Reshoring Myth Explodes: Offshoring Outpaces Onshoring Every Year Since 2004 Except 2011


Reshoring Over Before It Ever Got Going Recall the hype over reshoring? Manufacturing jobs supposedly were returning to the US in droves from Asia. My view was that although some manufacturing processes returned, not many jobs came back thanks to robots and software automation.

Bank of Canada Announces Tools Including -0.5 Interest Rates; Loonie Sinks to 2004 Low; Right Tool at the Right Time


US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar Monthly The USD vs. the Loonie is back to a high last seen in May of 2004. The Canadian dollar, affectionately known as the loonie because of a loon on the one dollar coin, has crashed vs. the US dollar.

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Reshoring Myth Explodes: Ofshoring Opaces Onshoring Every Year Since 2004 Except 2011


Reshoring Over Before It Ever Got Going Recall the hype over reshoring? Manufacturing jobs supposedly were returning to the US in droves from Asia. My view was that although some manufacturing processes returned, not many jobs came back thanks to robots and software automation. That view was far too optimistic. Reshoring Myth and Reality The second annual A.T. Kearney U.S.

Peter Diamandis's Excellent Adventure


In his new book, journalist Julian Guthrie tells the story of Peter Diamandis and of SpaceShipOne -- the privately developed, piloted craft that won the US$10 million AnsariX Prize in 2004

At LEGO, Growth and Culture Are Not Kid Stuff


A victim of overexpansion and brand dilution, LEGO was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2004, when Jørgen Vig Knudstorp became the CEO. Video Thursday, January 19, 2017. The turnaround of the LEGO Group is one of the famous business stories of this century.

Trump Euphoria Sets In; Small Businesses Optimism Surges Most Since 1980: What’s It Mean?


highest reading since December 2004. Trump Euphoria Sets In. The NFIB Small Business Index surged 7.4 points to 105.8, Leading the charge was “Expect Better Business Conditions,” which shot up from a net 12 percent in November to a net 50 percent last month. Bloomberg noted U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980. Let’s start with Bloomberg comments, then dive into the report. more…). Economics

Short-attention-span theatre

Seth Godin Blog

In 2004, Dan Lovy and I launched a device that could take the music on your hard drive and play it through your stereo. Being first is insufficient. Google wasn't the first search engine. Facebook wasn't the first social network. Apple wasn't the first home computer, phone or smart watch.

Zurich Insurance Group Takes Its IT Infrastructure to the Agile Cloud - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC TECHNOLOGY

Harvard Business

Building on a relationship that dates back to 2004, Zurich Insurance Group is working with DXC to move from traditional data center outsourcing to a Platform as a Service model, taking advantage of next-generation cloud management technologies to lower operating costs and accelerate development.

2014 Customer Champions: Lifting Sights, Visions, and Standards

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On the Path to Customer Centricity

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When 1to1 Media launched the first Customer Champions program back in 2004, the goal was to shine a light on the people within companies of all sizes who are making a difference in moving their organizations'' customer experiences forward. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service 1to1mediacustomerchampions customerchampions customerexperience employeeengagement

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Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci: Podcast #21

Consulting Success

We left that firm in New York City in 2004 and started Navalent. Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci.

Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

Tom Spencer

Report to the Center for Health Design, (2004). In this day and age of hospitals working to provide better care and outcomes for a cheaper price, one of the ways to gauge the impact that the implemented changes are having is through measuring patient satisfaction.

Celebrating 10 Years of Customer Experience Excellence

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In 2004, 1to1 Media set out on a mission to reward the best thinking and results in customer strategy. At the time, "Relationship Marketing" was fresh on the heels of the CRM revolution in the 1990s, sweeping the business world with its promise to forever change the way enterprises interact with their customer bases by understanding customer segments, delivering quality service, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IMF Fears $3 Trillion Credit Crunch; Lagarde Says "IMF Credibility at Stake", Calls for US to Give China More Voting Power


Emerging market companies have "over-borrowed" by $3 trillion in the last decade, reflecting a quadrupling of private sector debt between 2004 and 2014, found the IMF's Global Financial Stability Report. IMF head Christine Lagarde says "IMF credibility is at stake".

Peter Thiel at Oxford’s Said Business School

Tom Spencer

Apart from being a co-founder of PayPal, Thiel is also known for being the first outside investor in Facebook, taking a 10% stake in 2004 for $500,000.

Europe: a house of cards - Tom Spencer consulting blog

Tom Spencer

In 2004, Moody’s held its credit rating for Greece steady after the country admitted that its budget deficit had exceeded the EU’s ceiling of 3% of GDP every year for 8 consecutive years (source: NYT ). About. Book Shop. Archive. Definitions. Helpful Links. Quotes. Subscribe. Europe: a house of cards. by Tom Spencer on November 30, 2011 · 0 comments. in Economics. EUROPEAN leaders have tried to characterise the October writedown of Greek debt as “ private-sector involvement ”.

Infosys Consulting Interviews & Culture

Management Consulted

Birthed in 2004 as a spin-off of Indian tech outsourcing behemoth Infosys Technologies, Infosys Consulting is quickly climbing the charts as an industry leader in IT Operations and Strategy consulting. INFOSYS CONSULTING.

Capgemini Consulting Interviews – Tech, Business or Both?

Management Consulted

In 2004, the firm adopted its current logo with the single word name, Capgemini. Since 2004, the firm has made continuous effort to push global diversity initiatives across the whole group and have even won awards for their diversity programs. CAPGEMINI CONSULTING. Today we continue our firm profile series with an in-depth review of Capgemini Consulting.

Former US Democrat Presidential Candidate Calls for Internment Camps for "Disloyal Americans" Americans


In 2004, his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was highly critical of the Bush administration’s excessive response to the 9/11 terror attacks. The thought police are out in full force, and from both sides of the political aisle.

What are we compaining about?

The Nonprofit Consultant

percent from 1994 to 2004, the nonprofit sector's revenues increased 61.5 percent of the sector's revenues in 2004, 41.1 According to a new report from the Urban Institute, the growth of the nonprofit sector has outpaced the growth of the economy over the past decade. The report says that, "While the nation's gross domestic product grew by an inflation-adjusted 36.6 percent." So why are we always whining about needing more?

Another Round-Trip in Crude; Search for Inflation; Another Bout of Asset Deflation Hell Coming Up


Crude prices are back to where they were in 2004. Before that, crude previously topped near $41 in September of 1990! Recall the hyperinflation talk in June of 2008 when crude hit $147?

Oil Crash Continues: West Texas Crude Below $40, Brent Near $45; Floating Oil Carry Trade in Review


WTI last broke $40 to the downside in 2008 but has not had a monthly close below that level dating back to 2004. The crash in oil prices continues. Here are a couple charts to consider.

Lots of Companies Still Have No Senior Executives Who Are Women

Harvard Business

Since 2004, the global tax, auditing, and advisory firm Grant Thornton has surveyed people around the globe — this year it interviewed more than 5,000 people from 36 countries — to track the progress women are (or are not) making into senior leadership roles in their companies. In the subset of countries where Grant Thornton has been conducting the survey since 2004 (it’s added countries over time), most don’t show a lot of change.

Discount and Department Stores Boost Manager Ranks by 46% in Two Years, Hours Up 88%


Obama wants to put an end to that by revamping overtime rules for the first time since 2004. In the last two years, hours worked by managers at discount and department stores are up 86% while hours worked by nonsupervisor employees is down. Supervisors, don''t get paid overtime.

Why Are Mules Stubborn? Why Can't Blind Jackasses See?


The debts of non-financial firms in emerging market economies quadrupled, from $4tn (£2.6tn) in 2004 to well over $18tn in 2014, according to the IMF’s twice-yearly Global Financial Stability Report.

Ukraine Needs Second Bailout, Currency Reserves Drop to Critical Level; Another IMF Visit; Where's the Love?


Reserves are now at their lowest since December 2004, when they stood at $9.71 On Wednesday I noted the arrival of carpetbaggers in Ukraine. See Enter the Carpetbaggers: Ukraine''s New Finance Minister a US Citizen, New Economy Minister from Lithuania ).

Farmers Walk Away From Leases Due to Plunging Grain Prices


Walking Away Farmer Style The price of corn is at a price seen in late 2006, wheat late 2005, and soybeans 2004. Land prices, lease prices, equipment prices, and fertilizer are much higher. This has put the squeeze on many farmers, especially those who lease land.

Kalypso Interviews & Culture

Management Consulted

Co-founded in 2004 by ex-Deloitte partners George Young and Bill Poston, and (randomly) headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Kalypso’s main mandate is to help firms expand their innovation capabilities. KALYPSO.

Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Wage Growth vs. Quit Rates


Note that between 2002 and 2004, quits fell during an expansion. Looking for Greener Pastures? A Chicago Fed report investigates Job Switching and Wage Growth. People generally switch jobs by quitting (rather than losing) their previous job.

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Fund Flow Records Smashed: Equity Funds Get Record $352 Billion Inflow, Bond Funds Lose Record $86 Billion


TrimTabs also reported that bond mutual funds and exchange-traded funds redeemed $86 billion last year, the first outflow since 2004 and the biggest outflow on record, surpassing the previous record outflow of $62 billion in 1994. In yet another example of the extreme bubble optimism regarding equities, Trim Tabs reports (via email), Fund Flow Records Smashed Across the Board in 2013. TrimTabs Investment Research reported today that U.S.-listed

BearingPoint Interview Preparation – Mystery or History?

Management Consulted

Unfortunately, in 2004, soon after the rollout of this new accounting system, complaints began rolling in with issues. In May 2004, BearingPoint reported a valuation decline of 61%. BearingPoint Interview and Culture. BearingPoint started at the height of the consulting boom years in the late 1990s, and was a part of KPMG’s worldwide consulting practice.

More Currency Intervention Madness: Sweden Draws Line in Sand with Euro


The Krona is right where it was between 2004 and 2008 before it weakened dramatically. In an irrational attempt to sponsor inflation, the Swedish central bank, Riksbank, slashed interest rates to -0.35% and conducted several rounds of QE.

IMS Consulting Group (IMS Health) Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

In 2004 , IMS Health engaged in building consulting capabilities in both health economics and outcomes research. IMS HEALTH INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . Today we continue our firm profile series with an in-depth review of IMS Health.

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IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

Management Consulted

2004 was the next major shift towards a services focus for IBM. IBM Global Business Services (GBS). The history of IBM GBS is one of our very favorite business stories of all time, and one that reminds us that even the most enormous, boring and troubled companies can re-invent themselves.

Fed "Mystified" Why Millennials Still Live at Home; My Answer May Surprise You (It Isn't Jobs, Student Debt, or Housing)


Yet, " student debt only explains about 10% of the increase in parental coresidence since 2004, with another 10% being explained by house prices during the mid-2000s ". A New York Fed research paper wonders What’s Keeping Millennials at Home? Is it Debt, Jobs, or Housing?

Who is Foreign Aid For? Foreigners or U.S. Corporations?


Congress in January 2004,” according to Sustainable Pulse, and serves as a conduit for foreign aid funds. Logically, one might assume that "foreign" aid is legitimate aid to foreigners. A little digging reveals the true nature of "aid". For example, please consider the Foreign Policy Journal report Monsanto and Foreign Aid: Forcing El Salvador’s Hand. foreign aid is expected to promote poverty alleviation and facilitate developmental growth in impoverished countries.

Gallup Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

In 2004, that’s just what Gallup did. GALLUP CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. With a name that evokes the Wild Wild West, Gallup Consulting just sounds like a fun place to work.

Serving on Boards Helps Executives Get Promoted

Harvard Business

in 2004, and in 2005, her total compensation from her home firm, Whole Foods Market Inc., In 2004, he joined the board of Petsmart Inc.,

ZS Associates Firm Profile

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In 2004, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) awarded Andy and Prabha the Marketing Science Practice Prize for outstanding implementation of marketing science concepts and methods, recognizing the sales territory alignment system they had developed and implemented through the work of ZS Associates. ZS ASSOCIATES. Welcome back!

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Full of Bull: Wall Street Analysts' S&P 500 Predicted Gains vs. Actual Gains 2001-2015


Analyzing the Forecasters How overoptimistic are Wall Street forecasts year in and year out? Salil Mehta, business statistics professor at Georgetown University addresses that question on his " Statistical Ideas " blog: Strategists Full of Bull. Mehta collected 186 public forecasts from 1998-2015 of the annual ritual of making market projections for the year ahead.