HBR: Guidelines for authors (and consultants)

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If you have ever thought (or dreamed) of writing for the Harvard Business Review, then you should read the guidelines from HBR here. Only 900 words, but well-written (no irony there) clear, and… Read More » The post HBR: Guidelines for authors (and consultants) appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Great advice from the HBR editors. As an educator, there are so many things to take away from this blurb on their website.

Consulting Bible Case Interview Guidelines

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The post Consulting Bible Case Interview Guidelines appeared first on Management Consulted Beyond our own interview experiences at McKinsey and Bain, we’ve conducted hundreds of hours of interview preparation (we served 600 clients last year alone!). Trust us, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. … Continued.

Guidelines and Sample Policy on Nonprofit Political Activity

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To explain the law and put my board at ease, I have gone through several sources to put together the following guidelines and policy for engaging in political activity. Policy and Guidelines for Political Activities [THIS ORGANIZATION] encourages all of its board, staff, volunteers, and clients to be active and informed citizens, and supports the individual capacity of all to execute their prerogatives as citizens. These guidelines cannot address every potential situation.

“Vision for Safety”: New Federal Guidelines for Self-Driving Cars


Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will announce new autonomous vehicle guidelines later today. I will update this post when the guidelines are in, but one thing we know is automakers and testers will have an easier go of things under Trump than Obama. more…). Economics

3 Guidelines to Protect Your Company from a Data Breach

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While investigators sort through just how thieves compromised about 40 million payment cards and the information about 70 million Target customers, businesses must use this latest breach as a reminder to reinforce their standards that ensure their data stays safe. As important, they must develop communications preparedness plans to alert customers of potential threats. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit www.1to1Media.com/weblog.

When Consultants Should Facilitate, Coach or Train | Consulting.

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Here are some guidelines for what roles to use and when. b) Guidelines for conducting general practices, for example, planning, evaluation, organizational change, addressing ethical dilemmas, use of capacity building approaches or developing learning plans. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies. To Subscribe to a Blog. About. Feedback.

Independent Contractor Classification

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An exploration of independent contractor tests and guidelines from the IRS, DOL, and individual states

Gaining Robotics Advantage


These guidelines will help your company capitalize on the technology and gain a sustainable edge. Article Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Robots are poised to change the global business landscape. Article

10 bank fraud lessons of 2012

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With the demise of Caller ID and ANI, banking institutions need to take proactive steps to ensure they meet new authentication guidelines to better detect and stop fraudulent transactions before they happen. Banking Fraud ANI authentication guidelines bank fraud call center fraud Caller ID customer authentication FFIEC telephone fraud telephone security TRUSTIDAs much as we’d like to think that remote banking is safe, the reality is threats across all customer channels still exist.

Should You Run A Webinar?

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Are there specific guidelines for using webinars? A consultant sent me the following question: A vendor I work with has invited me to give a four-part series of webinars. The intention, of course, is to get more clients for me and for the vendor to get sales opportunities.

How To Become An Environmental Consultant

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You might even end up writing policy guidelines for the government. source If you want to make a difference to the world’s eco problems, then why not consider a career in environmental consultancy? You could help businesses reach their green targets, test air, and soil quality.

Selling to Government: Understand the basic rules of engagement

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All public sectors have procurement guidelines in place for the myriad of services they contract. And this includes guidelines for contracting consultants. For example, if I put NSW Health procurement guidelines into the search terms, one of the first listings is NSW Health Goods and Services Procurement Policy. Public sector consultants are definitely in demand.

Natural language processing in healthcare


Finally, we lay out a case study describing how we have used NLP to accelerate benchmarking clinical guidelines. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being adopted across the healthcare industry, and some of the most exciting AI applications leverage natural language processing (NLP). Simply put, NLP is a specialized branch of AI focused on the interpretation and manipulation of human-generated spoken or written data.

How to Uncover the Root Cause of Poor Performance

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Document Operating Guidelines. The most common go-to solution for any performance gap is to throw training at it. The truth is, while training is often necessary, it is NEVER sufficient. To move the needle on performance, you have to isolate the root cause to what is getting in the way. These questions are designed to help you get to the root of individual performance problems – which may or not not require training to solve. STEP 1: UNDERSTAND PERFORMANCE GAPS.

Turning indirect sourcing into a multimillion-dollar profit center


We highlight the case for change, and offer guidelines on getting next-generation, business-backed not-for-resale sourcing. Retail is facing massively declining margins and is struggling—and losing—against e-commerce. Our Insights

Don’t bring your writing style with you

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There are proposals, issues papers, interview guides, strategies, background briefings, guidelines. There’s a lot of writing to be done as a consultant – it’s a core consulting skill. And a key deliverable of almost every project is a final report. No matter how effectively you have undertaken every other aspect of a project, if you fail to produce an excellent report, your client is going to be dissatisfied.

How Tax Reform Affects Independent Consultants

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Everyone’s situation is unique, and no general guidelines exist yet. Adobe Stock photo #182517755 by nerthuz. Everyone has questions about the sweeping tax reform that became law at the end of last year.

Getting Fit for Mergers and Acquisitions


Fit for Growth has special relevance in deals because it provides a set of guidelines that ensure the deal is being conceived and executed for the rights reason and in the right ways

UK Likely to Trigger Article 50 by Tuesday: Juncker Hopes UK Will “Re-Enter the Boat”


The EU has Prepared Brexit Guidelines. Brexit negotiations will start this month, most likely on March 14 when Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Parliament. Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Juncker is in fantasyland. Juncker Hopes the UK will Eventually ‘Re-Enter the Boat’. more…). Economics

We’re Facing Disruption, Too

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Best practices, models, guidelines are freely available, published by experts as part of their content marketing strategies, or easily accessible online via Udacity, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning or Stanford. By: Martha Olsen. :: Consultants are not immune to the forces of disruption.

What’s Your (Social Media) Policy?

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Protect yourself, your brand and your employees with a well-written set of guidelines to govern social media use. As with any legal document, it’s smart to seek legal advice when developing social media guidelines for your business. Every Company Needs One.

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To an Analog Banker in a Digital World


The guidelines in this article can help banks make the transition to a world in which their customers meet them on the Internet most of the time What happened to recorded music is about to happen to retail banks. Only a few firms are ready for the next wave of online banking.

Repair Regulations: Limiting Business Deductions

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Purpose: These guidelines shall be observed by the management and staff of the company, who are directly concerned with the accounting and management of company-owned tangible property, in relation to all transactions related to the acquisition, maintenance, sale or other final disposition of such property. The guidelines are intended to be used for the company’s financial accounting purposes.

Enabling for More Effective Interviewing of Candidates by Employees

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When interviewing candidates for a position in the organization, enable others in the organization to assist in the interviewing process by providing them some guidelines and training around effective interviewing. This is especially if you will use behavioral (or competency-based) interviewing techniques, as you will need to provide people with some background in how to [.]. Human Resource interview best practices interviewing candidates selecting candidates

Why Nonprofits Must Innovate


We’ve distilled our findings into the following seven guidelines. Article Thursday, July 07, 2016. Much has been written about how innovation drives growth and shareholder value in publicly traded companies.

What It Means to Be a Culture Champion

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Employees don’t have the necessary guidelines around what is standard or appropriate behavior. Changing entrenched routines, values and behavioral guidelines can be difficult. What Is a Culture Champion?

Getting the Deal Done Recap

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Tutta Bella has their 10 Point Pizza Guidelines and if any pizza doesn’t meet all 10 guidelines it isn’t served and is donated to food banks. On November 7, 2017 we* did our tenth annual Getting the Deal Done Breakfast Conference and had record attendance of about 180 people. Our guest speaker was Joe Fugere, founder and CEO of Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria. Joe’s topic was, “Value Based Leadership.” Here are some of the main points I picked up from Joe.

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Modern day High light of all time: Inside first a long time involving The spring fifteenth, 1912, your United kingdom high-class boat &quot, Titanic1&quot, went under inside Upper Ocean off of Newfoundland, below about three a long time immediately after dazzling the iceberg2.

The 6 Million Euro Man (or Woman): Sourcing Superior Talent

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While no system is 100% objective – having this ‘guideline’ considerably reduces the subjectivity of decision-making in the selection process. The cost of a ‘wrong hire’ can be enormous. Each time you hire a new employee you potentially spend several million Euro.

7 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

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These are mere guidelines that you can adapt to your own personality and field. When it comes to recruiting the three big criteria are: networking, application package (cover letter, resume, and transcript), and interview.

2 Ways Corporate Culture Can Be Harmful…Brought to You by United Airlines

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From the recent reports, it appears United Airlines relied too much on “policy” guidelines that were overly complicated and confusing. We know how much corporate culture matters to the success of an organization.

Your Business – It’s Revolutionary!

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And when it comes time to sell it, the common rules, guidelines and deal strategies don’t apply. While I admire the pride owners have in their businesses, there are standard ranges, policies and deal guidelines that are followed. Here’s a revolutionary insight: Your business is special. It is different than any other business there is, has been or will be. It’s better than sliced bread, smart phones and cold beer put together.

Labour Retention: How you can create ‘Sticky’ Talent

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Follow these guidelines… Explain the purpose of the meeting and thank the person for their time. Keep focused on your best people. Management consulting can be likened to a ‘fashion business’, in the sense that new ideas fall in and out of vogue all the time.

Review of “Open Leadership” Framework (Leadership and Social Technologies Book)

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Openness Covenants – This part of the book covers social media guidelines and policies.

Checklist to Terminate a Consulting Project by Carter McNamara

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Consider these guidelines. If you and your client decide to terminate the project because it was satisfactorily completed, or for a technical reason, or because of a sudden interruption, then be sure to terminate it in a way that maintains a respectful relationship. Produce a Final Project Report. Both you and your client should complete a final project report. It might describe the outcomes of the Project Evaluation, and your decisions as a result.

The 3 Secrets of a Successful Consulting Interview Suit

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Following these guidelines will let you focus on getting the job, rather than getting dressed. Everybody knows you should dress conservatively for a job interview. A straightforward interview suit is the way to go, and that goes double for a management consulting interview.

Essential Consultant Website Pages Part 4: Case Studies That Win

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For each case study you’re going to use a framework that follows these guidelines: 1. Unless your case studies show your potential clients that you’re capable of solving their problem, they are nothing but wasted space on your website.

Top Five Lessons Learned from My 16 Years as an “Interim VP Marketing”

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:: Since founding my consulting company in 2001, I’ve been serving Silicon Valley CEOs as an interim VP marketing. Usually they are running smallish companies and either haven’t yet brought a full-time VP marketing on board or they just lost their VP marketing for some reason.

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Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

Tom Spencer

Some ways to improve night-time noise include introducing practices for staff such as guidelines for night-time care, quiet voices, and procedures for resupply and equipment movement.

What Subscription Business Models Mean for Sales Teams

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Most companies set guidelines for when an account manager should take over. Such guidelines need flexibility. Guidelines must address these gray areas. CAPTION TEXT HERE/Getty Images. Across the technology industry, subscription sales models are growing in popularity. The trend is having a big impact on sales forces.

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