The travel agent’s problem

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Not just travel agents, but all agents. And the creators are part of networks, formal and informal, that get them information faster and more efficiently than a single human often could. Information scarcity is disappearing. Forty years ago, passengers didn’t know which airline flew where and when. And forty years ago, airlines had no easy way to find out who wanted to fly somewhere. Today, of course, there’s no shortage of information or ability to connect.

How to Win with Automation (Hint: It’s Not Chasing Efficiency)

Harvard Business

In much the same way, nobody calls a travel agency to book a simple flight anymore. ” So the key to winning in the era of automation, where robots do jobs formerly performed by humans, is not simply more efficiency, but to explore and identify how greater efficiency creates demand for new jobs to be done. In 1900, 30 million people in the United States were farmers. By 1990 that number had fallen to under 3 million even as the population more than tripled.

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The Reason Air Travel Is Terrible and So Few Airlines Are Profitable

Harvard Business

Finally, they would take over the international air travel market. ” Airlines are also pursuing efficiency in ways customers don’t see so easily, such as reducing the number of short-haul flights they offer and centralizing passengers in large airports.

Five trends of future working


In its stead, there is a budding respect for a balanced and efficient individual, who takes time for personal pursuits and self-care. Companies will rely on skilled Virtual Teams to get large amounts of work done efficiently and remotely. Workplaces are sacred.

IoT Disruptions in 3 Industries and What You Can Learn From Them

Tom Spencer

The massive benefits seen in Australia from the development of digital technology include increased living standards, shrinking distances through telecommunications, improved efficiency for businesses and government, as well as a larger workforce.

15 Best Business Podcasts for Independent Consultants

Tsavo Neal

Podcasts make amazing listening material for commutes, travel, and listening for when you don’t feel like taking out a book. The show also features experts providing advice on topics such as insurance, contracts, travel, use of LinkedIn, and daily routines.

4 Ways Cloud Computing Impacts Business Success

Tom Spencer

Companies providing cloud technology services have started to capitalize on this trend by providing cost-efficient and dependable tools that enable or support communication. In her spare time, Riya always enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.

New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape (Part 2 – Blockchain)

Tom Spencer

Insurance industry observers, for their part, believe that the innovative distributed ledger could introduce a variety of improvements and efficiencies to the insurance landscape, and have the following four applications: Fraud detection.

Why we don't have nice things

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The service is efficient but friendly. The creation of worthwhile work is a duet. The creator has to do her part, but so does the customer. One of the best airport restaurants I've ever encountered breaks my first rule of airport eating.

How to avoid being blacklisted from consulting (or any other) recruiting

Tom Spencer

Talking about travel or hobbies are great ways to start a conversation and showcase your personality, but don’t drag it too long. Jason Oh is a management consultant at Novantas with expertise in scaling profitability and improving business efficiency for financial institutions.

Getting The Best Out of Your Team

Tom Spencer

This helps to set expectations and increase the team’s efficiency at completing routine tasks. For example, a simple ground rule of responding to clients within 24 hours of receiving an email can go a long way towards increasing the efficiency of the team.

Our engineering ratchet

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Quietly, over the last thirty years, engineering has become dramatically more efficient and effective. But travel back in time just a bit and you'll see that few things worked as well as they do now Insulated glass, cars that don't break down, keyboards with just the right feel to them… Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are all moving faster than ever.

7 secrets for presenting to prospects you want to turn into clients

Rod Burkert

Speaking to 1-to-many audiences like these falls between the extremes of 1-to-1 meetings and 1-to-masses social media, except it is both efficient and effective. Efficient because you could be “meeting” with anywhere from 5 to 500 people at the same time.

6 Skills for Consulting Success

Tom Spencer

It is crucial not just to know how to prioritize but also to know how to be efficient at managing your resources, which are often limited. The attributes that cannot be acquired and are mandatory for consulting are enthusiasm for the work, love for travel, and the willingness to accept long work-hours. Having a successful career in consulting requires sustained motivation.

Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent

LSA Global

The option of interviewing and hiring virtually, rather than through typical in-person interviews, is quickly becoming the new norm as recruiters and hiring managers adapt to social distancing, look to open up their talent pool, and manage travel expenses.

New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape (Part 3 – Cloud)

Tom Spencer

While any new technology brings inherent risk, cloud computing is safe and efficient when acquired through large, reliable providers. He’s also an avid traveller with passion for FinTech, marathon, and blogging.

How I used cold emailing to land an internship in Mongolia

Tom Spencer

Leading up to the summer before my senior year of college I was searching through Google for my next travel destination when a pop-up ad directed me to a website about Mongolia, the land of nomadic culture and once the largest contiguous empire founded by Genghis Khan.

Conversation with Partners in Performance

Tom Spencer

Tom: What is the firm’s travel model? Potential candidates should expect heavy travel days. WE were grateful for the recent opportunity to talk with Amanda Melo, recruitment manager at Partners in Performance.

Doing the hard things

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He books theaters and has a traveling road show. Henry Ford did the same thing with the relentless scale and efficiency he built at Ford. One model of organization is to find something that you''re good at and that''s easy and straightforward and get paid for that.

Researching Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

Below we provide some ideas to help make your research as effective and efficient as possible. What is the firm’s travel model? (Source: Flickr ). IN this post we look at researching consulting firms. Why, how and what should you research?

Future of Healthcare: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tom Spencer

However, these new tools can assist in maximizing the quality of learning, efficiency of workstreams, and proficiency of patient care. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.

Doubling a $400,000 Revenue Model With Business Trainer Blair Enns: Podcast #22

Consulting Success

People are willing to travel for expertise, but they’re not willing to travel to hire a consultant from the other side of the world or the other part of the continent if they can get the same thing down the street.

eBook 146

‘Uberization’ of consulting: A major disruption or merely hype?

Tom Spencer

UBER and Air-BNB are the companies who have perfected this model and have radically democratized the taxi and hotel industries, tapping into un-utilized excess capacities and ultimately making the economic system more efficient. The ‘UBER’ fever has caught North America.

Business Book Review: The McKinsey Way

Management Consulted

Consultants work long hours, travel a lot (especially at McKinsey due to their global staffing model), and put up with significant pressure to deliver in their jobs.

Conversation with North Highland

Tom Spencer

Tom: North Highland offers a range of solutions including Data and Analytics, Managed Services, Operating Efficiency Ratio, People and Change, Professionalising IT, Social Insights Lab and Strategy and Advisory. Tom: North Highland has a broad range of industry expertise including in Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications, Public Sector, Retail and CPG, and Transportation, Travel and Leisure.

Responsibility and the power of ‘could have’

Seth Godin Blog

Saving a customer is ten times more efficient than finding a new one. If it costs an airline $1,000 of marketing and route development to acquire a first class business traveler, it’s worth at least $10,000 in customer service to keep one. The us/them mindset of most corporate customer service is simple: When you can, get it over with. If at all possible, evade responsibility.

The Future of Management (Part 2/3)

Tom Spencer

Similar to the way you continue to switch up your workout program to strengthen a new muscle group, or travel to a new country to expand your worldview (both positive examples of change), employees and clients can largely benefit from change.

The Future of Management (Part 2/3)

Tom Spencer

Similar to the way you continue to switch up your workout program to strengthen a new muscle group, or travel to a new country to expand your worldview (both positive examples of change), employees and clients can largely benefit from change.

Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan; Self-Driving Trucks on German Autobahn; Millions of Truck and Taxi Driver Jobs will Vanish in US by 2025


The company says it will seek to offer unmanned cabs to users including travelers from overseas and locals in areas where buses and trains are not available. Daimler says autonomous trucks improve efficiency and cut carbon emissions. I predicted robot taxis and trucks by 2020.

In search of competition

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American Airlines, our worst possible domestic airline, always does best in routes where travelers don''t have a choice. This is one reason Amazon''s efficiencies are so fearsome--they prefer to start in a market with competition. Most companies (and non-profits) fear competition.

Healthcare Branding: The Need for a Strong & Unique Brand

Tom Spencer

Over the last several years we have seen hospitals invest millions of dollars in the form of advertising, expansion of services, construction and enhancement of facilities, and adoption of the latest technologies to improve efficiencies and appeal to patients.

Role of Big Data in Healthcare

Tom Spencer

His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency and Productivity. The healthcare industry generates a large amount of data.

Healthcare Paradigm Shift: Emphasis on Outpatient Care

Tom Spencer

For healthcare executives it is therefore imperative that they develop a strategy that provides convenient and cost-efficient ambulatory care to their communities. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.

Business Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

Emerson Consulting Group

Many of life’s major arenas and how we approach or practice them, such as environmentalism, writing, travel, war and peace, politics and rebellion, philosophy and introspection, are steeped within the life and legend of Henry David Thoreau. But too often the path to such a vision/mission is traveled in a backwards direction by trying too hard to be practical, reasonable or careful. By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his ongoing column in Money Inc.

The Lessons I Learned From Peter Drucker

Tom Spencer

According to my aunt, who accepted the Medal of Freedom on his behalf (because at that point he was too sick to travel), Drucker was also unbelievably embarrassed that “ management by objective ” had been used to justify the Iraq War. This is a guest post from Marguerite Arnold.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: The Perils of Printer Toner

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

In the interest of organizational efficiency, nothing may be done here without "opening a ticket." They take time.and theyre about as efficient as the DMV. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Wednesday, March 4, 2009. The Perils of Printer Toner. I am not making this up. This is an actual email chain that went around the client site today. A little background: Yesterday, there was a small crisis here at the client site.

Blockchain in Healthcare: Possibilities and Limitations

Tom Spencer

A nationwide blockchain network for electronic health records (EHR) could improve clinical efficiencies, track patient records, and enhance patient outcomes. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.