Intentional Eventing

Kai Davis

Conferences and events suck for the most part. It’s easy to move through an event (conference, meet-up, event, intentional gathering of likeminded individuals, whatever) on autopilot. Here’s what I do to an intentional event experience, instead of a reactive experience. Before the event, I ask myself these ten questions. What’s your game plan for the event? What are the two outcomes you’d like to happen from this event?

4 Top Tips for Networking at Any Event

Tom Spencer

You may have heard this one before, but it is a vital piece of advice for any networking event – you have to make sure to do your research before attending the event. By going into the event prepared, half of your job is already done.


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Digital supplier days: Events for capturing value in procurement


An intense, multiday event—conducted remotely—can be a powerful tool for finding new suppliers, reducing risk and cost, and increasing resilience. Insights on Operations Operations

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Lessons From Events

Martinka Consulting

We had to hustle to end at 9:30 so all-in-all, a very successful event. The post Lessons From Events appeared first on Martinka Consulting. On November 6 we* hosted our 10 th anniversary “Getting the Deal Done Breakfast Conference” at the Bellevue Club. About 150 people heard about our featured topic of management buyouts & buy-ins from our panel and our presenters, Tom Varga, founder of CFO Selections, and Kevin Briscoe, CEO.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

How to Talk to Your Team About Distressing News Events

Harvard Business

Three steps for managers to open up a dialogue. Crisis communication Crisis management Leadership and managing people Digital Article

Making The Most Out Of A Networking Event at University

Tom Spencer

If you are going to university, it is likely that you will attend a corporate networking event at some point. Whether you want to form connections with your dream employer, find out about a specific company or industry, or simply go because that’s what all of your friends seem to be doing, these events can … Continue reading "Making The Most Out Of A Networking Event at University".

Currency Events


Since its introduction in 2008, bitcoin has enjoyed a rapid and tumultuous rise. In his new book, Nathaniel Popper looks into whether the digital currency is built to last

Data Driven Recruiting (Part 2 – Invite-Only Events)

Tom Spencer

This post will focus on invite-only events – that is, events to which companies invite a select group of people. Finding #6 – Invite-Only Events Are Highly Indicative of Interview Invite Odds. If you have been invited to an invite-only event, you now know that your odds of getting a first-round interview are far higher. On average, those with invitations to an invite-only event get invited to interview 34% more than those who don’t.

Confessions Of A TEDx Event Organizer

Henry DeVries

If you want to attract high-paying clients, it pays to speak. A speech that can generate credibility online is a TEDx Talk


[QUICK WIN] 5 Ways to Make the Most of Networking Events

Consulting Matters

The question is: Are you making the most of these events? Are you making the most of the events that you invest time and money to attend? And as importantly - are you taking advantage of the networking events that you may not even realize you're attending every week? In this video you'll discover: How to choose the right events. Here's a flow chart that shows you step-by-step how to make the most of your networking events.

“Are you having a Black Friday event this year, Kai?”

Kai Davis

There will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday event this year. The post “Are you having a Black Friday event this year, Kai?” In my inbox? A reader question. In your inbox? An answer. Are you planning to do a BlackFriday Promo? Lemme answer the next question of “What’s gonna be part of this year’s promo?”. A selection of products (digital and physical) from The Kai Davis Store ( [link] ). A pre-order for a new video course on (shhh).

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Go Ahead, Skip that Networking Event

Harvard Business

We’ve probably all been to at least one networking event, those initially promising but inevitably awkward meet-ups where most people arrive hoping to meet new contacts that can further their career — but end up stirring their drink in the corner of the room chatting with someone they already knew. To an introvert, these events are terrifying, but it turns out that these events aren’t all that effective for extroverts either. So skip the networking events.

How to Host a Virtual Networking Event

Harvard Business

A step-by-step guide to staying social — even at a distance. Networking Digital Article

Training Events versus Learning Solutions

LSA Global

Let’s use sexual harassment training as an example to highlight Training Events versus Learning Solutions. Training Events versus Learning Solutions. We say “Training Does Not Always Makes Sense” because there is big difference between Training Events versus Learning Solutions. Only then will you know if you need to deploy a cost effective and efficient Training Event or a more robust Learning Solution. Training Does Not Always Makes Sense.

Click to Connect: The Rise of the Virtual Event

Harvard Business

Celebrity party planner Bronson Van Wyck returns to the show to discuss how he pivoted his business to virtual events during Covid-19. Change management Founders Internet Audio

WIC’s LinkedIn Event Sold Out

Women in Consulting

And while the entire event can’t be recapped in one short post, if you see anything unusual in your profile the official word is…CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. By: Amy Huson. Sixty plus Women In Consulting members made the trek to Sunnyvale last week to hear the latest tips on how to grow their consulting practice with LinkedIn. WIC members got to network with each other and the LinkedIn team.

(LIVE) How Companies Can Use Marketing to Grow in 2021 w/Mehak Vohra

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Marketing live training events Growth

How To Go It Solo at a Networking Event

Women in Consulting

By: Sandy Jones-Kaminski Networking occurs at practically every event we attend, whether it’s on the schedule or not. These tips are most helpful if you’re attending an in-person networking event solo. Find the event’s host(s) or any of its sponsors and introduce yourself to them with the same warm smile and handshake as above, and then thank them for hosting and/or sponsoring the event.

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The 2016 WIC Speed Mentoring Event in Review

Women in Consulting

Fast forward two years: we’ve launched six Mastermind groups and two Speed Mentoring events, with demand for more. WIC’s second annual Speed Mentoring event on November 17 was a perfect example of WIC at it’s best. – Informal, light food and no-host bar available throughout the event. Angel Rampy, Success Through Learning, sponsored the event with a jewelry show from which she donated 20% of proceeds to Second Harvest. This event really caught my eye.

“Swell”: Bernanke to Give Keynote Speech at October Cryptocurrency Event


Ben Bernanke will join Sir Tim Berners-Lee as keynote speakers at the “ Swell ” cryptocurrency conference October 16-18 in Toronto. more…). Economics

3 Secret Strategies for Designing A Profitable Event Brand|Women.

Women in Consulting

Backed by award-winning services and support teams, Blackbaud’s comprehensive set of Internet solutions, featuring Blackbaud NetCommunity and Blackbaud Sphere eMarketing along with our industry leading peer-to-peer and event fundraising solution, Friends Asking Friends , is designed to meet the evolving needs of nonprofits. Online Fundraising | Donor Management | Internet Solutions | Event Fundraising | Credit Card Processing. ©

How to Network When There Are No Networking Events

Harvard Business

Step one: Turn canceled conferences into private networking opportunities. Networking Digital Article

Why I promote my speaking events on LinkedIn … you should, too

Rod Burkert

Before I head out to any speaking event, I promote it on social media. You should, too, so that your leads, prospects, clients, and referrals sources (not all of whom will be at your event) can see what you’re up to, and by extension, that you have Authority in the subject matter or else you wouldn’t be speaking. Your speaking events let you advance your perspective of your knowledge. Promoting your speaking events help you to get recognized for your efforts.

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Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events

Harvard Business

Large, traditional business networking events are a time-honored institution. They have been a staple of aspiring and successful professionals for so long that most networking advice focuses not on whether you should attend, but on how to make the most of these events when you do attend. The most basic problem with traditional networking events is that they are mixing bowls for professionals who are there for different reasons. My favorite events to host are wine tastings.

It’s Okay to Say “No” to Social Events During Covid

Harvard Business

Research shows we overestimate the cost of rejecting invitations. Difficult conversations Psychology Digital Article

Addressing the Biggest Challenges of Hosting Hybrid Events - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WEBEX

Harvard Business

Sponsor content from Webex. Technology Technology and analytics Sponsor Content


Free Resource to Help Your Team Assess and Escalate (or not) a Negative Event

Melissa Agnes

You want to ensure prompt escalation in the event of a potential crisis while also ensuring that you do not call leadership out of their busy schedules when a situation does not merit their attention. The post Free Resource to Help Your Team Assess and Escalate (or not) a Negative Event appeared first on Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker.

Introducing Michelle Joyce, My New Director of Events!

Melissa Agnes

I have recently brought Michelle Joyce on my team as my Director of Events! Together, Michelle and I hope to create the most memorable events for you and your audiences. The post Introducing Michelle Joyce, My New Director of Events! As you know, I speak to audiences around the globe on crisis management and creating a crisis-ready culture. Well, I have exciting news!

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How Managers Can Make Casual Networking Events More Inclusive

Harvard Business

Some years ago, at a former company, I began noticing a curious series of events. I eventually solved the puzzle; my male manager and certain members of our department were meeting with employees, including leaders, over unplanned, informal networking events at a local bar. A casual drink here, a few networking events there with like-minded colleagues isn’t so bad, right? Planning more events that aren’t alcohol-driven is key to being more inclusive.

Massive Jump in New Home Sales, 17-Sigma Event


New home sales surprised in a massive way this morning, blowing out all estimates to the high side. New home … Continue reading → Economics

Sales 33

Inside Ukraine: Mish Reader Who Speaks Ukrainian and Russian Challenges Western Media View of Events


First, let''s take a look at events that happened earlier today. The escalation of events in Crimea and Mr Yanukovich’s claims still to be in power pose a severe challenge to Ukraine’s new leaders even as they grapple to stabilise the country’s tottering economy. I received an interesting email regarding Ukraine from reader Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks both Russian and Ukrainian. Jacob comments on media bias and offers the "full scoop" on Ukraine.

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How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

MBO Partners

Here are five ways to make the most of networking events Networking is a great way to grow your independent business, learn from others in the industry, and connect with potential clients.

Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?

Harvard Business

Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events. Based on the responses of the women in this sample group, we see elevated optimism and social connection, as well as superstar role models (for example, Michelle Obama and Brené Brown also spoke at the event I went to). If you are a manager, encourage your employees to go to events where they can connect with others to remind them that they are not pursuing success and happiness alone. Martin Konopka/EyeEm/Getty Images.

Industrial Production Declines, November and December Revised Lower; String of Unexpected Events Continues


This morning the Fed reported Industrial production declined. Moreover November and December were revised sharply lower. Industrial production decreased 0.3 percent in January after having risen 0.3 percent in December. In January, manufacturing output fell 0.8 percent, partly because of the severe weather that curtailed production in some regions of the country.

Brussels Enters Lockdown, Warns of "Paris-Style" Attack, Airport and Sporting Events Closed


Brussels faces an imminent threat of a Paris-style Islamic State terrorist attack, authorities warned, as the city shut down its metro system and shopping malls, canceled sporting and cultural events and told people to avoid gathering in large groups. “ Authorities canceled sporting events and cultural activities around the Belgian capital. Officials in Belgium have "precise information" that Brussels faces a "Paris-Style" Attack. In response Brussels Enters Lockdown.

All the events you weren't there to control.

Seth Godin Blog

Yesterday, thousands of people got married. Just about every one of these weddings went beautifully. Amazingly, you weren't there, on-site, making sure everything was perfect. Last week, a letter to investors went out from the CFO of a hot public company. It was well received. Yes, it's true, you didn't review it first, but it still worked. And just the other day, someone was talking about the product you created, but she didn't ask you about it first.

LA Consulting Mastermind

Consulting Success

Consulting Articles consulting event mastermindWould you like to hang out together in the beautiful hills of Los Angeles in a private villa for a full day of building your business with “the Zipursky cousins”? If you’d like to have us share and discuss with you the latest best practices to grow and scale your consulting business… If you’d like to review, refine, and optimize your current offerings and develop more leveraged and high value ways to deliver them… If.

Cold Water, Frosty Relations, Wildly Misleading Claims; Time Ticking Away in Greece; Calendar of Events


From Frost to Cold Water Equity markets cling to hopes of agreement with Greece, rhetoric from Germany is anything but encouraging. Yesterday, the Financial Times reported Merkel Frosty on Greece''s Bailout Plans. Today the same story appears with the title of Merkel Pours Cold Water on Greece’s Push to End Bailout.

Apple’s Big Event, Plus Is Corporate Debt at a Crisis Level?

Harvard Business

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir share their reactions to Apple’s big event announcing the launch of its new TV+ service. They then discuss whether corporate debt levels are reaching crisis potential. The views expressed on this podcast are those of its hosts, guests, and callers, and not those of Harvard Business Review. Sales & Marketing Innovation Economics & Society Audio

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