Marvel’s Endgame or How to Be a Superhero

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Snowden Film "Citizen Four" Reveals How He Did It; Second Leaker Involved; Files on 1.2 Million People; Snowden Vindicated


Just screened tonight was the two hour film which will be released by the Weinstein Company this month. Please consider The Guardian article Citizenfour Review – Poitras'' Victorious Film Shows Snowden Vindicated. Citizenfour must have been a maddening documentary to film. The film is named for a pseudonym Snowden used with Poitras.) Once again I salute Edwards Snowden as an all-American hero. On second thought, make that an all-world hero.

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Change Doesn’t Come Through Anger and Hate

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Uncategorized Anger Edmund Burke But Emotions English-language films Ethics Facebook Film Good and evil Human behavior Rise: Blood Hunter Robert P.S. Remember United StatesThese days, the political landscape is incredibly divisive. I spent some time browsing through Facebook this past weekend and was surprised to see that more than half the posts were political in nature. And many were downright nasty, ridiculing those in the opposing political party.

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How to Get Beyond Paralysis by Analysis

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Fearlessness is About Being, Not Doing

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Uncategorized Aware Creative works Doesn energy English-language films Fearless Human Interest life energy LinkedIn Musicians social media hamster wheel SongsWhen we think about fearlessness and about fearless marketing, we think of things like courageous, bold action. We think of taking risks, doing creative things and really swinging out there. And all of that can be very inspiring. But have you noticed that it usually doesn’t last very long? For one, it can be exhausting.

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Smart people

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Smart people are everywhere in film.

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Seth's Blog: Create a vacuum, don't fill it

Seth Godin Blog

The goal of that short film or that sales letter or that invitation to a seminar shouldn't be to answer every question and completely describe what's on offer. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers. Mumbo vs. Jumbo. Death and Taxes, 2014.

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Milk? Seriously? The Perfect Response When Things Go Sour

David A Fields

Last week, an expertly trained professional gently removed the thin film of grime and buffed some new-age, uber protective coating onto my sedan. Sometimes things just go wrong. How you handle the situation as a consultant makes all the difference.

Film 310

The 7 People Every Consultant Must Have On Their Team

David A Fields

Successful, independent consultants know the same thing (about consulting, not films). Successful, independent filmmakers know one person can’t make a movie.

Film 203

How To Persuade With A Story Like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Henry DeVries

Just like Hollywood films grab you from the get go “The first thirty seconds of your presentation needs to arouse interest in your subject,” says speech coach Patricia Fripp.

Film 16

CMOs—Now Is the Time to Assess Your Digital Skills


While many of the headline speakers at Cannes hailed from the creative communities of film, TV, and, of course, advertising, much of the festival’s real action took place around the booths of tech leaders such as Google, Facebook, and Tencent. Commentary Monday, June 27, 2016.

Film 83

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Claris Consulting

Why does Tom Brady spend voluminous hours studying film of his opponents? Tom Brady studies film to find one weakness in his opponent to win the game. Why does Jeff Bezos start his senior leadership team meetings in silence?

Film 81

How I Ditched the Fear of Being Seen and Launched my REAL Business

Consulting Matters

If I were a movie director filming the story of your business, can you describe your ideal client with enough clarity so I know exactly how to cast this role? I’ll never forget the moment the Disney team turned around the performance of the Animal Kingdom theme park.

Film 249

United Breaks Noses: A Counter-Argument

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

In all three cases, "do-gooders with phones" thought the best way to deal with a situation they didn't understand was to film it and share it. We've all heard the story by now: United is cruel, because they body-shamed some little girls over their leggings.

The One Thing Most People Don’t Realize about Creativity

Billable Percentage

It was relegated to the weekend when I could escape from the daily grind of my work and channel the right-side of my brain to make cool stuff like webcomics, music, and films. For the longest time, I felt that creativity was some ethereal fairy magic.

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Writing from the pros

Consultants' Consultant

So get pro – here are some excellent tips from professional writers like Steven Pinker, Stephen King, and film and tv writers whose names you don’t know, but whose works you do […]. Consultants Consultant: If you send emails, write reports, web pages or brochures as part of your job then you are in fact a professional writer.

Film 46

Groundhog Day, Italian Style


Those who wish to understand Italian politics need only watch the American film classic “ Groundhog Day “ The movie stars Bill Murray who portray weatherman Phil Connors, an arrogant Pittsburgh TV weatherman who, during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again.

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Job Hub: Pixar Animation Studios Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

Two of its fourteen feature films – “Finding Nemo” and “Toy Story 3” – are among the 50 highest-grossing films of all time, while an impressive thirteen of the fourteen are in the 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time. Pixar, now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is an Academy Award winning film studio with world-renowned technical, creative and production capabilities in the art of computer animation.

Film 109

How many hops?

Seth Godin Blog

You make a short film. Some things, like your next job, might happen as the direct result of one meeting. Here I am, here's my resume, okay, you're hired. But most of the time, that's not the way it works. You meet someone. You do a small project. You write an article.

Film 52

The Long Lost Art of Being Discovered

The More Clients Blog

One of the most fascinating of Hollywood legends is the discovery of film actress Lana Turner at the soda fountain in Schwab’s drugstore in Hollywood, by director Mervyn Le Roy in 1936. Turner, one of the greatest Hollywood beauties, had a film career that spanned 48 years.

Film 62

Enter the orchestrator?

The Source

If we want a good example of where orchestration works brilliantly, it’s the film industry, where the full-service studios of Hollywood’s golden era, have given way to a much more fragmented environment in which the input of hundreds of highly-specialised firms is ‘orchestrated’ by a single production team. The key to success in the consulting industry, as it has been in films, is transparency. By Fiona Czerniawska. Clients want to have their cake and eat it.

Film 56

Misunderstanding quality

Seth Godin Blog

They thought that what would ensure their future was better fidelity film. And without a doubt, they delivered on the promise of ever better film stock, with all the things a professional photographer could hope for. Kodak, of course, ruled their world.

Film 54

The end of reputation

Seth Godin Blog

AI can now easily (8 seconds) change the identity of someone in a film or video. Multiple services can now scan a few hours of someone’s voice and then fake any sentence in that person’s voice. Open publishing on platforms like the Kindle means that there’s no gatekeeper to verify the source of what you read.

Film 29

France Goes After Actor Salaries; Sunday Shopping "Reform" French Style


The Wall Street Journal reports In France, Popular Actors May Pay for Change in Funding for Films. 1, the Centre National du Cinéma, the government agency that funds film production, will shun films in which the pay to the star actors exceeds a certain percentage of production costs. The limit varies depending on the budget; it is set at 5% for films costing between €8 million and €10 million. In trade negotiations, the film subsidy has been targeted by the U.S.

Film 52

Postmerger Integration Rejuvenation


Disney’s Frozen is not only the world’s most successful animation feature film ever but also the fruit of an ingenious “postmerger rejuvenation.” Perspective Thursday, June 16, 2016. An Academy award. billion in box office revenues. Millions of wide-eyed boys and girls.

Film 77

Business Lessons from How Marvel Makes Movies

Harvard Business

Research shows that several strategies drive this success; they include bringing in different types of talent while also maintaining a stable core creative team then working together to challenge the superhero action-film formula. Spencer Harrison, an associate professor at INSEAD, says that managers in any industry can learn from the success of the Marvel movie franchise.

Film 36

With the sound off or on?

Seth Godin Blog

If you watch a well-directed film with the sound turned off, you'll get a lot out of it. On the other hand, it takes practice to read a screenplay and truly understand it. It's worth remembering that we lived in tribes for millennia, long before we learned how to speak.

Film 53

Blockchain Entertainment

Tom Spencer

Firstly, the film biz has always been high tech and since the early nineties only moving in one direction when it comes to digitalization. Those who thought film stock might actually stick around were quickly disabused of that notion even before Youtube. While the global banking behemoths rush in to the blockchain space, many industry verticals beyond banking are also exploring applications for this technology.

Film 60

Looking to Drastically Reduce College Costs? Study Abroad!


My oldest son is studying film-making in one of Europe''s newest and most modern film schools, located right here in Tallinn, for 3,400 EUR total per year. By the end of his BA, he''ll be some 10,000 EUR in debt (I am paying some of his expenses), but has studied under internationally-known film-makers, has participated in several international film festivals with his own films, and has trained on cutting-edge equipment.

Film 60

Leaders vs. Leading

The show is filmed before a live audience consisting of students at a well-known film school. One of my favorite television shows is Inside the Actors Studio. It is a long-form interview show, where a famous actor or actress is interviewed for about an hour. What I like about the show is that it gets into real depth with the actor. They talk about their life story, early influences, and the technical work they did that led them to this point in their career.

Film 73

Rock Stars Start by Knocking on Doors

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In the past couple of weeks, I’ve watched two remarkable films: A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bohemian Rhapsody about Freddy Mercury and Queen. There’s always a lot to learn about success from rock stars. The most successful ones put in a huge amount of time and hard work to get to the top. In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Lady Gaga spoke about her early days: “I knew I had something to say and I knew I wanted to say it.

Film 58

7 Ways Your Website Can Transform Your Life

Consulting Matters

It is hard to film videos if you have never done so before, or to ask for testimonials. Congratulations! You have taken an important first step towards professional success. Having a world-class website that serves as the center of gravity for your marketing efforts is essential. I am certain that you are expecting a number of results in return for your investment. You want to attract and retain customers/clients.

Film 147

What Marketing Strategy Is the Best for You?

The More Clients Blog

He does live workshops and films everything. If you pick the right marketing strategy, you’ll be like that little guy in the middle of my diagram above. Winning! Fist pumps! The problem with marketing today is that there are way too many options and it’s much too confusing.

Why Marvel Insider is all About the Data

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Given that Marvel fans are willing to camp out just to be first in line for the latest film or comic book release, offering a loyalty program appears to be unnecessary. . Marvel Entertainment, the company that's home to characters like Captain America and the Hulk, launched its new loyalty program, Marvel Insider , at San Diego's Comic Con this week.

Film 25

Drip, drip, drip

Seth Godin Blog

Scott and his team made a film and built a site. You can skip the film if you're busy, but don't skip the box at the bottom of the page. Who do you subscribe to? And who subscribes to you? Those simple questions determine what you know and what you learn.

Film 50

Why Marvel Insider is all About the Data

1 to 1

And with several films set to be released over the next few years as well as a new theme park, brand awareness is not a challenge. Powered by CrowdTwist, Marvel Insider lets fans earn swag for engaging with the brand on social media platforms, watching trailers for upcoming Marvel films and TV shows, and taking surveys. But even a brand that's as well-known as Marvel needs to make its brand stickier with data insights.

Film 20

Driverless technology: a soon-to-be reality?

Tom Spencer

Flash forward over 30 years, much of the tech that the film predicted has come true. Back in 1985 when Back to the Future II was first released, we all thought hoverboards and flying cars would be our future.

Film 118