Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

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While effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Most industries cower to a few central metrics, the yardsticks that define the winners and losers. Metrics tried and proven over years become a guide to what’s important, driving resource allocation. But these metrics can become tyrants. When things change, outmoded metrics can threaten a firm’s survival. HBR STAFF.

Research: Objective Performance Metrics Are Not Enough to Overcome Gender Bias

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Even when performance information is available, lab-based research has shown that women still tend to be disadvantaged, compared with men of equal quality. In this research , we studied investment professionals who are arguably disincentivized to incorporate gender, or any characteristic not directly tied to quality, in their evaluations of investment opportunities. Tooga/Getty Images.

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We Can’t Study Short-Termism Without the Right Metrics

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The McKinsey Global Institute, in conjunction with FCLT Global, recently released research stating that long-term-oriented companies perform better than those that focus on short-term results. This measure has been validated by extensive academic research. Based on my research and teaching, I believe there are five important aspects of a business’s decision making to consider.

9 Research-Backed Manager Roles to Master

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Our Organizational Alignment Research found that the timely and free flow of information is one of the top five most important ingredients required to create high performance. The post 9 Research-Backed Manager Roles to Master appeared first on LSA Global.

America’s Loneliest Workers, According to Research

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The last half-decade of research has demonstrated that loneliness threatens not only our physical health and well-being , but also our livelihood. Research shows that loneliness has the same effect as 15 cigarettes a day in terms of health care outcomes and health care costs. Our survey found that this approach translates into demonstrable improvements on key human resources metrics. Dave Wheeler for HBR.

It’s Time to Make Business School Research More Relevant

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Researchers have found that managers tend to be unaware of research-supported management insights reported in academic journals, and that such insights are typically excluded in practitioner-oriented journals. The second problem, which we refer to as “Lost Before Translation,” is the tendency for academic researchers to design studies without input from managers or employees — the populations that their studies’ results are meant to help.

New Research Shows How Employees Feel When Their Requests for Raises Are Denied

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According to Marcus Buckingham, a cohead of the ADP Research Institute and a best-selling author, people are unreliable raters of each other’s performance. ” Instead of relying heavily on performance metrics, ensure that every raise request prompts a look at market data for the given position. Tim Robberts/Getty Images. When an employee at your company asks for a raise, is that person treated fairly? Most organizations would like to say yes.

Research: How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change

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Architect leaders can also emphasize other metrics, such as more students attending classes, more parents coming to parents’ evenings, and fewer staff member absences. The good news is our research clearly shows there’s a tipping point in each transformation when six of the building blocks are in place — not all nine. Transforming a school is a long, hard, and often lonely task.

Research: Customers Notice When Products Shrink More Than When They Get Bigger

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When it comes to downsizing, however, our latest research shows that judgments of size are amazingly accurate, hence the negative reaction when companies try to downsize their products. Giving numeric sizes is especially unhelpful in the three countries that do not use the metric system: the U.S., Does this sound familiar?

Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

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The EVP of sales liked the easy-access dashboard to report on metrics and the forecast. ” If the sales team recognizes the value of this tool, you’ll get all the metric and forecast information you desire. Sales Customers Market research Digital Article

Why Companies Are Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces

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But our research and reporting show this isn’t the case. More important is curating the mix of employees, startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, researchers, and even academics present. Workspaces Research & development Innovation Digital ArticleUpperCut Images/Getty Images.

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Too Many Executives Are Missing the Most Important Part of CRM

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For most organizations, it’s calibrated to drive sales, which means sales conversions are the primary metric it follows. Assigning metrics that measure relationship activity. Find metrics that measure relationship health, not just sales.

Rethinking Marketing Measurement from the Ground Up - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GOOGLE ANALYTICS 360 SUITE

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The problem is that many of our measurement tools and metrics were created for a desktop world at a time when marketing focused on channel performance. Focus on the outcomes you want and map your new metrics back to your strategy.

Using Experiments to Launch New Products

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To answer those questions, Duncan and his team conducted an experiment, launching Express Pool in six large markets and then comparing metrics in the launch cities with those in others. Top-line metrics like revenue and sales don’t tell the whole story.

Why Technology Matters


In this series of articles, we challenge the conventional wisdom that the powerful effects of technology aren’t visible in economic metrics. Our research shows precisely why technology matters to a company’s bottom line and exactly how it has impact. Article Monday, October 03, 2016.

WhatsApp Grew to One Billion Users by Focusing on Product, Not Technology

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By tracking a metric, they can sell optimized wait times (elevators as a service) rather than banks of elevators based on price. Research & development Digital Article

Is R&D Getting Harder, or Are Companies Just Getting Worse At It?

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In fact, my research shows the returns to companies’ R&D spending have declined 65% over the past three decades. Not coincidentally, this decline in companies’ research quotient or RQ ( a metric I’ve developed that measures R&D productivity , or how much output they get for their innovation inputs) mimics the decline in U.S. Research & development Innovation Digital ArticleWe know innovation drives corporate growth.

How B2B Software Vendors Can Help Their Customers Benchmark

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Knowing which organizations perform the best on any particular dimension used to require subjective surveys or painstaking research. Almost all of the companies we researched, written about, and have advised are at the early stages of this movement, and gaining momentum.

A New Approach to Safely Sharing Cancer Patients’ Data

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To this end, several efforts — including the Genomic Data Commons , ORIEN , and CancerLinQ — have been established to facilitate data sharing among clinicians and researchers and to create an open environment in which data sharing is more commonplace. We believe the solution to this obstacle is to bring trusted third-party research and support organizations together in a coordinated effort to directly engage cancer patients in data sharing.

4 Roles Every Marketing Organization Needs Now

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Today’s marketer needs to go well beyond reporting and metrics, and be more proficient in a full range of analytical skills –including knowledge of data management principles and analytical strategies, and an understanding of the role of data quality, the importance of data governance, and the value of data in marketing disciplines. Marketing Market research Customer service Digital Article

Putting the 'Customer' in 'Service Optimization' - Think customers.

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Marketing Research Articles. Though many companies approach service and support as just another metric to be maximized, those that emphasize quality over call times differentiate themselves from the competition and excel in customer satisfaction. Though many companies approach service and support as just another metric to be maximized, those that emphasize quality over call times differentiate themselves from the competition and excel in customer satisfaction.

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We REALLY Need to Stop Talking About Lean

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Culp has also shifted focus away from earnings per share, which was once the most important metric at GE. In a new study from Stanford, "researchers found that plants where managers carefully monitored the manufacturing process, production targets, and employee performance, and used that data to inform decisions, were more successful. Lean advocates—and I consider myself one—might do better if they stop talking about lean.

Why Companies Can’t Turn Customer Insights into Growth


On the left side, record each mention of an internal topic, such as financial or operational performance, plans, metrics, organization, employees, or culture. Our research has found that most companies struggle to make CI more than just a traditional market research operation.

Digital Technologies Raise the Stakes in Customer Service


Worse yet, they have difficulty defining the right metrics to measure success. Focus Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

How to Build a Strong Culture of Accountability

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The individual success metrics should align with the key performance indicators of their specific role and responsibilities.Managers should be well schooled on how to coach their team members and guide their behaviors toward ever higher performance. A Strong Culture of Accountability Matters.

Top 10 Reasons your Sales Reps Struggle with Social Selling

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Goals and Success Metrics are Unclear or Misaligned. Our organizational alignment research found that strategic clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. Reps Struggle with Social Selling.

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Coronavirus: Analysis, Conclusions & Takeaways

Fatality Rate % x # of Patients = Total # of Deaths Example 1: If 10% of people die x 100 patients = 10 deaths Example 2: If 1% of people die x 1 billion patients = 10 million deaths The key metric that is overlooked by a lot of people is how many patients there will be as the virus progresses.

How to Find Weak Links in Your Corporate Culture

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The Latest Research on Organizational Culture. A recent Harvard Business School research report described how an effective culture can account for up to half of the differential in performance between organizations in the same business.

The Power of Strategic Alignment

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Our research found that team members are half as clear as their leaders about the team’s goals, roles, success metrics and operating norms. The Organizational Alignment Research. goals, roles, processes, relationships and success metrics). The Power of Strategic Alignment.

Google Analytics for Consultants, Part 3: Consulting Website Performance Dashboard (Free Template)

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An analytics dashboard is a summation of your most important metrics and KPIs. In part 1 of this series , you installed Google Analytics on your consulting website. In part 2 of this series , you set up goal-tracking on your consulting website.

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What is consulting?

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Consultants specialized in forensic research and litigation support also fall under the Financial Advisory segment. When people think of consultants, they tend to visualize professionally suited employees, degrees from the best schools, high pay-checks and fancy travel stories.

5 Steps to becoming a Successful IT Consultant


At the same time you are engaging with the target users and reporting before-and-after metrics. Research beforehand is therefore advised at all times. What does an IT Consultant do?

The Importance of Business Acumen for High Performance

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Take a financial acumen course , do online research, or invest in a textbook on the subject. Identify the critical few leading and lagging key financial metrics that are most important to the performance of your team and your organization. The Importance of Business Acumen.

It’s Time to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability

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Many of them responded by including quality metrics in their compensation incentives. As any compensation consultant will tell you, comp plans can address only so many metrics. Most plans have fewer than six: one or two financial metrics, such as sales growth or earnings per share, and two or three nonfinancial metrics, in areas such as quality or innovation. So for a compensation committee to justify a new metric, it needs to have a strong business case.

How to Better Set Strategic Priorities Designed to Win

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Although many leaders believe that their strategic drivers are clear enough to begin to set strategic priorities, our organizational alignment research found that employees believe that these strategic drivers are 50% less clear to them than to the executive team. Set Strategic Priorities.

4 Steps to a Strong Conclusion in Your Case Interview (Part I)

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There’s a Nobel prize-winning economist named Daniel Kahneman who has done a ton of research on how people perceive events and experiences, and essentially how the memory of those events is formed.

5 Steps to Better Align Sales and Marketing

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Misaligned goals, roles, scope, or success metrics between sales and marketing can greatly inhibit revenue growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Align Success Metrics and Rewards. Are Sales and Marketing at Odds?

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