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Consultants Consultant: These links may help you with improving processes. A way to risk-proof any improvement options: The pre-mortem Make it personal: BPR your life (I […]. The post Links for process improvement appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Training programs

Is More Effective Training the Answer?

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More Effective Training Creates More Effective Performance. Recent undercover tests of the system found TSA failed to detect weapons 70% of the time…and that was an improvement over a test two years before when the resulting failures occurred 95% of the time.

"Process Mining"? Sounds Like a Waste of Time.

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You’re not doing any process mining. You’re missing the boat on “process mining,” the latest improvement breakthrough that will catapult your firm to the top of your industry. According to a new HBR article , process mining will “revitalize process management in firms where it has lain fallow for years.” Conversely, companies that adopt an incremental improvement approach tend to spend too much time on analyzing the “as-is.” Continuous improvement?

Why I'm Cynical about the Consulting Profession | Consulting and.

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team building, coaching, a visioning conference, a process improvement project, etc. They have an approach or a product to sell whether it is team building, coaching, process improvement, strategic planning, or restructuring. « Previous Next » Meet this Blog’s Co-Hosts Carter McNamara of Authenticity Consulting, LLC, provides organization development and consultant training services, and is developer of the Free Management Library. Library.

Urgent vs. Important – How to Sort Through the Noise

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Tasks include maintenance activities and process improvements. If things are landing there because you have a hard time saying ‘No’ to people, consider assertiveness training as an Important/Not Urgent activity and use that to keep working on important things. By: Kim Wasson.

Gorillas in our Midst

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We are bombarded with information at all times and it simply isn’t possible for the human brain to process it all. This saves us from mental processing overload but can also remove useful information. Again, your RAS will focus on what you train it to.

Be Careful About Proclaiming "Failed Management Movements.

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There have been many major movements and models in management, e.g., scientific management, management by objectives, quality circles, Total Quality Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, One-Minute Managing, Self-Managed Teams … the list goes on. I sometimes wonder if the hyperbole from consultants and writers is as dangerous as the situations those people are trying to improve. You can’t learn a new paradigm in a one-day (or even one-week) training session.

Higher Wages Aren’t Enough to Turn Mediocre Jobs into Good Ones

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Drawing on the concept of “efficiency wages,” some economists argue that higher pay can by itself improve performance by enabling companies to attract and retain better people and by motivating employees to work harder. Image Source/Getty Images.

If Your Data Is Bad, Your Machine Learning Tools Are Useless

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The quality demands of machine learning are steep, and bad data can rear its ugly head twice — first in the historical data used to train the predictive model and second in the new data used by that model to make future decisions. To properly train a predictive model, historical data must meet exceptionally broad and high quality standards. To compensate, data scientists cleanse the data before training the predictive model. Alan Schein Photography/Getty Images.

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How the U.S. Can Rebuild Its Capacity to Innovate

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firms took offshoring a step further and began contracting design and product development activities overseas around the turn of the millennium when China joined the World Trade Organization and Asian producers started investing in major capacity improvements. Jetta Productions/Getty Images.

Do Doctors Get Worse as They Get Older?

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However, this policy has recently come under scrutiny due to its high burden to doctors and the lack of sound evidence that recertification processes improve doctors’ quality of care. While there is some evidence that physicians’ clinical knowledge, adherence with up-to-date standards of care, and performance on process measures may wane as they get older, little is known about whether and how age impacts physicians’ practice and their patient outcomes.

How to Motivate Frontline Employees

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One question that has long plagued organizations is how to improve performance among frontline workers, the people who actually drive customer experience. They wanted to improve revenue, cost, risk, and customer satisfaction all at the same time. Shana Novak/Getty Images.

Leadership Development Should Focus on Experiments

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Industry research, for example, shows that companies spent more than $24 billion on leadership and management training worldwide in 2013, an increase of 15% from 2012. Underlying this notion was the lack of tangible results that could be attributed to management training.

Can Employees Really Speak Up Without Retribution?

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Thus not surprisingly, lots of leaders say they want to encourage their employees to speak freely, whether it’s by offering creative new ideas, identifying process improvements, or even calling out unethical behavior. However, senior leaders should be wary of encouraging employees to speak up without also training their middle managers in how to respond. When employees speak up, companies benefit.

How to Beat Mid-Career Malaise

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What actions can you take to improve your professional satisfaction? This made me more people-focused than process-focused, but it allowed for process improvements in the best way possible, by enabling people to excel.” A trained lawyer, James spent more than 20 years working in the legal industry in various capacities. Lynn Koenig/Getty Images. We all have times when we wonder, “Am I at the right company? Am I in the right job?

Value-Based Care Alone Won’t Reduce Health Spending and Improve Patient Outcomes

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Our experience at the Nemours Children’s Health System suggests that value-based care (VBC) is necessary to significantly improve health outcomes and to lower costs for children with chronic illness and complex medical conditions. However, transitioning to a VBC approach involves added infrastructure, training costs, and complexity of delivering care in an environment that mixes fee-for-service and value-based reimbursement.

Keeping Human Stories at the Center of Health Care

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And we must define new standards for humane technologies and implementation practices — an ecosystem of healing on par with quality, safety, and performance-improvement initiatives. VCG/Getty Images.

Scaling Customer Service as Your Startup Grows

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Customers are integral to this process because they provide feedback, and every member of your team should be answering support requests, meeting with customers, and thinking about how to build a product that suits the needs of the market. In later stages you’ll want people who think about how to scale through process, training, and systems. Add a touch of process, carefully. Don’t put process over people.