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Executives on Demand: What are part-time CEOs and why does every business need one?


For example, your SMB may handle many of your company’s finances independently and a part-time or on demand CFO could step in and assist you in your financial plans, operations, and processing, implement new solutions and strategies and help you provide for the future. What are the Benefits of using On-demand Executives?

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DMA2014: A Reality Check on Enterprise and SMB Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

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While attending the DMA2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego on Monday, I decided to apply this theory to see how both small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise companies are faring with their omnichannel marketing strategies. Are we in-line with industry best practices?

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What is the Professional Services Industry All About?


Progressus provides expert guidance and unique solutions that specifically support project-based organizations — at both the SMB and enterprise level. That said, embracing AI, and automation, and really committing to becoming a data-driven business are key when it comes to rising to new demands — regardless of size, sector, or who you serve.