Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

Harvard Business

McKinsey and Bloomberg New Energy Finance have estimated that in 50 metropolitan areas worldwide, a rapid transition to advanced mobility systems could yield $600 billion in societal benefits through 2030. Research has shown , for example, that the more people use shared private transportation like ride-hailing apps, the more likely they are to also use public transit. Transportation Government Digital Article

4 Things That Are Required Right Now

The Fearless Marketer

Shopping, entertainment, news, restaurants, and transportation have all been turned upside down. Uncategorized Amazon Business Finance Goin re Robert Simon Sinek Starbucks statistician transportation Uber

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Indonesia’s Traveloka finds strength in local markets amid the pandemic

McKinsey & Company

Traveloka president Henry Hendrawan discusses how the online travel unicorn has rebounded by helping travelers in Southeast Asia find—and finance—fun close to home. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure

Ukraine Government Breaks Up: Prime Minister Resigns Over "Vital Laws on Energy and Army Financing"; Follow the Money


Issues concern unpaid soldiers, pro-Russian MPs, and various oil schemes to finance the war. Mr Yatseniuk rebuked the existing parliament for putting Ukraine’s future at risk and betraying the ideals of the protests that toppled Mr Yanukovich in February, by failing to pass vital laws on energy and army financing. Vital Laws on Energy and Army Financing Inquiring minds may be asking " What Might Those Vital Laws Be?

Between ROIC and a hard place: The puzzle of airline economics


At a recent symposium of the International Air Transport Association, McKinsey’s Alex Dichter delved into airlines’ tangled finances. Our Insights

Hard Questions on Our Transition to Driverless Cars

Harvard Business

Given how central automotive transportation is to our cities, commerce, and daily lives, saying that AI will change life as we know it is no understatement. This distinction is important because the driver is typically the most expensive part of a transport business, be it taxi services, last-mile logistics, or long-haul trucking. Transportation. How can we finance fleets through leasing and/or mobility securitization?

To Understand the Future of Tesla, Look to the History of GM

Harvard Business

Sloan kept the corporate staff small and focused on policy making, corporate finance, and planning. But in 1904, after his first time seeing a car in Flint, Michigan, he was one of the first to see that the future was going to be in a radically new form of transportation powered by internal combustion engines. In the spring of 1920 the company had to go to the banks and get an $80 million loan (about a billion dollars in 2018) to finance operations. HBR Staff.

Pre-Existing Knowledge

For example, if you’re talking to a seasoned finance professional, you can use terms like “EBITDA“ and “valuation multiples” and they’ll understand them. If you’re trying to explain your startup to an investor, you’d say, “you know how Uber is personal transportation on demand?

Hedge Fund, Meet Highway


This unlikely partnership is changing the way the world finances its cities, power systems, and transportation links Since the financial crisis, asset management companies -- including some private equity firms and hedge funds -- have become the backers of choice for huge, multiyear infrastructure projects.

The Fastest-Growing Cause for Shareholders Is Sustainability

Harvard Business

For instance, managing environmental impact is a very important element of business strategy for firms in the fossil fuel or transportation industries. Financial markets Finance & Accounting Social responsibility Sustainability Digital ArticlePaul Garbett for HBR. Ask someone to name the demands that activist hedge funds make of companies and they’ll likely list corporate governance issues like board changes and executive compensation, or perhaps some form of restructuring.

The Questions Executives Should Ask About 3D Printing

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Leaders of corporate strategic development need to analyze all of these considerations and be prepared for disruption to ripple through many functions — not just product development and manufacturing, but also finance, tax, legal, human resources, and IT. This is expected as the costs of manufacturing, transportation and other inputs decline.) Finance & Accounting Technology Digital ArticleMost hearing aids in the U.S. are now custom-made on 3D printers. The U.S.

10 Flaws with Mainstream Economics

Tom Spencer

Corporate finance academics argue that firms should act to maximise shareholder value, since shareholders are the owners of the firm. This could create national security risks, and may overlook other important costs such as transportation costs, shortage costs, and pollution.

Record Number of French Corporate Bankruptcies; Socialist Theory vs. Practice; What Went Wrong?


Mory Ducros, Largest Bankruptcy in France for a Year With 5,200 jobs at stake, the bankruptcy of transport company Mory Ducros is in social terms the heaviest recorded bankruptcy this year. Ayrault Wants to "Save as Many Transport Jobs" as Possible Transport company Mory Ducros, which employs 5,200 people in France, announced during a special Works Council (EWC) on Friday its request for receivership with the Commercial Court of Pontoise and the appointment of a temporary administrator.

Death Spiral for Car Ownership? End of Fuel-Powered Cars by 2024?


Seba said the world is on the cusp of one of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruptions of transportation in history. “By The report, co-authored by James Arbib, estimates that the costs at the moment of disruption when transport as a service is available will be: Driving a paid-off fuel car: 34 cents per mile. Using transport as a service: 16 cents per mile. Transport-As-A-Service will use only electric vehicles and will upend two trillion-dollar industries.

Congratulations to Illinois: Most Government Bodies, Most Convicted Governors, Lowest Credit Rating


It is also quite common to have additional layers of government such as libraries, park districts, forest preserves, fire protection, sanitation, transportation and even mosquito abatement districts. Local government is primarily financed through local property taxes, and Illinois’ high number of governments contributes to the state having the second-highest property tax rates in the nation. Illinois tries harder.

Coronavirus: Analysis, Conclusions & Takeaways

If borders close and quarantines are imposed, trucks, truck drivers, and the goods they carry don’t get transported. Several prominent individuals in the venture capital, startup, and finance communities did the same thing.

Blockchain as Monetized Infrastructure

Tom Spencer

They got their start as experts in decentralized energy and transportation. She is also an author, journalist and has just obtained her EMBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. For those struggling to understand blockchain, think of it this way. It will be the digital connection between people as well as between machines – starting with your cell phone. It will be used to tell your washing machine when to run.

Seabury Group Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Then, underneath three of these sub-subsidiaries are, you guessed it, more subsidiaries, such as Seabury Airline Planning Group LLC and Seabury Maritime Corporate Finance LLC. Those of us who thought that aviation, aerospace & defence and transportation were already pretty niche just got taught a lesson – subcategories to subcategories and back again. Transportation. SEABURY GROUP CONSULTING. Welcome back to our Firm Profiles.

Accenture Careers

The Products Operating Group concentrates on Air Freight & Travel Service, Automotive, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure & Transportation Services, Life Sciences, and Retail. Finance and Performance Management. For More information on Finance and Performance Management go here: [link]. Accenture careers are like Accenture itself - the very best there is in the world of consulting.

How to Succeed in the New Age of Interviews

Tom Spencer

The last stage involves being transported to the company headquarters to have face to face interviews. Dean Franklet is a third year economics and finance student at the University of Canterbury where he is President of the largest commerce society on campus. The process of securing an internship at an investment bank is both a daunting and strenuous endeavour.

Job Hub: Uber Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

Operational worldwide, Uber offers its transportation network services in 58 countries and over 300 cities. Uber allows anyone with a smartphone and a credit card access to transportation in their city, and offers almost anyone with a car the opportunity to drive and make money. 28% of Management Consultants Pursue Finance. Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at Uber.

The Uncertainty Arbitrage

While uncertainty is self-explanatory, if you're not from a finance background, the concept of arbitrage may be new to you. Now let's further say that the cost of transporting 100 oranges from Los Angeles to San Francisco is $50. There is a simple principle the underlies the relationship between client and consulting firm. It is something I call the uncertainty arbitrage.

Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?

Harvard Business

The traditional economy provides us with most of the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, clothing, transportation, and energy. If that displaced 20% of the 250 million cars Americans own, consumers would save $150 billion, $3,000 for every car displaced, and 1 million jobs would disappear in the automotive related industries — manufacturing, insurance, finance, etc. Technology Transportation Labor Automotive Digital Article

Oliver Wyman interview preparation: the inside story

Management Consulted

Surface Transportation. And, of course, their claim to fame, Financial Services , is broken down into even more practices including: Finance and Risk. Corporate and Finance and Advisory. Corporate Finance and Restructuring - supports investment decision making through restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, structured finance, project finance, and post-merger integration. Does Oliver Wyman really offer a “different kind of consulting”?

Oliver Wyman Careers

Manufacturing, Transportation, and Energy. Corporate finance advisory. Interest in Oliver Wyman careers has grown as the firm is one of the fastest-growing consultancies within the top ten. Smaller firms have an easier time being fast-growing; so the top ten distinction is critical here.) Currently Oliver Wyman has 60 offices in 27 countries with 4,500 employees. Below you'll find an overview of noteworthy features associated with Oliver Wyman careers. Company Structure.

Brexit & The Future of Startups In Europe

Tom Spencer

In Frankfurt, there is a steadier (and much cheaper) platform for innovation in the form of cheap rent, transportation and an overall standard of living. Marguerite Arnold is an entrepreneur, author and third semester EMBA candidate at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. This is a guest post from Marguerite Arnold. Since 1972, Britain has been part of the European continent. I remember the opening very well. I was a kid, living in London.

The Brattle Group Interviews and Culture

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The Brattle Group is now considered one of the European Union’s top consulting firms in the areas of energy, finance and competition. In 2013, the New York office was established, providing a home base in one the most important finance and legal markets in the world. Each of these leaders hold advanced degrees in economics, engineering, finance, management from top universities around the world. Regulatory finance. THE BRATTLE GROUP.

Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel a Friend of Taxpayers or Businesses? Or is Chicago Like France?


Unfortunately, his proposal is anything but friendly to these “transportation network” services, and would force them to either severely change the way they operate or leave the city entirely. Ride-share companies can’t own vehicles – or help drivers buy them One provision of the ordinance says that the operator of a ride-share service cannot “own, provide financing for the obtaining, leasing, or ownership of, or have a beneficial interest in transportation network vehicles.”

Business Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

Emerson Consulting Group

Transportation: $1.40. which transforms business consultants, CEOs, attorneys, finance experts and other business leaders and their companies into published “thought leaders.” By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his ongoing column in Money Inc. Many of life’s major arenas and how we approach or practice them, such as environmentalism, writing, travel, war and peace, politics and rebellion, philosophy and introspection, are steeped within the life and legend of Henry David Thoreau.

The Rise of FinTech in Supply Chains

Harvard Business

Multinational corporations such as Apple, Colgate, Dell, P&G, Kellogg’s, and Siemens are using these “FinTech” companies to tap previously inaccessible capital in their supply chains to help finance growth in new and emerging markets, develop and support new products, strengthen their financial positions, and increase the capital available to the whole supplier ecosystem. This is similar to the way third-party logistics companies (3PLs) arrange transportation.

Who's Winning the War in Ukraine? Answer May Shock You!


Starting from that scorecard, please consider my post on Thursday Ukraine Government Breaks Up: Prime Minister Resigns Over "Vital Laws on Energy and Army Financing"; Follow the Money Synopsis: The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk resigned and that will lead to early elections in which pro-Russian MPs will be removed from parliament. Here''s the question, not of the day, but of the month: Who''s Winning the War in Ukraine? That may sound like a simple question, but it isn''t.

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Top 10 Consulting Firms In New York

Management Consulted

Some of the major practice areas that the NYC region focuses on are corporate development, corporate finance, digital economy, globalization, growth, information technology, marketing & sales operations, people and organization, post merger integration, risk management, strategy, sustainability, and transformation. This week, we bring you the Top 10 Consulting firms in New York – the power center of the world. How do we know New Yorkers think the universe revolves around them?

Venezuela Strengthens Currency Controls in Impossible Mission to Stop Capital Flight; Airlines Collapse; End of the Line


billion last year to finance travel, airlines and remittances, 19 percent more than in 2012, according to Ramirez. billion in bolivars trapped in Venezuela that they can’t expatriate because of exchange controls, according to the International Air Transport Association. In an effort to get money out of Venezuela, airline ticket sales had been booked solid for months.

BearingPoint Interview Preparation – Mystery or History?

Management Consulted

Finance. Air Transport. Rail Transport. BearingPoint Interview and Culture. BearingPoint started at the height of the consulting boom years in the late 1990s, and was a part of KPMG’s worldwide consulting practice. However, after the ENRON scandal erupted, SOX restructured the consulting industry, and BearingPoint battled to find its own way in the world, the firm struggled with its independence from its Big 4 parent.

FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

FTI Consulting has 5 areas of expertise, but excels in Forensic & Litigation Consulting and Corporate Finance/Restructuring. Corporate Finance/Restructuring. Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT) Transportation. Honored by Finance Monthly as Turnaround & Restructuring Firm of the Year, Singapore. FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

Management Consulted

Finance Risk. Travel and Transportation. Areas like finance, accounting, communications, HR and marketing. IBM Global Business Services (GBS). The history of IBM GBS is one of our very favorite business stories of all time, and one that reminds us that even the most enormous, boring and troubled companies can re-invent themselves.

NERA Economic Consulting Interviews – Moving Up in a Down Economy

Management Consulted

The firm advises government divisions, law firms, and major global corporations on governmental regulation (like anti-trust rulings), public policy implications, public, competitive forces, and private financing. Finance: Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection in Financial Services, Financial Institutions and Banking, Financial Risk Management. . They usually want to see that you have relevant coursework and experience in areas like economics, stats, accounting, and finance.