Rework Online Training Part 6: My Guidelines

Johanna Rothman

My Overall Guidelines for Online Training. Let me gather all of these pieces of information into the guidelines I use. My Timing Guidelines: Watch how long you ask people to sit in front of a screen. My Tools Guidelines: Your video must be on. My Guidelines.

Consulting Bible Case Interview Guidelines

Management Consulted

The post Consulting Bible Case Interview Guidelines appeared first on Management Consulted Beyond our own interview experiences at McKinsey and Bain, we’ve conducted hundreds of hours of interview preparation (we served 600 clients last year alone!). Trust us, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. … Continued.


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Back to Normal – Or a New Normal? How to Balance Local Health Guidelines and Your Team’s Needs

Clarity Consultants

If you want to keep everything in balance, here’s what you need to know about navigating local health guidelines and meeting your team’s needs. How to Balance Local Health Guidelines and Your Team’s Needs appeared first on Clarity Consultants - Training Development.

Marketing Guidelines for Professional Services Firms During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Prudent Pedal

I offer 6 simple marketing guidelines for professional services firms during the COVID-19 pandemic that will build your reputation—or at least protect it until it’s over. Follow these guidelines and you will achieve those goals.

Consulting Networking: 6 Best Practice Guidelines

Tom Spencer

Hopefully, the 6 guidelines highlighted above will help you network more smartly while avoiding some common mistakes. One of the more memorable parts of the consulting recruiting process was witnessing people attempting to network with consulting firms. What stood out was that people didn’t seem to have a commonsense understanding of networking best practices. Consequently, I witnessed some networking maneuvers that were simply bad form.

Guidelines and Sample Policy on Nonprofit Political Activity

The Nonprofit Consultant

To explain the law and put my board at ease, I have gone through several sources to put together the following guidelines and policy for engaging in political activity. Policy and Guidelines for Political Activities [THIS ORGANIZATION] encourages all of its board, staff, volunteers, and clients to be active and informed citizens, and supports the individual capacity of all to execute their prerogatives as citizens. These guidelines cannot address every potential situation.

Designing a hybrid workplace? Avoid this mistake.

Brimstone Consulting

When designing a hybrid workplace, communication guidelines are critical to creating an effective and thriving workplace. Those organizations still in the design phase have the opportunity to avoid the mistake of not creating communication guidelines. Communication Guidelines.

Tools 52

Build Better Systems to Organize Your Company’s Data

Harvard Business Review

Five guidelines to help you decide who does what. Technology and analytics Data management Digital transformation Digital Article

3 Guidelines to Protect Your Company from a Data Breach

1 to 1

While investigators sort through just how thieves compromised about 40 million payment cards and the information about 70 million Target customers, businesses must use this latest breach as a reminder to reinforce their standards that ensure their data stays safe. As important, they must develop communications preparedness plans to alert customers of potential threats. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Build Better Management Systems to Put Your Data to Work

Harvard Business Review

Five guidelines to help you decide who does what. Technology and analytics Data management Digital transformation Digital Article

3 Strategies for Developing More-Accessible Software

Harvard Business Review

Developers must avoid falling back on outdated guidelines and keep up with the shifting threshold for accessibility. Disabilities Product development Technology and analytics Diversity and inclusion Digital Article

Research: How AR Filters Impact People’s Self-Image

Harvard Business

Five guidelines to deploy augmented reality more responsibly. Psychology Technology and analytics Digital Article

“Vision for Safety”: New Federal Guidelines for Self-Driving Cars


Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will announce new autonomous vehicle guidelines later today. I will update this post when the guidelines are in, but one thing we know is automakers and testers will have an easier go of things under Trump than Obama. more…). Economics

How to Spot Your Goldilocks Consulting Opportunities

David A Fields

There are myriad guidelines you could apply to pinpoint your ideal consulting opportunity. Before Goldilocks was eaten by the three bears (or was it the three pigs?), she fussily spotted the ideal porridge, chair and bed for herself. What’s the ideal consulting opportunity for your consulting firm? For example, strategic fit, duration of project, or … Continued. The post How to Spot Your Goldilocks Consulting Opportunities appeared first on David A. Fields.

What an Effective Client-Referral Strategy Looks Like

Harvard Business

Three guidelines for marketers. Sales Sales & Marketing Digital Article

The Omicron Variant: How Companies Should Respond

Harvard Business

Guidelines to help leaders make decisions — even when we don’t have all the information. Human resource management Corporate social responsibility Covid Digital Article

Should Your Company Provide Mental Health Apps to Employees?

Harvard Business

Guidelines to help HR managers think through the decision. Personnel policies Health Technology Digital Article

When Consultants Should Facilitate, Coach or Train | Consulting.

Consulting and Organizational Management

Here are some guidelines for what roles to use and when. b) Guidelines for conducting general practices, for example, planning, evaluation, organizational change, addressing ethical dilemmas, use of capacity building approaches or developing learning plans. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies. To Subscribe to a Blog. About. Feedback.

Independent Contractor Classification

Sales Hacker

An exploration of independent contractor tests and guidelines from the IRS, DOL, and individual states

Sales 40

10 bank fraud lessons of 2012


With the demise of Caller ID and ANI, banking institutions need to take proactive steps to ensure they meet new authentication guidelines to better detect and stop fraudulent transactions before they happen. Banking Fraud ANI authentication guidelines bank fraud call center fraud Caller ID customer authentication FFIEC telephone fraud telephone security TRUSTIDAs much as we’d like to think that remote banking is safe, the reality is threats across all customer channels still exist.

How Should We Allocate Scarce Medical Resources?

Harvard Business

Three guidelines for policymakers and physicians making life-or-death decisions. Ethics Policy Health Digital Article

10 Tips to Success as an Agile Project Leader

Virtual Project Consulting

Discover 10 guidelines for becoming a successful Agile Project Leader in this video! The post 10 Tips to Success as an Agile Project Leader first appeared on Virtual Project Management Consulting. Project Management

How to lead productive online meetings

Virtual Project Consulting

Find guidelines for efficient online meetings and engaged participants. With the work from home trend the question is: "How to lead productive online meetings?" The post How to lead productive online meetings first appeared on Virtual Project Management Consulting. Project Management

You Don’t Need to Meet Every Qualification to Apply for a Job

Harvard Business

Think of qualifications as a set of guidelines, not strict requirements. Job search Career planning Digital Article

How do you successfully manage remote workers?


Providing guidelines, setting boundaries and reviewing the basics are among the most important steps to take when setting out on your project," said Scott Bal Set expectations early and often.

What are terms and conditions and why do you need them?


This is the agreement that sets the rules and guidelines that users m [removed] Reason #1: Prevent Abuses A Terms and Conditions acts as a legally binding contract between you and your users.

Managing Organisations During the COVID-19 Vortex

Virtual Project Consulting

Managing Organisations During the COVID-19 Vortex - A timely book that will give leaders the context, tools, guidelines and perseverance needed to face this crisis head-on and lead their organisations into a future beyond the Coronavirus.

Dos and Don’ts: Networking and Marketing Your Consultancy on Social Media

MBO Partners

Follow these guidelines to appropriately use social media to market and grow your business

Should You Run A Webinar?

David A Fields

Are there specific guidelines for using webinars? A consultant sent me the following question: A vendor I work with has invited me to give a four-part series of webinars. The intention, of course, is to get more clients for me and for the vendor to get sales opportunities. Here’s the answer I gave the consultant: There are two approaches to webinars in the consulting business. One is the credibility/visibility webinar.

Apply good Social Media Practices as a Project Professional

Virtual Project Consulting

Apply good Social Media Practices as a Project Professional - guidelines to navigate how you engage with colleagues on social media. The post Apply good Social Media Practices as a Project Professional first appeared on Virtual Project Consulting.

Media 52

Leadership Tip #13: For Innovation, Remove at Least One Policy or Procedure a Week

Johanna Rothman

What about guidelines? Consider removing policies and procedures and create guidelines and constraints instead. ” Trina's questions prompted the senior managers to consider those guidelines and constraints.

Gaining Robotics Advantage


These guidelines will help your company capitalize on the technology and gain a sustainable edge. Article Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Robots are poised to change the global business landscape. Article

Project Management: Do Your Executives Know What You Want from Them?

PM Alliance

Your communications with executives should identify not only which resources you want, but also a brief explanation of what those resources will enable your team to accomplish—avoid project delays, save money, comply with recently introduced regulatory guidelines, etc.

Methods to Upload Images For Russian Dating Internet site

The Source

In addition to photos, ensure that you follow the guidelines for the site and don’t upload anything also sexy. If you want to have a good impression in your Russian dating profile, it’s vital to post high-quality photos of your self.

The 5 Steps of the Consulting Engagement Cycle

Consulting Matters

” It is not an exact formula you need to follow but a guideline that helps you ensure that you can deliver excellence every time, with every client. Your marketing efforts have paid off. All of your activities on social media and doing speeches worked.

How to Assess the Value of Old Data and Its Effect on Aging

Johanna Rothman

I have guidelines for me. My Guidelines for the Value of Old Data and Its Effect on Aging. Here are my guidelines: How often do you feel you should review this old data? Up until a few months ago, my office was a disaster.

Management Rewards: Doing Work vs Creating an Environment

Johanna Rothman

Cindy also has to create guidelines and constraints for the teams. Some of her guidelines and constraints are: Make sure that what you do is auditable. Notice that Cindy doesn't create guidelines for how teams should work.

Agile 80

Flex time has increased, so has burnout

Brimstone Consulting

Leaders need to act now to establish flex time and remote work policies and guidelines. Given the speed at which the COVID-19 pandemic hit, few organizations have stopped to think strategically about remote work and flex time, create a policy, and to establish clear guidelines.

UK Likely to Trigger Article 50 by Tuesday: Juncker Hopes UK Will “Re-Enter the Boat”


The EU has Prepared Brexit Guidelines. Brexit negotiations will start this month, most likely on March 14 when Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Parliament. Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Juncker is in fantasyland. Juncker Hopes the UK will Eventually ‘Re-Enter the Boat’. more…). Economics

Feedback Loops Help When to Centralize or Decentralize Product-Based Decisions

Johanna Rothman

My Guidelines When to Choose. My guidelines: The faster you want the work done, the more you decentralize the decision(s). When I think about agile approaches to work, I think about how fast we can change and the cost of those changes.