The B2B analytics playbook: Capturing unrealized potential in telcos


Telecommunications companies have been leaving money on the table by underinvesting in advanced analytics in their B2B business units relative to their B2C operations. Telecommunications Insights

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Telecom operators: Surviving and thriving through the next downturn


Telecommunications InsightsTelco operators are more vulnerable today than they were ten years ago. To thrive through the next economic downturn and beyond, they must act now—and with focus.

All in: From recovery to agility at Spark New Zealand


Telecommunications InsightsThree members of the telco’s top team describe the challenges and rewards of implementing agile rapidly—and the power of a “no plan B” approach to change.

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Who wins in a 5G world?


In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior partners Ferry Grijpink and Philipp Nattermann—ahead of the headline telecommunications conference Mobile World Congress (MWC)—about how telcos can prepare to be winners in the fifth-generation (5G) race.

A new path for telco customer engagement


Telecommunications InsightsNext-generation marketing and sales techniques offer incumbents real opportunity to thrive in a challenging landscape.

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Are you ready for 5G?


Telecommunications InsightsSmart operators will consider seven no-regrets moves to position themselves for advantage amid radically changing industry dynamics.

Society 3.0: Using technology to improve public goods


Telecommunications InsightsVodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao discusses why technology should not merely increase productivity but also benefit society at large.

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Analytics and automation in telcos: An interview with Nokia’s VP of global service delivery


Telecommunications InsightsDigital operating models and new data-driven tools can not only deliver value to customers but can also help keep operators’ own houses in order.

Cutting through the 5G hype: Survey shows telcos’ nuanced views


Telecommunications InsightsOperators see a marginally positive business case, expect rollout at scale to take until 2022, and don’t think the increase in capital-expense-to-sales ratio will be as big as skeptics claim.

Reinventing telco networks: Five elements of a successful transformation


Telecommunications InsightsFor telcos to keep and grow market share, the network division needs a makeover that lets it shed its cost-center past to become a leading function that influences the digital and analytics metamorphosis of the core.

Ten years at the top of a telco: An interview with Vittorio Colao


Telecommunications InsightsThe former CEO of Vodafone, who stepped down from the top job last September, reflects on the industry’s challenges and what he learned as a successful global dealmaker.

The building blocks telcos need to create their digital-and-analytics DNA


Telecommunications InsightsTelcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing demands for simple digital experiences, among other challenges.

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A 5G manifesto for the CEO


Telecommunications InsightsThe transition to a 5G world is far more complex and uncertain than the shifts to previous generations of wireless technology. Five key principles will help telco CEOs better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Gene therapy for telecom operators: An interview with Jon Fredrik Baksaas


Telecommunications InsightsThe former GSMA chairman and Telenor CEO discusses what telecoms operators need to do to adapt in the new competitive landscape.

The road to 5G: The inevitable growth of infrastructure cost


Telecommunications InsightsNetwork cost could double as operators strive to meet demand for increased capacity and deploy 5G. How can they maintain their profits?

Network sharing and 5G: A turning point for lone riders


Telecommunications InsightsNetwork sharing will be a key lever to reduce cost and make 5G deployments feasible.

I Have to Change My Phone Number. Now What?

David A Fields

Consultants Infrastructure Home Office Office Telecommunications A question I was asked: I’m moving my office and can’t keep my phone number. Amazing, but true.)

Resilience in TMT: Winning in downturns


Economic downturns hold substantial opportunities for companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector. By starting now to build an action plan and execute no-regret moves, companies can put themselves on a path to emerge resilient through the next slowdown.

KPN dials up a new digital strategy


The leader of digital IT at the Netherlands-based telecommunications company explains how KPN reintegrated previously outsourced expertise and shifted to agile ways of working. Our Insights

How Smarter Phones Will Transform Tech, Media, and Telecom


A new generation of smartphones, powered by artificial intelligence, could be in consumers' hands within the next few years and will have deep effects on every player in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry

Why Latin American Business May (Finally) Be Ready for Growth


ISA's telecommunications and electric power businesses are members of sectors that enable other sectors. CEO Bernardo Vargas Gibsone of the Colombian utility and construction company ISA sees opportunity emerging from turmoil.

What You Need to Know About California’s New Data Privacy Law

Harvard Business

Regulation Technology Security & privacy Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Retail & Consumer Goods Technology Telecommunications Digital Articlepm images/Getty Images. Late last month, California passed a sweeping consumer privacy law that might force significant changes on companies that deal in personal data — and especially those operating in the digital space.

Unleashing Technology, Media, and Telecom with Digital Transformation


Companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sectors are in the vanguard, bringing these new opportunities to market—even as their legacy businesses are threatened by them. Report Thursday, October 27, 2016. This is an era of disruption.

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The Paradoxes of Telecom Value Creation


Two paradoxes surround value creation in the telecommunications industry. The connectivity of the entire stack, in other words, depends on the health of telecommunications operators. Article Thursday, October 27, 2016.

Olswang – The name says it all

Tom Spencer

Olswang is a firm which holds itself out to the market as being an expert in technology, media and telecommunications, and so I was quite looking forward to meeting them. I recently had the dubious honour of meeting with two partners from London based law firm Olswang. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed. It was interesting to learn that, despite being apparent technology experts, the firm’s partners still use an old version of the Blackberry.

IoT Disruptions in 3 Industries and What You Can Learn From Them

Tom Spencer

The massive benefits seen in Australia from the development of digital technology include increased living standards, shrinking distances through telecommunications, improved efficiency for businesses and government, as well as a larger workforce.

Tapping into the Transformative Power of Service 4.0


Telecommunications is a case in point. BCG analysis shows that telecommunications is still one of the most inefficient service industries, with as much as 50% of its cost basis eaten up by waste. Focus Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

MIT Media Lab’s Joi Ito on Digital Innovation and Disruption


The Lab is supported by more than 80 members—including some of the world’s leading corporations—representing such diverse fields as electronics, entertainment, fashion, health care, and telecommunications. Video Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

How Can Digital Suppliers Accelerate Customers’ Transformations?


Digital suppliers, including, technology and telecommunications companies, are well positioned to provide the help their corporate customers need—but only if they accurately assess customers’ requirements and ambitions and are able to tailor products and services accordingly as digital solutions.

Women of Influence

Women in Consulting

She had also served as president of Women in Telecommunications for 10 years. By: Kay Paumier. Two of WIC’s finest have been named Women of Influence by the “Silicon Valley Business Journal” – Congratulations to Deb Siegle and Jenn LeBlanc ! Deb Siegle.

WannaCry Cyber Attack Hits 99 Countries, FedEx, Nissan, Hospitals, Universities with NSA Developed Malware: Five Questions


FedEx, numerous hospitals, the UK National Health Service, Chinese universities, Spanish telecommunication firms, and Nissan are among the targets. The National Security Administration (NSA ) has its hands in the biggest ransomware cyber attack in history. The NSA found holes in the Windows operating systems and instead of alerting Microsoft it chose to exploit those holes for its own benefit. The problem with such an approach is the NSA is not the only one who can exploit the holes.

What is Consulting?

Tom Spencer

(Source: Flickr ). Consulting” is a pretty general term, and doesn’t really give you a clear idea of what consultants actually do. The Oxford dictionary indicates that “to consult” means to “seek information or advice from someone (especially an expert)”.

First Year CX: Some Keys To Success from TSIC

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TSIC is an international provider of telecommunication services with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and offices in 14 other countries.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules but the Battle for an Open Internet Continues

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The FCC''s decision includes reclassifying Internet service as a Title II telecommunications service or public utility, prohibiting broadband providers from charging for faster lanes on the Internet. Net neutrality advocates scored a major victory today when the Federal Communications Commission approved net neutrality regulations by a 3-2 vote.

3 Steps To Building A Stand Out Portfolio With Emma Sharley: Podcast #25

Consulting Success

Prior to beginning her successful consultancy, Emma worked in sports marketing, fashion retail marketing, and telecommunications with companies in England including Westfield, Diane Von Furstenberg, Westpac, and T-Mobile.

Charging for Priority Customer Support

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EE, the British telecommunications company, recently began offering a new service called Priority Answer that allows customers of its pay monthly and SIM-only plans to pay 50 pence ($0.81 USD) to be moved to the top of the queue for customer service calls when call volumes are high. The new service has created a firestorm in social media and other forums among some customers who are upset about having to pay extra to receive faster support.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in the Middle East

Management Consulted

Bain’s major industries of importance in the Middle East include Airlines & Transportation, Media, Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail, Private Equity, Social & Public Sector, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities and Alternative energy (the oil will run out one day!). BCG in the Middle East has focused on the following industries and sectors: government, financial services, energy, industrial goods, telecommunications, real estate, healthcare and private equity.