Strategic Management in 20 Icons

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The post Strategic Management in 20 Icons appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Education Strategy

Strategy consulting 2018 compensation survey

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Management consultants make good coin. Charles Aris – executive recruiter out of North Carolina – do a great job of placing ex-strategy consultants. The post Strategy consulting 2018 compensation survey appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Survey 221

Five strategies to hone your project management skills

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As a consultant, your working life now revolves around projects and one of your key roles is project manager. You need to become very good at this because poor project management skills will mean your consulting career is very short lived. Excellent organisation and communication skills are at the core of great project management. Here are five strategies to keep you on track.

Strategy, Simplified

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The post Strategy, Simplified appeared first on Management Consulted. What sets great business leaders apart from merely good ones? What will cause us, as we navigate the daunting gap between good and great, to succeed or fail? Honestly, I don’t know. Books have been written on the topic, and … Continued. case studies

Winning with your talent-management strategy


Three best practices for managing and allocating talent support better business performance, according to a new survey. Insights on Organization

Asset Management – Industry Overview (Part 1 of 4)

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Asset managers are institutions that ‘manage money’ on behalf of certain beneficiaries. Well, asset managers aim to understand client investment objectives and invest client funds in a variety of financial products and asset classes. Affiliated Managers.

Growth Strategies

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Growth strategy begins with identifying the source of the problem – you will want to look at customers, products, the company and its competitors. They want to develop a growth strategy for the next five years.

The Underappreciated Role of Middle Managers in Strategy Implementation

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The role of middle managers in strategy implementation is key to success. Strategy Implementation Success. Here is the woeful record of strategy implementation according to the research: IBM found that less than 10% of well formulated strategies are effectively executed.

Time Management Strategies for Independent Contractors

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Follow these five tips for effective time management Finding a balance between creating your own schedule and completing everything on your to-do list can be challenging as an independent professional.

Preparing for and managing through a downturn


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsAs talk of an impending economic downturn takes hold in the business world, executives can take thoughtful steps to help their companies better weather the storm.

Consulting exit opportunity: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at Live Nation Entertainment

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The post Consulting exit opportunity: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at Live Nation Entertainment appeared first on Management Consulted. Our friends at Live Nation Entertainment (yes, the same Live Nation that merged with Ticketmaster in 2010) just shared a great 6-figure job opportunity with us, and we wanted to pass it along to you! This role lies at the … Continue Reading.

How to Link Your Talent Management Strategy to Your Business Strategy

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Link Your Talent Management Strategy to Your Business Strategy. We believe that the purpose of talent management is to have the right person in the right role at the right time. The 29% impact of talent gets severely diluted if your strategy and culture are not aligned.

Improving the management of complex business partnerships


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsAdhering to four key principles can help companies increase the odds that their collaborations will create more value over their life cycles.

What Are The Best Management Consulting Books?

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The Pyramid Principle:Logic In Writing and Thinking (for managers & consultants especially) by Barbara Minto. developing knowledge and skills specific to managing both consulting practices and different organizational structures.

Why Do Management Consulting Firms Hire MBAs?

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Prior to my current role, I spent many years in the traditional management consulting space. Management consulting projects can span diverse areas from operational to finance to marketing to strategy to IT management, etc. Management Consulting

Best Business Books 2018: Strategy


These are key questions for anybody charged with developing strategy for a large organization. And these key questions are answered with clarity and verve in this year's best business books on strategy. How can you innovate to avoid irrelevance?

Management Consulting Manifesto

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As many regular readers may know, I am pretty passionate about the practice of business and management consulting. Without further ado, here is a working draft of my management consulting manifesto: Do what’s best for the client before the consulting firm. Pursue mastery of interpersonal and organizational communications ; get clients as far as you can along the strategy curve in terms of understanding, commitment, and resolve.

How leading CEOs manage their middle tenures


Strategy & Corporate Finance InsightsFive principles are useful in guiding CEOs in their third, fourth, and fifth years on the job.

List: Aussie Strategy Firms 2013

Tom Spencer

List of Australian Strategy Firms in 2013. BELOW is a hand-picked list of leading Australian strategy firms. This list will be of interest to you if: you’re a student who wants to work for a leading strategy firm, or. Pacific Strategy Partners.

The So What Strategy – A Highly Recommended Book for Business Communications

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I’ve recently read “The So What Strategy,” a book on business communications, and wanted to share my thoughts on the book. So what do I think about “The So What Strategy” by Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles (formerly communications specialists at McKinsey & Company)?

Management Consulting Salary Guide for 2019

Management consultant salaries in the United States will vary by position and experience. Here’s a breakdown of salaries for management consultants according to the top three consulting firms. Why Management Consultant Pay is Competitive. Strategy Consulting.

Achieve Business Success Through Project Management Strategy

Gina Abudi

When leaders look at project management from a strategic viewpoint, they are better able to meet the goals and objectives of their business. Project management enables us to take a step-by-step approach to getting to the end result. Use a project management approach to: prioritize the initiatives we have to accomplish to meet organizational goals [.]. Leadership organization strategy prioritize projects project alignment Project Management project strategy

Porter’s Generic Strategies

Tom Spencer

Three strategies to achieve above-average performance: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. In order to understand Porter’s Generic Strategies, it is helpful to take a step back and examine the two things which determine a firm’s profitability in the long run.

Micro Consulting: Evolution of Management Consulting


Specifically, this trend is reshaping, more specifically adding agility, to the landscape of management consulting. Enter Micro-Consulting, which is the agile, customized version of a traditional management consulting model.

Is Peter Mandelson really a strategy consultant?

Tom Spencer

But the House is rather an unworldly place and its members and staff may not know what a recognized, professional strategy consultant is expected to do. Formulating strategies. Implementing strategies. None have worked as a “strategy consultant” anywhere else.

How To Help Ensure Strategy Scorecards Don’t Fail You

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For many strategy engagements, a lot of attention is paid to the detailed analysis framework. Regardless of strategy technique, one key output of these efforts is often a scorecard summary. For example, should a benchmarking framework be used?

5 Ways Tech Consulting differs from Strategy Consulting

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Last week, we explored how Tech consulting experience can hurt you when it comes to applying for more strategy-focused roles, and how to mitigate this during the recruiting process. The post 5 Ways Tech Consulting differs from Strategy Consulting appeared first on Management Consulted. management consulting

Manage Your Momentum for Growth

Joellyn Sargent

The ability to manage momentum is a critical determining factor in which businesses succeed and which fail. Even the best strategy won’t see you through if you don’t know when to invest or hire. Three Keys to Managing Momentum.

Finance vs Strategy

Tom Spencer

A successful firm will need to pursue sound strategy and, at the same time, stay on top of its finances. Business Strategy consulting finance Management Consulting The financier cares about the next 3 months or less. The strategist cares about the next 3 years or more. The financier wants the deal to close as soon as possible so that he can earn his bonus.

New Manager: Meenakshi Shukla

Tom Spencer

We are delighted to welcome Meenakshi to join the Consulting Blog as a Manager for 2014/15. She is providing crucial strategic and operational guidance, and we believe that she has a bright future ahead working for a top consultancy – if they manage to hire her.

BCG report: Improving the Odds – Strategies for Superior Value Creation

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Simply … Continue reading → Consultant Management consulting Consulting Boston Consulting Group Business Model BCG Strategy Boston Consulting Group released their 14th annual report on total shareholder value (TSR). It was worthwhile read, even if you are not in corporate finance. They talk about global trends in economics, capital flows, investor expectations and business generally.

5 Steps to Creating Great Strategy

Tom Spencer

Developing excellent strategy consists of just 5 steps. HERE are five steps that you can use to formulate great strategy: Diagnose: assess the lay of the land. Commit: select a strategy.

Five management strategies for getting the most from AI


A survey by the McKinsey Global Institute of 3,000 C-level executives across 10 countries and 14 sectors identified five fundamental strategies for how to get the most out of AI’s potential, write Jacques Bughin and Eric Hazan in MIT Sloan Management Review.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Strategy

Tom Spencer

According to McKinsey, transformational mergers are rare “because the circumstances have to be just right, and the management team needs to execute the strategy well.”.

Book Review of “The New How” (Business Strategy Book)

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It is atypical for me to write a book review for this blog, but Nilofer Merchant’s “ The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy ” is very respectable contribution to both audiences of this blog and the process of strategy development in general.

Need Clients Now? 5 Strategies to Quickly Get More Consulting Clients

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You have to keep the truth straight in your mind: "I am not an expense to be managed, I am an investment that generates a powerful return!".

5 Strategies To Create Workplace Happiness

Tom Spencer

This will allow you to identify your potential future leaders, which will make it easier to promote from within and to replace your top managers when they eventually leave. Motivation consulting leadership Management Consulting motivation professional development worker happiness

Best Business Books 2016: Strategy


So it's no surprise that this year's three most compelling books on the topic of strategy touch on how to plan for, quantify, and cope with unpredictability -- in life, business, nature, and geopolitics. Business, like life, is inherently uncertain.

6 Ways to Better Communicate Your Strategy

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Good Strategies Pay Dividends and Get Implemented Consistently. If you better communicate your strategy, your chances for success increase dramatically. Good strategies outline clear and compelling choices about what actions to take and where to play.

9 Research-Backed Manager Roles to Master

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What Are the Manager Roles to Master? For almost three decades we have asked employees to describe their best and worst bosses to help determine what sets a great manager apart from the pack. Role and Purpose of Manager. They know the manager roles to master.