Elon Musk: “Walk out of a meeting. “

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Well, at the time, they had only produced 30K cars (as of June 2019, they’ve produced 420K+), and wanted to improve their precision, profitability, and productivity. The post Elon Musk: “Walk out of a meeting. In April 2018, Tesla was at a critical juncture – oh wait, that’s redundant – Tesla’s always at a critical juncture.

CEO, Meet Your Customers

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Your time is consumed with things like financing, board meetings, product decisions, operational considerations, legal issues…the list is endless. Make the time to go out and meet your customers on their own turf. How to Meet Your Customers.

4 Simple Steps to Productivity

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Improving Productivity Feels GREAT. :: Did you know that achieving more productivity is pretty simple? Here are his four steps to improve your productivity: Step 1 – Write down your task. Have a productivity buddy.

Meet the Democratic Brand

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From creating new products to defining service terms and features, Democratic brands facilitate customer interactions in a way that inspires repeat business, referrals and recommendations. The request comes in from the major customer and the product team evaluates it.

Meeting China’s productivity challenge


Shifting to a productivity-led model could add more than $5 trillion to its economy—if China can make the transition. The country’s investment model for growth is losing steam. China

Solving the productivity puzzle


New research uncovers how three waves collided to create historically low productivity growth but finds the potential for it to recover to 2 percent or more. Meeting Society’s Expectations

What to Do When Your Meetings Have Gotten Too Big

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Leading teams Meetings Productivity Digital ArticleYou have three options.

The Most Productive Meetings Have Fewer Than 8 People

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There are many problems with the way most meetings are run. In an effort to not make anyone feel left out, they unknowingly decrease the quality of the meeting. Robert Sutton, a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University, looked at the research on group size and concluded that the most productive meetings contain only five to eight people. While it may take some time, you intend to experiment with meeting size and use this theory as a touchstone.

Freelancers: how to spend less time in crappy meetings

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Do you feel frustrated at crappy, time-wasting meetings? Here are three rules you can follow to make your meetings more actionable and less sucky: Rule #1: Every meeting must have an agenda. If it doesn’t have an agenda, it isn’t a meeting. 45-minute meeting?

How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings

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Time management Productivity Meetings Digital ArticleCreative ways to find the time.

Special Discussion on Starting Consulting Services Organizations Within Product Companies

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These are companies that are essentially independent from product vendors. However, there are a number of companies that provide consulting or professional services as part of product companies (e.g., here’s the benefit and features of our product – its the best”).

Assessment: How Productive Are You?

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As a coach and mentor focusing on productivity, I’ve heard this complaint hundreds of times, from managers and officials across the world. Productivity has many aspects. Productivity Time management Digital Article

Are You Productive Enough?

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Productive: “Achieving or producing a significant amount of result.” ” As a time management coach, I’m keenly aware that you could answer the question “Am I productive enough?” I’m also familiar with the fact that individuals fall on a productivity spectrum. One person’s maximum productivity for a certain role in a particular environment could look vastly different from another person’s.

Solving the United Kingdom’s productivity puzzle in a digital age


New research explains why the United Kingdom has been experiencing historically low productivity growth and what can be done to return to long-run averages. Meeting Society’s Expectations

Using The “Seeding” And “Facilitating” Approach In Management Meetings And Consulting Engagements

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One technique that I tend to use a lot in management meetings and consulting engagements involves the use of two slide types.   What challenges do have in facilitating management meetings and decision-making?

How to Debate Ideas Productively at Work

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Difficult conversations Conflict Collaboration Leading teams Meetings Digital ArticleThere are better and worse ways to disagree.

5 Ways to Ensure Productive One-on-One Meetings with Employees

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Productive one-on-one meetings enable for managers to understand employee’s needs, address challenges early on and ensure that goals and objectives are being met. Here are 5 ways to ensure more productive one-on-one meetings with your employees: Have an agenda for each meeting. The agenda should include specific items to be covered during each meeting but [.].

How to Successfully Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges

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Learn how to meet those challenges and your marketing will become more successful, easier, and fun. But meeting those challenges is absolutely worth it. The post How to Successfully Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges appeared first on Action Plan Marketing.

Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation

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There it is in your inbox: a meeting invite to a meeting you really don’t want to attend. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to decline a meeting invite. Meetings. How Top Salespeople Land Hard-to-Get Meetings. Start by assessing the value of the meeting.

Transforming Media Core Technology to Meet Digital Demands


Most are hampered by legacy IT systems that struggle to meet digital demands. Article Tuesday, September 06, 2016. Now, it’s TV’s turn.

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8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings

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If you want your team to be effective, you need meeting ground rules — and you need agreement about how to use them. Meetings. How Top Salespeople Land Hard-to-Get Meetings. 5 Ways Meetings Get Off Track, and How to Prevent Each One. Meetings Digital Article

How to Fix the Most Soul-Crushing Meetings

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Meetings are notoriously one of organizational life’s most insufferable realities. In one global consumer products company that I work with, my firm’s organizational assessment revealed an unusually intense degree of aggravation over how much time was consumed by meetings, leaving “only evenings to do our day jobs,” according to one interviewee. They collectively spent more than 57,000 hours per year in recurring meetings. Meetings.

Productivity and Creativity – awkward bedfellows or birds of a feather?

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For me, the bit that’s really interesting and that feeds well into the current discourse is the differentiation between productivity and creativity. Even 20 seconds googling will provide you with images of linear progression, mathematical equations etc when thinking about productivity. Just as engineers measure their time in units of productivity, so do successful writers in their discipline of producing a number of words per day.

The Paradox of Workplace Productivity

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At its most basic, productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost (or time) required to do so. It’s tempting to conclude that, if individuals are able to perform their work much better and faster, overall productivity must be soaring.

Can Aerospace and Defense Companies Meet Their Great Expectations?


To meet investors' expectations for profitable growth, Aerospace & Defense companies will have to change strategy. Instead of returning capital to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividends, they will have to invest aggressively in profitable growth initiatives.

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The Right Way to Start a Meeting

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But do you ever think about the first impression your meetings make? Frequently restarting meetings for stragglers sends the message that participants have more control than you do. Monologues validate everyone’s fears that your meeting is going to be about as valuable (and as scintillating) as watching an hour of C-SPAN. If you want to have a more productive meeting, focus on a strong opening. Meetings. Meetings Digital Article

Conducting Effective Meetings as a Manager – 4 Tips

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Are Your Managers Good at Conducting Effective Meetings? Conducting effective meetings is a fundamental management skill that has a direct impact on performance because people spend so much time in meetings. Conducting effective meetings matters. Ensure Meeting Relevance.

Has your Strategic Planning Meeting Come to a Stalemate?

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The following are suggestions to help you get started and ensure you have a highly successful strategic planning meeting. Let us partner with you for your next strategic planning meeting or Board retreat. The post Has your Strategic Planning Meeting Come to a Stalemate?

Stay productive! Clear your head in two minutes with this simple technique.

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Get a sheet of paper , or a text file on your computer, or your productivity app of choice that has an inbox. KC getting things done mind sweep productivityOftentimes, your head just fills with things to remember.

How to Establish a Meeting-Free Day Each Week

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Having a meeting-free day. Establishing one day with no meetings is a technique that I used throughout 2016 to complete a book proposal and write the manuscript for my third book. By giving yourself one meeting-free day per week, you reduce the context-switching that can slow down dedicated project work. A meeting-free day isn’t the best option for everyone. Even so, I struggled a bit mentally when I began to implement a meeting-free day. Meetings.

Plan a Better Meeting with Design Thinking

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“Sometimes, when I sit in meetings, especially ones in which people don’t seem engaged, I calculate the cost in staff time. I’ve estimated that one standard weekly meeting in my bureau—50 people sitting in a cookie-cutter conference room, looking both bored and anxious—costs around $177,000 annually, and surely this scenario occurs throughout the [organization] hundreds of times a day. So many meetings are lost opportunities.”

Don’t Wait Until After the Meeting to Start Your Action Items

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It wasn’t long after becoming a manager that I found I had landed on a seemingly endless treadmill of meetings. Meetings. The Seven Imperatives to Keeping Meetings on Track. How to Design an Agenda for an Effective Meeting. Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting?

Keeping Meetings on Track When You’re Not in Charge

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Meetings frustrate everyone. It’s easy to blame this on others – the higher-ups who invite us, arrange the agendas, and chair the meetings. But we are all accountable for keeping meetings effective, whether we are calling them or simply participating. Meetings.

Scheduling Meetings Effectively When You’re Self-Employed

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Without corporate mandates such as weekly team meetings or biweekly project check-ins, entrepreneurs have the ability to wipe out bureaucratic red tape and reach new heights of productivity. Here are four strategies self-employed professionals can use to schedule meetings more effectively. First, it’s important to understand the full cost of a meeting. Their employees are either on-site or can be conferenced in, so a 90-minute meeting takes 90 minutes.

How to Gracefully Exclude Coworkers from Meetings, Emails, and Projects

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Others have tuned the meeting out, retreating to their laptops or phones. At the end of the meeting, the only real outcome is the decision to schedule a follow-up meeting with a smaller group — a group that can actually make some decisions and execute on them.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Structuring Better Meetings

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I am frequently flummoxed by the complete misalignment between a team’s mandate and the agenda for their meetings. content, frequency, and duration) of their meetings with the job that needs to be accomplished in those meetings. Business builder meetings.

Meetings That Work for Both Managers and Makers

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When it comes to designing and leading meetings that produce results , when you meet matters just as much as how you meet. For them, having a meeting at 9 AM and another at 1 PM could destroy the productivity of the entire day. Paul Garbett for HBR.