Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

If you work in the transportation and/or travel industry, this should scare the crap out of you too – otherwise, we’re all screwed. If you want a better idea of what I’m talking about, watch the following short video by NBC New York : Dear transportation industry, WAKE UP!!! The post Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable appeared first on Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker.

Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

Harvard Business

Research has shown , for example, that the more people use shared private transportation like ride-hailing apps, the more likely they are to also use public transit. This approach has merit, given how difficult it is to predict the behaviors of traditional transport businesses, advanced mobility services, and city residents. Cities can also explore opportunities to improve transportation access and ensure that all of their inhabitants benefit from advances in mobility.


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Driverless Trains: Why Does Chicago (US in General) Lag London (Europe Europe in General)?


Driverless trains are about to make a big impact in London. The Telegraph reports New 'Driverless' Tube trains unveiled by TFL. The trains are fully automated, but will initially be manned. By the mid-2020s the trains will be totally driverless. Driverless Train Video Link if video does not play: London's Driverless Tube Trains. Please consider A Rare Non-Tragic Chance to Revisit the Idea of Driverless Trains.

4 Things That Are Required Right Now

The Fearless Marketer

Shopping, entertainment, news, restaurants, and transportation have all been turned upside down. The obvious example is delivering all your consulting, coaching, and training virtually.

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Denmark "Temporarily" Tightens Border Controls; Trains Cancelled; Cascade of Border Controls Grows; Understanding the Problems


Fences, train checks, walls, payoffs to Turkey, pressure on Greece, are among the methods. Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Danish prime minister, said the decision was prompted by Sweden’s move hours earlier to introduce identity checks for all passengers arriving by train, bus or ferry from Denmark. Hans Christian Schmidt, Denmark’s transport minister, said: “It is sad that Swedes have run a failed immigration policy which now means that they are forced to do this.

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The Fearless Marketer

And you answer, “I’d like to buy some transportation.”. Well, yes, you want transportation, but the salesperson can’t actually sell you that, it’s only a concept. I know, this sounds stupid, nobody would try to buy ‘transportation.’. But every day, independent professionals are trying to sell concepts that are just as abstract as transportation. Is this a one-day training or a six-month initiative? What are you actually selling?

Hard Questions on Our Transition to Driverless Cars

Harvard Business

Given how central automotive transportation is to our cities, commerce, and daily lives, saying that AI will change life as we know it is no understatement. This distinction is important because the driver is typically the most expensive part of a transport business, be it taxi services, last-mile logistics, or long-haul trucking. Transportation. Economics & Society Supply chain Transportation Digital ArticleArtificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the automobile.

How Volvo Reinvented Itself Through Hiring

Harvard Business

Training was also essential: Jacoby and Sällström implemented a range of initiatives designed to shift the staff into a more entrepreneurial mindset, and each of the 300 key leaders was given a personal coach. Change management Talent management Transportation Digital ArticleGerald Lord/Getty Images. Many legacy companies would like to transform themselves into agile, talent-first organizations.

The Tragic Crash of Flight AF447 Shows the Unlikely but Catastrophic Consequences of Automation

Harvard Business

How could a well-trained crew flying a modern airliner so abruptly lose control of their aircraft during a routine flight? Pilots undergo intense training, with regular assessments, drills, and simulations, yet loss of control remains a source of concern. Transportation Technology Risk management Aerospace & Defense Digital ArticleThe tragic crash of Air France 447 (AF447) in 2009 sent shock waves around the world.

Why the Future of E-Commerce Depends on Better Roads

Harvard Business

The second is that money spent on transportation is too often squandered on megaprojects that have great ribbon-cutting moments but don’t “fix” traffic because they are based on myth and obsolete thinking. Spending to maintain the transportation system we have would seem to be an essential part of any strategy to keep traffic from getting worse. Down the line, automation will allow buses to operate like virtually linked trains at a fraction of the cost of rail.

Of Course People Aren’t Going to Do What They’re Told

Markovitz Consulting

Jonathan Jasper, manager of cabin safety at the International Air Transport Association, said “We were surprised when we saw the pictures [of passengers incorrectly putting on the masks].” With no kinesthetic training to support the flight attendant’s instruction, it’s highly unlikely that people will do it properly. In fact, I just found that the National Aerospace Training And Research Center is looking for volunteers to test this new design for an oxygen mask this week

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Lessons from Detroit: Three Reasons Why Your employees Resists Lean

Markovitz Consulting

Extra skills training, overtime pay, early morning or late night transportation to and from work, etc. In 2014, The Greening of Detroit (TGD), an environmental non-profit, was pushing hard to reforest the city after years of neglect. To their surprise, the tree planters faced stiff resistance—about 25% of the 7,500 homeowners they approached rejected the opportunity to have a free tree planted in front of their houses.

Coronavirus: Who Gets a Hospital Bed?

Much of my training is in mass casualty incidents. This could result from a shortage of personnel, equipment, medications, or access to transportation to higher levels of care (e.g., When I trained to make these decisions in the field, I had a really hard time with it.

An Approach for Professional Strengths Communicators

Leadership Vision Consulting

This is part of a talk Brian gave to a group of Strengths Communicators we trained at Singapore American School. At that time, Seattle was the last stop, the center for transportation and supplies for those pioneers and explorers. I speak on behalf of the LVC team, the SAS administrators and leadership team… Congratulations, we are proud of you all for completing the requirements of this Strengths Communicator training. Our Work Strengths Practicioners Training

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Lessons from Detroit: Three (More) Reasons Why Your Lean Efforts Fail

Markovitz Consulting

Extra skills training, overtime pay, early morning or late night transportation to and from work, etc. In 2014, The Greening of Detroit (TGD), an environmental non-profit, was pushing hard to reforest the city after years of neglect. To their surprise, the tree planters faced stiff resistance—about 25% of the 7,500 homeowners they approached rejected the opportunity to have a free tree planted in front of their houses.

Coronavirus: Analysis, Conclusions & Takeaways

If borders close and quarantines are imposed, trucks, truck drivers, and the goods they carry don’t get transported. When I’m not teaching about case interviews and working with clients, I volunteer and train as an emergency medical responder.

Five Reasons Why You Don't See Lean in the Office (Much)

Markovitz Consulting

It’s not laboriously transported across the factory floor; it’s emailed back and forth (and usually as an infuriating Reply All). Using the fitness metaphor from my book, Building the Fit Organization , you can spend your day in the gym doing squats for your legs, but if you don’t train your heart, you’re not going to get very fit—and you might be headed for a coronary. You have to train all of it, not just one area.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in the Middle East

Management Consulted

Bain’s major industries of importance in the Middle East include Airlines & Transportation, Media, Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail, Private Equity, Social & Public Sector, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities and Alternative energy (the oil will run out one day!). Dubai is one of the firm’s newest offices, and for good reason – the city is a hot spot for tourism, real estate investment, trade, transportation, and financial services.

Boutique vs Large Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

During the recruiting process, I was surprised that I had to answer interview questions on the retail and transportation industries! However, boutique firms lack formal training programs – the culture is more of a sink or swim model.

Sanctions on Russia Bite Europe, China the Beneficiary


The company lost Russia''s biggest shipbuilder as a client when the United States and the European Union blacklisted United Shipbuilding Corporation in July, meaning Barco could no longer sell screens to the company for its vessel training simulators. EU exports of machinery and transport equipment such as cars and tractors fell 23 percent compared to July. Machinery and transport exports fell 21 percent from a year ago.

COVID-19 Economic Recovery & Metrics

When I did my basic life support medical training, I learned how to take baseline vital signs, memorized what ranges were considered normal, and learned how to interpret specific patterns of deviations from the norm. When I work with a new CEO client, I do two things.

Top speed is overrated

Seth Godin Blog

And yet, it’s not unusual for a 90-mile ride on the Acela to be only three or four minutes shorter than it would be on a more traditional train. Even though a plane has been engineered to have a much higher top speed, the door to door costs of travel (security theatre, parking, checking in, the rest of the last mile once I land) aren’t impacted at all by the top speed of the chosen form of transport. The Amtrak Acela is capable of going well over a hundred miles an hour.

Public health

Seth Godin Blog

Nutrition, access to healthcare and the safety of transport are easy to take for granted. First, it’s cheaper and more reliable for a few trained engineers to test and maintain the water etc.

Is AI the Solution for the Banking Sector? (Part 2: Solution)

Tom Spencer

The company subsequently evolved to address a broader range of problems, including the high cost of owning a family car, by offering a cheap transportation alternative and introducing new solutions such as the meal delivery service “ UberEats ”. Starting with a focused service, transporting people from A to B, the solutions offered became broader over time. To achieve flywheel momentum, large volumes of data are currently required in order to train the AI system.

Seabury Group Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Those of us who thought that aviation, aerospace & defence and transportation were already pretty niche just got taught a lesson – subcategories to subcategories and back again. Transportation. If you’re really passionate about aviation and transportation, and you just know you will work in this field for a long time, jump right in to Seabury Group. Most new hires are actually ex-consultants from other top firms, so they come ready and trained.

New Problem, Old Tracks


The San Francisco Bay Area Region Transportation system (BART) has a major problem: aging tracks that border on unsafe. The problem has produced derailments, a drop in train speed in several trouble spots, and a repair schedule that will close the tracks in Oakland over an estimated 11 weekends. The San Francisco Chronicle details the problem in BART has New Problem: Old Tracks. The nearly half-century-old system needs to replace its worn steel rails and cross ties.

Management Consulted Goes to London (and Beyond)

Management Consulted

As if traveling across the ocean on the plane wasn’t enough, we felt it necessary to use as many forms of transportation as necessary…so we took a train up to Durham University. The Durham University students were interested in the difference between consulting in the US and the UK, and the band of new brothers and sisters walked us nearly all the way back to the train station.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Robots, Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy 5.1 Million Jobs by 2020


Moreover, it is now possible to create cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats that are completely or partly autonomous, which could revolutionize transportation, if regulations allow, as early as 2020. That paragraph was under the category "Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Transport" given a disruptive weighting of 9%. Advanced robotics and Autonomous Transport 9% 2018-2020 Robots more practical than humans in manufacturing and service jobs.

Study Says by 2030 1/4th of Miles Driven will be Driverless


A convergence of three trends – Ride Sharing, Autonomous Driving, and Vehicle Electrification—will offer big-city dwellers cheap, convenient transportation, transforming the automotive industry, says a report by the Boston Consulting group. The economics of shared autonomous electric vehicles makes them competitive with public transportation for short trips—and more convenient (no schedules, door-to-door service). I did that train trip for years, between those exact locations.

Uber Thrives: Why?


In the three months ended in June, Uber overtook taxis as the most expensed form of ground transportation, according to expense management system provider Certify. Uber accounted for 55 percent of ground transportation receipts compared with taxis at 43 percent. Drivers Not Wanted The need for taxi driver, limo drivers, bus drivers, train drivers, and long-haul truck drivers will nearly vanish within 10 years.

Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan; Self-Driving Trucks on German Autobahn; Millions of Truck and Taxi Driver Jobs will Vanish in US by 2025


is aiming to commercialize its driverless transportation service by 2020. The company says it will seek to offer unmanned cabs to users including travelers from overseas and locals in areas where buses and trains are not available. This technology can be fitted into regular production trucks and is a huge step towards fully autonomous transportation. I predicted robot taxis and trucks by 2020.

Abt Associates Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

It was a good first 5 years for Abt, and things carried on in much the same way as they started a job corps at the company headquarters, providing single mothers working at their day center with training in childcare, social work and computer programming. However, if you will likely be interested in doing work in the public or non-profit sector, Abt is one of the best firms available in which to train and apply your skills. ABT ASSOCIATES.

Merkel-Enhanced Migration Problem: Million Refugees Hit Europe, 80% Through Greece by Boat; Turkish Mafia, Banks Pave the Way


They cannot move freely, their transportation is done through private cars which take them from their houses and leave them on starting points. So, migrants and refugees have been transported by Osman in areas at the Turkish side, located across Lesvos and Chios, through buses carried by trucks for roadside assistance. Through school buses during the hours that are not being used for the transportation of the kids. They transport people only in plastic boats.

How to Create Breakthrough Success without Burnout: Interview with Rachelle Stone

Consulting Matters

I was probably I’m going to say a good four months into the program because we had started digging into – we had already gone through – I went through several attempts at defining my ideal client, and when I let it go and allowed myself to write freely without thought it was the meeting planner, it was the event planner, it was the transportation company owner, it was the food store company trying to launch and break into the market. Interview with Rachelle Stone.

Brexit & The Future of Startups In Europe

Tom Spencer

The British train system uses German trains. In Frankfurt, there is a steadier (and much cheaper) platform for innovation in the form of cheap rent, transportation and an overall standard of living. This is a guest post from Marguerite Arnold. Since 1972, Britain has been part of the European continent. I remember the opening very well. I was a kid, living in London. The new openness meant we could afford oranges from Spain.

The Fight of The Two R’s: Robots v Redundancy

Tom Spencer

Here are 5 areas to watch: Transportation: Self-driving technology is already being deployed , albeit on a small scale. Health care: Not only is AI making it possible for people to use personal health monitoring devices and gain real time access to electronic health records but AI is also augmenting the skills and expertise of trained medical doctors by providing health data and insights in a range of areas including oncology and medical imaging.

What GM’S Layoffs Reveal About the Digitalization of the Auto Industry

Harvard Business

Likewise, we should be increasing our investments in education and workforce training (and re-training), with a focus on digital skills. ” Labor Technology Manufacturing Transportation Digital ArticlePrapass Pulsub/Getty Images. News that General Motors plans to cut up to 14,800 jobs in the U.S. and Canada was initially reported as a conventional business-cycle adjustment — a “trimming of the sails.”