Q1 2023 Writing Workshop Open for Registration

Johanna Rothman

I have opened the Q1 2023 Free Your Inner Writer workshop for registration. The post Q1 2023 Writing Workshop Open for Registration appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. Do you struggle with writing?

Planning Your 2023 Projects and Projections

Kai Davis

What do you want your 2023 to look like in terms of projects, clients, and projected revenue? Do I have already scheduled/paid for 2023 projects? The post Planning Your 2023 Projects and Projections appeared first on Kai Davis.


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How to Design an Online Course in 2023: Learn from the Experts!

Clarity Consultants

The post How to Design an Online Course in 2023: Learn from the Experts! Corporate Training Instructional Design News 2023 Instructional Design Trends instructional design agency online course design


The 5 Key Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2023


The sustainability reporting directive is scheduled to begin in 2023 and will require 49,000 businesses in the EU to report on sustainability. The post The 5 Key Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2023 appeared first on COMATCH.

These 4 CX and EX trends should set your 2023 priorities

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While it’s impossible to predict exactly what the new year will bring, some clear trends are emerging as we think about what customer and employee experience will look like in 2023. The post These 4 CX and EX trends should set your 2023 priorities appeared first on 1to1 Media

ROI 26

Outsourcing is a sure bet for financial services in 2023

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But, is that good strategy to meet the current moment and prepare for 2023? EX will be key for 2023. To dive into Hein and Dukes’ analysis and solutions, watch their full 20 minute webinar Financial Services CX Now and What’s Ahead in 2023.

2022 & Beyond: eLearning Trends

Clarity Consultants

eLearning 2023 trends elearning trends Microlearning PersonalizationThe world of education and training has been changing with surprising speed in recent years, particularly when it comes to eLearning.

Managers, Are You Prepared to Answer Questions About Pay Equity?

Harvard Business Review

By 2023, 20% of U.S. workers will live in states with pay transparency laws. Compensation and benefits Talent management Digital Article

Playing the long-game in business

Kai Davis

I found myself flipping through my copy of Alex Hillman’s TinyMBA earlier today while thinking about 2023. Since it’s December and I’m starting to get knee deep into my annual review and annual planning , I’ve been thinking about The Long Game in Business. That’s when I remembered, I (and my co-hosts) interviewed Alex Hillman (co-founder of Stacking the Bricks and Indy Hall, author of TinyMBA) on The Business of Freelancing podcast when The Tiny MBA released.

Gearing up for an annual review

Kai Davis

What are you doing to think and reflect on 2022 and prepare for 2023? If you’d like to talk through your business’s 2022 and what you’d like to do differently to market, grow, and generate leads in 2023, I have a limited number of one-on-one calls available in December ( [link] ). On a one-on-one call, we can: Talk through your business’s 2022 Capture what went well + what could have gone better Define a plan for what you want to do differently in 2023.

Talk at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Behavioral Finance

Steve Shu Consulting

In March 2023, I will be guest speaking to DBA students at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology about implementing behavioral finance initiatives in corporations, an area that I have worked in for more than a third of my three-decade-some working career. 2023 will be a big year of change for me.

Book Recommendation: Value-Based Fees

Kai Davis

Here’s the 2023 version of Value-Based Fees: [link]. If you buy a copy, set a reminder for Dec 2023 to write me a note to let me know the impact it had on your business. Something amazing happens every time I recommend Value-Based Fees by Alan Weiss ( [link] ). Consistently, a year or so later, one or two people write back and say something like: Hey, I bought that expensive book on Value-Based Pricing from Weiss after you recommended it.

Lessons From My NPS Survey

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

In 2023, I’ll be looking for excuses to get back to Australia, London, and NYC. If you took the time to fill out the NPS survey , thank you! . Since y’all are here week after week, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the results and feedback with you.

Compound Errors


Instead of spending $10 million on December 31, 2022, you could delay that expenditure by 24 hours, lowering expenses in 2022 and increasing them in 2023. However, what happens a year later on December 31, 2023, when you exhaust the normal ways of managing profits?

Research = Opportunity! 8 Lessons From the Some of the World’s Biggest Sports Brands…

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

Another example, a survey of customer intent showed that customers are stable in the desire to go to a live event in 2023, but they are 25% more likely to go to a movie in 2023. My favorite mug…do you know the team? I bet you might?!

Ethereum 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum

Tom Spencer

And further upgrades are expected in 2023, such as the introduction of sharding. When the Ethereum upgrades are fully implemented some time in 2023, Ethereum will have made history by successfully undertaking one of the biggest redevelopments of a blockchain.

How the Financial World Adapts to Climate Change

Tom Spencer

The value of green bonds traded in the market is projected to skyrocket from around EUR 670 billion in 2020 to EUR 2 trillion by 2023. Knowing the ins and outs of upcoming trends in finance is indispensable for any aspiring consultant.

The Impact of Carbon Taxation on Supply Chains in China


The European Union will start to demand carbon footprint data from 2023 and introduce a carbon border tax from January 2026. Companies need to start acting now to get data for compliance in 2023 and take this opportunity to assess carbon risks and mitigation actions together with suppliers.

The 5 Key Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2022


The sustainability reporting directive is scheduled to begin in 2023 and will require 49,000 businesses in the EU to report on sustainability. In today’s environment, business leaders are faced with a complex blend of social, environmental, market, and technological challenges.

The Current State of IR35


Increases to National Insurance contributions now in force (13.25% for employees and 15.05% for employers), and the Social Care Levy due in April 2023, will add considerable costs to UK businesses and contractors deemed to be inside IR35.

3 ways conversational messaging compounds CX growth for banks

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One client, Martis recalled, realized such an improvement in productivity after adding conversational messaging into its CX strategy that it plans to use messaging for 50% of its global care by the end of 2023. The landscape of retail banking is rapidly changing.

The CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System is Changing. Here’s How to Stay on Top

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By 2023, the weight of these categories will be a 4, representing about 57% of the overall stars ratings. Meanwhile, process measures will represent only 17% of the star ratings in 2023, down from 25% in 2020.

3x Growth

Kai Davis

If you have a clear intention for marketing growth — e.g., write two articles/month, get to 10k subscribers in 12 months, reach 1 million people in your audience by 2023 — then you have a clear(er) target to aim for.

EX = CX: How to create a thriving gigCX model

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workforce by 2023. Gig customer experience (gigCX) workers—independent contractors, freelancers, and other temporary workers who provide customer support and other related services—are a natural fit in the contact center space.

How the New U.S. Tax Plan Will Affect Health Care

Harvard Business

from 2014 to 2023. from 2014 to 2023. John Kuczala/Getty Images. The new Republican tax bill, which the House passed this afternoon and the Senate is expected to approve tonight, is complex, but what it will mean for health in the United States is simple: less.

White Knight Irony: IMF Threatens to Walk Away From Bailout Deal Citing Unsustainable Debt


Among the options it suggested was a “very dramatic extension” of repayment plans with a “grace period” another 30 years on the “entire stock of European debt” — meaning Greece would not make a single interest or principle payment on eurozone loans until 2053; it already has such a grace period until 2023. IMF to the Rescue?

America, Watch Closely! Wayne County Careens Towards Bankruptcy; Detroit Pensioners Claim "We Wuz Robbed"; This Too Will Spread


Evans said the county pension plans were 95 percent funded about 10 years ago, but were only about 45 percent funded in 2013 and are on pace to be 39 percent funded by around 2023 without corrective action. Just as Detroit is coming out of bankruptcy, the entire county is about to go under. This will be especially aggravating because Detroit pensioners are already extremely upset with the pension haircuts they received.

Greece Boils Over; No Rules, Just Right; German Rabbits


In theory, it could default on the two loans it received from its EU partners, though it is not due to start repaying the first of those until 2020, and the second in 2023. The inevitable in Greece gets closer and closer. Looking back, I wonder how many rabbits in the hat there were. More importantly, how many still remain? I believe the answer to the latter question is zero.

Sales Acceleration is Possible, Even in a Pandemic

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That’s a target the company didn’t expect to reach until 2023. There’s no doubt the COVID era is reshaping the consumer goods industry, possibly forever.

Why Are Mules Stubborn? Why Can't Blind Jackasses See?


has had a ZIRP for “only” seven years; if the Fed were to match the duration of the Bank of Japan’s idiocy and stubbornness, it would persist with a ZIRP until at least 2023. Here's my theoretical question for the day: Why are mules stubborn, and why can't blind jackasses see? I ask that question in regards to a few recent news articles. One is on Japan, one the US, and one on emerging markets with various overlaps in between. Let's start with Japan.

Ukraine Government Delays Vote, Currency Hits Record Low, Default Feared; Ukraine Asks for $35B, Bank Runs Underway


The yield on dollar debt due 2023 was up 30 basis points at 9.554 percent at 5:32 p.m. The Ukrainian Hryvnia fell to a record low today with warnings from Russia regarding defaults. Russia had pledged bailout loans to Ukraine, but following the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych, Russia suspended the bailout. Ukraine now needs money from elsewhere. Russia Warns of Ukraine Default Bloomberg reports Ukraine Delays Government Vote as Russia Warns of Default.