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How To Write a Blog Your Ideal Client Wants to Read

Consulting Matters

Most blog posts aren't helpful to your ideal customer. In this "On-The-Air Coaching Session", I sat down with Phil Fraser to discuss a blog post that took him three weeks to write! This brings us to Phil's big question, what are my thoughts about his blog post, "What are the differences between a mentor and a business coach?".

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Is a Blog Valuable?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: Everyone tells me that I need a blog. Do you blog? If so, why? What would your suggestion be to this consultant? Is it valuable for you? Post your thoughts by using the ‘Leave a Comment’ box below.


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11 Best Consulting Blogs: Read These Blogs To Grow Your Consultancy

Tsavo Neal

When is the last time you read a helpful blog article that gave you actionable advice to improve your consulting business? Did you know that there are consultant-specific blogs that host such advice? Although books are a fantastic way for consultants to learn how to run a more profitable business — blogs can be just as helpful.

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Test of Blog Feed and Email

Johanna Rothman

The post Test of Blog Feed and Email appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. If this post works, I'll send a longer post with the too-sad, too-long story of broken feeds and missing emails. But this post needs to work first. Thanks for your patience.

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Technology Gets Old One Day at a Time: Broken Blog Feeds and What You Missed

Johanna Rothman

When I started to blog in 2003, I used Blogger. ” I had to hire someone to move my Blogger blog and HTML site from old technology to new technology. If you happen to look at the first couple of years of posts for my blog, you'll notice there are no comments. Back in February, Feedly rejected both my blog RSS feeds.

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8 Great Blog Post Ideas for Consultants

The Clever Consultant

Marketing Consulting Services Writing & Publishing blog post ideas for consultants blog tips for consultants content marketing content marketing ideas for consultants' Everybody has writer’s block at some point but, it’s easily overcome. Here’s eight great posting […].

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Chad Barr’s Blog Was Named as One of the Top 50 Blogs and Websites for Consultants

Chad Barr

Gartner, McKinsey and others) of the “ Top 50 blogs, magazines and websites for consultants ” This is the best ”top 50 list” of blogs, magazines and websites for consultants that you will find on the internet. Sharing interesting, valuable and provocative insights. Focusing on what is in the client’s best interest.