4-Step Checklist to Better Change Management

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Better Change Management Is Notoriously Hard. Because change is so constant in today’s marketplace, you’d think we’d all be better at it by now. But by its very nature, behavioral change is hard to achieve. 4 Steps to Better Change Management. To help you along the way to achieving the desired changes in your business, here is a change management checklist you can follow. Consider who will struggle the most with the proposed changes.

Abudi Consulting Group Press Release: New Book Out!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Yusuf Abudi, Principal Abudi Consulting Group, LLC 21 Hickory Drive Amherst, NH 03031 Phone: + 1 603 471-3864 Email: acginfo@abudiconsulting.com Abudi Consulting Group, LLC Announces Publication of Gina Abudi’s Recent Book: Implementing Positive Organizational Change Amherst, NH – March 1, 2017. Change Management change management Leadership Management management consulting process improvement Project Management


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Managing BPI Projects

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Managing Stakeholders Expectations around Change Managing business process improvement (BPI) projects are challenging enough. Add to that the need to manage stakeholders’ expectations around change as it relates to the BPI project and your challenges have doubled! One of our responsibilities when managing BPI projects is to ensure we also manage the expectations of our [.].

Develop a Communication Plan: BPI Project Success

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Developing a strategic communication plan to communicate on business process improvement (BPI) projects greatly increases the success of the project overall. Communication BPI leadership BPI projects business process improvement change management engaging stakeholders Project Management

Change Management Is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven. Companies Aren’t Ready

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Data science is becoming a reality for change management, and although it may not have arrived yet, it is time for organizations to get ready. The companies best positioned to change in the next decade will be the ones that set themselves up well now, by collecting the right kind of data and investing in their analytics capacity. Are some managers better than others at delivering messages to employees? Capture Reference Data About Current Change Projects.

How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy

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And while the number of initiatives that fall under the umbrella of “transformation” is so broad that it can seem meaningless, this breadth is actually one of the defining characteristic that differentiates transformation from ordinary change. A transformation is a whole portfolio of change initiatives that together form an integrated program. Often times, facts can change the conversation from tired head-nodding to curiosity. Kenneth Andersson for HBR.

Gaining Clarity in What You Care About Most Deeply in Your OD Work

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The profession has become filled with niche players……executive coaching, team building, process improvement, change management, etc. They put me through a long, exhaustive interviewing process before they finally offered me the job. On one hand, I like projects that enable me to work with employees to figure out how to improve their business. You have changed my life at work. But I was passionate about changing peoples’ lives at work.