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The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Demoable Pronunciation: dem-o-ah-bull Function: adjective Inflected Form(s): demoed; demo·ing Etymology: ERP Implementation Date: 2008 1 a: the ability to display or present for a show or an audience. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, September 22, 2008. Word of the Day.

Of Course People Aren’t Going to Do What They’re Told

Markovitz Consulting

As one passenger on the flight explained, That 30-second demo of how to put the mask on properly is such an insignificant portion of most of our lives.

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Is Poor B2B Customer Experience Undermining Your Sales Success?

Joellyn Sargent

With that in mind, you’d expect that the best-in-class marketing automation companies I’m contacting for information and demos would be darn good at follow-up. Take, for example, the email I received from one firm after filling out an online demo request form.

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Design Your Room, Quadcopters, Tools, With Holograms: Are Holograms, the Next Deflationary Force?


Microsoft Hololens Demo Link if video does not play: Microsoft Hololens Studio Demo Mike "Mish" Shedlock [link] Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management.

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Is Poor B2B Customer Experience Undermining Your Sales Success?

Joellyn Sargent

With that in mind, you’d expect that the best-in-class marketing automation companies I’m contacting for information and demos would be darn good at follow-up. Take, for example, the email I received from one firm after filling out an online demo request form. We’re pressed for time and I need that demo ASAP. B2B customer experience is nothing like a consumer experience. Or is it?

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Don’t Let Your Sales Process Kill Sales

Joellyn Sargent

For example, one firm insisted on scheduling a fact-finding call before they’d book a demo, even though they already had all our requirements. Another firm insisted on speaking to the CEO before scheduling the demo the CEO had requested.

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10 Minutes and $20 to Fine-Tune Your Image

Successful Independent Consulting

Every photo that Photofeeler publishes for demo or marketing purposes is with explicit permission. Consulting is a people business. Clients hire people who are smart, proficient, affable, and trustworthy. You probably perceive yourself this way, but do others?

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Don’t Let Your Sales Process Kill Sales

Joellyn Sargent

For example, one firm insisted on scheduling a fact-finding call before they’d book a demo, even though they already had all our requirements. Another firm insisted on speaking to the CEO before scheduling the demo the CEO had requested.

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Sage Advice from Corporate Buyers of Consulting Services

Women in Consulting

My friend indicated that these firms were outstanding at demoing their products and espousing the features of the products…but nobody cared. :: Recently I had the opportunity to make a presentation to a small group of consultants; a couple of them worked for Chevron-Texaco.

Why CEOs Hate Trade Shows

Joellyn Sargent

Do you need demos, marketing collateral, special equipment or displays? Answer questions like how to capture leads, what time demos are scheduled, where the company party is and so on. Do prospects that see a demo at a show close faster than leads from other sources? Boondoggle or Necessary Evil? Many entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with trade shows. Event marketing feels like a necessary evil, and a costly one.

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Samples and shipping and more

Seth Godin Blog

Listen to Unleash the demos from Leap First by Seth Godin. Here''s an audio excerpt from the download/CD program I recently released via SoundsTrue as a fundraiser for Acumen. Also on Amazon ). I hope it resonates with you: Listen to The comparison trap from Leap First by Seth Godin.

How Do You Win Back a Distracted Audience?

Women in Consulting

Do a live demo. By: Marianne Fleischer. Cool Under Fire © series , I of 5. This is first in a series of five leadership articles to help consultants keep cool under fire.

Different Cultures See Deadlines Differently

Harvard Business

Not understanding why, I took their advice and scheduled two separate demos: the Flemish delegation at 10 AM and the French delegation at 2 PM later that day. At 9:58 AM on the day of the demos, no one had arrived.

The naked corn paradox

Seth Godin Blog

And stereo speakers are designed with extra bass, so they'll demo better, sell better but sound worse. Sometimes, the thing that's done to market something makes it worse. And so, the corn at the local supermarket is already husked, because it looks better, sells better but tastes worse.

The Business Plan Is Alive And Well But It May Not Be What You Think

Steve Shu Consulting

Often need a mix of instruments here (Powerpoint & Word docs, napkin drawings, demo), depending on the team, industry, and phase of product development (e.g., As many times I have written a “business plan”, it seems the flavor of it can vary quite substantially. I think the notion of this catches a good number of people by surprise. And why shouldn’t that be the case? Many textbooks and templates seem to cover business plan outlines with relatively similar structures.

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Inside the Minds of Your Prospects: 37 Critical Digital Marketing Statistics for Consultants

Tsavo Neal

Up to 70% of B2B websites don’t display clear calls to action on any of their home pages, such as specials, e-mail newsletters, how-to guides, demos, and interactive tools. Do you judge people strictly by their actions — or by how they dress and present themselves?

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How Snack Size Presentations Keep Your Prospect Engaged

Seth Godin Blog

In a selling environment where customers show an ever-increasing reluctance to invest their time and energy to sitting through – or sifting through – long presentations or product demos, it’s time to think about going snack-size as well. I love snack size foods.

How One Startup Developed a Sales Model That Works in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

At this point we’d experimented enough to know there were a few critical factors to activate a meaningful flow of sales: a highly specialized local sales team who could demo the stove, and a targeted network of potential customers that our sales team could engage at peak interest. Where a solar light can simply be turned on to show its value, a stove demo requires 30 minutes of time and extensive training about the technology.

More nonprofit video

The Nonprofit Consultant

I've been very impressed with the short films I've seen on their demo site so far, and look forward to seeing more from them in the future. About a year ago I wrote a post here called " A YouTube for Nonprofits? about the site DoGooder TV from See 3 Media. I've recently been introduced to a new web site and production house focused on making videos for nonprofit causes: Charity Docs (dot org).

The Productivity Booster You Have in Your Pocket, But Probably Don’t Use

Harvard Business

The Duplex demo went further than recommendations. Google has carried on at full pelt, astounding journalists with live demos of Duplex a couple of weeks ago. HBR Staff. The world’s 230 million knowledge workers are frazzled. Modern life is an interminable cacophony of emails, notifications, messages, alerts, feeds, data and information. 70% of us look at our phones within 30 minutes of waking up. All this causes stress.

Midsize Companies Shouldn’t Confuse Growth with Scaling

Harvard Business

Within a year, DraftFCB, now simply FCB, was making headlines for its approach, and clients were so impressed at the power of separate but fully integrated disciplines that they were asking for demos so they could take the model into their own organizations.

Italy's President Warns of "Widespread Social Tension and Unrest" but Offers No Solutions; "Pitchfork Protest" Comments From Italy


Police took off their helmets in sympathy at the latest mass demo in Turin. President Giorgio Napolitano, Italy''s figurehead president (power is in the hands of the prime minister) fears "indiscriminate and violent protest." Napolitano is a bit late in his assessment given the massive number of " pitchfork protests " already underway. Moreover, Napolitano offers no solution to the mess.

Google’s AI Assistant Is a Reminder that Privacy and Security Are Not the Same

Harvard Business

If you haven’t seen the demo, here’s a link. Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images. Earlier this month, Google unveiled remarkable new capabilities for its automated assistant. They’re based on Google’s growing expertise in artificial intelligence (AI). Perhaps the most dramatic, and, to look at the deluge of commentary, troubling, demonstration was the ability of Google AI to make phone calls that imitate a human.

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Harvard Business

The playbook sounds simple: attract prospects with content relevant to each stage of their buying journey and extend offers that motivate them to contact your sales team for a demo or discussion. HBR Staff/Chris Minerva/Getty Images. In the past decade, content marketing has become a widely established practice.

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AI’s Next Great Challenge: Understanding the Nuances of Language

Harvard Business

The progress the industry has made was on display in Google’s recent demo of Duplex , in which an AI agent called businesses and booked appointments. Illustration by James Yang. Language is a uniquely human capability and the manifestation of our intelligence. But through AI — specifically natural language processing (NLP) — we are providing machines with language capabilities, opening up a new realm of possibilities for how we’ll work with them.

Why New Consumer Brands Must Scale Faster

Harvard Business

Steve Demos, the founder of Silk Soymilk, used to joke that Silk is a 25-year overnight success. The cycle time from the small seed of an idea to successful scale has shortened dramatically. Barriers to entry have never been lower. Capital is plentiful.

What Your Innovation Process Should Look Like

Harvard Business

When organizations lack a formal innovation pipeline process, project approvals tend to be based on who has the best demo or slides, or who lobbies the hardest. Companies and government agencies often make the mistake of viewing innovation as a set of unconstrained activities with no discipline. In reality, for innovation to contribute to a company or government agency, it needs to be designed as a process from start to deployment.

To Increase Sales, Get Customers to Commit a Little at a Time

Harvard Business

By instituting demos at various parts of their buyers’ journeys, the firm decreased its selling cycle by 6 to 12 months, increased close rates, and freed-up more time for selling to other prospects.

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Leadership May Not Be the Problem with Your Innovation Team

Harvard Business

The MIT Media Lab’s motto is “Demo or die,” and for good reason. Last November we published an assessment on to help readers diagnose the extent to which their organizations create conditions that favor successful innovation.

4 Factors That Predict Startup Success, and One That Doesn’t

Harvard Business

First Round has been alerted to high-potential investments from a wide variety of sources, including Twitter and in-person pitch gatherings such as ”Demo Days.” What makes a venture capital investment successful?

Find the Right Metrics for Your Sales Team

Harvard Business

This is why leading indicators such as demos, web registrations, calls, or C-suite-level meetings are often more instructive. “What gets measured gets managed” is a longstanding business aphorism. But today’s sales technologies enable companies to measure almost anything, which leads many managers to try to measure everything.

5 Ways to Help Employees Keep Up with Digital Transformation

Harvard Business

Kassir Hussain, former director of Connected Home, told us: “In a space that can often be confusing and frustrating to consumers, our focus on regular user interviews, meetings, tests, and demos allowed us to build a product that was simple, easy to use, and addressed real consumer needs.” The consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape is in the midst of a significant shake-up. Coca-Cola recently reshuffled its leadership team to focus on growth, innovation, and digital.

Even Life-Saving Innovations Don’t Sell Themselves

Harvard Business

Omada also provides free online demos, wireless weigh-ins, and online profiles so participants can track and share their progress, increasing the likelihood that prospective participants will learn about the program by seeing others using it. Most businesses wouldn’t survive without driving demand for their products or services, either through marketing and advertising or through involving users so deeply in the design of the product that word of mouth spurs adoption.

A Commercial Pilot’s 2-Year Plan to Break into Consulting

Management Consulted

I eventually built up a little demo reel, and I started presenting that to other companies. Beau approached us a few months ago to ask about breaking into consulting. He had the epiphany that consulting was his calling in life, and went searching for details – finding MC in the process. Beau’s questions are probably similar to your questions – “Is now the right time? I have a crappy undergrad GPA – do I have a chance? Is my resume where it needs to be?”

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research — Here’s How They Do It

Harvard Business

Apple launched its revolutionary computer to great fanfare in 1984, but all of the basic functionality was on display as early as 1968, at Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos. vincent tsui FOR HBR. Since World War II, the U.S. has been an innovation superpower.

Why Visionary CEOs Never Have Visionary Successors

Harvard Business

As process oriented as the new CEOs are, you get the sense that one of the things they don’t love are the products (go look at the Apple Watch announcements and see who demos it). Microsoft entered the 20 th century as the dominant software provider for anyone who interacted with a computing device. Sixteen years later, that dominance is looking threadbare.

When Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned, Both Suffer

Harvard Business

She added, “If they added the costs of flying people out for demos, our midnight phone calls… oh, [management] probably doesn’t want to really know what it costs. Kimberly Whitaker/Getty Images. A Fortune 250 B2B company spent a quarter of a million dollars trying to solve the wrong problem. A new product line had failed, and the company believed the problem was either poor product delivery times or lack of effort by the sales force.

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The Social Cost of Bad Online Marketing

Harvard Business

Every time you actually respond to one of those emails offering a product demo, or asking you for web site link, or inviting you to a webinar where you will get Fresh New Insight, you are feeding the bears.