Is apparel manufacturing coming home?


To meet customers’ needs, apparel companies need to focus on nearshoring, automation, and sustainability. Retail Insights

Casual Apparel Outperforms High-End Fashion


Article Tuesday, December 13, 2016. In the wake of the recent financial crisis, the global fashion and luxury industry established a solid record of extremely strong value creation. More recently, however, the industry’s performance declined somewhat—a trend that has continued into 2016.

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Powerful pricing: The next frontier in apparel and fashion advanced analytics


Leading apparel retailers are embracing advanced analytics and blending intuition with science to price smarter. Retail Insights

Digitization: The next stop for the apparel-sourcing caravan


Stepping up digital efforts in purchasing could help apparel companies transform. A survey of sourcing executives highlights trends and opportunities. Our Insights

Ready to ‘where’: Getting sharp on apparel omnichannel excellence


Brands and retailers are moving quickly to provide more seamless omnichannel shopping experiences—but your customers are moving faster. Retail Insights

Geek meets chic: Four actions to jump-start advanced analytics in apparel


Success in the apparel industry relies on carefully balancing art and science, yet companies lag behind in the digital revolution. Here’s what they can do to catch up. Retail Insights

Faster fashion: How to shorten the apparel calendar


To get new styles into stores more quickly, fashion companies must improve internal collaboration, tap into consumer insights, and start to digitize the value chain. Retail Insights

India’s fast-growing apparel market


In India’s high-growth, fast-changing retail clothing market, we see significant new growth opportunities for foreign and domestic players. Our Insights

The Five Pillars of Marketing Success

The More Clients Blog

Does the following give a pretty good picture of your current marketing activity? You have a website but you’re not really satisfied with it. You go to networking events once in a while. If someone asks you to give a talk, you’re happy to do it. You post on Facebook and/or LinkedIn semi-regularly.

Huge 6% Collapse in PPI Services Final Demand for Apparel, Jewelry, Footwear


Economists were shocked once again today. First, Retail Sales “Solidly” Flat, which we just covered. The Producer Price Index for … Continue reading → Economics

CPI Weak, Prices of Autos, Lodging Away From Home Drop: Econoday Cheers Rising Medical and Apparel Prices


The CPI rose 0.1% in July vs an Econoday consensus estimate of 0.2%. The Econoday Keynesian parrot does not like falling auto prices but is happy about rising medical prices. more…). Economics

How India’s ascent could change the fashion industry


There’s great promise in India’s apparel market—but challenges as well. Here’s what brands need to know about the country’s rise. Retail Insights

Eileen Fisher on Leadership: The Personal Side of Organizational Change


The founder of the apparel company talks about how much personal growth leaders should demand -- of employees and themselves

Measuring the fashion world


A new survey takes stock of apparel companies’ go-to-market processes. The findings have implications for product design, development, and delivery. Retail Insights

The fashion market and ‘Trade 2.0’


Here’s how the apparel trade could be reshaped by new barriers, trade tensions, and uncertainty. Companies should make contingency plans for a potential shake-up of global value chains. Retail Insights

Syriza Effect: 40% of Greek Companies Want to Leave the Country; California vs. Greece


“Exodus Has Begun” The minimum wage hike is about to smack Los Angeles’ apparel industry businesses and jobs. The LA … Continue reading → Economics

Eileen Fisher and the Personal Side of Leadership


Yes, according to the apparel company CEO. Is it fair to ask employees to embrace personal growth, on top of everything else they do? See also "Eileen Fisher on Leadership: The Personal Side of Organizational Change

Leading a Company That Wants to Change Lives through Sports


Think high-profile consumer goods, and sports apparel comes quickly to mind. For the last few years, the world's fastest-growing major sports apparel enterprise has been Adidas.

Take Steps Now to Protect Your Independent Status!

Successful Independent Consulting

Recent court ruling likely to impact independent consultants in the U.S. This article was written by Henry Telfeian, a labor relations and employment attorney as well as the general counsel for the Professional Independent Consultants of America, Inc. PICA Inc.).

California Supreme Court Ruling Impacts Independent Consulting and Subcontracting – Keep It Legal!

Women in Consulting

By: Henry Telfeian. :: Two months ago, the California Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in the case Dynamex Operations West Inc.

Retail’s Hail Mary: Why Retailers are Betting on In-Store Data Insights

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Squeezed by online competitors and evolving customer tastes, Macy’s, Sears, The Limited, and American Apparel have said they will be closing some or all of their stores.

Google’s ‘Shop the Look’ Tries to Declutter Mobile Shopping

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On Tuesday, Google introduced a “Shop the Look” program that lets smartphone users purchase apparel and other products through the images that appear in response to search terms. Earlier this week, Google unveiled its latest effort to help retailers boost sales through mobile devices.

5 Surprising Findings About How People Actually Buy Clothes and Shoes

Harvard Business

Apparel brands are investing especially heavily in online shopping capabilities and introducing interactive features that complement apps and websites. To get a clearer, more-complete picture, we studied actual decisions made by 1,500 apparel and footwear shoppers in the United States. Other apparel brands might seek to attract customers through differentiated and personalized products. HBR Staff/CSA Images/B&W Archive Collection/Getty Images.

Surge of Store Closings Reveals Greater Need for Omnichannel

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Among the closings are Macy''s, JCPenney, Guess, Radio Shack, as well as teen apparel stores Delia''s, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, and Abercrombie & Fitch. With the holiday shopping season behind us, retailers have planned a tidal wave of store closings for 2015. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Nike’s Co-founder on Innovation, Culture, and Succession

Harvard Business

Phil Knight, former chair and CEO of Nike, tells the story of starting the sports apparel and equipment giant after taking an entrepreneurship class at Stanford and teaming up with his former track coach, Bill Bowerman. Together (and with the help of a waffle iron) they changed how running shoes are designed and made. Knight discusses the company’s enduring culture of innovation, as well as the succession process that led to former runner and Nike insider Mark Parker becoming CEO.

Consulting Case Interviews at Non-Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

To take an example of a corporate strategy role at an apparel company, you might be expected to know what kind of product categories they have, geographies they operate in, and recent trends in the industry.

Wholesale Trade Inventories Surge Led By Autos


Inventory draws reflecting gains in sales include computer equipment, electrical goods, and apparel. Autos are the sales Energizer bunny. Nothing seems to slow them down. Wholesale Inventories Surprised to the Upside , led by autos. Wholesale inventories rose 0.5 percent in September following an upward revised 0.3 percent gain in August. The September build appears to be intentional based on a 0.5

December Retail Sales Negative; Other Economic Data Horrid


Apparel was a standout, down 0.9%. The Beige Book yesterday warned us about weak apparel sales which in this report fell a very steep 0.9 Despite glowing reports of last minute Christmas sales, none of which I believed, December retail sales are best described as awful. The surprise here is that nobody blamed the weather. The Econoday Consensus Estimate was flat, and the result was not that far off at -0.1%, but the details were awful.

Can Lean Manufacturing Put an End to Sweatshops?

Harvard Business

To examine this possibility, I conducted research on recent developments in Nike Inc’s apparel supply chain with Jens Hainmueller of Stanford University and Richard M.

Another Round-Trip in Crude; Search for Inflation; Another Bout of Asset Deflation Hell Coming Up


Another major component showing upward pressure in July is apparel which rose 0.3 Crude prices are back to where they were in 2004. Before that, crude previously topped near $41 in September of 1990! Recall the hyperinflation talk in June of 2008 when crude hit $147?

Organizational Fitness for Growth: Five Insights for CEOs

Kates Kesler

We recently completed a study for the CEO of a very well known, global sports-apparel brand company. Our sports-apparel CEO had the right idea in challenging his team to think about the organization and ask: are we fit for growth, given our strategies going forward?

Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected, Led by Autos; Car Boom Ending?


Apparel sales, which are definitely being held down by import prices, were unchanged following two small declines. This month the retail sales consensus expectation was for a 0.3% The actual reading was a gain of just 0.1% for the month.

For Better Retail Promotions, Ask These Questions

Harvard Business

Recent analysis for a leading apparel retailer showed elasticity of customer response to promotional discounts was up to three times higher during holiday periods than during non-holiday periods and two times higher during weekends than on weekdays. John Rizzo/Getty Images.

Job Hub: TOMS Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

Whether someone is out shopping for apparel or looking to better our world, TOMS gives an opportunity for both. Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at TOMS. TOMS is a popular shoe manufacturer known for combining philanthropy with a profitable business model. If you see a need, through the purchase of their merchandise you are able to address it.

CPI Jumps 0.4% on Gasoline Prices, Still Flat From Year Ago; Debt Deflation Dynamics


Components of note include a second month of declines for apparel, down 0.5 The headlines on today's CPI jump of 0.4% are all over the map. If you want a slant one way or another you can find it. For example: Reuters says U.S. consumer prices post largest gain in more than two years.

Rewarded vs. Unrewarded Complexity in Organizations

Kates Kesler

We are working with a large apparel company now that has successfully managed a complex matrix for a number of years. Complex organizations are a result of complex business strategies. But not all complexity is equal. Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips, makes a case for distinguishing between what he calls rewarded and unrewarded complexity.

Currency Lessons: Think a Sinking Currency is Always Good For Manufacturers?


Indian shoppers are not only cutting back on big-ticket purchases such as refrigerators, TVs or expensive branded apparel but even staples including soaps, ketchup and cosmetics. Currency Lessons. Brazil learned a currency lesson first, now India. Is Australia next? Japan?