Using analytics to increase satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue in customer service


Payments providers that adopt advanced analytics to develop integrated approaches to customer service are seeing significant improvements. Insights on Financial Services

From Zero to $300,000 in 18 Months — An Interview with Organizational Development Consultant Betsy Jordyn – Episode 2

Consulting Success

She is an organizational development and strategy consultant who previously worked with Walt Disney World. In this episode, Betsy shares the benefits of identifying and narrowing in on a specialized area of expertise, her advice on how to efficiently take control of client requests in order to deliver a more valuable assessment, and how to determine if organizational development consulting is the right fit for you.

How IT can drive agile development


A simple idea: update your operating model to be able to build small, self-contained teams that create change quickly and efficiently. Our insights

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10 Steps for Developing Effective Communication Skills | Women in.

Women in Consulting

Hiring and developing great people to support you. Nonprofit Fundraising Events : Friends Asking Friends helps you empower your supporters, reach more people, and execute your fundraising events efficiently ? Build strong relationship with supporters, analyze best prospects, develop online communities, and let constituents know you appreciate them system with Blackbaud CRM solutions.

Agile with a capital ‘A’: A guide to the principles and pitfalls of agile development


Understanding the true principles of agile can give companies the ability to work quickly, boosting efficiency and product success, and, ultimately, creating real, lasting value. Our Insights

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Agile Development’s Biggest Failure Point—and How to Fix It


Agile development has gone mainstream, but the software development methodology that helped hundreds of Silicon Valley startups explode onto the scene has delivered decidedly mixed results for more traditional organizations. Article Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

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History of Organization Development (Part 4 of 6) ? Frederick.

Consulting and Organizational Management

Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. History of Organization Development (Part 4 of 6) — Frederick Taylor, the First Modern ‘Change’ Consultant By Carter McNamara on May 14, 2012. Organization Development. Training and Development.

How to Win with Automation (Hint: It’s Not Chasing Efficiency)

Harvard Business

Lynda Chin, who co-developed the Oncology Expert Advisor at MD Anderson powered by IBM’s Watson, believes that automating cognitive tasks in medicine can help physicians focus more on patients. ” So the key to winning in the era of automation, where robots do jobs formerly performed by humans, is not simply more efficiency, but to explore and identify how greater efficiency creates demand for new jobs to be done.

The NEW & Untapped Secret of Leadership Development

Cheryl Cran

There is a new & untapped secret of leadership development. Leadership development is a broad and expansive topic. The focus on leadership development has been on skills such as communication, conflict management, team work and these are very important elements of being a great leader AND there is a skill that goes beyond baseline leadership development. What does this mean for leadership development?

Develop Deep Knowledge in Your Organization — and Keep It

Harvard Business

Leaders with a passion for developing employees’ skills, and those who understand the need to transfer knowledge among generations of workers, know how important it is to link in-house education to strategic planning. The educational concepts developed in that program have since evolved into a larger learning program called EYP University, which provides an average of 20 courses a year for architects, engineers, and a combination of the two.

Why Do We Spend So Much Developing Senior Leaders and So Little Training New Managers?

Harvard Business

During the last five years of my corporate management career, I had a great deal of leadership development. It’s hard to find precise spending data on the amounts invested in management training (for supervisors and middle managers) and leadership development (for senior executives).

How Learning and Development Are Becoming More Agile

Harvard Business

Our research at the Agile Talent Collaborative reinforces findings from Accenture and other consulting and research firms: the use of freelancers — or agile talents as we call them — is growing, and for reasons that go well beyond cost efficiency. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. What does this mean for workforce learning and development? In particular, we see several interesting developments: Technology-supported peer learning is disrupting the old paradigm.

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Why Salespeople Need to Develop “Machine Intelligence”

Harvard Business

Amelia, the “cognitive agent” developed by IPsoft, can parse natural language to understand customers’ questions, handling up to 27,000 conversations simultaneously and in multiple languages.

In Product Development, Let Your Customers Define Perfection

Harvard Business

In an era of high-stakes innovation, there is no clearer illustration of how to develop new products the right way (and the wrong way) than a tale of two car companies. In the late 1990s, Porsche avoided bankruptcy by making its manufacturing more efficient and its sports cars more reliable.

Expanding the Reach of Primary Care in Developing Countries

Harvard Business

While advances in health care in the developed world often emphasize new technologies, in developing lower- and middle-income countries simply expanding the reach of basic primary care services is crucial to improving health. In developing countries, primary care tends to be delivered by a mix of public and private sector providers. This helps the centers increase efficiency, maintain quality standards, track disease trends, and collect demographic information.

Brand Architecture – Overview (Part 1 or 2)

Tom Spencer

Having a great mentor is critical for personal skill development, especially early in your career, and so I wanted to share the guidelines that my mentor provided me to follow in 2019 to become a better consultant / strategist. Skills, Tips, and Tactics brand development

Continuous Improvement for Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Consultant

While CI was principally developed in the for-profit world, it has broad application for non-profits. In any economy, non-profits need to run efficiently. Tags: continuous improvement processes Nonprofit management efficiency From Guest Blogger: Brian Leitten. Mr. Leitten is an experienced non-profit leader and consultant, chief executive and attorney. He provides consulting services nationally to non-profit leaders from his office in Port Orange, Florida.

Emergence of Formal Behavioral Insights Teams and Initiatives

Steve Shu Consulting

For example, Opower tapped into a great market using software-as-a-service and a behavioral efficiency model for saving energy. Strategy Development. Where are we at and how can we get smarter about developing ideas based on behavioral economics? How can we develop the organizational fortitude to succeed? Operating Model Development. Behavioral Economics Business Development General Management Innovation Intrapreneurship Technology

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Social media is good … newsletters are better … here are 8 reasons why

Rod Burkert

Social media can be incredibly efficient. And I am only on Twitter to get practice development ideas from sources that I can transfer to a BVFLS setting. Practice developmentSo, does your website speak the right lingo ?

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Does your website speak the right lingo? Here’s how you can tell.

Rod Burkert

One thing I found last week: Your Clients Pay You to be Effective, Not Efficient … a LinkedIn article by Tim Williams who reminds us to be overly obsessed with delivering the results (the ends), not doing the work (the means). Practice development

The Ansoff Matrix

Tom Spencer

THE Ansoff Matrix (referred to by some commentators as the Product/Market Expansion Grid) was developed by a Russian-American mathematician named Igor Ansoff , and first explained in his 1957 Harvard Business Review article entitled Strategies for Diversification.

6 Skills for Consulting Success

Tom Spencer

It is crucial not just to know how to prioritize but also to know how to be efficient at managing your resources, which are often limited. Business Development and Management. It is important to develop these leadership and management skills as you progress in a consulting firm. Management Consulting business development consulting creativity intellectual curiosity interpersonal skills presentation skills skills structured thinking success

How do you differentiate yourself from large firms?

Rod Burkert

My 4 Pillars of Practice Development model will tell you that positioning is who you serve and messaging is what makes you different. You are agile and process driven, which allows you to produce consistent, measurable, efficient, and effective valuation solutions. Practice developmen

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Smile: you’re on candid camera. Or you could be.

Rod Burkert

Second, could it be completed more efficiently and effectively by someone you can find on Fiverr or Upwork? Practice developmentGreetings from Wisconsin.

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If You Can't Save 1/10 of a Second, You Can't Save 1 Second

Markovitz Consulting

I’m back from joining Honsha on their semi-annual Executive Development Mission to Japan. It was an incredibly efficient cell already, with no obvious waste that we could see. On a deeper level, developing the eyes to see a one second improvement takes practice.

Is It Time to Consider a Fixed Fee for Your Consulting Services?

Successful Independent Consulting

At some point you’ll master your specialty and work much more efficiently than others. Plus, you’ve developed a good system for interpreting interview data.

Differentiate yourself by taking a stand against something you don’t like about our industry

Rod Burkert

Then, while I was reading the book, a person in one of my coaching groups developed a list of 10 issues he sees in our industry, but few talk about. Despite tools that make us more efficient and effective today, 4-6 weeks is still the norm. Practice development

Quote Your Consulting Billing Rate with Confidence

Successful Independent Consulting

Although rate information is a closely guarded secret, based on my 20 years in the industry here are very rough ballpark numbers for “management consulting” (not IT consulting, project management, training development, etc.). ID 46944176 © Dundja | Dreamstime.

Training Events versus Learning Solutions

LSA Global

Training Events typically strive to improve the awareness and insight of specific skills and knowledge to satisfy the fundamental compliance, health and hygiene learning needs required to attract, develop, engage and retain talent. Blog Talent Development Talent Management Training Strategy

Does the global business services model still matter?


Yes, but for these centralized groups to succeed in a digital era, leaders must focus on agility, customer service, and talent development, in addition to cost reduction and process efficiency. Our Insights

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How to Learn New Skills Faster

LSA Global

If you are responsible for talent management and development, doesn’t it make sense to build new skills as efficiently and effectively as possible? Blog Talent Development Training MeasurementLearn New Skills Faster|.

The Blitzscaling Basics


Blitzscaling is a counterintuitive mode of development in which companies prioritize growth over efficiency, and consciously assume the risk of acting and making decisions without complete information.

Getting the Most from Consultants: The E-Tender System Sucks

Confessions of a Consultant

For example, Tandem Consulting won an open competition for a Management Development contract in a semi-State company. Unclear Specifications: In the Management Development proposal cited the specification was crystal clear. And so it came to pass – that consultants all around the world are now developing detailed, colour-coded project plans, with histograms running off the page. Organization Development‘How not to’ allocate business!

5 Best Practices for Attracting Ideal Consulting Clients

Consulting Success

Experience – you develop your experience by working with more clients. If your ideal client is a $50M manufacturing company and you’re accepting projects from $1M startups, the experience you’ll develop won’t be relevant or much desired by a larger organization.

Take Control of Your Learning at Work

Harvard Business

What you know is now less relevant than what you can learn, and employers are less interested in hiring people with particular expertise than with the general ability to develop the right expertise in the future, particularly if they can do it consistently and across a wide range of roles. For example, research shows that enriching learning environments play a critical role in shaping our experiences and helping us develop new knowledge. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images.

Conducting Effective Meetings as a Manager – 4 Tips

LSA Global

8 in 10 executives are dissatisfied with both the efficiency and effectiveness of their company’s meetings and believe that a whopping two-thirds of the meetings they attend are unproductive. Blog Management Development New Manager Training

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Consulting and Organizational Management

Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Development is hard pressed to interface with operations. Yet it is extremely important that this interface be workable because developments are not relevant until they find their way into operations. This is the “reason for being” of development; to have new systems and adaptive processes and structures integrated, in the long run, to foster organizational performance and adaptation.

Why the Most Productive People Don’t Always Make the Best Managers

Harvard Business

Supporting others’ development. All leaders, whether they are supervisors or managers, need to be concerned about developing others. While individual contributors can focus on their own development, great managers take pride in helping others learn. The person who focuses on productivity often has found a workable process, and they strive to make that process work as efficiently as possible. The bottom line: Start your leadership development efforts sooner.

s+b Trend Watch: The Coming Digital Healthcare Landscape


Doctors and patients are starting to use digital tools to manage healthcare more efficiently. Looking toward the future, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders will adopt existing technologies and develop new ones, creating a more connected digital healthcare ecosystem

Netflix Brings Lean Thinking to Board Meetings

Markovitz Consulting

CEO Reed Hastings says that direct observation of critical management discussions “is an efficient way for the board to understand the company better” and develop trust in the leadership. The memo itself consists of written text that highlights business performance, industry trends, competitive developments, and other strategic and organizational issues. Well, not really. I doubt Netflix was thinking how Jim Womack would apply lean to their board meetings.