July, 2018

10 Signs of a Great Consulting Client

David A Fields

What makes a consulting firm exceptional? Yes, tiramisu at lunch every Friday. And what else makes a consulting firm exceptional? Outstanding clients. Selecting your clients carefully is essential for your consulting firm to grow and provide the rewards you’re looking for.

The Paths of Consultancy

Tom Spencer

Daryl Morey slinks away to a secluded weight-room with two muted TVs broadcasting the tipoff of his beloved Houston Rockets, the team he created. As general manager, he had the power to build the team to exactly his desires.

An Elderly Couple, A Bucket of Sweat and a Consulting Hypothesis

Consulting Success

It was Sunday morning. I woke up feeling less than rested. Rewind 6 hours earlier… A couple of neighbours came over to the house. I organized a Scotch night where we tasted four lovely bottles with an assortment of snacks over a few hours of conversation. Now, it was 6 am on Sunday morning. Rei, my daughter let my wife and I know that she had awoken with the typical “Momma! Dadda!” That’s a cue. An Elderly Couple, A Bucket of Sweat and a Consulting Hypothesis is a post from: Consulting Success.

Inside Secrets For Resume Review

Management Consulted

Inside Secrets for Resume Review Reviewers spend as little as six seconds reading your resume. That’s six seconds to put your best foot forward, presenting a lifetime of professional skills, successes, stories and style onto a single page. At the most, … Continued.

Effectively Leading Organizational Change, Part 3

Peter Stark

leading an unwanted change. One of the most difficult challenges leaders need to accomplish is implementing a change that they are not in support of or a change that they know their direct reports are not going to be excited about incorporating into how they currently do their jobs.

More of. Less of. Do you know what you want?

Rod Burkert

Yes, it is the 4 th of July holiday. And I am in your inbox as usual. Would you expect anything less of me? We are at Custer State Park … a magical place if you’ve never been. My birthday is on Saturday … and this is normally a low-key week for me.

Getting the Most from Consultants: The E-Tender System Sucks

Confessions of a Consultant

‘How not to’ allocate business! This blog format is relatively straightforward. Grab attention. Make the point. Move on. But every now and again, a slightly more difficult topic is worth exploring. Indulge me this week as you take a 5-minute executive break! Avoiding Decoys: In the bad old days of consulting, the focus was on avoiding decoys. A decoy was an opportunity to pitch for a piece of work with a client. On the surface, this sounds good.

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Company analysis: Pandora Media

Consultants Mind

Reading Pandora Media’s financial statements is like rubbernecking at a car crash on the highway. Completely not necessary, not classy, and perhaps a waste of time. Two years ago I wrote about Pandora’s terrible business situation here.

An Anecdote on How Experimental Design and Statistics Are Used in Behavioral Economics and Business

Steve Shu Consulting

In recent study I having been working with Hal Hershfield and Shlomo Benartzi at UCLA, we worked with a FinTech company that had its roots in providing a mobile app to Millennials to get them to save incremental money through rounding up purchases.

Marketing Strategies for Consultants Study: 2018

Consulting Success

I’m excited to share the results of our 2018 Marketing Strategies for Consultants Study. Marketing is always a hot topic for consultants. Many struggle with it. Few excel in it. All must do it to attract new clients and grow their business. In this study, we polled our list of 33,000 consultants and asked them about their marketing — and you’ll learn how you compare to other consultants when it comes to your own marketing.

Study 178

Take Steps Now to Protect Your Independent Status!

Successful Independent Consulting

Recent court ruling likely to impact independent consultants in the U.S. This article was written by Henry Telfeian, a labor relations and employment attorney as well as the general counsel for the Professional Independent Consultants of America, Inc. PICA Inc.).

Inside Secrets For Resume Review

Management Consulted

Inside Secrets for Resume Review Reviewers spend as little as six seconds reading your resume. That’s six seconds to put your best foot forward, presenting a lifetime of professional skills, successes, stories and style onto a single page. At the most, … Continued.

Your Clients’ Top 7 Obligations to Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

Consulting can sometimes feel like an unequal, parent-child type relationship. They set rules. They control your payments. They tell you to turn your music down. But the relationship isn’t as unequal as it seems. In fact, it needn’t be unequal at all.

Who is David Rubenstein?

Consultants Mind

If you are in private equity, this is a name you already know. Rubenstein is the co-founder, and co-chairman, of the Carlyle Group which invests $200+ billion on behalf of their limited partners.

Groups 170

Example Companies Involved with Behavioral Economics

Steve Shu Consulting

Here are some firms and practice groups in the behavioral science and economics space: Behavioral Insights Team – Home – Behavioural Insights Team. BEworks – Home – BEworks. BeSmart at Boston Consulting Group. BVA: BVA : BVA Nudge Unit.

High Converting Webinar Sales In Consulting With Joel Erway: Podcast #46

Consulting Success

Lead generation webinars are a powerful tool for generating high-ticket sales appointments. In recent years, building high-converting sales webinars and sales presentations have become a top priority for coaches, consultants, and solo entrepreneurs looking to sell their courses through specialists. One such company is The Webinar Agency, run by Joel Erway.

Sales 127

Interested in going to Japan with me?

Markovitz Consulting

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining the Japan Executive Development Mission to Japan from October 7-13, 2018 as guest faculty and facilitator. Having been part of different Japan study trips in the past, I can tell you that learning about lean at the source is a unique experience. The closer you get to the origin, the clearer you can see and understand the original purpose for each technique. The Japan EDM is hosted by Honsha , a network of former Toyota team members.

5 Tips to Get Traffic from Popular Blogs

Tom Spencer

So, you’ve put together your blog or product website – now all you need is visitors. You blast your website on social media pages, telling your friends to share and subscribe. Your views … trickle in. Slowly. This won’t cut it. How do other blogs get so much traffic so quickly?

Media 95

A 12-Week Challenge that Will Lift Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You’re surrounded by opportunities to accelerate your success and to enjoy the rewards of running your solo or boutique, independent consulting firm. Those opportunities are like flights that will lift you away from your current condition and land you in a different, better place.

Oh, professionalism

Consultants Mind

Hope you’re enjoying the summer – full of beaches, lakes, friends, and food. As consultants, it’s often hard to stay “aware” and “fresh” In reality, the travel and the clients can be a bear. Same hotel concierge lounge, same salmon with capers, same client parking lot. They say that consulting gives your 3x the experience, and […]. The post Oh, professionalism appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consulting Professionalism

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Interview with Entrepreneur and ex-Deloitte consultant Carly Bigi

Management Consulted

We have the honor today to present an interview Jenny Rae did with Carly Bigi, an alum of Vanderbilt University and Columbia Business School and formerly of Deloitte Human Capital. She is now busy “lighting the world on fire” – … Continued.

Michael Zipursky on How To Lose Money Podcast

Consulting Success

Michael was recently featured on the How To Lose Money podcast, which you can listen to here: How to Lose Money by Selling a Product That Nobody Wants with Michael Zipursky Any entrepreneur who’s earned success knows that it’s not always fun and games. If you’ve read our articles or listened to our podcasts, you know that I’ve found tremendous success. Both in my own business and for our coaching clients. But that’s only part of the.

How To 127

How to Dramatically Increase Your Email Response

The More Clients Blog

Is it possible to use personalized emails that get a great response, and ultimately, new clients, from those in your network? I’m not talking about mass direct emails, but sending individual emails to people in one’s network, LinkedIn connections, past clients, etc.

Future of Healthcare: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tom Spencer

Imagine being a patient in a hospital bed, and you slip on a headset that visually illustrates your current and historical health status allowing you to track your progress towards recovery.

Why a Prospect’s Stall Tactics Could Be Good for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

When a prospective client responds “Now’s not the right time” to your proposal, you could feel dejected. Don’t. Delayed consulting projects can be a blessing. Benefits of Delayed Projects You have time to plan your resources. This is particularly important if you’re already stretching your capacity to deliver quality that delights your clients. [ [ ] Consultants Consulting

60+ Quotations: Aristotle, Thoreau, Nike, Einstein, Ford

Consultants Mind

Huge fan of quotations. Whatever you are thinking, its probably been said by a famous person – more succinctly, more eloquently. Here are some of my favorites. The bucketing is approximate, and definitely not MECE. We are what we repeatedly do All great achievements require time. – Maya Angelou Routine, in an intelligent man, is […]. The post 60+ Quotations: Aristotle, Thoreau, Nike, Einstein, Ford appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Quotes

The Two Travel Cards in every New Consultant’s Wallet

Management Consulted

Yes, you’re on the right website – this is Management Consulted, not the “Live Your Best Life Now Blog.” So why are we dedicating an entire post to the two travel cards that should vy for the top spot in … Continued. The post The Two Travel Cards in every New Consultant’s Wallet appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travel

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Corporate Consulting For Fortune 500 Companies With Suzanne Bates: Podcast #43

Consulting Success

If you aspire to make it as a Fortune 500 company, then you might want to consider corporate consulting to help you bridge that gap from strategy to execution. Luckily we have Suzanne Bates to guide potential leaders with her company, Bates Communications. Based in Boston, they work with leaders and teams become more effective in accomplishing their tasks – both as teams and as individuals. By investing first in your own learning with Bates.

California Supreme Court Ruling Impacts Independent Consulting and Subcontracting – Keep It Legal!

Women in Consulting

By: Henry Telfeian. :: Two months ago, the California Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in the case Dynamex Operations West Inc.

Drug Pricing in the United States

Tom Spencer

The pricing of prescription drugs has been a hotly debated topic for the last several years with it reaching a crescendo in the U.S. during the 2016 state, congressional, and presidential elections. Over the last decade, the money generated by prescription drug companies from sales in the U.S.

Why a Prospect's Stall Tactics Could Be Good for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

When a prospective client responds “Now’s not the right time” to your proposal, you could feel dejected. Don’t. Delayed consulting projects can be a blessing. Benefits of Delayed Projects Of course, not every delay delivers on those benefits. Sometimes, “Not right now” is tantamount to “Never.” Determine your response to a proposed delay by posing … Continued. The post Why a Prospect's Stall Tactics Could Be Good for Your Consulting Firm appeared first on David A. Fields.

Consultant’s packing list

Consultants Mind

Now that you got your consulting offer, what should you pack in your bag? Here is a list of things I have used and favored when I travel. Some are common sense (shoe polish), while others are personal preference (Tumi vs. Briggs and Riley). Feel free to chime in with some of your favorite products, services, […]. The post Consultant’s packing list appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Team Travel

The Value of Networking

Management Consulted

Most jobs and careers fall into one of three categories: they primarily focus on working with people, things, or ideas. What makes a management consulting career unique is that it fits into the “all of the above” classification. You have … Continued. The post The Value of Networking appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting networking

The Opposite Of Selling: Consulting Secrets For Engaging Buyers With Bob Urichuck: Podcast #45

Consulting Success

What’s the most productive time of your day? What would happen if you dedicated one hour of your most productive time to the most important person in the world every day? This is part of Bob Urichuck’s daily routine, and it has resulted in positive improvements to his business. He would visualize, doing anything to help him get where he wants to go at seven o’clock. Any behavior that gets recognized and rewarded gets repeated.

How to Go ALL IN on Your Marketing

The More Clients Blog

His first version of Amazing Grace was very good. But then the workshop leader suggested a new scenario to help take the song to a whole new level: “Imagine you were greeting your uncle after he just got out of jail.”.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Tom Spencer

Based on a recent study by Global Industry Analysts , the global market for wearable medical devices is projected to eclipse $4.5 billion by 2020. 1 In the United States, the predominant market in this space, it is estimated that roughly 20% of Americans currently own a wearable fitness device.

Chaos Is Not a Viable Leadership Style


Sowing seeds of confusion and discord is no way to run an organization