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Has the consulting industry hit a value ceiling?

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Value. It’s something that every consultant worth their salt talks about, but relatively few manage to convince their clients that they actually deliver it. The results of our annual survey of consulting clients’ views are in, and it seems that perceptions about value are stalling.

Understanding the Costs and Causes of Employee Turnover

Tom Spencer

In my last blog post we looked at six reasons employee’s leave an organisation. Voluntary turnover is the most crucial type for firms to focus on as it can be impacted by management decisions and organisational styles.

ROI 92

Scaling and accelerating a digital transformation


Putting customers at the center of its digital transformation helped IAG build trust within the organization and accelerate the change. Digital Insights


Two Secrets to Delighting Your Consulting Clients

David A Fields

Your consulting firm’s clients are wired to notice certain things. That’s because they’re human. Let’s take advantage of that wiring to help your consulting firm win more projects and create happier clients. Consulting clients want results. That’s pretty obvious, right?

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Self-Publishing Books To Get Consulting Clients with Tom Asacker: Podcast #73

Consulting Success

In the consulting and coaching business, unless you’re going to scale it by hiring hundreds of employees, there isn’t this fear that the marketplace grabs this idea that you have and you start printing cash. That’s what happened with the two businesses Tom Asacker was in.

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Competitive advantage with a human dimension: From lifelong learning to lifelong employability


As AI-enabled automation advances, organizations should embrace “lifelong employability,” which stretches traditional notions of learning and development and can inspire workers to adapt, more routinely, to the evolving economy. Future of Work

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 5)

Markovitz Consulting

“Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good. But when it comes to internal operations at least, disruption is often both bad for business and for employees, because it causes unevenness in work. Last week , I wrote about how kaizen events can disrupt daily operations and overburden employees.

Mastering Non-Profit Consulting with Douglas Nelson: Podcast #74

Consulting Success

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to how you can master non-profit consulting is Douglas Nelson, managing director for the Discovery Group.

Importance of CRM Systems for Modern Businesses

Tom Spencer

The modern day organisation faces a major concern that its predecessors did not: massive, widespread globalisation.

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When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust


Artificial intelligence can help government agencies solve complex public-sector problems. For those that are new at it, here are five factors that can affect the benefits and risks. Public Sector Insights

Why It's Difficult to "Find" Your Passion

Last week, I held office hours for members of my Inner Circle mentorship program. One of my members asked me for a process she could use to “find” her passion. She was having difficulty figuring it out and was looking for help. Some people are fortunate to figure out their passions early in life. My oldest daughter, now a teenager, loves animals. She raises 25 fish, six chickens, two guinea pigs, one frog, and one dog. She’s been like this since she was three years old.

BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey

Management Consulted

BCG careers are distinctive vs competitors Bain and McKinsey. In this video, Jenny Rae focuses not on Bain Case Interviews like in some of our other videos, but on culture- what’s it’s like to work for Boston Consulting Group. What … Continue Reading. The post BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey appeared first on Management Consulted. Consulting Firms consulting recruiting management consulting McKinsey Consulting

Consulting as a lifestyle business

Consultant Journal

Maybe you’ve heard it, steeped in scorn. “Oh, Oh, you’ve got a lifestyle business”. For whatever reason, some people love to slag entrepreneurs who’ve built out businesses that work with their lifestyle. The first time I heard this, I was about three years into my practice.

Bias busters: Resisting the allure of ‘glamour’ projects


Don’t starve maintenance projects of funds. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

How to Cultivate a Data-Inclusive Culture


A data-inclusive culture, which honors data's place as a significant asset while also respecting risks, is a necessary component of any successful organization

Marriott Rewards Levels: Choosing Benefits

Management Consulted

Marriott Platinum Elite: Help Me Choose Marriott Choice Benefits As a Marriott Elite for many years, and a frequent traveler from consulting days until now, I seriously did not think it could get any better. If you’ve been following my … Continue Reading. The post Marriott Rewards Levels: Choosing Benefits appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travel life as a consultant

Top Consulting Firms

What are the Top Consulting Firms?

Getting the best customer service from your IVR: Fresh eyes on an old problem


Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have one major flaw: people don’t like them. To address this, companies need to rethink their design priorities and put customer experience first. Insights on Operations

My 4 best newsletter tips for landing readers and clients

Rod Burkert

Continued greetings from Palm Springs … 4 weeks of hibernation down, 5 weeks to go before we start traveling again. Based on the emails I got about last week’s conversation, several readers changed their smartphone’s hotspot name to something that relates back to them.

Airline Status Stacking: How I’m getting status on American, Delta, and Southwest

Management Consulted

Premier airline status. The consultant’s holy grail. More than Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa combined, airline status brings joy to many consultants each year (usually in December.) But not this year for me. Because, although I achieved my 13th … Continue Reading. The post Airline Status Stacking: How I’m getting status on American, Delta, and Southwest appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travel life as a consultant

The Curse of Greyface

Kai Davis

I’m reminded of a story in the Principia Discordia revolving around a fictional figured named Greyface. Greyface preached that we should preserve Serious Order and eradicate spontaneity (and even play) at any and all costs.

Tackling Europe’s gap in digital and AI


Europe’s average digital gap with the world’s leaders is now being compounded by an emerging gap in artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence


Strategy Talk: How to Help Your Team Get More Creative


Anyone can get better at generating novel, useful business ideas.

Consulting Firms: Networking The Non-Sleazy Way

Management Consulted

Consulting Firms: Networking the Non-Sleazy Way Consulting firms are famous black boxes with armies of Brooks Brother adorned management consultants that are unapproachable. The thought of consulting firms networking can seem like a pretty daunting task. In fact, after “case … Continue Reading. The post Consulting Firms: Networking The Non-Sleazy Way appeared first on Management Consulted.

Stop Having One-Night Stands With Your Marketing

Henry DeVries

Marketing is a team sport. If you want your small business to really grow, it’s time to move on from that frenzied blur of fads and find a real marketing partner, and a plan, that you can commit to

Digital ecosystems for insurers: Opportunities through the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things has entered customers’ everyday lives around the globe and transformed business models across industries. This environment brings opportunities for insurers: to develop new products, open new distribution channels, and extend their role to include prediction, prevention, and assistance. Insights on Financial Services

Fearlessness is About Being, Not Doing

The More Clients Blog

When we think about fearlessness and about fearless marketing, we think of things like courageous, bold action. We think of taking risks, doing creative things and really swinging out there. And all of that can be very inspiring. But have you noticed that it usually doesn’t last very long? For one, it can be exhausting. But it can also trigger old fears in very short order.

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When You Feel like Complaining or Blaming…Take Action!

Peter Stark

I recently flew on a flight from San Diego to Atlanta. The person sitting next to me spent the first two hours of our flight complaining about his company, his boss, his direct reports, his peers and even his wife and kids.

Effective Email Marketing for Consultants & Coaches

Tsavo Neal

[Audio taken from the High Income Coaching Podcast ]. Why should you bother “building a list” in the first place? What’s an email list for a consultant or coach like you, anyways? Email is the next big thing. We’re finally realizing just how precious these open standards were all along. Your way around Facebook, and all the other walled-garden parasites, goes through email. David Heinemeier Hansson. I think this quote by DHH sums up why.

Lessons from an integration: A conversation with Worldpay’s Mark Heimbouch


The president and COO describes the company’s quest for synergies, scale, and growth in global e-commerce. Insights on Financial Services