A weaponized marketing asset from Chris Mercer

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Coming later this month … Chris Mercer is at it again. The post A weaponized marketing asset from Chris Mercer appeared first on rod burkert. He’s written another book – his second about buy-sell agreements – and I got to review an advance copy.

Should Mercer digitise all of its business?

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The birth and death in a single day of a proposed deal between Aon and Willis Towers Watson is a salutary reminder of the turmoil still impacting the people services and consulting sector.

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Having lunch or creating content? Chris Mercer says …

Rod Burkert

And one takeaway from my INSIDER interview with Chris Mercer is his belief that it is not one thing … it’s several things … done consistently and persistently. Another takeaway from Chris Mercer’s INSIDER interview was his admission that he is an introvert. Chris Mercer says … appeared first on rod burkert.

Moving Past the Decentralization vs. Centralization Debate

Kates Kesler

A recent survey of clients conducted by Mercer earlier this year focused on the types of organization change that business … Blog

Example Companies Involved with Behavioral Economics

Steve Shu Consulting

Mercer: Personalised Pension Videos. Here are some firms and practice groups in the behavioral science and economics space: Behavioral Insights Team – Home – Behavioural Insights Team. BEworks – Home – BEworks. BeSmart at Boston Consulting Group.

Is Behavioral Economics Used in Business?

Steve Shu Consulting

Mercer UK – Personalised Pension Videos. This post is reproduced from an answer that I wrote on Quora to the question posed to me, “Is Behavioral Economics Actually Used in Business?”

Mercer 227

There are 3 kinds of newsletters you can write – which one is best for your audience?

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In a blog post , Chris Mercer wrote: If you want more business from existing clients and new business from prospects, think about the Reason and do what it takes to communicate the Reason to them clearly and consistently over a long period of time.

2015 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

Management Consulted

Mercer. Mercer Undergraduate Salary. Mercer MBA Salary. Welcome to our Consulting Salary post – the kickoff to 2015!

2014 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

Management Consulted

Mercer. Mercer Signing Bonus: DNK Base: $60,000 based on 40 hour work week Relocation: DNK Performance Bonus: no bonus, instead paid time and a half for all hours over 40 - – - – - Total compensation: Variable Retirement: DNK. Mercer Signing Bonus: DNK. Welcome, welcome to 2014.

Top Consulting Firms


Formed in 2007 when Mercer Oliver Wyman, Mercer Management Consulting and Mercer Delta Mercer Oliver Wyman joined together to become one company, Oliver Wyman. What are the Top Consulting Firms?

Industry disruption – time to leave or dig your heels in by niching

Rod Burkert

In my INSIDER interview with Chris Mercer, he said he has specialized in a series of niches that have carried him throughout his career. I hope our last conversation about always leading with your best price causes you to more seriously look at how you price your services. Enough said. On to this week. You know claiming a niche is important. But you’re not convinced that you could specialize. Or you are convinced but are afraid to take the leap. It’s time to dig in.

Finding the time to write a book

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Chris Mercer. In case you missed last week: Are our BVFLS organizations failing us? Or are we failing them? Since their inception, our BVFLS credentialing organizations have functioned primarily to ensure we are technically competent.

Are you still row, row, rowing your boat? How to 10x your goals: the trick, the example, the proof.

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Chris Mercer – QMDM; books. This is a follow up to my last video … about how to get stuff done. And I offer this analogy when it comes to getting BIG STUFF done. We imagine ourselves in a rowboat. To get anywhere, WE have to row. To get anywhere of consequence, WE have to row HARDER or LONGER.

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Management Consulting

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Evidence of this is seen in the fact that none of the MBB firms have an office in Vancouver although several other firms like Accenture , Deloitte , Ernst & Young, Mercer , PwC do. Are you one of our hyper-focused high schoolers that’s considering a career in business?

Because you already know how to take people out to lunch

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Y’all might have heard Chris Mercer say in his INSIDER interview that he uses an iPhone, a tripod, and a microphone and then uploads the recording to Vimeo. #3

2016 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

Management Consulted

Mercer. Mercer Undergraduate Salary Signing Bonus: $3,000 Base: $62,000 Relocation: $2,000 Performance Bonus: No bonus, instead paid time and a half for hours over 40/week – – – – – Total Compensation: $67,000 + overtime. Mercer MBA Salary Signing Bonus: $20,000 Base: $87,000 Performance Bonus: up to $17,400 (20% of base) – – – – – Total Compensation: up to $124,400.

This is how I advertise in my reports & engagement letters. You can do it, too.

Rod Burkert

I first heard the term “gentle plug for my firm” years ago in something that Chris Mercer wrote, probably in one of his early blog posts. I hope our last conversation about becoming a superhero in YOUR valuation world inspires you to move in that direction. Differentiate yourself.

Can you have more than one ideal client?

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And just a reminder that the first Practice Development INSIDER webinar with Chris Mercer is this Friday @ 1-2pm ET. I hope our last conversation about your ideal client inspires you to build out your profile for them.

$3 million in practice revenue by specializing

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I also know from hearing Chris Mercer speak that he thinks this way, too. #2 Greetings from the Finger Lakes. The RV is parked on the east shore of Lake Seneca where we will be touring several wineries in the area.

Oliver Wyman Careers


The current incarnation of the consulting organization known as Oliver Wyman comes from a series of acquisitions and combinations that include the original Oliver, Wyman & Company management consulting firm and Mercer Consulting, both acquired by Marsh & McLennan.

The 3-part blueprint for creating Authority-building videos

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UPDATE #2: After I recorded this video, Chris Mercer posted a whitepaper on How to Value a Wealth Management Firm. Think you can’t do video? I used to think the same thing. And I still have a long way to go to find my “camera” face and voice.).

Video 52

Asset Management – Client Segmentation (Part 3 of 4)

Tom Spencer

As choosing the right fund manager can mean a difference of billions of dollars, pension consulting/investment consulting and manager selection is a lucrative business (Aon Hewitt, Towers Watson, and Mercer are big in this space). Retail Wealth Management.

Second Chance Case Interviews


I had my Mercer first round the following day, and then the McKinsey. Mercer (now known as Oliver Wyman) called back for a second round the following Monday, and Monitor did too. Recently I received the following email from a reader who was recently rejected by McKinsey in the second round. What follows is our exchange and my advice on how to prepare for second chance interviews after a rejection.

How you can beat cheap: 4 ways to compete against low-cost BV providers

Rod Burkert

Then – like the Beatons, Dietrichs, Fannons, Grabowskis, Hitchners, Mercers, and other titans in our profession – work to build your reputation as the go-to expert for that specific area or niche. Greetings from the Cumberland Gap.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Boston

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Mercer : Mercer’s Boston office is located at 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110. Founded in 1975 and headquartered in New York, Mercer is a $3B company. Mercer offers a wide range of human resources-related consulting, investment management, and outsourcing services for companies around the world. Mercer Boston is a great place for working parents – the top management provide support with work-life balance opportunities.

Client Experience: what is it … do we have it

Rod Burkert

Scheduled Q3 guests are Chris Mercer (Jul 12), Jim Hitchner (Aug 2), and Nancy Fannon (Sep 6). I received some great feedback from our last conversation about reciprocating referrals.

2017 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/Grads, & Interns

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Mercer Undergraduate Salary. Mercer MBA/Grad Salary. Welcome to 2017!

Rethinking Employee Engagement

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According to Mercer, Towers Watson, and other human resources firms, salary increases for employees are expected to rise 3.0 As we race towards 2016 and the U.S. labor market continues to gain strength, industry observers are forecasting an upsurge among employees who jump ship from their workplaces. Strictly from a compensation standpoint, an increase in employee turnover is understandable.

Is Your Plan for Talent Working?

LSA Global

According to Mercer, half of executives predict at least one in five roles in their organization will cease to exist by 2022. Is Your Talent Ready? Is your plan for talent ready for what your business will face tomorrow?

So I got this phone call from the AICPA …

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Other than Damodaran’s and Mercer’s blogs (and mine!), Greetings from Iowa … we are getting some routine service work done at the Winnebago factory. Along with the work we had done at my in-laws in Wisconsin, we will be in tip-top shape – inside and out – for our continued travels.

Firing on all 4 pillars: How to excel at BVFLS practice development

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Think of Damodaran, Fannon, Grabowski, Hitcher, Mercer, Pratt, Trugman and other titans in our profession. Greetings from South Dakota. The RV is resting just outside of Rapid City where Amy is holding down the fort while I attend and speak at the NACVA conference in Las Vegas.

NERA Economic Consulting Interviews – Moving Up in a Down Economy

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NERA Economic Consulting is a subsidiary of parent company Marsh & McLennan Companies, a Fortune 500 company in the diversified financial industry who also owns a number of firms including Mercer , a HR Consulting firm, and Oliver Wyman , one of our Top 10 Financial/Strategy Consulting firms. Women Making a Difference (Marsh and Mercer women in Pittsburgh) . More Firm Profiles in the Marsh & McLennan Companies: Mercer . NERA ECONOMIC CONSULTING.

Specialization: The paradox of limiting yourself

Rod Burkert

Barbara Price (CMO of Mercer capital) said in her April 3rd INSIDER interview: “Specialization creates a pricing fence around you.” Welcome to my newsletter, where I focus solely on BVFLS practice development, practice management, and related tools and technology to grow/build/scale your firm.

Case Interview Advice from Another McKinsey New Hire


I had lots of friends who worked at other firms - LEK, Mercer, Monitor, etc. The career of the ex-Mercer guy does not look any different than the ex-Bain guy, etc. These offers included McKinsey, Bain, AT Kearney, LEK, Mercer, Monitor (since acquired by Deloitte), Strategic Decisions Group - and I got a final round at Booz, but ended up deciding not to go. Field Report: Just a brief note to say thank you for your emails.

Options for Post Consulting Careers


Here are where some of my friends from BCG, Bain, Mercer, etc. Question: First, let me tell you that LOMS has been of great help. It was interesting and very concise. Thanks to it, I was able to get an offer from BCG and Oliver Wyman. I really enjoyed meeting the consultants, but ultimately feel BCG is a better fit. In any case, I have a question for you regarding Consulting vs. industry. I have been told that one year in consulting = 2 - 3 in industry. How accurate is that in practice?

Buck Consultants Firm Profile

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Kearney, Mercer, E&Y, Bates White, or PwC. BUCK CONSULTANTS. Today, we highlight another one of those consulting firms you may never have heard of – yet another reason why MC is here! Insightful Thinking. Real-world solutions. That’s what Buck Consultants stands for – driving thinking-real-world solutions.

Towers Watson Consulting Interviews and Culture

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Tip : If you are at a firm like Towers Watson or Mercer and wanting to move to more general management consulting, diversify your projects and client base! TOWERS WATSON CONSULTING. Today’s expose highlights the world’s largest employee-benefits consulting firm.