Most Important Metrics to Track for a Consulting Business: Video

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Video Transcript: Let’s talk about metrics. Specific metrics that you can use to get more clients, win more business , and actually grow your consulting business. There’s four metrics in one track. Metric number three that you want to track is proposals.

Measuring Marketing Success: 10 Metrics that Matter

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There can be measurable short terms results, such as “ We spent $100,000 in online advertising last month, and generated $450,000 in sales. Shorter sales cycles - Sales reps can get in the door more easily and customers a more aware of your offerings.

Find the Right Metrics for Your Sales Team

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But today’s sales technologies enable companies to measure almost anything, which leads many managers to try to measure everything. As a consequence, managers don’t have a clear sense of what is really driving sales in their business, while salespeople, who are inundated with dozens of metrics, get lost in the day-to-day noise. The challenge, of course, is to decide on the right metrics. Deconstruct Your Sales Funnel. Sales Digital Article

How to Use Corporate Training Metrics to Drive Value

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Are corporate training metrics simply an exercise in futility that pleases training experts and HR but otherwise has no meaningful value to the business? To learn more about corporate training metrics, download 5 Steps to Smarter Training Measurement. Why Measure Training?

Powerful metrics with hidden variables

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The best way to boost sales is to put something in a little box on the menu, and, when in doubt, rank things. What factors lead to a search result showing up on page 1 or page 5 of Google? What about the popularity bar in iTunes? How does it work?

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

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While effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Most industries cower to a few central metrics, the yardsticks that define the winners and losers. For example, same-store sales or sales per square foot measure success in the retail industry, and various volume measures do it in commodity industries. But these metrics can become tyrants. Know your metrics and the behaviors they drive.

4 Essentials for a High Performing Sales Team

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High Performing Sales Team. How would you describe the performance of your sales team? What Does It Take to be a High Performing Sales Team? Of course, you first need a competitive solution to sell and a team with the baseline sales skills to connect with your target buyers.

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6 Questions for a Winning Sales Strategy

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Why a Winning Sales Strategy Matters|. Strategic sales clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. Six Questions For a Winning Sales Strategy. What Are The Few Sales Scenarios That Matter Most?

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4 Field-tested Steps for Better Sales Planning

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High Performance Sales Needs High Performance Sales Planning. If you want better sales performance, you need better sales planning. The goal for most sales teams is pretty straightforward – grow profitable sales. 4 Steps for Better Sales Planning.

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Are Sales Incentives Becoming Obsolete?

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To motivate, manage, and reward B2B salespeople, many companies use sales incentive plans that link large commissions or bonuses to individual results metrics, such as territory quota achievement. As digital channels continue to reduce and redefine salespeople’s role in customer buying, these traditional sales incentive plans are becoming less effective at driving sales outcomes. The right sales incentive plan creates a double win. Sales Digital Article

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Tesla Shows How Traditional Business Metrics Are Outdated

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At the core of the confusion over a company like Tesla is that traditional business metrics are outdated and can create overconfidence or underestimation. Classic metrics like market penetration and market share, which many leaders are measured on, are the very things causing us to miss market opportunities and threats. We don’t need to throw out all classic business metrics. But we should recognize their fundamental flaws and complement them with a new set of metrics.

How to Start a New Sales Territory to Beat the Competition

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Start a New Sales Territory. Being asked to start a new sales territory is often full of opportunities and challenges. Start with Strategic Sales Clarity. Territory Success Metrics. Make sure you can identify the two metrics of success that matter most.

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The ROI of Everything

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Frequently clients ask me to help them develop ROI models and marketing metrics that serve as a foundation for effective decision-making. While all of these things contribute to the success of your business (well, we could argue about the plants, but I like them), they don’t generate sales on their own. Managing Marketing marketing metrics marketing ROI roi

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Great Salespeople Are Born, but Great Sales Forces Are Made

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In sales, where charisma and extroversion can be advantages, some people attribute success more to inborn personality traits than to skills that can be coached or taught. ”) But there’s a big difference between individual success in sales and success across an entire sales force.

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8 Example Case Interview Questions

Your client is a gas station and the market is so competitive that they make no money on gasoline sales. All the profit is in convenience store sales. Blog Case Interview Articles Case Interview Guide estimate future demand estimation question forecast demand industry specific metrics mckinsey case interview mckinsey problem solving testHere's a list of Case Interview Questions that I've received as a candidate.

Good Sales Teams Know When to Stop Selling

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Think hard before blindly committing to another sales pitch. Looking at one metric for gauging customer advocacy, the Net Promoter Score, promoters are worth nearly three to seven times more in lifetime value than detractors, depending on the market. You have earned the right to ask them for another sale. A call from a sales representative will just get their blood boiling, and could send them defecting to a competitor.

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84% of B2B Sales Start with a Referral — Not a Salesperson

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Outbound B2B sales are becoming less and less effective. In fact, a recent survey found that connecting with a prospect now takes 18 or more phone calls, callback rates are below 1%, and only 24% of outbound sales emails are ever opened. Sales reps, according to Forrester , tend to prioritize a sales agenda over solving a customer’s problem. One way to improve communication between sales and marketing is by creating a portal.

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Three Reasons You Can’t Sell to Everyone

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Looking for a quick fix for your sales or marketing troubles? If you’re struggling to increase sales and your efforts are falling flat, you might be trying to reach too many people. A Stunningly Simple Secret to Improve Sales Success.

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It’s 10 AM. Do You Know What Your Sales Reps Are Doing?

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Sales executives with even moderately large, distributed sales forces rely on data to help them understand which activities and behaviors lead to the best outcomes. Using new software to analyze the digital exhaust of calendar and email metadata provides a practical way to build an accurate profile of how frontline sales representatives and managers spend their time, who they interact with externally and internally, and what effect this has on sales performance.

You’ve Got an Ideal Customer Profile, Now What?

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The exercise of pinpointing the best clients can dramatically improve sales results and accelerate business growth. You and your sales staff may feel frustrated at what feels like leaving money on the table. Related posts: A Stunningly Simple Secret to Improve Sales Success.

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Economists Still Upbeat: Retail Sales Drop Seen as "Blip"


Today, despite an easily predictable decline in retail sales, economists did not see the decline coming. Instead, Huge Miss in Retail Sales Seen as a Blip. retail sales recorded their largest decline in 11 months in December as demand fell almost across the board, tempering expectations for a sharp acceleration in consumer spending in the fourth quarter. For January 2015, this seasonal factor will boost sales by the largest factor since 2006," said Dwyer.

How to maximize CRM in marketing services


This approach can lead to a significant sales conversion rate for your business. Sales force automation: Also known as sales force management, sales force automation is meant to prevent duplicate efforts between a salesperson and a customer. HOW TO TURN LEADS INTO SALES.

Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

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Front-line sales professionals and managers rarely find the majority of these capabilities useful in winning more business for the company. CRMs today also serve a lot of masters, from executives in the C-suite, technology, marketing, finance, and, oh yeah, sales.

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

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Companies have hired writers and Chief Content Officers to run departments, create blogs and other materials, and, in the process, some have assured sales people that content marketing can mean the end of cold calling. The playbook sounds simple: attract prospects with content relevant to each stage of their buying journey and extend offers that motivate them to contact your sales team for a demo or discussion. Content by vertical also plays well with most sales teams.

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B2B Salespeople Need to Act More Like Travel Agents

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As we describe in our recent HBR article, “The New Sales Imperative,” the torrents of information, expanding array of options, and growing size and diversity of purchasing groups are leading to a kind of purchase paralysis: Customers are taking longer than ever to make purchases, and abandoning them more often. As employers try to learn about the market, a mob of brokers, sales people, employee evangelists, and others typically flood the decision makers with information.

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Why Your Strategy May Fail

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If sales is at odds with marketing or product development, or if multiple business units are competing for the same customers, or if teams are striving for conflicting outcomes, overall success will be diluted. Develop clear success metrics to track progress toward strategic goals.

Putting the 'Customer' in 'Service Optimization' - Think customers.

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Sales Effectiveness. Sales Effectiveness. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness. Though many companies approach service and support as just another metric to be maximized, those that emphasize quality over call times differentiate themselves from the competition and excel in customer satisfaction. Sales Effectiveness. --> -->. ); 1to1 Media is a division of Peppers & Rogers Group, a leader in Management Consulting. Back

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How to Set Goals for a High Performance Culture

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Other leaders believe success metrics must be set low enough so that people can consistently exceed expectations without setting themselves up to fail. Blog High Performance Culture High Performance Sales Culture Performance Management Talent Management

Asset Management – Valuation (Part 2 of 4)

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This will have a pronounced effect on leverage and coverage metrics. As a secondary metric, large asset managers with diversified businesses may also be looked at from a free cash flow yield perspective. Characteristics of Asset Management Firms.

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Strategic Planning

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What you’re looking for is input from people who are close to the customer, from operations, sales, marketing, and others who can pinpoint potential roadblocks the executive team doesn’t see. Ineffective Metrics. . Planning for Success.

Fixing Pharma’s Incentives Problem in the Wake of the U.S. Opioid Crisis

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Sales positions can be incentivized by activities like calls on doctors and meeting regional sales targets. As the Los Angeles Times recently reported , Purdue doubled its sales force when the drug launched. Sales Marketing Pharmaceuticals Digital Article

Fix Your Social Media Strategy by Taking It Back to Basics

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If you are driving sales online, measure digital KPIs with click-throughs from social platforms to the purchase. Google Analytics Social Reports are especially useful in breaking down social traffic and assigning monetary value to website conversions such as sales or lead generation.

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4 Ways for B2B Businesses to Keep Their Customers

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With our clients, we’ve found that a 30-minute call — clearly defined as a strategy discussion rather than a sales call — is a good place to begin gathering these answers. Every organization has a degree of client engagement, especially in client-facing roles, such as marketing and sales. Define metrics that are focused on customer experience — Net Promoter Score is one, but they can be even closer to the customer. Sales Customers Digital Article

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How to Design the Ideal (and Most Profitable) Consulting Business

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Set definite goals for your business with dates and metrics. Your goal in your sales process is to be concerned about issues far greater than simply getting a signature on the dotted line.

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Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance

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It’s still too early to tell whether this targeted initiative will translate into increased sales. In 2015, in fact, it spent more than $500 million to acquire two popular fitness-metrics services in a bid to become the world’s largest tracker of fitness information. Sales & Marketing Customers Competitive strategy Digital ArticleTopic Images Inc./Getty Getty Images.

Asset Management – Industry Overview (Part 1 of 4)

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If the PM is seen as a driver of AUM, whether through sales or performance, he can command a much higher share of the proceeds than a PM who is not. Operating margin is a very important metric for asset managers as it reflects how much of the fees generated are kept by the company.

Why Don’t More CMOs become CEOs?

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On top of that, many of the metrics marketer use to gauge success are still soft measures, like brand awareness or customer engagement. While their counterparts in IT, Sales and Customer Support may have significant headcount, CMO’s frequently lead a relatively small in-house marketing team supported by legions of agency folks. Fortunately for CMOs, technology is making is easier than ever to turn soft metrics into hard data.).

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Salespeople Need a Strategy for Selling to CEOs

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A change in sales or other customer-acquisition processes, for example, will affect multiple aspects of their business models: the types of orders their firms get, capacity planning, operations, delivery, post-sales requirements, and daily interactions among these groups. So they want to deal with sales reps who can navigate their own organizations and transfer those abilities to facilitate change at the executive’s company. Sales Digital Article

The money maximization distraction

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The Rolling Stones have grossed more than a billion dollars in ticket sales and endorsements. Money is a simple metric, and one that captures a certain sort of information about value and scarcity.

Retail Bank Operational and Digital Leaders Reap the Rewards


At the heart of the benchmarking are core operational metrics. Article Tuesday, May 10, 2016.