A practical definition of reputation

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Reputation is what people expect us to do next. It''s their expectation of the quality and character of the next thing we produce or say or do. We control our actions (even when it feels like we don''t) and our actions over time (especially when we think no one is looking) earn our reputation


A Definitive Guide to the Brexit Negotiations

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This is in part because there are limitations to doing a truly comprehensive or definitive analysis in a situation where all of the facts are not in the public domain.

New GDP Definitions: Solid, Liquid, Gas


The Advance GDP reading (first estimate) of third quarter GDP comes out tomorrow. Here’s a recap of six GDP estimates plus a bonus opinion as to what constitutes “solid” GDP growth. more…). Economics


Trump’s Useless Proclamation Plus a New Definition of “Always”


Today I award President Trump the blue ribbon for useless proclamations. The award is for his statement “ My Plan now is to let Obamacare Fail. ” (more…). Economics


The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Research: When Boards Broaden Their Definition of Diversity, Women and People of Color Lose Out

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In many corners, the traditional definition, focused on demographic diversity, has been eclipsed by a new concept centered on experiential or cognitive differences. FotografiaBasica/Getty Images. Over the last several years, competing notions of “diversity” have emerged.

We Need to Expand Our Definition of Entrepreneurship

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A more useful definition might be someone who sees an opportunity to create value and is willing to take a risk to capitalize on that opportunity; some elements of this are opportunity spotting, risk taking, and value creation. The great entrepreneurs of the last century — folks like Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison — spawned huge companies that were designed around a model of scalable efficiency.

Kurdistan Leader Calls for "Self-Determination"; Kurds Sell Oil to Israel; Kerry's New Definition of "Intervention"


Something Short of Intervention Please note the new definition of intervention requires sending combat troops. Iraqi Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani says '' the time is here '' for self-determination. Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani gave his strongest-ever indication on Monday that his region would seek formal independence from the rest of Iraq. Iraq is obviously falling apart,” he told CNN''s Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview.

GM Says “Market is Definitely Slowing” Lowers Outlook for Vehicle Sales


Reuters reports GM Lowers Outlook for U.S. 2017 New Vehicle Sales , but not by enough in my estimation. more…). Economics

“Idiosyncratic and Transitory Factors” Holding Down Inflation: New Definition of Transitory


The latest Personal Incomes and Outlays report showed that the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price index was only up 1.4% from the same quarter a year ago. Excluding food and energy, the PCE was up 1.5%. Yesterday, I made this sure-fire prediction: “Consumers like falling prices but the Fed sure doesn’t. Expect to hear more ‘ transitory ‘ comments from Janet Yellen.”

A Definition and Implementation of Organizational Change - Free.

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A Definition and Implementation of Organizational Change By Jim Smith on May 27, 2010. See the model, “Definition and Implementation of Organizational Change.” One response to “A Definition and Implementation of Organizational Change” Tweets that mention A Definition and Implementation of Organizational Change | Consulting and Organizational Development -- Topsy.com May 27, 2010 at 9:13 am | Permalink. [.] Library. Translate This. Home.

Companies That Do Right by Their Workers Start by Elevating Their Definition of Success

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With unemployment at record lows, yet inequality at record highs, this feels like a time for CEOs to think bigger—not just to raise wages, but to elevate their definition of success about how their companies can win big in the marketplace and afford employees a greater sense of security and participation in the workplace, how they can generate wealth and share that wealth with everyone who has a hand in its creation. Evening Standard/Stringer/Hayon Thapaliya/Getty Images.

Do you have assets?

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Business Strategy Economics assets consulting definitions finance Management Consulting perspective strategy(Source: Flickr ). When can you consider something that you have to be an asset?

Do you have assets?

Tom Spencer

Business Strategy Economics assets consulting definitions finance Management Consulting perspective strategy(Source: Flickr ). When can you consider something that you have to be an asset?

How To Define a Crisis For Your Organization

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But how should you go about doing this and does the definition of a crisis vary from company to company or from industry to industry? CRISISREADY Videos crisis definition crisis management crisis planning crisis preparedness

What Different Strengths Pairings Sound Like

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Strengths Stregths Strengths Pairings Theme Definitions ThemesSometimes at Leadership Vision, we play an informal game of Strengths pairings. Basically, we mash up two of the names of our Themes of Strengths to explain how they work together. We know that Strengths do not work alone. We never go one at a time with our Strengths. Rather, we try to tell a story and challenge people to see how pairs and combinations of Strengths can be discussed.

How to Transcend the Fear of Building a Purpose-Driven Career

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You'll definitely want to pay close attention to all the steps on how to productively engage fear and make it your ally in your future success. Got big dreams for your career and business? Chances are - you also got big fears. Part of you is SO EXCITED about the vision!

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Why a Direct Sourcing Strategy Should be a Part of Your Hiring Process for External Talent

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Direct sourcing definition, benefits, and how to implement an effective solution for your organization

How To Be MECE

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This is definitely something that every new – and aspiring – consultant needs to learn as soon as possible. How to be MECE (Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive).

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Tears in the Rain: From Architecture to Marketecture?

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

But we're talking business and consulting here, so it's definitely the dumb side all around! I've been a little quiet lately because I've shifted my focus a bit. New firm, new focus. AKA different day, same old s**t.

Why Distinctive Customer Targeting Is a Smart Strategy


Don't underestimate the power of choosing a unique definition of the customers your company will serve

Defining the role of a state chief operating officer


Those who work with state COOs could position them for success with thoughtful role definition and strong support. Incoming administrations may consider appointing a state COO to lead strategic operations and implement high-priority projects.

How A Direct Mail Secret Could 10X Your Response Rate

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In my research on the best ways to attract high-paying clients, direct mail definitely finishes in the top ten When you send the right direct mail, it does work.

Is It Time to Consider a Fixed Fee for Your Consulting Services?

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Is there a definitive deliverable? Generally, the more experience you have as an independent consultant, the more likely you should move from billing by the hour to a fixed fee. At some point you’ll master your specialty and work much more efficiently than others.

Why Friends Don't Let Friends W-2

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I definitely will write more about this in the coming months, but if you get tripped up in the meantime feel free to contact me for some pointers. "As an independent consultant, does it matter how I get paid?” Absolutely! In the U.S.,

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Power Networking for Consultants

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My article on "How to Turn Your Strengths into Consulting Success" will definitely get you started. I am confident that you get how important networking is to your marketing system. You know that its an essential way for you to regularly meet and impress your future clients.

Shift Your Perspective to Make Business Development Easier

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Read any definition of business development and you won’t find the word sales. Most consultants I know struggle with business development, and it’s a top concern among those thinking about going independent. “

[QUICK WIN] Power Networking for Consultants

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My article on "How to Turn Your Strengths into Consulting Success" will definitely get you started. I am confident that you get how important networking is to your marketing system. You know that its an essential way for you to regularly meet and impress your future clients.

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Three things I wish I knew going into my summer internship

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I definitely didn’t mind working late though – I loved my team and it eventually became the norm. They definitely felt bad at times and would make me leave earlier some nights and do weekend work without me. There are definitely two ends of the spectrum though.

How To Flex In Times of Flux

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Definition of ‘flex’: To move or tense Definition of ‘flux’: Synonym for ‘change’ The speed of change and information that we are dealing […]. Are you inundated with massive change? Join the club!

What To Do If Your Client Doesn't Pay

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This blog is practical advice, definitely not legal advice. It was bound to happen. After 15 years and hundreds of contracts, I finally had a client that didn’t pay, and didn’t pay, and didn’t pay. For six months there was one lame update after another. “We’re

Website or No Website? Answers and Help for Independent Consultants

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As a self-employed consultant do you really need a website? I’m asked this a lot, particularly if a consultant gets most business from referrals or they contract through agencies or boutique firms.

Why investors are flooding private markets


As investors and asset managers shift away from weakened public markets, private markets are seeing immense growth, which, in turn, is changing the very definition of “performance.”. Our Insights

Use Work Samples to Seal the Deal

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If a sample isn’t generic, definitely don’t leave it behind. Let’s face it, consulting often gets a bad rap. It’s perceived as nebulous, too theoretical, too touchy-feely. Plus, it's expensive.

Thinking about becoming a consultant? You’ll need to get used to being outside your comfort zone

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Definitely. If you’re someone who needs to feel like you are totally on top of absolutely everything before you get started, then you are definitely going to be outside your comfort zone. Now that you’re a consultant, a deadline is most definitely a deadline. We all remember starting a new job.

How to Create Breakthrough Success without Burnout: Interview with Rachelle Stone

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I really like that cause I was definitely drawn to you because you were one of the more engaged people in the presentation. And she definitely delivered that with this. Interview with Rachelle Stone. Betsy Jordyn: Welcome everybody, this is Betsy Jordyn.

Andrew Rose: Consumer conditioning


The president and CEO of US-based auto insurance website Compare.com talks about consumer expectations, the coming of virtual agents, and the changing definition of insurance.