What if a Prospect Wants More References?

David A Fields

A question I was asked… My prospect called after checking my references and now wants more references that were more relevant to his business. I gave him four top references and I don’t feel that I need to give him more, what should I say?…

Breakage vs. references

Seth Godin Blog

Years ago, I asked fabled direct marketer Joe Sugarman about the money-back guarantee he offered on the stuff he sold through magazine ads. He said 10% of the people who bought asked for their money back.

References available upon request

Seth Godin Blog

Of course your references are available upon request.   If your references are amazing, don''t offer them on request, include them. If they''re not stellar, do better work and get some stellar references.  (and other things to leave off your resume).

The Right Way to Check Someone’s References

Harvard Business

You think you’ve found the right candidate to fill your open position and now it’s time to check references. Checking references is often seen as one small piece of the hiring protocol—the final motion to go through before you extend a formal offer to a candidate.

References Should Come from a Candidate’s Coworkers, Not Just Their Boss

Harvard Business

One of the most common ways to reference check a job candidate is to talk with their former managers over the phone. The same can’t be said for reference checking, and until now, there has been no systematic research on the differences between feedback provided by managers vs. coworkers. We examined feedback from a total of 20,000 references, who provided both numeric and narrative data on one of 5,000 job candidates.

The 20 Most Common Things That Come Up During Reference Checks

Harvard Business

Along with job applications, resumes, and interviews, a reference check is one of the most common parts of the hiring process. In fact, we don’t know much about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to reference checks.

If You Fire Someone for Sexual Harassment, What Do You Say If You’re Called for a Reference?

Harvard Business

Nonetheless, that official received “ very positive references ” and went on to a top job at another nonprofit, Save the Children. Does a former employer have any duty to disclose allegations of sexual misconduct to a reference checker? But once an employer agrees to give a reference, it could be liable for offering misleading information. Many states even have laws that give employers immunity from suit for job references.

Consultant Ninja: Classic Consulting Quotes: Management.

Consultant Ninja

I think I have a pretty solid idea of the "type" of chart that he is referring to. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja. Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Wednesday, September 30, 2009. Classic Consulting Quotes. Job manager, upon seeing a slide I made: "Are you color blind, by the way?" True story. Posted by Consultant Ninja. at 9:32 PM.

A First Set of Questions to Ask Your Potential Client | Consulting and.

Consulting and Organizational Management

The initial phase has been referred to by a variety of names, for example, Start-Up and/or Entry. NOTE: The client might refer to the need for the project as an “issue,” if there is a current, major problem, or as a “goal,” if the project is to make good things even better. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies.

Global Energy Perspective 2019


The Global Energy Perspective Reference Case provides our view on how the energy transition will unfold. Oil & Gas Insights

Business Lessons from the Cardinals - Henman Performance

Henman Performance Executive Blog

It referred, of course, to the fact that both the Cardinal’s manager, Tony La Russa, and home-town favorite, three-time NL MVP Albert Pujols left the team after winning the 2011 World Series. About Linda. Client List. Newsletter. Executive blog Contact Us. Business Lessons from the Cardinals. by Linda Henman on October 19, 2012. This week the St. Louis newspaper ran the headline, “No Tony, No Albert, No Problem.”

If Your Goal is Comfort, Success Won't Be Your Results

Henman Performance Executive Blog

Since referrals are the coinage of my realm, I recently asked an executive coaching client, Greg, the CFO of a large company, to refer me to another executive in his organization. About Linda. Client List. Newsletter. Executive blog Contact Us. If Your Goal is Comfort, Success Won’t Be Your Results. by Linda Henman on September 6, 2011.

Tears in the Rain: From Architecture to Marketecture?

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

You can find me on Twitter, too, as @No_EPO , a reference no one seems to get. I've been a little quiet lately because I've shifted my focus a bit. New firm, new focus. AKA different day, same old s**t.

5 Simple Steps to Win More Consulting Projects (Make Sales Easier)

Consulting Success

People often refer to it as “closing” more sales. Here’s how to win more consulting sales. I’m going to offer you some insights, some mindsets, and ways of thinking about this to help you actually win more business.

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Podcast Interview on 401(k) Plans and Behavioral Finance Trends

Steve Shu Consulting

Additionally, some references that I allude to on the podcast which may be of interest to folks include the following: Save More Tomorrow How Do Consumers Respond When Default Options Push the Envelope? Thanks to Rick Unser for having me recently on his 401(k) Fridays podcast.

The referral reciprocity conundrum

Rod Burkert

When an attorney, banker, CPA, or wealth planner refers business to us, it can feel like we should refer business back to them (because, surely, everyone is keeping score). But in reality, we can’t refer to everyone because we likely don’t have that many referrals to make.

Speaking the Language of Your Team

Markovitz Consulting

Ironically, my book Building the Fit Organization was written precisely to explain lean principles without using Japanese buzzwords or references to Toyota.) I started using Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata approach at a new client in NYC recently.

One of the Best Ways to Market Yourself as a New Consultant

Steve Shu Consulting

One of the best ways to market yourself as a consultant is by having someone refer you to a client prospect. Once you have successful clients, you can then refer to the general experiences as case studies (often anonymized, but not always).

Thoughts About Finder’s Fees to Other Professional Services Providers as a Consultant

Steve Shu Consulting

This answer is based on a question posed to me on Quora. I’ve only used finder’s fees sparingly over the course of my professional services career.

Solving the customer-experience puzzle: A guidebook for government leaders


A ready reference—based on lessons from government leaders—can help. It takes focus to transform public-sector agencies to serve a diverse set of customers better. Public Sector Insights

McKinsey 7 S Model

Tom Spencer

The seven (7) factors considered by the 7 S Model include: Shared values refer to the values that are widely practiced within an organisation and form the company’s core guiding principles. Strategy refers to the plans that a company has for gaining a competitive advantage (e.g.

#14: 7 Steps to Establishing Credibility With Your Next High-Paying Client

Consulting Matters

Regardless of how you refer to this discussion with a potential client who expresses interest in working with you, how you handle it determines: Your contract size and scope. Download Episode Transcript.

How and When to Raise Your Consulting Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

Reference the length of your relationship or any recent results from your work. The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client. With the new year just a few weeks away, now might be the time.

Use Work Samples to Seal the Deal

Successful Independent Consulting

Instead, leave a list of your clients and references. Clients often don’t bother to call references but seeing the list with job titles will further build your credibility.) For how to do this, see page seven of my free LinkedIn Reference Guide for Consultants.)

Crazy Airline Gobbledegook Nonsense

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

And yet I''ve never heard anyone refer to offboarding. The act of flying your corpse to Des Moines is now referred to as "the product", as is (presumably) carrying the mail and the literal corpses in the cargo hold.

Writing great consulting proposals

Consultant Journal

Of course, you’ll also want to include the contract terms, consulting fees, deliverables, terms of reference and other points. Writing a consulting proposal? This evergreen post on writing proposals for consulting includes an overview of some key considerations for any proposal.

Should You Get a Referral Fee?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: When I make a referral or introduction, should the person I’m referring pay me in some way or should I make it clear I don’t expect any financial reward?

What To Do If Your Client Doesn't Pay

Successful Independent Consulting

Please tell us when we can expect payment, so we can tell Jane when she can expect to be paid. -- Liz PS: Invoice attached again here for easy reference. The National Center f or State Courts has links to small claims references and guides for every state. It was bound to happen.

Book Review: Four Types of Problems

Markovitz Consulting

In that regards, it’s an excellent reference book that belongs on every bookshelf. If you’re familiar with the different ways of approaching problems, Four Types of Problems is a useful reference book. The title of Art Smalley’s new book, Four Types of Problems , is misleading. It doesn’t actually address four types of problems. Rather, it covers four types of problem solving.

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How (and When) to Get Great Testimonials

David A Fields

She answered, “We’re looking for cultural fit, and experience, and your references… but I see you’ve worked with Acme Corp, and the comments from Norman, their VP of Development were very impressive, so we’re good on that front.” estimonials are like stunt doubles.

Is Behavioral Economics Used in Business?

Steve Shu Consulting

As an additional reference, you might also be interested in checking out the book by one of my colleagues, The Smarter Screen. This post is reproduced from an answer that I wrote on Quora to the question posed to me, “Is Behavioral Economics Actually Used in Business?”

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The Curse of Greyface

Kai Davis

The Discordian “Curse of Greyface” refers to a psychological and spiritual imbalance that results from these beliefs. I’m reminded of a story in the Principia Discordia revolving around a fictional figured named Greyface.

Part 2: Telling Your Story to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Successful Independent Consulting

You can download the entire series as a reference guide here. and another 334 million around the world, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool and reference. It’s probably not written from the client’s frame of reference. This is the second in a series of three articles.

Shift Your Perspective to Make Business Development Easier

Successful Independent Consulting

You are doing them a favor by letting them know what you are particularly good at, so the next time that situation arises they will know who to call or who to refer to their boss or colleague.

Need Clients Now? 5 Strategies to Quickly Get More Consulting Clients

Consulting Matters

Call up former clients and ask them to refer you to clients. If you want to achieve sustainable success as a consultant - ideally you want to create a marketing system to ensure you have a consistently full pipeline of right-fit clients.

What Handles Are, and How to Use Them in Consulting

David A Fields

A CB-er would refer to himself with a moniker like “Soap Daddy” or “Large Marge” or “Ruptured Rabbit”. Can you think of anything enduring and useful from the fads of the 1970s?

Take Steps Now to Protect Your Independent Status!

Successful Independent Consulting

Related video, “ Friends Don’t Let Friends W-2 ”*) Although this court decision directly affects only California companies, other states are likely to follow suit and use this ruling as a reference. Recent court ruling likely to impact independent consultants in the U.S.

How to Build a Better Organization? Build Better People.

Markovitz Consulting

This, of course, is the reason I wrote Building the Fit Organization —I wanted to provide people with a way to express core lean ideas without relying upon often off-putting references to Toyota.

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How to Figure Out Your Consulting Bill Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

Reference: Seven of the Best Salary Information Websites.) Dear Liz, I have a quick question. I know a consultant who is going to do some work designing a company’s program for high-potential employees. The consultant has talent but not much experience.

How To 232

Quora: What is it like to work at McKinsey?

Consultants Mind

Yet, I have 10+ credible reference points and 10,000 words of interview-worthy comments written by previous employees. I have never worked at McKinsey. Is this an ebook that you purchase for 99cents on Kindle? It’s on Quora, and it … Continue reading → Consultant Career Consulting Interview Management consulting McKinsey Quora