Rules of engagement: Winning with the basics in digital telecommunications


Online sales and service are key measures of successful digital transformations. But most telecom operators aren’t implementing the fundamentals that drive customers online and keep them there. Our Insights

Can Japan finally become a start-up power?

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & EntertainmentLong viewed as a relative laggard, Japan’s start-up ecosystem is beginning to come into its own. Investor Paul McInerney sheds light on the evolving environment for entrepreneurs.


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Breaking through the hype: The real-world benefits of 5G connectivity

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights Telecommunications Wireless broadband Mobile Wireless telecommunications IoT Supply chain management IT infrastructure Disruptive Technology5G offers a level of connectivity that could transform the shop floor.

Vital signs: The growing impact of digital health innovation

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & Entertainment DigitalDigital health solutions have the potential to dramatically improve patient care and slow rising costs. Yet achieving that at scale still has obstacles to overcome.

Fueling innovation and filling gaps in Latin America

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & EntertainmentA lack of early stage capital on the continent has hampered start-up creation and scaling. MAYA Capital co-founders Lara Lemann and Monica Saggioro are determined to change that.

Entrepreneurship beyond Silicon Valley

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Media & Entertainment Telecommunications Europe Innovation GrowthInnovation is accelerating in Europe and beyond, making way for a new generation of start-ups.

Developer Velocity at work: Key lessons from industry digital leaders

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights TelecommunicationsThe experiences of several high-performing software development organizations in banking and retail offer a road map to excellence.

Reliably connecting the workforce of the future (which is now)

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & Entertainment Industrial high tech DigitalThe pandemic magnified existing trends and challenges affecting the way workers function. Always-on, cellular-connected devices may now finally break out of their niche.

Trends 106

Global VC view: Funding startups in the next normal

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & Entertainment DigitalThe boom that tech startups have been experiencing has continued through the pandemic. Two leading venture capitalists talk about how investing in them is changing.

Common goods: Fighting materials’ impact on climate change

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & EntertainmentThe materials used to make physical goods produce a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. Origin Materials thinks it has the solution to that pressing problem.

How tech, media, and telecom winners use talent to stay ahead

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & Entertainment OrganizationCertain capabilities matter more for performance than others, particularly when combined in the right way.

Media 88

How capability building can power transformation

McKinsey & Company

Transformation Insights Manufacturing Telecommunications High Tech & Internet Digital Operations Organization

E(lectric) Commerce: Volta Trucks’ vehicle for sustainable delivery

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & EntertainmentCommercial trucks are a major source of emissions in cities. Carl-Magnus Norden thinks his start-up can be the catalyst needed to make the sector more environmentally-friendly.

A blueprint for telecom’s critical reinvention

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights Telecommunications Asia-Pacific China Hong Kong India Northeast Asia Southeast Asia Southern Asia Europe Middle East North and Central America South America Africa Strategy Organization LeadershipThe next generation of telcos will be defined by leaders who act now, risking short-term advantages to seize untapped growth with a holistic approach to transformation.

The B2B analytics playbook: Capturing unrealized potential in telcos


Telecommunications companies have been leaving money on the table by underinvesting in advanced analytics in their B2B business units relative to their B2C operations. Telecommunications InsightsA new tailored approach across these segments can generate much-needed growth and margins.

B2C 80

A new path for telco customer engagement


Telecommunications InsightsNext-generation marketing and sales techniques offer incumbents real opportunity to thrive in a challenging landscape.

Sales 78

Want to See the Future of Digital Health Tools? Look to Germany.

Harvard Business

Technology Research & development Healthcare Technology Telecommunications Digital ArticleAn ambitious new law is catalyzing innovation.

Tools 43

A tale of two agile paths: How a pair of operators set up their organizational transformations


Telecommunications InsightsDifferent approaches illustrate the company and market conditions that guide the structure of teams around work, and the rapid benefits that follow.

Agile 85

A battle plan for telcos’ digital-attacker brands

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights Telecommunications High Tech & Internet Organization Growth Innovation Analytics Digital strategy and organizationMany operators need to transform themselves to cope with new market conditions but have had difficulty making an organization-wide overhaul. A smart digital-attacker strategy may be the solution.

Unleashing developers’ full talents: An interview with Twilio’s CEO

McKinsey & Company

Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Asia-Pacific Europe North and Central America Organization Marketing & Sales Leadership Innovation Core ITJeff Lawson talks about software’s growing digital supply chain, the future of flexible work, and the origins of both his communications-platform company and his new book, Ask Your Developer.

Psychiatry Is Revealing the Potential — and Pitfalls — of Telehealth

Harvard Business

Technology Operations Healthcare Technology Telecommunications Digital ArticleThree lessons to guide providers.

Are you ready for 5G?


Telecommunications InsightsSmart operators will consider seven no-regrets moves to position themselves for advantage amid radically changing industry dynamics.

Analytics and automation in telcos: An interview with Nokia’s VP of global service delivery


Telecommunications InsightsDigital operating models and new data-driven tools can not only deliver value to customers but can also help keep operators’ own houses in order.

I Have to Change My Phone Number. Now What?

David A Fields

Consultants Infrastructure Home Office Office Telecommunications A question I was asked: I’m moving my office and can’t keep my phone number. Amazing, but true.) Obviously I will contact all my clients and contacts as best I can in the next 30 days and most of my clients do have my cell phone number, but there must be a “best” way to handle this. Any advice? What’s your advice for this consultant? Please post your suggestions below.

All in: From recovery to agility at Spark New Zealand


Telecommunications InsightsThree members of the telco’s top team describe the challenges and rewards of implementing agile rapidly—and the power of a “no plan B” approach to change.

Agile 82

Ten years at the top of a telco: An interview with Vittorio Colao


Telecommunications InsightsThe former CEO of Vodafone, who stepped down from the top job last September, reflects on the industry’s challenges and what he learned as a successful global dealmaker.

Who wins in a 5G world?


In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior partners Ferry Grijpink and Philipp Nattermann—ahead of the headline telecommunications conference Mobile World Congress (MWC)—about how telcos can prepare to be winners in the fifth-generation (5G) race. Telecommunications Insights

The road to 5G: The inevitable growth of infrastructure cost


Telecommunications InsightsNetwork cost could double as operators strive to meet demand for increased capacity and deploy 5G. How can they maintain their profits?

Cutting through the 5G hype: Survey shows telcos’ nuanced views


Telecommunications InsightsOperators see a marginally positive business case, expect rollout at scale to take until 2022, and don’t think the increase in capital-expense-to-sales ratio will be as big as skeptics claim.

Reinventing telco networks: Five elements of a successful transformation


Telecommunications InsightsFor telcos to keep and grow market share, the network division needs a makeover that lets it shed its cost-center past to become a leading function that influences the digital and analytics metamorphosis of the core.

The building blocks telcos need to create their digital-and-analytics DNA


Telecommunications InsightsTelcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing demands for simple digital experiences, among other challenges.

Agile 81

Telecom operators: Surviving and thriving through the next downturn


Telecommunications InsightsTelco operators are more vulnerable today than they were ten years ago. To thrive through the next economic downturn and beyond, they must act now—and with focus.

Society 3.0: Using technology to improve public goods


Telecommunications InsightsVodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao discusses why technology should not merely increase productivity but also benefit society at large.

Verizon’s CEO on Peak Traffic, Cybersecurity, and Leading a Team from Home

Harvard Business

Crisis management Internet Mobile Telecommunications Digital ArticleA conversation between Hans Vestberg and HBR Editor-in-Chief Adi Ignatius.

Network sharing and 5G: A turning point for lone riders


Telecommunications InsightsNetwork sharing will be a key lever to reduce cost and make 5G deployments feasible.

A 5G manifesto for the CEO


Telecommunications InsightsThe transition to a 5G world is far more complex and uncertain than the shifts to previous generations of wireless technology. Five key principles will help telco CEOs better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Gene therapy for telecom operators: An interview with Jon Fredrik Baksaas


Telecommunications InsightsThe former GSMA chairman and Telenor CEO discusses what telecoms operators need to do to adapt in the new competitive landscape.