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Spotlight on Apparel: What’s Going On


Unlike gasoline, housing, food, and auto loans, apparel is a discretionary purchase. What are consumers and importers doing? more…).

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Using Technology to Improve Supply-Chain Resilience

Harvard Business

In the apparel sector, for example, buyers must place peak-season orders six months in advance. And as we emerged from the pandemic, many companies overcorrected by adopting “just-in-case inventory management.” With high volatility, demand forecasts in June can be completely different than actual demand in December.

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New Regulations Place Sustainability and ESG at the Center of National and Global Business Competitiveness

Brimstone Consulting

Several states have begun to ban the use of PFAS and have put in place regulations that are disrupting product development, product selection, and corporate strategy for food brands, major retailers, toy manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, apparel and footwear companies, and many others. If not, should it?

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Casual Apparel Outperforms High-End Fashion


Article Tuesday, December 13, 2016. In the wake of the recent financial crisis, the global fashion and luxury industry established a solid record of extremely strong value creation. More recently, however, the industry’s performance declined somewhat—a trend that has continued into 2016.

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262: Babette Ballinger—How Does A Woman Tackle The Fashion Industry? Head On

On the Brink Podcast

As a fashion designer and owner of her own apparel sales firm, Babette had to constantly re-invent herself, learn how to run a business, and deal with the challenges of sustaining successful partnerships with men. Babette Ballinger holds a special place in our hearts, and in my new book, " Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business. "

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Take Steps Now to Protect Your Independent Status!

Successful Independent Consulting

For example, an organizational change consultant hired to provide consulting services to an apparel company would probably satisfy this part of the test even if the apparel company had an organizational effectiveness department because the company’s primary business is apparel, not organizational change services.

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Deep Dive into Customer Segmentation (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Think about apparel products: in many countries, stores are still the primary place to buy clothes whereas in China, physical stores are in decline in favour of e-commerce. Due to the boom of the internet, nearly one third of apparel and footwear was sold online in 2018 (vs 1% in 2010). Psychographic segmentation.

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