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7 Assumptions that Might Be Sabotaging Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You know the old adages about assumptions: “Assume makes an ass out of you and me,” and “Assume I’ll want chocolate when I visit, and you’ll be right,” and, of course, “Assume spelled sideways is almost masseuse.” Assumptions alleviate the strain on your brain.

Managing Change in the Face of Skepticism


In companies with analytical cultures, employees are prone to rejecting change initiatives as "too squishy." Tweaking the action plan can lead to success

How to Uncover the Root Cause of Poor Performance

Consulting Matters

The most common go-to solution for any performance gap is to throw training at it. The truth is, while training is often necessary, it is NEVER sufficient. To move the needle on performance, you have to isolate the root cause to what is getting in the way. These questions are designed to help you get to the root of individual performance problems – which may or not not require training to solve. STEP 1: UNDERSTAND PERFORMANCE GAPS. Task/Responsibility performed poorly.

What if I didn’t get a consulting internship?

Consultants Mind

I work at a business school. That means we teach (yes) and also work to get students great jobs – set them on the way to satisfaction and success. Now that it is November, there are inevitably a cadre of students who did not get consulting internship. Let’s remember, a consulting firm will interview hundreds […]. The post What if I didn’t get a consulting internship? appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consulting Career

Shopper Marketing Consultant Goes Global with Mike Anthony: Podcast #62

Consulting Success

Building your business is about building a group of people around you. You need employees and you need clients. From there, you can expand and grow your business to reach various markets. Mike Anthony of Engage Marketing Consultants is all too familiar with that process.

MBA Internship Application Deadlines for McKinsey, Bain, and BCG

Management Consulted

Can you believe it’s already November? MBA first years: it’s crunch time! All top firms have released MBA internship application deadlines, and we’ve aggregated the relevant dates and links in one convenient location for you here, so you know exactly when you … Continue Reading. The post MBA Internship Application Deadlines for McKinsey, Bain, and BCG appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting internship

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Economist – November 2018

Consultants Mind

Read the Economist. Full stop. It’s well-written, free-market, slow-news, and entirely useful. If you pick up a copy from 6 months ago, it’s still relevant because they talk about trends, and key drivers. Not the day-to-day gyrations of public opinion, demagoguery, and lizard-brain stories about violence. No, it’s British, definitely libertarian, and measured. Like I […]. The post Economist – November 2018 appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

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R.I.P. Stan Lee – 1922-2018

The More Clients Blog

Where would popular culture be without the great Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics? As I kid, I used to love Thor and Spiderman Comics, and more than 50 years later I (and umpteen million others) are still watching Marvel Movies. One thing about Stan is that he loved what he did. In any picture of him, he always had a smile on his face. Do you love what you do?

Test Social Share

Management Consulted

Let’s face it – you didn’t sign up to be a consultant because you wanted to spend your work years in a cubicle, neck deep in mediocrity. You braved an insane interview process because you knew there was more out … Continue Reading. The post Test Social Share appeared first on Management Consulted

Central and Eastern Europe needs a new engine for growth


Creating a digital, tech-driven economy could be the growth engine that ten economies in the region need. Europe

The Best Social Media For Lead Generation

Henry DeVries

If you want to attract high-paying clients, don’t get distracted with Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is the hand you should be watching

Media 77

“I don’t know how to do that.” Well, this is how.

Rod Burkert

Greetings from the “Big Bend” area of Texas. The RV is parked in Lajitas, a small town that is a stone’s throw from the Mexican border and where we will be enjoying good internet and warm temps for the first half of winter. Open and honest, I love this life!

Video 52

Learning on the Go & Reflecting on Our Work (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation between Sara and Nathan as they travel to and from a client engagement. In the first part of the show, Sara and I talk about our work with the client and share a few points of learning we hoped to have with them.

Visualizing early childhood development


See how states are making progress to support early childhood development. Public Sector Insights

Three Marketing Don'ts Even If Budgets Are Tight

Henry DeVries

Is your budget tight? A logical choice might be to view marketing as a variable expense. Don’t fall into that trap

5 Steps to Close the Gap between Strategy Design and Implementation

LSA Global

Strategy Design is Only the Beginning. Designing a clear and compelling company strategy is only the first step. To truly meet strategic targets, your plans must be understood, committed to and implemented by your employees.

The Benefits of Laughing in the Office

Harvard Business

Daniel Viñé Garcia/Getty Images. While on an investor tour in Europe, I ended a busy day by joining my boss at a nice restaurant. After he said something funny, I responded in my typical style — throwing back my head and letting out hearty, unabashed laughter. People were taken aback.

Africa’s overlooked business revolution


Global business leaders who misunderstand Africa run the risk of missing out on one of the 21st century’s great growth opportunities. Middle East and Africa


consulting niche celebrity

Kai Davis

Do you want an unstoppable value proposition for your business? A value proposition and a differentiator that none of your competitors (no matter how hard they try, how long they’ve been in the industry, or how much money they spend) can compete with? Something that attracts prospects, warms your prospects, and converts prospects into clients and loyal, raving fans? You want to become a Consulting Niche Celebrity. Why Become A “Consulting Niche Celebrity”?

Competition Drives Prices

Martinka Consulting

Every summer we take a road trip. I’ve noticed motel prices going down over the last few years and it seems obvious why they’re doing so – there’s a proliferation of franchise/chain motels everywhere. In Bozeman, our dog-friendly place sits in the middle of five similar places. Across the highway are five or six “lower-level” motels and in back of our place there’s a development for a two-hotel convention center. The same seems to be true in other places along our route.

5 Ways Smart People Sabotage Their Success

Harvard Business

Shana Novak/Getty Images. Mark was always one of the smartest kids in his class. He’s done well in his career, but when he checks Facebook, he sees people he outperformed at school who have now achieved more. Likewise, there are colleagues at his firm who have leapfrogged him.

How bots, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the future of corporate support functions


Industrial companies are discovering additional sources of value in applying advanced technology to general and administrative support functions. The results can be impressive for businesses that can adapt to the disruption of legacy systems. Digital Insights

Becoming a “Consulting Niche Celebrity”

Kai Davis

Do you want an unstoppable value proposition for your business? A value proposition and a differentiator that none of your competitors (no matter how hard they try, how long they’ve been in the industry, or how much money they spend) can compete with? Something that attracts prospects, warms your prospects, and converts prospects into clients and loyal, raving fans? You want to become a Consulting Niche Celebrity. Why Become A “Consulting Niche Celebrity”?

How to Grow Existing Accounts Faster

LSA Global

Grow Existing Accounts Faster. If you want to increase revenue, go first to your existing customers. According to research by Bain & Company, retaining current customers is almost 7 times less costly than acquiring new ones and repeat customers spend 67% more on average than new customers.

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What Stan Lee Knew About Managing Creative People

Harvard Business

Kim Kulish/Contributor/Getty Images. Stan Lee hated to see an idle artist. The renowned comic book writer and publisher, who died this week at 95, thought idle talent was bored talent, and bored talent was easy to lose to the competition.

Automation and the future of the African American workforce


Without concerted effort, automation could heighten disparities that already harm minority workers. Future of Work


Think Like A Prospect

Kai Davis

Stop thinking like an expert. Don’t show off to your prospects. Prospects have their own problems. Focus on those problems. You want to be writing, talking, publishing, sharing, and answering questions about the problems your prospects are facing. Prospects care about solving their problems. If you want to help your prospects solve their problems, then you want to deeply understand two things: The problem they’re facing. Their hopes, fears, and dreams.

How Managers Can Make Better Decisions

LSA Global

Managers Can Make Better Decisions. One of the most important, and yet one of the most challenging skills for new managers , is the ability to make effective decisions.

How to Work for a Boss Who Has a New Idea Every 5 Minutes

Harvard Business

IAN HOOTON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images. You walk down the hall, head spinning — unsure of how to stabilize yourself. You went into your one-on-one thinking you had clarity on your current priorities.

AI adoption advances, but foundational barriers remain


Survey respondents report the rapid adoption of AI and expect only a minimal effect on head count. Yet few companies have in place the foundational building blocks that enable AI to generate value at scale. Artificial Intelligence

“It’s One Of My Favorite Places To Visit During The Work Week…”

Kai Davis

Here’s what Bryan Strawser, Principal & CEO, of Bryghtpath, has to say about Freelance Camp ([link] my community for freelancers and consultants: I was concerned that perhaps I didn’t have the experience or approach as a freelancer to participate and add value in the forum. I’m a little different than many others in Freelance Camp in that I’m running a small-sized “boutique” firm. It turned out that my hesitation was completely unwarranted.

5 Essentials to Prepare for Organizational Change

LSA Global

Prepare for Organizational Change. While most leaders understand that organizational change can be complicated, few seem to invest the time required to change due to shifts in strategies, markets, cultures, leaders, solutions, systems, people or organizational structures.

How to Leave a Job You Love

Harvard Business

Eduardo da Costa/Getty Images. Maybe you fell head over heels. Maybe your feelings grew over time. All you know is that you have what everyone is looking for, but few seem to get: A job you love. And you are about to leave it. How do you even start explaining? The work is great.

‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies


The influence of Gen Z—the first generation of true digital natives—is expanding. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods