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Perspectives on the future of space exploration


Five leaders from industry, academia, and business outline the realities of sending new technologies, research methodologies, and business models into orbit.

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Want a High-Performance Team? Get Clarity and Alignment First!

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Our Aligned Strategy Development methodology will take your team through all aspects of creating a strategic plan. Having a strategic planning meeting is important because it will help you generate two things among your team members: clarity and alignment.

Why zero-based budgeting makes sense again


Advanced digitization, enhanced behavioral understanding, and smarter organizational and governance models spark a renaissance for a decades-old methodology. Our Insights

Ops 4.0: Fueling the next 20 percent productivity rise with digital analytics


Thanks to innovations in digitization and analytics, four new methodologies can yield the productivity breakthroughs organizations need. Business needs to raise productivity more than ever. Our Insights

5 Shifts to Instantly Increase Your Consulting Success and Impact

Consulting Matters

It's not about delivering a methodology. You don't sell methodologies; you offer problem-solving support that transforms those problems into catalysts for growth. The cold, hard facts about the consulting profession is that most change efforts fail.

How to Confidently Articulate the Value of What You Do

Consulting Matters

What you do isn't the same as your methodologies or tools. They are not enamored by your personality assessments, your coaching approach or any other your methodologies because they don't hire you for those. Clients will come to you all the time with requests for certain methodologies.

179: Clarissa Silva—Ready To Find Love In A Whole New Way?

On the Brink Podcast

Based on an algorithm she created, this "first-ever disruptive relationship technique" helps people find their significant other, husband, wife, partner, through a methodology that really works. Learn how you can really, really find your soul mate!

The origin of assets

The Source

Puny products and mutant methodologies will be discarded, beaten in the race of commercial life by a new generation of clinically-crafted tools. It’s tempting, oh so tempting, to ascribe some type of Darwinian process to the way in which consulting firms productise their services.

Product managers for the digital world


The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies. Our Insights

There's More to Earnings than Earnings per Share


But most companies don't have a methodology or process for measuring this kind of ROI. The key is to develop a robust valuation methodology, apply it using sophisticated optimization tools, and create a comprehensive governance process to support the efforts Earnings per share is only half the equation for profits. It matters how effectively you allocate capital -- how you invest in equipment or R&D -- and the returns you get on those investments.

The Core of Your Consulting Selling Conversation

David A Fields

Talking about processes and methodologies are important, but take a back seat.

When Top-Down Change Isn’t Working, Hand the Keys to Frontline Staff


Article Thursday, June 08, 2017 The World Bank turned to agile methodologies, implemented from the bottom up, to improve operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Operations head Kyle Peters describes the challenges and successes. Article

7 Traits that Make You Instantly Credible with Senior Leaders

Consulting Matters

implementing a methodology.). You don’t need masters’ degree or unique certifications to break into corporate consulting or coaching. You also don’t need to become some marketing guru to land work with the C-Suite.

Please Hold and Listen to Horrid Music While We Pretend to Find Ms. Jones

Alan Weiss

How simple or difficult are your methodology and systems? The more complex we make things in the name of high technology, the more difficult they are to use: hotel phone systems, big screen TVs, car dashboards, cable boxes, airplane entertainment systems.

Real Male Earnings Below 1973 Level: Median Household Income Improvement Entirely Due to Rising Female Earnings


The Census Bureau report Income and Poverty in the US 2016 shows real household income in the US hit a new record high of $59,039 in 2016 thanks to a methodology change and rising incomes of women. Real, inflation adjusted, earnings of men are below where they were in 1973. more…). Economics

How Much Should I Charge for my Consulting Services?

Consulting Matters

Get clear on your pricing philosophy : Contrary to what you have heard, your price isn't determined by the market rate for your methodology or your expertise.

What is a Brand and Why Do You Need One?

Consulting Matters

Are you hiding behind your credentials and methodology? You can look at building a consulting and coaching practice in one of two ways. You can think of yourself as a freelancer who simply is always on the lookout for the next job.

How Much Should I Charge for my Consulting Services?

Consulting Matters

Get clear on your pricing philosophy : Contrary to what you have heard, your price isn't determined by the market rate for your methodology or your expertise.

Why Do Management Consulting Firms Hire MBAs?

Steve Shu Consulting

An MBA training provide consultants with some minimum common business language, culture, methodologies, and skills that they can use in the field. Prior to my current role, I spent many years in the traditional management consulting space.

Consulting and Coaching: Be Wary of Mixing the Two

Successful Independent Consulting

After that, though, the methodologies diverge. If you describe yourself as both a consultant and coach, this article is for you. There’s a lot of grey area and overlap between the two. Many self-employed professionals go to market as both.

10 Tips to Increase Your Close Rates

Consulting Matters

To deliver your full value as a consultant, you have to know how to take charge of the initial client conversations and transition the discussion from one about delivery of a specific methodology to resolving a business performance gap.

Advance Notice: Subtract 0.2 Percentage Points From GDP Report


Of course, GDP is already one of the most revised stats, but this quarter estimate may be particularly bad due to methodology changes not implemented in time. Whatever the GDP report shows Friday morning, it’s likely to be on the high side by 0.2 percentage points. more…). Economics

10 Ways To Making Money And A Difference as a Consultant & Coach (Number 2 Is My Favorite)

Consulting Matters

Not your methodologies. If you want to start or grow a profitable consulting and coaching business you need systems and processes to consistently attract, impress and convert a steady stream of ideal clients and deliver exceptional results once you land them.

Energy 170

Consultants and Coaches vs. Subcontractors

Consulting Matters

You need to take the time to go beyond your methodology to dial into your big, sexy, breakthrough idea that shifts and shapes your industry perspective in some new way.

The Little Known Strategy for Becoming an Executive Advisor

Consulting Matters

The third thing you need to do is stop selling your methodology when someone expresses interest in working with you. Almost all the consultants and coaches that I mentor want to become an executive advisor.

Want more consulting clients? Here's how to find them.

Consulting Matters

A clear consulting brand and niche is not about picking a favorite methodology and getting known for that. Do you want more consulting clients? Of course you do. Let me tell you one way that you're NOT going to get them: trying to be everything to everybody.

How To 156

A Great offsite facilitator

Consultants' Consultant

The methodologies used by a great offsite facilitator gets a clear outcome and brief from the client then runs the off-site interactively and iteratively does a needs […]. Consultants Consultant: The qualities of a great offsite facilitator are many and varied. When you are looking for a great facilitator, here’s some things you may want to take into account.

Major Challenges Facing the Consulting Industry


This is where agile methodologies come in. Unfortunately, these methodologies tend to be underestimated, as they are considered a “hard-to-sell item,” by our client, Kristian Skjellerup. Nonetheless, countless companies have already implemented the process of agile methodologies.

Scott Oldford on Email Marketing for Consultants [VIDEO]

Tsavo Neal

People get on consultations not because you’re amazing or you’re great — what they really want more than anything else is to see if you have a methodology or process that provides the “path to redemption.”

Video 78

How do you implement your marketing consistently and successfully?

The More Clients Blog

Yes, there are marketing systems and methodologies. Doing things consistently at the same time and with the same methodology really helps. It would be nice to think that there’s a secret strategy for implementing your marketing both successfully and consistently.

3 More Reasons to Hire a Consultant

Tom Spencer

Consultants can provide genuine expertise, tested methodologies, and quality resources on a variable cost basis. Proprietary ‘Toolkit’: Many consultants use methodologies to help them simplify and standardise their approach to different kinds of issues.

10 Tips to Increase Your Close Rates

Consulting Matters

To deliver your full value as a consultant, you have to know how to take charge of the initial client conversations and transition the discussion from one about delivery of a specific methodology to resolving a business performance gap.

Supplementing Your Pipeline with Consulting Agencies

Successful Independent Consulting

An agency is different than a consulting firm because agencies usually place one person at a time, and they assume consultants are bringing their own methodology and tools. Photo: ID 76303802 © Leowolfert | Dreamstime.

7 Steps to Establishing Credibility with Your Next High Paying Client

Consulting Matters

At the end of the day, the main thing that you sell to your client is not your methodologies or even your expertise. It's how do you transition the conversation from talking about methodology to business performance gaps. Hooray your marketing efforts have paid off!

It’s No Longer All About Me

Women in Consulting

Value proposition: Talent, Expertise and Methodologies to drive scale beyond the sale. Working with the same people repeatedly so that we develop consistent methodologies and strong teams. :: Scale is not safe and contained. It’s worth it, but it’s also scary. My vision is the product.

The Thought Leader Interview: Eric Ries


But Eric Ries, known for extolling the virtues of rapid-fire innovation through ideas like "minimum viable product"--a methodology for getting new products (sometimes barely functioning prototypes) into the hands of customers as early as possible--views things in a different light Most of us think of entrepreneurship as the antithesis of traditional management.