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A new year, a clean slate, a fresh start. Let’s hope not, other than for tax purposes. I’d hate to think that you and I are starting anew with no projects, no suspects, prospects, clients or momentum. For some it might be a nice thought to wipe away the past but for most of us it’s the experience we’ve gained that is the most valuable asset we have. It’s why we do business with others and they do business with us.

2015 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

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Welcome to our Consulting Salary post – the kickoff to 2015! Want to see the data for full-time consulting positions with offers starting in 2015? Have a great 2015 and best of luck! If you’re a new hire for 2015, you can help us do that.

Hot Consulting Jobs – January 30, 2015

The Clever Consultant

Here’s a roundup of some interesting consulting job opportunities for week #4 of 2015. Looking to take the next step? Want a fresh start? Some are full time, others are contract work. Are you a recruiter or hiring manager looking for great consultants? Just click here and we’ll help you spread the word, free of […]. Consulting Jobs

Hot Consulting Jobs – January 23, 2015

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Here’s a roundup of some interesting consulting job opportunities for week #3 of 2015. Looking to take the next step? Want a fresh start? Some are full time, others are contract work. Do you have some ideas for jobs you’d like to see? Drop me a line. Ditto if you are looking to hire and […]. Consulting Jobs

Management Consulted UK Tour – Fall 2015

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That wraps up our UK Tour recap for the 2015 season. The post Management Consulted UK Tour – Fall 2015 appeared first on Management Consulted.

Management Consulted East Coast Tour – Fall 2015

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That wraps up our East Coast Tour recap for the 2015 season. The post Management Consulted East Coast Tour – Fall 2015 appeared first on Management Consulted. When Willie Nelson wrote “On the Road Again,” we’re pretty sure he was talking about us!

Organization Design Fundamentals (Nov 2015)

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Tickets available here. Workshops and Conferences

Welcome to 2015 – Make it a Wonderful New Year

Joellyn Sargent

To make 2015 a great year, forget the resolutions. You''re reading Welcome to 2015 – Make it a Wonderful New Year by Joellyn "Joey" Sargent of the Claravon Group , originally posted on JoeySargent.com. Yes, It’s Going to be a Great Year! How do I know?

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Thank You to Our 2015 Silent Auction Donors & Volunteers!

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By: Jen Berkley Jackson. On behalf of Women in Consulting, thank you for your generous donation s to the silent auction! Your participation and co llaboration helped make the 201 5 silent a uction a huge success. Women in Consulting is grateful for your support.

The 10 Attributes of a Successful Consultant

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Text and images are © 2015 David A. Fields, all rights reserved. Consultants Mindset attitude mindset

Major Currencies vs. US Dollar: 2015 Performance


One self-explanatory chart from Bloomberg conveys the overwhelming strength of the the US dollar this year. Major Currencies vs. US Dollar Year to Date If you wish to include some currencies you likely have never heard of, the winner is the Malawian Kwacha, up 6.42

Shifting Sentiment in Spain: 2011 vs. 2015; Could an Anti-Euro Party Win the 2015 Spanish National Election?


Maps of municipal elections in Spain in 2011 vs. the recent 2015 elections show a remarkable change in leadership. Wikipedia reports on 2015 Spanish Election details.

Join Our 2015 Strengths Communicator Training

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Leadership Vision is offering an opportunity for you to join the Strengths Communicator Training in 2015. When – December 3-4, 2015 and January 14-15, 2016. The post Join Our 2015 Strengths Communicator Training appeared first on Leadership Vision.

Best Business Books 2015: Economics


This year's most compelling books on economics all deal with the ways in which politics can hamper the optimal response to crises and changing realities


Best Business Books 2015: Strategy


This year's best business books on strategy take divergent approaches to the fundamental challenge of how to develop the human capacity for innovation. Hollywood producer Brian Grazer makes a convincing case that simple curiosity is the most effective tactic for spurring creative thinking.

Best Business Books 2015: Marketing


This year's smartest marketing books, led by Captivology, wrestle with the ramifications of the maturing digital age, and help us reach a more sophisticated understanding of the opportunities -- and perils -- of deploying immensely powerful digital platforms to reach customers

Best Business Books 2015: Leadership


This year's best leadership books were penned by the head of a sports network, a famous bearded serial entrepreneur, and the founder of an earthy-crunchy snack bar company

Best Business Books 2015: Disruption


The theme of disruption dominated this year's crop of books on how technology is transforming society and the economy. The best business books on this theme include a warning about the impact of robots on work, an argument that innovation is a group effort, and the tale of bitcoin's strange rise

Best Business Books 2015: Narratives


Some of this year's best business books are narratives that cover the divergent fortunes of three hot technology companies -- one that crashed to earth, one in the midst of a wrenching turnaround, and one that is soaring into the stratosphere

Black Belt Supreme 2015 closes May 31 (or when capacity is reached)!

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Reintroducing Black Belt Supreme 2015 ! It’s easy – just sign up for Black Belt Deluxe by May 31, 2015 and email us that you want in on Black Belt Supreme. For the last 2 years, we’ve been running our popular Black Belt interview training courses – with tremendous success. Compared to a scary 3% acceptance rate at consulting firms, Black Belts rock – 55% of our participants have received 1 or more offers from top 10 firms.

Overcoming Discouragement: A Prescription for Consultants

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Text and images are © 2015 David A. *This is a remedy for discouragement, not depression. I am not a therapist. If you are suffering from depression, please seek help from a trained, mental health professional. Fields, all rights reserved. Consultants Mindset attitude mindset selling

Best Business Books 2015


Our annual review of the year's best business books


Canada in Recession, US Will Follow in 2015


US Will Follow I remain amused by all the pundits who think the US has "decoupled" from the global economy and will grow stronger in 2015. On January 21 when the Canadian Central Bank unexpected slashed interest rates, I wrote Canadian Recession Coming Up. Following the rate cut, the yield curve in Canada inverted out to three years. Inversion means near-term interest rates are higher than long-term rates. I saw no other person mention the inversion at the time.

Best Business Books 2015 -- In Pictures


This slideshow is part of the article "Best Business Books 2015


Best Business Books 2015: Managerial Self-Improvement


Character building and its rewards are the principal focus of two of this year's three best business books on the theme of self-improvement for managers, and they are written by David Brooks and Fred Kiel. The third, penned by Jeffrey Pfeffer, reminds us to take the first two with a grain of salt.

Reflections on the "Sure Trade" of 2014; Yield Curve Inversion Possible? Five "Sure Things" for 2015?


And just two weeks into January of 2015, the 30-year long bond made a new intraday record low of 2.39%, breaking the previous low of 2.44% on July 26, 2012. Five Sure Things for 2015? I strongly suspect one or more allegedly "sure things" for 2015 will not happen.

Navigating Behavioral Science Applications

Steve Shu Consulting

The book is not intended to explore detailed behavioral science principals as covered in other great books like Thinking, Fast and Slow (Kahneman 2013) or The Last Mile (Soman 2015).

Ethics 260

New Resolutions and Fresh Starts

Steve Shu Consulting

As we approach the year-end, I wanted to share some thoughts from my book, The Consulting Apprenticeship: 40 Jump-Ideas for You and Your Business. It is a technique that I’ve seen a number of operating companies and management consulting firms use effectively.

How Much Did Your Rent Go Up in 2014? What's Your Expectation for 2015?


What''s your expectation for 2015? If you are a renter, how much did your rent go up this past year? Let''s explore those questions starting with a chart on rent from the MarketWatch article Here’s What Americans Spent on Rent this Year.

[FREE CALCULATOR] The Exactly Right Target Size for Your Consulting Firm to Succeed

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Herman Stekler Award for Inaccurate Recession Forecasting: 2015 Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI; Mish 2016?


The 2015 award would go to Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI, who called for a U.S. I received a nice email today from Prakash Loungani. He gave a presentation at the Federal Forecasters Conference yesterday. His presentation was on the inability and unwillingness for forecasters to predict recessions. Loungani says that to get forecasters to predict recessions ( even inaccurately ) we should have a Stekler Award for Courage in Forecasting.

Homebuilding Off to Slow Start in 2015; Starts Miss Expectations; Atlanta Fed GDP Forecast 0.1%


Add home building to the list of disappointing economic reports. The Bloomberg Consensus for seasonally adjusted starts was for 1.04 million. Instead we saw.926 million. Highlights Housing is still sluggish based on the latest starts data which disappointed.

What Are The Best Management Consulting Books?

Steve Shu Consulting

There are four books that I recommend as core to the generic practice of consulting. These are: The McKinsey Way by Ethan Rasiel. Process Consultation by Edgar Schein (dry read).

Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops

Steve Shu Consulting

I am co-hosting Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops in conjunction with one of my colleagues and partners, Namika Sagara at Sagara Consulting. The goals of these workshops are twofold. First, the workshops teach and demonstrate key behavioral economics (BE) concepts to participants.

Our Top 5 Posts from 2015: All About Teams

Leadership Vision Consulting

2015 was a great year for Leadership Vision. Below are five of the most searched and shared articles from 2015. Do you have a favorite post of ours from 2015? The post Our Top 5 Posts from 2015: All About Teams appeared first on Leadership Vision.

Debt of Six Eurozone Countries Exceeds 100% of GDP, Two More Coming in 2015 (France and Spain)


Two additional countries will pass that barrier in 2015. Spain 100.3% (2015 estimate) France 100% (2015 estimate) In regards to France, Laurent Bigorgne, director of the Institut Montaigne, predict that French liabilities will not stabilize, but will continue to progress. In 2014 there were six eurozone countries whose debt-to-GDP ratio went over the 100% threshold.

The 3 Attributes Your Target Must Have

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Text and images are © 2015 David A. Should you always try to reach the CEO? Will building relationships with managers win you business? The 1.5-minute video below shows you the three criteria that determine your target.

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A Perspective on How Behavioral Economists Think We Should Deal With Reason and Emotion in Decision Making

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I thought I would re-post an answer to a question I was asked to answer on Quora, as it illustrates a conceptual flavor of how knowledge of behavioral economics can be applied to help navigate behavioral obstacles and opportunities.

Update on Inside Nudging and Other Behavioral Science (e.g., Behavioral Economics) Efforts

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I am in the process of publishing an update to Inside Nudging: The Excerpts (as a free release in Apple iBook format and in paperback form for talks, workshops, and academic inquiries). The update includes: Chapter 2: Organizations Can Package Behavioral Science for Good – This chapter describes a case of using behavioral finance in the retirement plan design space. I use this case to demonstrate one example of what a successful innovation center might look like.

Ethics 234

7 Reasons Clients Choose My Firm (and Could Choose Yours)

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Text and images are © 2015 David A. I constantly get emails from consultants saying they learn from other readers’ comments on my blog. Therefore, please post your thoughts below. What action will YOU take to improve your performance on one of these factors? Fields, all rights reserved.