What to Do When You’re Covering for Colleagues — and Can’t Keep Up

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As a time management coach, I believe the best option is the final one — finding an in-between solution where you keep up on the essentials but avoid putting the full weight of multiple jobs on your shoulders. Time Off. How to Negotiate for Vacation Time.

How to Get Your Team to Use Their Vacation Time

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In one study, researchers found that employees fear that their manager will think less of them for taking vacation. A 2015 HBR article by Ron Friedman is a treasure trove of facts about the benefits to reaction time, creativity, and engagement. As with anything that matters in the workplace, the key to vacation compliance is to measure it and manage it. Time Off. How to Negotiate for Vacation Time. Photo by Vicko Mozara.

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Urgent vs. Important – How to Sort Through the Noise

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This concept was actually introduced by then-President Eisenhower, but it shows up as part of many time management systems.) Ironically, those things in Important/Not Urgent not clamoring for your notice are the very things you really want to be spending your time on.

CC’ing the Boss on Email Makes Employees Feel Less Trusted

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” Rampant cc’ing leads workers and managers to squander precious time sorting through unnecessary messages. He found that increased transparency led workers to conceal information, even when that information was beneficial, such as process improvements they’d discovered. A manager might also choose to be more proactive. Ali is sitting at his desk, clearing out his email inbox.