Death Spiral for Car Ownership? End of Fuel-Powered Cars by 2024?


For example, a California think tank proposes Fuel-powered cars ‘will not be manufactured after 2024’ Cars powered by fossil fuels will no longer be made after 2024 as self-driving electrical vehicles become vastly cheaper to use, according to a report by a Californian think tank. Cars powered by fossil fuels will no longer be made after 2024? There is a lot of time between 2024 and 2030.

Self-Driving Vehicles and the Failure to Understand Capitalism


End of Fuel-Powered Cars by 2024? Despite accelerating progress towards fully autonomous cars and trucks, many people still do not accept the obvious fact it’s going to happen soon. For example, in response to Death Spiral for Car Ownership? one reader suggested it will not happen because of capitalism. more…). Economics

"Come Hell or High Water" Promise Morphs Into "Infinity and Beyond"


Today the US signed an extension allowing US forces to remain in Afghanistan until "at least" 2024. At Least Until 2024 The Guardian reports a new Afghanistan pact means America''s Longest War Will Last Until at Least 2024.

Drones Help New Industries Take Flight

Tom Spencer

Drones are a useful tool for farmers, and the agricultural drone market is expected to be worth $1 billion by 2024 ( Margaritoff, 2018 ). Even though unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) have been around for a decent amount of time, we don’t see many in the sky or many industries using them yet.

Obamacare Creates Incentive to Work Less; CBO Estimates Obamacare Will Cost 2 Million Full-Time Equivalent Jobs by 2017


The CBO projects that insurance subsidies and related spending will account for increasing chunks of deficit spending, starting at $20 billion this year and steadily increasing to $159 billion in 2024, for a collective cost of just under $1.2 For that let''s dive into the massive 182 page PDF CBO Budget and Economic Outlook 2014 to 2024 report. million in 2024. MarketWatch reports Obamacare plans to exceed $1 trillion, create reluctant workers.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Caught in Another Lie, Plans Mutualized Bank Guarantees


Mutualized Bank Guarantees Although denying that was his intention, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Plans Deposit Guarantee Fund by 2024. But it would evolve via intermediate steps into a fully mutualised system by 2024, the documents show. Brussels is drawing up plans to gradually siphon cash away from national bank deposit guarantee schemes over the next decade to fund a new eurozone-wide insurance system, a move likely to trigger a bitter clash with Germany.

Study Says by 2030 1/4th of Miles Driven will be Driverless


By 2024, long-haul truck drivers will vanish. A convergence of three trends – Ride Sharing, Autonomous Driving, and Vehicle Electrification—will offer big-city dwellers cheap, convenient transportation, transforming the automotive industry, says a report by the Boston Consulting group.

Study 54

The Olympics Needs a New Business Model

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For ideas on how to improve future Olympics, I spoke with Chris Dempsey, a founding member of the group that defeated Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Games. In 2014 you cofounded No Boston Olympics to fight Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Games.

Bain 58

Boeing Result: Everyone Wins


Common Sense Vote Boeing secured a no-strike agreement that lasts until 2024. In a rare vote in favor of common sense and local jobs, Boeing machinists Approve Contract securing 777X jet manufacture in Washington state. Boeing''s machinists on Friday narrowly approved a crucial labor contract that secured thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity for Washington state but will cost workers their pensions.

Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Company’s Productivity

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A great example is the report that the UMass Donahue Institute published about the economics of hosting the 2024 Olympics in Boston. A hidden source of friction is slowing your company down. Your workers are complicit in it. So is your management. And it’s driving everybody nuts. It’s bad business writing. I surveyed 547 businesspeople in the first three months of this year. I looked specifically at people who write at least two hours per week in addition to email.

History Lesson for Hypocrites, Warmongers, and Fools


The unfortunate answer is " until 2024 at least ". In response to Obama Doctrine; An Astonishingly Good Deal? Only Rand Paul Could Do Worse" Says Senator Graham reader Michael says I am naive and we should " cut out the cancer " now. In a subsequent email Michael called me " Neville ".

Competing in the Huge Digital Economies of China and India

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Third, if India could accomplish the following combination of growth rates, it could reach China’s current state of digital evolution by 2024. Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images.

How to Set More-Realistic Growth Targets

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What is interesting is that simply as a function of timing and investment, the firm could potentially have been on track to hit its $250 million target by 2024, just not the stipulated timeframe of 2022. Many executives are fond of promising to deliver growth, but far fewer realize those ambitions. This is because many fundamentally mismanage the growth gap, which is the difference between their growth goals and what their base businesses can deliver.