary to achieve success. Thus, the auto retailer partnered with MicroStrategy to address the lack of insight accessibility by deploying FIRE (Financial and Insurance Reporting Engine), Sonic Automotive''s internal mobile application, which enables sales professionals to close deals.

The Automotive Industry Then and Now: A Case for Aligned Incentives

Kates Kesler

presidential election is over, historians will be evaluating the role that the automotive industry played in its outcome for years. No doubt he would have had some provocative thoughts on these latest developments, as much of his work focused on the automotive industry. One example cited takes us back to automotive industry history. Even though the U.S.

The Existential Question Facing the Auto Industry

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Innovation Managing organizations Automotive Digital ArticleI am an Uber enthusiast — the service is an easy and affordable way to get around. As a city dweller, the need to transport our dog is starting to feel like the only thing preventing me from ditching our station wagon. So it doesn’t surprise me that Uber’s bookings are said to have grown by more than 141% in the past year.

Why Elon Musk’s New Strategy Makes Sense

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It outlined Tesla’s automotive strategy and it has been pretty much followed to the letter. Strategy Disruptive innovation Automotive Energy & Natural Resources Digital ArticleLast week Elon Musk released the second installment of Tesla’s Master Plan. The first installment had been written in 2006. The second installment moves Tesla beyond the traditional car market, with a plan to reconfigure our cities, energy systems, and our impact on the environment.

Driverless Cars Will Change Auto Insurance. Here’s How Insurers Can Adapt

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Business models Risk management Technology Transportation Automotive Financial Services Digital ArticleTim Evans for HBR. There is little doubt that the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles will have a huge impact on the automobile insurance industry. Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology indicates that as many as 23 million fully autonomous vehicles will be traveling U.S.

How Arizona Is Leading the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM ARIZONA COMMERCE AUTHORITY

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Automotive Energy & Natural Resources Transportation Sponsor ContentSelf-driving vehicles, once a science fiction technology, are rapidly becoming a reality that promises to transform our lives – making it safer and more efficient to move people and goods, while reinventing our thinking about transportation. Arizona, one of the leading cities for autonomous vehicles, is the proving ground for this transformative innovation.

Why Elon Musk’s Compensation Plan Wouldn’t Work for Most Executives

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Executive compensation Automotive North America Digital ArticleMel Svenson/Getty Images. Elon Musk’s new pay package has attracted almost as much divided opinion as Elon Musk himself. Advocates have claimed that it is “radical” and “bold,” praise often used to describe Tesla. Others argue that it is a publicity stunt. But, as with most things, the reality is likely in between these extremes.

Why Aren’t Automakers Embracing Digital Business Models?

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Business models Automotive Digital ArticleBMW is one of the best car makers on the planet. It is also thinking seriously about what digital transformation means for the car business. Its cars now have Connected Drive, a platform that allows drivers to purchase apps for traffic, messaging, and for starting the the engine from a distance.

The Uber-Waymo Lawsuit: It Should Be Easy to Poach Talent, But Not IP

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Intellectual property Hiring Personnel policies Automotive Technology Digital ArticleA star employee leaves a company to join, or become, a competitor, and the former employer sues both the departing employee and the company who hired him for stealing its secrets. Legal battles like that are pervasive across all industries, but one of these high profile, high-stakes lawsuits is at the center of the race to self-driving cars: the dispute between Google and Uber.

The Real Reason Uber Is Giving Up in China

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Disruptive innovation Regulation Emerging markets Automotive Transportation Asia Digital ArticleLast September some of the world’s foremost technology industry leaders met in Seattle with Xi Jinping, president of China. In a group photograph, 30 CEOs with a combined market capitalization of $2.5 trillion smiled for the camera alongside the Chinese leader.

If Ford Wants to Beat Tesla, It Needs to Go All In

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Disruptive innovation Automotive Digital ArticleThe auto industry is facing a trio of disruptive technologies: electric batteries, autonomous vehicles, and the mobile phone. The first two have been long-standing threats, relatively speaking, and are embodied in one company, Tesla. Which is why the auto industry’s reaction to Tesla’s announcement on March 31 of its Model 3 is so strange. They feel a bit relieved, maybe even overjoyed.

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Tesla, Autopilot, and the Challenge of Trusting Machines

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Transportation Technology Design Automotive Digital ArticleIn May a Tesla Model S driving on autopilot collided with a tractor-trailer making a left turn at an intersection in Florida. The owner of the Tesla was killed. Regulators are also investigating a nonfatal crash in Pennsylvania, in which a Tesla driver claims to have been using autopilot at the time of the accident.

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Takt Planning in Mining


Article Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Lean principles and practices have been in vogue for decades, revolutionizing productivity in a number of industries, notably automotive. So it’s not surprising that many mining companies have tried to launch lean initiatives. Yet many lean programs in mining deliver incremental improvements for only a few months, after which things return to “normal.”. Article

Embracing Healthy Tensions in a Matrixed Organization

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When a large automotive company shifted its organization model from a product center-of-gravity to a customer-centric model, its leaders initially believed the matrixed tensions were unnecessary complexity and associated tension with “failure.” Alternatively, the large automotive company previously referenced needed a different construct.

Two Priorities to Build Up Russia’s Auto Industry: Exports and Innovation


The Russian automotive industry has experienced significant ups and downs in the past decade. We analyzed the factors affecting Russia’s automotive market and developed three potential scenarios. Article Wednesday, October 05, 2016. The domestic car market rebounded strongly after the global financial crisis to become the sixth-­­largest in the world—2.6 million automobiles (cars and light trucks) sold in 2012. Manufacturers responded by building new plants to expand production.

For restarting?

Consultants' Consultant

I want to relaunch my efforts to go outside my expertise of automotive parts distribution. Consultants Consultant: Are you starting up your consulting business again? Here’s what you need to know. Bob sent me this email: I have read quotes from you and like your approach. I started a consulting business a year ago. I have had full […]. The post For restarting? appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Start up your consultancy Your own consultancy: start up and run

Simplicity, Synergy, and Scale


Tata Sons, one of India's oldest companies, is a global powerhouse in multiple industries, including automotive, steel, technology, and tea. It owns steel plants, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Tetley Tea. Tata's chair, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, explains his philosophy of simplicity, synergy, and scale, as well as Tata's role in India and the world

China-based Fuyao Glass Considers Manufacturing in the U.S.

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but automotive glass maker Fuyao is considering just that. Not many Chinese companies open manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Harvard Business School professor Willy Shih examines factors that go into deciding where companies should locate production facilities in his case, “Fuyao Glass America: Sourcing Decision.” ” Global strategy Cross-cultural management Manufacturing Audio

CarMax Innovates with Omnichannel Strategy

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The automotive sector is a segment where omnichannel expectations are already firmly in place. Bain’s Global Automotive Consumer Survey found that half of customers interested in buying a car begin their journey online. CarMax, the largest used car retailer in the U.S., is working to re-invent the used car market to be an omnichannel environment that’s innovative, easy to use, and transparent in an industry that depends on reliability.

That Plane Won’t Be Landing

Alan Weiss

I didn’t then go to the web and troll auto sites, I asked someone I knew who is an automotive expert what he suggested for my needs. I knew nothing about pickup trucks when my wife and I decided we needed one to haul animal food, plants, and for forth. Based on that I quickly purchased a Toyota Tacoma. (He He doesn’t sell cars, he simply is involved in the industry.).

The Factory of the Future


The study focused on a global survey of more than 750 production managers from leading companies in three industrial sectors: automotive (which includes suppliers and original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs), engineered products, and process industries. In this report, we focus on automotive suppliers and OEMs. Focus Tuesday, December 06, 2016. New technologies are profoundly changing industrial production, giving rise to “the factory of the future.”

Happy customers are closer than they appear

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The automotive industry has been on a roller coaster ride of profit and loss in recent years. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, automotive sales tumbled in 2020 before surging demand and a global chip shortage sent prices skyrocketing in 2021.

Q&A with Olivier Mourrieras, Vice President, Customer Experience Centre of Competence, E.On, Part 1

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Here''s an objection I sometimes hear when I talk to people about how improving customer experience can boost business performance: "Sure, it sounds great for glam industries like automotive or fashion. But I sell widgets.". There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service custmerexperiencecenter eon forrester

How to identify Business Consulting Clients


Consider things like how many customers' cars are at the workshop if it is an Automotive workshop, or how many customer cars are parked out the front if it’s a gym, restaurant or other service based business.

Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?

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If that displaced 20% of the 250 million cars Americans own, consumers would save $150 billion, $3,000 for every car displaced, and 1 million jobs would disappear in the automotive related industries — manufacturing, insurance, finance, etc. Technology Transportation Labor Automotive Digital Article

Why You and Your Clients Will Benefit from the Kanban Approach


It is built on concepts used by Toyota and applied to knowledge work rather than purely in automotive industrial plants. The one thing all clients want from you is results.

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Tips for Case Prepping Alone

Tom Spencer

For example, if you happen to have a case revolving around car insurance, it may be worthwhile mentioning the rise of self-driving cars as an emerging trend, and the opportunities and complications this poses for the automotive insurance industry.

What is Consulting?

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Consultants can work in a wide range of industries including automotive, CPG (consumer packaged goods), chemicals, defense, electronics, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure, logistics, media, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, private equity, retail, social sector, technology, telecommunications and tourism. (Source: Flickr ). Consulting” is a pretty general term, and doesn’t really give you a clear idea of what consultants actually do.

Rolling Back Fuel Efficiency Is a Bad Deal for Everyone — Including U.S. Carmakers

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Regulation Sustainability Government Automotive Digital ArticleThe CEO of a large industrial company recently described the Trump administration as “the most pro-business since the Founding Fathers.” ” It’s a popular perception in the business community, with or without the hyperbole, and the stock market is reacting accordingly.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in the Middle East

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Their Middle Ease portfolio includes offering services such as analytics, IT, innovation, marketing & sales, M&A, operations, strategic organization, and strategy to companies in such varied industries such as: aerospace & defense, automotives, chemicals, oil & gas, private equity, transportation, utilities, metals and mining, and healthcare. We’re continuing our Top 10 Consulting Firms series this week by focusing our expert eye on the Middle East.

AT Kearney Recruiting Skills Test

Which of the following companies is in automotive industry? The AT Kearney Recruitment Test for AT Kearney fulfills the same role as the McKinsey Problem Solving Test does for McKinsey -- a way to measure a candidates quantitative and logical reasoning skills. Here's more information about the test based on feedback from my students who have taken the test: 30-minute timed test. Calculate IS allowed. Multiple choice question format.

Dallas Fed Region Activity Plunges Well Below Any Forecast


We are currently experiencing a large surge in the automotive industry due to our relationship and close proximity to an automotive plant during a new vehicle implementation period. Repeat after me "housing and cars and part time jobs, oh my". There's little else worth cheering about, not even the stock market lately. And housing is not all that strong either. Today, the Dallas Fed reported that activity in its region plunged to a reading of reading of -15.8,

Consultant Marketing Brand Disruption

Jerry Fletcher

Tesla forced big automotive companies to get real about electric cars. Two word darlings. Brand. Disruption. Either gets attention in and of itself. Together they become hard to look away from. Do conditions make it harder to be at successful at either? Or Both?

Forrester's Harley Manning: Audi of America Revs Up the Customer Experience

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When I talk to people at automotive companies, they''re always interested in what Audi is doing. In part, because Audi is Volkswagen Group''s (VW Group''s) main profit driver, contributing about 40 percent to VW Group earnings. And in part it''s because when you talk to Audi owners -- like John Vanderslice, global head of Hilton''s luxury and lifestyle brands -- you get an earful of how much they love the brand.

Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots

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When people think of the automotive Factory of the Future, the first word that comes to mind is automation. But the reality is that any major leap forward on cost and efficiency will no longer be possible through automation alone, since most of the tasks that can be automated in an automotive factory have already been tackled. Today, two-thirds of automotive workers—the human ones—are in the general assembly section. CSA Images/Mod Art Collection/Getty Images.