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2019 Consulting Fees Study (And How To Raise Your Rates)

Consulting Success

So, you want to raise your consulting fees? Most consultants do. But, there are many factors holding them back. This year, we sent out our most comprehensive consulting fees survey to date. And we’re sharing all our findings and insights with you below.

Study 130

Give your website an elite assistant that keeps the bad leads out

Kai Davis

Leads come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. There are good leads that are a pleasure to work with. And there are bad leads who eat up your time and attention. The best way to keep the bad leads out of your life? Give your website an elite assistant that keeps the monsters out.

Getting Over Your Fear of Talking About Diversity

Harvard Business

Advice for leaders who are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Diversity Leadership Race Gender Sexual orientation Difficult conversations Digital Article

Seven Ways to Sell Your 2020 Strategy

Henman Performance Executive

November is the perfect month to start thinking about next year’s strategic objectives. If you wait until December or January, your strategy will take a backseat to the instant gratification tactics offer. Similarly, if you’ve had a really good year, you and those in your change of command will be tempted to rest on your […]. The post Seven Ways to Sell Your 2020 Strategy appeared first on Henman Performance Group

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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How to Ensure Your Clients Happily Write Your Consulting Firm Big Checks

David A Fields

Your soft, consulting heart practically bursts when your client crows, “Investing with you was the smartest move we’ve made on our business.”

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How RPA, NLP and ML will create the virtual workforce of tomorrow

Tom Spencer

RPA, which stands for ‘ robotic process automation ’, is a technology that consists of software robots ( bots ) that can mimic a human worker performing operations on their laptops.

My Oh So Challenging Month

The More Clients Blog

It’s been a challenging month in many ways. First, we lost power for four days which I wrote about last week. Then a few days later my main computer died. Thank God I have a laptop!

Why Organizations Should Encourage Employees to Recognize Mistakes and Learn From Them

Simon Associates

Every last one of us makes mistakes — that's a given. If you aren't making any mistakes, chances are you're not trying anything new, which is a mistake in itself.

Better meetings: solve the problem

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: On a quest to better meetings? Here’s something from Harvard Business Review: Make sure. The post Better meetings: solve the problem appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Presentations and meetings

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

The Fight of The Two R’s: Robots v Redundancy

Tom Spencer

“Robots could take over twenty-million jobs by 2030” (Taylor, 2019). Economists have analysed long-term trends around the level of automation in the workplace. Currently, we live along-side 2.25 million robots worldwide. This statistic has multiplied threefold in the last two decades (Taylor, 2019).

Thinking of hosting your own webinars? Here are 7 things you must consider.

Rod Burkert

In case you missed last week: Your report meets spec … here’s why that’s a problem. Over the years, by design , most of our valuation reports have come to look the same. If they all meet the expected spec, how does any report stand out? And is it any wonder our pricing is collapsing?

159: Jake Manthei—A Family Firm That Lives Blue Ocean Strategy®

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how great things happen when you're willing to change ! Jake Manthei and his company, Aster Brands , was a client of ours when I led a Blue Ocean Strategy workshop for their manufacturers last year. These were very smart individuals who each knew it was time to find their Blue Ocean.

But, I deserve it.

In school, you get the grade you’ve objectively earned. In the workplace, what you get isn’t as objective. In many cases, you get what you’ve convinced someone else to give you. Want that promotion? You need to convince someone. Want a raise? You need to convince someone. Want a budget for your project? You need to convince someone. Want someone to work for you? You need to convince someone. Want your engineering approach adopted? You need to convince someone. Sure, competence is important. .

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Why industrials should pursue a tech-enabled transformation now


Shifting market dynamics and rising competition compel industrial companies to overhaul their organizations to harness technology. Advanced Electronics Insights

The Grass is Always Greener (When You Only Care About Headlines)

Martinka Consulting

One thing President Trump and other politicians have in common is the bashing of large tech companies. It used to be bashing Walmart. Yes, Walmart took over a lot of small to mid-sized towns. Yes, some small businesses (perhaps many) didn’t survive. But the politicians made it seem like these small retailers were thriving businesses with very high paid employees.

“I’ve gotten more and more leads after reading your latest book on lead gen”

Kai Davis

Brad shares the outcomes he’s seeing after reading Get More Leads. I went from zero leads…to a couple leads a week…to averaging a couple leads per day. I need to filter them better just to be able to gracefully handle them all! It’s crazy. I’ve made over $2000 since reading your book and implementing it. I’ve got two project proposals out right now for another $2k each.

BCG Interview

I received an email the other day from an F1Y (future first year) who recently got an offer following his BCG interview. I asked him to describe the interview format he experienced and make some suggestions for others who will soon be going through the BCG interview process. While that interview process within a firm will sometimes vary from country to country, I think 85%+ of what this F1Y shares is applicable to others applying to BCG, and 70%+ is applicable to other firms.

Answering society’s call: A new leadership imperative


How do transparency, empathy, and meaning work in practice? Insights on Organization

Survival Tips for Middle Managers

LSA Global

Survival Tips for Middle Managers. Middle managers have important, unique, and inherent challenges – to meet the performance expectations of not only those with more power (their boss), but also of those with equal and less power (their peers and their team).

A Preview of what’s coming up at Leadership Vision

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, we're sharing news of three upcoming pieces of training, and a four-part series we recorded with Brian and Linda Schubring talking about the all-important topics of Collaboration, Communication, Conflict, and Change.

BCG Offer vs. AT Kearney Offer

Question: Thank you very much for your daily emails and for the website. It helped me a lot in getting ready for case interviews , and now I have an offer from BCG [ Eastern Europe ] and A.T. Kearney [ Western Europe ]. And that is exactly the question I would like to ask you. Even though I appreciate you are American, I have this big concern which you may have a very valuable perspective on.

Turn slow-moving inventory into fast profits


For industrial-services organizations, slow-moving inventory can be a drag on financial performance. Why not transform it into a profit booster? Insights on Operations

6 Research-Backed Reasons to Challenge Corporate Learners

LSA Global

Why You Should Challenge Corporate Learners. While people report that learning is not that hard, most admit that being a beginner at something can be very difficult, embarrassing, and intimidating – especially when we want to be seen as being competent and confident.

“As a technologist…”

Seth Godin Blog

If two people are having a discussion about the resilience of the food chain, and one says, “as a farmer…” it’s likely that this statement carries some weight. The same goes for the opinion of an admiral if we’re talking about naval operations, or a copy editor if we’re talking about grammar. The question is: Why isn’t everyone already a technologist?

BCG Lateral Hire

Question: I recently completed six interviews with BCG and am about to receive my offer to join them as a Project Lead. I found your case study videos very useful, as is the one-page framework handout, to prepare me for the interviews. I was quite nervous at first, as this is the first time in 15 years that I've been interviewed so thoroughly!

Consumer-data privacy and personalization at scale: How leading retailers and consumer brands can strategize for both


Customer concerns about the security and privacy of their online data can impede personalized marketing at scale. Best-practice companies are building protections into their digital properties. Marketing & Sales Insights

The Importance of Getting Frontline Managers Aligned with Strategy

LSA Global

Getting Frontline Managers Aligned with Strategy. For a corporate strategy to be successful, it must be understood, believable, and implementable enough. And that means getting frontline managers aligned with strategy.

741741 — To be seen

Seth Godin Blog

A few years ago, Nancy Lublin discovered something obvious. Nancy was the founder of , the largest teenage charity in the world. In order to keep up with its members, Dosomething shifted their communications from email to texting (yes, that’s obvious, but that’s not what she discovered). Monitoring the effectiveness of the texts, she realized that even though the millions of texts they were sending were clearly announcements, not personal notes, kids were texting back.