Cornell Advanced HR Certificate: Leading Talent Optimization

Kates Kesler

Building Internal OD Knowledge Base Videos

How can we check for alignment of our organization, even when we are not intending to do a re-design?

Kates Kesler

Knowledge Base Videos What is Organization Design


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The Nature of Organization Complexity

Kates Kesler

Knowledge Base Videos What is Organization Design

What value can Organisation Design bring if it’s done well?

Kates Kesler

Knowledge Base Videos What is Organization Design

The Role of Organisation Design in Business Strategy – Amy Kates

Kates Kesler

Knowledge Base Videos What is Organization Design

Greg Kesler: Collaborative Organization Presentation

Kates Kesler

Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge Base Videos

Is Strategy still Relevant to Organization Design?

Kates Kesler

Blog Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge BaseThe axiom has always been to start with a clear strategy if you want to design a sound organization. But, is detailed strategy work even relevant in a world where the external environment is continually changing, requiring companies to regularly shift direction and priorities? On the contrary, we believe strategy is more important than ever. Both strategy and organization have to be dynamic.

To Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion efforts fall short

Kates Kesler

Blog Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge BaseDiversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives are ubiquitous. While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.

To Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion efforts fall short

Kates Kesler

Blog Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge BaseDiversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives are ubiquitous. While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.

Linkedin Learning – Org Design Video Series

Kates Kesler

Knowledge Base Videos What is Organization DesignYou can now access 17, three-minute videos on the fundamentals of organization design. We share practical insights…a great resource for HR and OD professionals as well as line managers. You can see the first video here. Watch Video.

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Chief Ecosystem Officer – Taking Customer Centricity to the Next Level

Kates Kesler

Blog Knowledge Base Talent and Leadership UncategorizedMany of our clients are asking how to utilize organization design mechanisms to take customer centricity to the next level. Customer centricity is defined here as creating unique product value propositions and strategies to deliver against unmet customer needs.

Organization Design for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Kates Kesler

Some questions to ask include: Where may the benefits of relationships based on personal comfort become a disadvantage for those who challenge the norms of “fit?” Blog Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge BaseWe facilitated a meeting in April 2020 for a team of ten people. In the past such a meeting would typically have the eight co-located members sitting together in a conference room and the other two on video.

Start Slow, Finish Fast: Rightsizing Your Organization the Right Way

Kates Kesler

Two key watchouts related to talent: Tribal knowledge is very valuable and it can be an important element to company continuitity to keep the business running smoothly. Blog Current Topics in Organization Design Knowledge BaseWhen organizations are looking to find cost savings, people costs are typically a significant portion of the budget and an attractive target for cost reduction, but beware!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Skills and Knowledge Current

MBO Partners

Keep your skill set, knowledge base, and expertise level on the cutting edge with these five tips

Lotus Nation: Sustaining Vietnam’s Impressive Gains in Well-Being


And those issues will create formidable obstacles as Vietnam aims to transform itself into a modern knowledge-based economy. Report Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Vietnam's success over the past two decades is undeniable. The country has moved from a largely agrarian economy to one powered by manufacturing. Food is more plentiful, health care more accessible, schooling more affordable, and disposable incomes higher than ever.

How I Became a Millionaire as an Independent Consultant

Successful Independent Consulting

I’ve poured all that learning into the knowledge base and webinars at the Professional Independent Consultants of America , a new membership organization and ecosystem I co-founded to help independent consultants be successful. Recently I logged into my retirement accounts and was surprised (and pleased!) to see that I had crossed the million-dollar mark. I don’t consider myself rich. In fact, money is usually tight at the end of the month.

Staying on top of your virtual internship

Tom Spencer

Get creative when planning virtual get-togethers; online escape rooms, web-based game nights and virtual happy hours are just a few ideas for bonding with your coworkers. Developing a knowledge base on market news or specific industries, and developing a hard skillset (e.g. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

Consultant Marketing Listen or Lead?

Jerry Fletcher

They are expected to bring that proficiency to bear on client’s problems that fit nicely into their knowledge base. Involving folks in both the client organization and their customer base will often provide you with insights you would not get any other way. His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for on and off-line Trust-based Consultant Marketing advice that builds businesses, brands and lives of joy.

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Deep Dive into Customer Segmentation (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Customer segmentation is the practice of segmenting customers based on common characteristics. Geographic segmentation targets customers based on a predefined location. Attitudes toward the brand, the way they use it, and their knowledge base are all examples of behavioral segmentation. Segmentation should be based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

Reasons for Today's Stress Pandemic (and Why High-Achieving Women Suffer the Most)

Consulting Matters

When society was more agriculturally based, work was divided among genders according to obvious physical differences. The physical strength of men was no longer needed to accomplish knowledge based work and so the bonafide job qualifications were leveled. It’s a jungle out there Disorder and confusion everywhere No one seems to care, well I do Hey, who’s in charge here…” Randy Newman, It’s a Jungle Out There.

How To Get The Attention Of Top Executives: The “Sidestep” Method

Tsavo Neal

Instead, they rely on a small army of advisors who provide specialized knowledge based on their qualifications, experience, and skills. Think of the issues and concerns that these influencers might have, and what knowledge they need in order to do their jobs of serving the Big Boss effectively. This post is a guest post written and submitted by Carl Friesen, founder of Thought Leadership Resources.

Top 8 Excel Blogs


A large Excel 'knowledge base' here. You wouldn't think that there would be blogs out there purely dedicated to giving you a daily dose of Excel fun. but there are. Probably more useful for the advanced users who are looking for answers to common problems - beginner's would get far too lost in the Excel geekiness here.! Andrew Engwirda is a self-proclaimed 'incurable Excel addict' so a crazy amount of blog posts here on common Excel issues.

Could Your Business Use an Advisory Board?


But if your business needs perspective, bringing in some outside professional assistance can help solve persistent problems and introduce new ideas into your company’s knowledge base. Business owners continue to debate whether organizing an advisory board -- a group of outside professional advisors -- to help run a family business is worth the time and cost. During the past several years, small/family businesses increasingly have used advisory boards, but with mixed results.

Fireside Chat – Consulting Recruiting at Target and Non-Target Universities

Tom Spencer

However, you’ll grow your knowledge base much faster than most industry jobs. There are three paths students can take to join a management consulting firm out of school: Co-op: A co-op is like an internship where you work at a company for four months during the school-year (note: number and duration of co-ops can differ based on school and program). Jason : I would like to echo what Jeff said and also note that this may differ based on geography.

How Companies Are Benefiting from “Lite” Artificial Intelligence

Harvard Business

At the less-expensive end is a knowledge-based approach that organizes data and language into highly malleable and helpful blocks of information. But companies and government agencies are starting to find plenty of places where knowledge-based tools can make a huge difference. ABIe pulls its answers from a data warehouse, where all the knowledge relating to the company’s products and processes has been organized.

Gallup Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

However unrelated to horse racing or wrangling, Gallup is an impressive firm – based on strong analytical research and insight-gathering for key clients. . SRI’s expertise plays an important role in what is now Gallup Consulting because the merger actually expanded Gallup’s knowledge base and expertise, increasing its value to worldwide corporations and other organizations. . Strengths-Based Development. Strengths-Based Selection.

How We Think About Innovation at Cisco

Harvard Business

At Cisco, we are learning to answer these questions through three initiatives designed to broaden our knowledge base by bringing multiple perspectives together: embracing diversity within our walls; reaching out across industries; and building partnerships with former (and current) competitors. We believe partnering is one of the best ways to broaden a corporation’s knowledge base. No one doubts that the future belongs to the Internet of Things.

Great Leaders are Great Learners

Peter Stark

Whatever their style, they are committed to continuously expanding their knowledge base. Having no preconceived ideas about where knowledge will come from enables these leaders to be receptive to new ideas and solutions, regardless of their source. Great listeners demonstrate a genuine interest in what the speaker has to offer, thanks him or her for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and puts the new knowledge into action as often as possible.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

Management Consulted

Named fifth-largest broad-based multidisciplined management consultancy in the U.S.; Kearney’s key specialty – sourcing and procurement – so you might be limited in your knowledge when transferring to other firms. In the other part of the interview (either before or after the case), the interviewer assesses your overall fit – based on your experience, core competencies, and potential client impact. KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE.

Did Ukraine Shoot Down Passenger Plane? They Did Once Before: SA Flight 1812 Erroneously Downed by Ukraine in 2001


To my knowledge, based on their various statements, the rebels have never admitted to shooting down anything over 2500 to 4000 meters (depending on who you listen to), nor have they boasted of that kind of capability. Moments ago a Malaysian BA 777 Passenger Jet Crashed in Ukraine. 280 passengers and 15 crew were killed. The plane was at an altitude of about 33,000 feet.

Why Managers Shouldn’t Have the Final Say in Performance Reviews

Harvard Business

Based on this understanding, the committee then determines whether to adjust individual performance ratings. The committee has this macro-level knowledge, which enables them to assess ratings across all supervisors and promote greater consistency in performance ratings. Complex knowledge-based work is notoriously difficult to measure, often forcing companies to use subjective performance evaluation. Lucidio Studio Inc/Getty Images.

Tecchies vs Business minds - managing people in different departments


So how do you manage people where you do not have the practical knowledge of their subject and the job they do? Understand the topic you are working on - To be a useful, co-operative and approachable team member in a tech focused team, don't isolate yourself from the group by seemingly having no relevant knowledge at all. They need to take bold risks and their specific talents and knowledge bases must be given autonomy for the ideas to become reality.

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About the Declining Number of Public Companies

Harvard Business

All three factors have become more common over time, which we argue stems from firms’ increasing reliance on intangible and knowledge inputs in their business models. Emerging digital firms compete with knowledge, strategy, and expert human capital, attacking even the largest established firms. westend61/Getty Images. Elon Musk recently tweeted that he intends to take Tesla private , that is, to take Tesla off U.S. stock exchanges.

10 bank fraud lessons of 2012


Out-of-band verification is counterproductive to compliance and security efforts: Knowledge-based authentication tools increase expenses, frustrate customers and don’t always stop criminals. As much as we’d like to think that remote banking is safe, the reality is threats across all customer channels still exist. If we aren’t ready for them we could find ourselves victims of these often preventable crimes.

References Should Come from a Candidate’s Coworkers, Not Just Their Boss

Harvard Business

But in today’s dynamic, knowledge-based workplace, where work is often accomplished by teams working closely together, is talking to a manager really the best way to assess a potential employee’s fit? They may be able to speak to a person’s performance, dependability, and level of knowledge about their industry, but can they accurately speak to their interpersonal work styles? Numeric data took the form of ratings on job-specific, competency-based behaviors.

How Mayo Clinic Is Simplifying Prenatal Care for Low-Risk Patients

Harvard Business

Here are its elements: Information and knowledge-based tracking system. From our initial needs assessment, we realized that for OB Nest to succeed we needed an information and knowledge-based tracking system that could pull together all health information needed to inform prenatal care into one easily accessible location. Pregnancy is not an illness. Rather, it is the ultimate expression of wellness — creating and carrying new life to fruition.

How Physicians Can Keep Up with the Knowledge Explosion in Medicine

Harvard Business

As the Institute of Medicine highlighted in a 2012 report , this gap in knowledge contributes to variation in care and suboptimal outcome. For example, Intermountain employed a team of paid clinical experts to develop such clinical-decision-support algorithms based on scientific literature and Intermountain’s own experience in order to standardize how common medical conditions (such as pneumonia) are diagnosed and treated by its physicians.

Tele-Mentoring Is Creating Global Communities of Practice in Health Care

Harvard Business

Simply put, Project ECHO is a new system for transferring specialty care knowledge to primary care providers. At the start, a team of specialists with a deep knowledge of hepatitis C gathered virtually in a conference room at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. In fact, ECHO can be used to teach any nonphysical or knowledge-based skill, using its tele-mentoring, case-based method.

3 Ways to Build a Data-Driven Team

Harvard Business

It is no doubt a sign of progress that a significant proportion of organizations and managers today appear to feel guilty when they admit that they are making big management decisions in an intuitive rather than evidence-based way. For instance, at AirBnB , employees post problems into an internal knowledge repository that allows other people to provide answers or solutions. Regardless of the expertise or knowledge base they already have, they will learn faster and better.

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Why Should Business Leaders Worry about Health and Education?

Henman Performance Executive

Benjamin Freakly, “Our nation faces critical challenges that threaten our ability to produce the healthy, highly educated and skilled workforce essential to remain competitive in a knowledge-based global economy.”. About Linda. Client List. Newsletter. Executive blog Contact Us. Why Should Business Leaders Worry about Health and Education? by Linda Henman on July 11, 2011.