Recharge Your Time Management

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I love spending time with my family and getting away from my desk. Running a successful consulting business means your time is spread thin. I like to come back from time-off refreshed and recharged, feeling like I’ve got everything underfoot.

Time Management and Planning: 10 Motivations | Women In.

Women in Consulting

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3 Tips for First Time Managers

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Tips for First Time Managers to Start Off on the Right Foot. Does becoming a first time manager make you feel as if you are leaping off a cliff without a safety net? You are perceived to have the leadership competencies required to manage others. Managing?

How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings

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Creative ways to find the time. Time management Productivity Meetings Digital Article

Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation

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There it is in your inbox: a meeting invite to a meeting you really don’t want to attend. Or it’s for a time that’s already booked, and now you’re left to decide whom to turn down. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to decline a meeting invite.

Meetings That Work for Both Managers and Makers

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When it comes to designing and leading meetings that produce results , when you meet matters just as much as how you meet. This is particularly true in organizations where employees are both, what Paul Graham calls, “makers” and “managers.”

Chipping at Your Workload, One Message at a Time

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A lot of drama, anxiety and procrastination comes from open communication loops – emails we need to send, phone calls that should be made, or in-person meetings that need to happen. Expert Insights Productivity One Minute Tip productivity Time Management

If You Can’t Say What Your Meeting Will Accomplish, You Shouldn’t Have It

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How many times have you walked out of a theoretically important meeting—a leadership offsite, a C-suite pow-wow, a sit-down with the board—thinking, That was a great discussion, but I’m not sure we really accomplished anything ? But this process may take some time.

Don’t Wait Until After the Meeting to Start Your Action Items

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He would no doubt want input on the draft memo he’d sent yesterday—only she’d hadn’t found time to read it yet. So goes the manager’s punch list for check-ins with direct reports. If this sort of time crunch sounds familiar, you are not alone.

How to Establish a Meeting-Free Day Each Week

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Having a meeting-free day. Establishing one day with no meetings is a technique that I used throughout 2016 to complete a book proposal and write the manuscript for my third book. It’s also a strategy I use with my time management coaching clients. By giving yourself one meeting-free day per week, you reduce the context-switching that can slow down dedicated project work. A meeting-free day isn’t the best option for everyone. Meetings.

If You Multitask During Meetings, Your Team Will, Too

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Managers have hard jobs. We’ve previously written about what great managers do differently , but even great managers are not fully aware of how their work habits can impact those they supervise. The transition from individual contributor to manager expands the influence of a person’s work habits. Unfortunately, managers typically have very limited visibility into what their own behaviors may be signaling to their team and how the team might be reacting.

Stop Scheduling Conference Calls and Finally Commit to Videoconferencing

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If you knew about a technology that would help you improve organizational alignment, cut meeting times, and increase engagement in discussions, surely you’d use it all the time, right? I began using videoconferencing on a regular basis about a year ago, in client situations where meeting in person was not possible or practical, and I’ve been amazed at the results. Meetings Take Half as Long. And best of all, it takes less time. Meetings.

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week

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I hate meetings. And what do most meetings usually result in? You guessed it — more meetings. When I worked as Director of Leadership Development at Walmart, my days were full of meetings. And when I quit two years ago to strike out on my own as an author and keynote speaker, I thought my days full of meetings were behind me. Meetings never really go away. And there’s no time for it! Meetings. Meetings bounce off the windshield.

What to Do When You’re Covering for Colleagues — and Can’t Keep Up

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That’s potentially more email, more tasks, more meetings, and more searching for answers to questions about items outside of your normal day-to-day. This natural and normal consequence of vacation time needs acknowledgment. Time Off. How to Negotiate for Vacation Time.

How to Work for a Boss Who Has a New Idea Every 5 Minutes

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As a time management coach, I’ve coached many creative idea people and coached many people managed by creative idea people. Based on that experience, here are some helpful strategies for managing up when your boss gets distracted by too many creative ideas.

Assessment: How Productive Are You?

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As a coach and mentor focusing on productivity, I’ve heard this complaint hundreds of times, from managers and officials across the world. Productivity Time management Digital ArticleAre you feeling overwhelmed by your obligations at work and home?

How to Get Your Side Hustle Off the Ground

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Indeed, a Deloitte survey of millennial and Gen Z workers showed that nearly two-thirds of respondents would consider a side gig to supplement their full-time work. Time management issues. Instead, it’s more commonly a problem of managing the time we do have.

How to Take the Stress Out of Taking Time Off

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Have you ever questioned whether taking time off is worth it because the stress of preparing for a vacation is so high? Over half of Americans leave some vacation time on the table. During that planning time, get clear on must-do activities prior to splitting from the office.

I Ran 4 Experiments to Break My Social Media Addiction. Here’s What Worked.

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Yet it can also be a highly addictive time-sink if we’re not careful about our goals , purpose , and usage. My goal was to see if by interrupting my daily behavior I could change my “default settings” and have more time for deep, focused work. Barcroft/Getty Images.

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You Know You Need More Sleep. Here’s How to Get It.

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Leaders must manage the present while preparing for the future. So it is not surprising that many leaders put in long hours to meet these demands. Then we can focus on sleeping some other time when we are not so busy. Health Work-life balance Time management Digital Article

Are You Productive Enough?

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” As a time management coach, I’m keenly aware that you could answer the question “Am I productive enough?” For the purposes of this discussion, I’m narrowing the definition of “productive enough” to whether you are meeting the requirements of your job when operating at your personal peak performance. Question 1: Am I meeting expectations? Did you reply to customers within the specified times?

Track Your Time for 30 Days. What You Learn Might Surprise You.

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It’s hard to know if we’re really making efficient use of our time. But are we spending our time on the right things? Inspired by a colleague, the time management expert Laura Vanderkam , I decided to spend the month of February tracking exactly how I spent my time, down to half-hour increments. In particular, there were four that made me rethink a lot of the conventional wisdom on productivity and time management. MirageC/Getty Images.

3 Key Ways to Start the Work Week

Gina Abudi

Get a better control of your work week ahead by considering these three ways to start the work week off in the right direction: Develop your “to do” list for the week A “to do” list enables you to plan your work week and ensure that the right work is getting done to meet goals. [.]. Professional Development accomplishing goals planning the work Time Management to do lists

Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing

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Pausing to consider what needs to be removed from your schedule takes time. In many work environments, tasks and projects get piled on without any clear sense of priorities or time capacity. The beginning of a new year marks the perfect time to clean house and reevaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. For instance, in my book The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment , I recommend a chart that includes columns for activity name, type (i.e.

How to Get the Most Out of a Day Off

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While it’s true that big trips can be fun and even refreshing, they can also take a lot of time, energy, and money. Because of this, some might put off their time away, figuring they’ll get to it when their schedule isn’t so demanding, only to discover at the end of the year that they haven’t used up their paid time off. These small bits of time off can increase my sense of happiness and the feeling of having “room to breathe.”

4 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Work (Without Adding More to Your Plate)

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They worry that they aren’t spending enough time with their children, and they’d like to help their children learn from their experience and avoid mistakes they’ve made. What if you could maximize your time by making progress on work challenges while spending time with your children and helping them learn important skills in the process? And the tips don’t take any additional time. Practice time management together.

4 Conversations Every Overwhelmed Working Parent Should Have

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Working parents sometimes struggle with the feeling that they are either letting down their family or not meeting their career goals. How Busy Working Parents Can Make Time for Mindfulness. For example, you might say, “I want to manage large projects. I’m willing to sprint for short periods of time to ensure that everything works. This teamwork approach helped them manage their time in ways that aligned with their goals.

How Timeboxing Works and Why It Will Make You More Productive

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Third, we are rarely drawn to important-but-not-urgent tasks, like setting aside time for learning. Fourth, to-do lists on their own lack the essential context of what time you have available. The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings. Time management Digital Article

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Research: When Managers Are Overworked, They Treat Employees Less Fairly

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Fair managers can reap big dividends. In a recent paper , published at the Academy of Management Journal, we propose that one explanation is that many managers are, simply put, too busy to be fair. They are often expected to juggle multiple responsibilities under intense time and work pressures , and so treating employees fairly may take a backseat to other pressing priorities. These are complex, effortful, and time-consuming activities.

Taming the Epic To-Do List

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The to-do list can be an indispensable tool when used to mindfully manage your time. Specifically, List #1 is for important but non-time-sensitive projects. The third list is a not-do list, to remind me of things I’ve consciously decided aren’t worth my time. The calendar is for blocking out time to accomplish important matters on schedule. I consider that block of time an unbreakable appointment. Time management Digital Article

To Get More Done, Focus on Environment, Expectations, and Examples

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For the first time in my young career, I was going to lots of meetings, and my job had become as much about convincing, cajoling, and coordinating as it was about designing. My manager told me about a team that was working on the Google Help Forum. JUSTIN TALLIS/Getty Images.

How Your Phone Can Help You Set Better Habits

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Create a formula like this: “At (time and/or location) every (hour/day/week) I will…” Select the right trigger type. You probably know your phone, computer, watch, and other gadgets can set reminders for a specific day and time. ” But timed reminders aren’t the only kind of trigger available. A lot of the time, your phone may be the right tool for the job. Want to stop being late to meetings? VANDAL Photography/Getty Images.

To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To

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Attention Management. To be consistently productive and manage stress better, we must strengthen our skill in attention management. Attention management is the practice of controlling distractions, being present in the moment, finding flow , and maximizing focus, so that you can unleash your genius. Better attention management leads to improved productivity, but it’s about much more than checking things off a to-do list. CSA Images/Getty Images.

Give Yourself Permission to Work Fewer Hours

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I had no clear boundaries between work and personal time, and I rarely stopped working without feeling guilty. Working to exhaustion means you’re less productive when you are working — and it can also mean you don’t have the energy to enjoy your time outside of work.

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

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More and more people are working remotely, and many say it improves their productivity and satisfaction — while also saving them time and money. “But times, they are a-changin’ We live in a different era.” Not only does working from home eliminate your commute, which for most people is “total wasted time,” but it also “allows you to be more focused and efficient.” Give your boss time. Stephen Smith for HBR.

How to Get into a Rhythm at Work If You Can’t Stick to a Schedule

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” Rhythm can also help lead you through your time. If this sort of approach sounds appealing to you, here are some ideas based on my own life and work with time management coaching clients that I’ve seen to align your time with your energy, interests, and goals.

5 Ways to Focus at Work, from an Executive Who’s Struggled with ADHD

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In college, it meant that I largely blew them off and spent most of my time partying. Your Team’s Time Management Problem Might Be a Focus Problem. All my short-term responsibilities are listed on it, in the order of when they’re due: sales calls, proposals, meetings, contracts, and more. And to keep myself focused only on one task at a time , I make sure nothing else is in my line of sight. Psychology Time management Digital Article

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