A Refresher on Marketing ROI

Harvard Business

Marketing ROI analysis can help answer those questions. What is Marketing ROI, and How Do Companies Use It? Marketing ROI is exactly what it sounds like: a way of measuring the return on investment from the amount a company spends on marketing. It’s about “delivering customers and sales.” Marketing ROI is a straightforward return-on-investment calculation. To do this, you need to establish your sales baseline.

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B2B sales will never be the same

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The sales world is forever altered, thanks to pandemic-fueled digital transformation across entire enterprises. The convergence of digital channels, buyer control, and deeper relationships means the old way of making sales won’t cut it anymore.

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7 Consulting Proposal Tips to Close That Sale

Tom Spencer

Writing a consulting proposal that closes a sale can be challenging, and as a result it may be difficult to figure out why your proposals are getting rejected. Have a Sales Conversation First. If they’re not crazy about the idea, you need to do a better job of selling your company and the ROI you can provide. The value you can provide to the client, including ROI. Mention ROI Right Away. Despite their expertise, many consultants struggle to close deals.

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Discussing Teamwork and Measures on Agile for Humans

Johanna Rothman

The other opinion (based on my experience) was that of using ROI to predict which product, project, or feature a team should do first. First, here are circumstances in which I’ve seen people successfully use ROI and earned value. In these circumstances, you have a good chance of being correct with an ROI prediction for the features, project, or product. Remember that ROI is the (Gain-Cost)/(Cost). For my clients, it appears to be better than ROI.

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Why B2B Contact and Account Data Management Is Critical to Your ROI

64% of successful data-driven marketers say improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to achieving success. Given data’s direct impact on marketing campaigns, reporting, and sales follow-up, maintaining an accurate and consistent database is a top priority for B2B organizations. This latest eBook aims to help marketing leaders understand the impact of data management on their company’s ROI.

What to Do Before, During, and After Sales Training to Get Results

LSA Global

Frustrated by Disappointing Sales Training Results? If you are frustrated by the results of your business sales training investment, you are not alone. Lots of sales leaders feel the same way. Sales training should directly improve sales performance (e.g.,

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The End-of-Quarter Sales Rush Costs Companies Money

Harvard Business

Ask any organization what’s happening in the sales department on the last few days of the month and the entire last week of any fiscal quarter. Sales teams are closing deals, at all costs. Data shows that sales reps give better terms to customers who wait until the last minute — with both sides knowing they can rely on dropped prices and a sure closing, thanks to the end-of-the-month company push. million sales transactions from the anonymized data of 151 U.S.

In the Best Sales Teams, About Half of the People Are in Support Roles

Harvard Business

Sales reps are most effective when they have the right amount of support staff, but exactly how much support staff does a company need, and how should it be structured? Call it a Goldilocks quandary: Too little support, and your sales people can’t do their jobs well; too much, and you’re wasting money. But get it just right and your sales efforts can drive productivity and growth. Sales efficiency can benefits from high levels of support in two ways.

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Your Sales Training Is Probably Lackluster. Here’s How to Fix It

Harvard Business

Yet, when it comes to equipping sales teams with relevant knowledge and skills, the ROI of sales training is disappointing. As alarming as those numbers are, they shouldn’t come as a surprise if you consider how sales training is usually conducted. Salespeople must learn about strategy and sales tasks at your firm, not only a generic sales methodology. Technology can help extend the reach of good sales managers. Sales Digital Article

How Harley-Davidson Used Predictive Analytics to Increase New York Sales Leads by 2,930%

Harvard Business

After discussing Jacobi’s sales woes, Shani, suggested he try out Albert, Adgorithm’s AI-driven marketing platform. It was almost twice his all-time summer weekend sales record of eight. In other words, the system allocated resources only to what had been proven to work, thereby increasing digital marketing ROI. Did this keyword generate sales? Did this spend increase ROI?

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How to Establish Value in Your Consulting Fees

Consulting Success

If you’re not basing your fees on value or ROI you’re leaving significant money on the table. Most buyers of consulting services are more than happy to invest at a 5-10X ROI. There’s nothing wrong with that number, except, what if the work you did for that client helped them to directly increase their sales by $400,000. Most buyers of consulting services are more than happy to invest at a 5-10X ROI.

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Harvard Business

Companies have hired writers and Chief Content Officers to run departments, create blogs and other materials, and, in the process, some have assured sales people that content marketing can mean the end of cold calling. The playbook sounds simple: attract prospects with content relevant to each stage of their buying journey and extend offers that motivate them to contact your sales team for a demo or discussion. Content by vertical also plays well with most sales teams.

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Profit Leakage Calculator: Diagnose How Much Profit a Business is Losing


Explaining ROI As a Business Consultant, it can be really difficult to explain what kind of return on investment a client will get.

When should a startup hire a COO

Asamby Consulting

There are COOs that just focus in manufacturing, others oversee everything except sales. You can also make them responsible for marketing and sales. Consider the two financial core metrics when thinking about the COO, cashflow and ROI.

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Review of “Open Leadership” Framework (Leadership and Social Technologies Book)

Steve Shu Consulting

Benefits & ROI – For those that have read Groundswell , this part is similar in that it covers some qualitative and quantitative models for using social technologies. Corporate Social Media General Management Management Consulting Sales And Marketing Technology Leadership Management Open Leadership Social Technologies

Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful

Harvard Business

The primary reason they miss the mark in helping companies increase revenue is that CRM systems are too often used for inspection — to report on progress, improve accuracy of forecasts, provide visibility, predict project delivery dates, and provide a range of other business intelligence — rather than creating improvement in the sales process. CRMs today also serve a lot of masters, from executives in the C-suite, technology, marketing, finance, and, oh yeah, sales.

Exploring the Retail Contact Center: Past, Present, and Future

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With their focus geared toward short-term ROI, many were reluctant to spend money on improvements because they neglected to consider sales beyond the brick-and-mortar store or website. Such companies failed to take full advantage of their customer service agents, for they were not trained as sales agents, thus missing the opportunity to nurture relationships, encourage repeat purchases, and upsell during interactions.

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Marketing Mix Modeling MMM (Part 3 of 3)

Tom Spencer

Then, budget allocation is done, by shifting money from low ROI mediums to high ROI mediums, thus maximizing sales while keeping the budget constant. are interpreted as the % change in business outcome (sales) for a unit change in the independent variables (e.g.

Shift Your Perspective to Make Business Development Easier

Successful Independent Consulting

I don’t know how to build a pipeline of leads ” or “ I’m not good at sales ” are common refrains. Most of us never had sales training so this concern is understandable, but reframing how we think about business development can turn concern into action. Read any definition of business development and you won’t find the word sales. Clients tell me that as a result of my work, they’re able to cut back on help desk support and reach their ROI faster.

B2B Salespeople Need to Act More Like Travel Agents

Harvard Business

As we describe in our recent HBR article, “The New Sales Imperative,” the torrents of information, expanding array of options, and growing size and diversity of purchasing groups are leading to a kind of purchase paralysis: Customers are taking longer than ever to make purchases, and abandoning them more often. As employers try to learn about the market, a mob of brokers, sales people, employee evangelists, and others typically flood the decision makers with information.

Organization Design – Art or Science?

Effective Managers

This session is available now at the remarkable sale price of $29. This is a huge ROI for your time and money. ORGANIZATION DESIGN WEBINAR This online session in the 10th in the CHSI speaker series. Wednesday December 2 , 10:00 am – 11:30 am Eastern.

Consulting vs. Coaching

Consulting Matters

The easiest way to know the difference between these two models is who will be paying you - the organization or the individual and the expected ROI.

7 Key Decisions for Starting Your Consulting or Coaching Business Right

Consulting Matters

Your heart won't be in it, and your clients will know that you are trying to land them for the sale and not out of a heart of service. The easiest way to know the difference between these two models is who will be paying you - the organization or the individual and the expected ROI.

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How to Consistently Get Consulting Clients.Even if You're Brand New and Just Starting Out

Consulting Matters

Your website is the hub of your marketing system and potentially your 24/7 sales machine – even if you get leads, you shape your clients thinking about who you are and what your consulting and coaching is worth by the quality of your website design, copy and content.

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Irresistible is rarely easy or rational

Seth Godin Blog

That's where the ROI would be at its peak. They were profiled by Tom Peters and had the highest sales per square foot of any store of its kind. As they grew to a few more stores, a new generation took over, one that seems more intent on ROI and less focused on magic. There's often a line out the door. It's not surprising. The ice cream is really good, the portions are enormous, and a waffle cone costs less than three Canadian dollars.

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Consulting Services – Are They Worth a Try?

Effective Managers

If the ROI were not there, the investments would not be made. In my experience with small and medium sized businesses, they are very good at production, and they are very good at sales. Most organizations, even the most successful, face ongoing problems that seem to defy solution.

5 Ways to Transform the Employee Experience and Retention

Rick Conlow

Unengaged employees are less productive and lose companies billions of dollars in lost sales, poor customer service and inferior quality. Research by the Jackson ROI Study proclaims that the more genuine recognition you give to employees the greater the impact on the bottom-line.

Going for A Drive

Alan Weiss

There are close to 50 production cars (not multi-million dollar limited run cars) on sale in the US today that cost a minimum of $100,000, from a low of some SUVs to the high of a Rolls Royce. Even with a 10:1 ROI, a million dollar improvement is worth $100,000 investment. You can see most of them on the road every day. Interesting statistic: Over 90% of Americans have never seen a Rolls on the road.)

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How Customers Perceive a Price Is as Important as the Price Itself

Harvard Business

Bain & Company and ROI Consultancy Services (formerly PollBuzzer) recently surveyed almost 2,200 consumers in Atlanta and Washington, DC, about the prices at eight retail chains carrying groceries. Facing stiff competition from other fashion discounters, the retailer fought back by slashing prices across the board, but customers largely didn’t perceive the price change, and the retailer didn’t achieve the anticipated boost in sales volume.

7 Key Decisions for Starting Your Consulting or Coaching Business Right

Consulting Matters

Your heart won't be in it, and your clients will know that you are trying to land them for the sale and not out of a heart of service. The easiest way to know the difference between these two models is who will be paying you - the organization or the individual and the expected ROI.

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Consultant Marketing Speaking Pay to Play

Jerry Fletcher

One of the reasons I do an annual Consultant Marketing Survey is that years ago I wanted to prove the point that trade shows did not have reasonable ROI when compared to other promotional possibilities. No sales. You can set sales meetings with a lot of key players in a short time.

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Deals Should be Nothing but Common Sense

Martinka Consulting

EBITDA ‡ FCF – Sam’s comments about how you can’t calculate ROI based on EBITDA when it’s a capital expenditure type business sounds like one of my Myths of Business Valuation: Using EBITDA in a capital-intensive business will burn the buyer. You must use free cash flow to truly calculate ROI. We used to call this a mini-audit (not as sexy as QofE or proof of cash) and it means tying the money on the bank statements to sales reports and financial statements.

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How Are You Spending Your Social-Distancing “Vacation”?

Prudent Pedal

Yesterday my 17-year-old, over-achieving daughter shared her Spring break, social-distancing To-Do list. She put the list together on her own (no parental mandate) because her Spring break plans were canceled and social media just was getting old (there is hope for the world.).

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A Guarantee: The Most Powerful Brand for your Business

The Fearless Marketer

I’m working with a client right now who does high-end sales training. In the course of our conversations, he mentioned that 82% of his clients got a 10:1 ROI on their training investment. Instead, the home page of his site mentioned general ideas about the value of their sales training. Now we’re developing a message that brands his company’s ability to actually guarantee that his training will increase sales.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Who Gets the Shaft When Slick Dick.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Our sales rep was drooling. I helped Dick build a strategy and RoI model showing that outsourcing the whole shebang was the sensible thing to do. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, March 25, 2013. Who Gets the Shaft When Slick Dick Comes To Town? I remember one client we had worked with for ages. A real mom-and-pop shop, these guys never had much money and always had lots of needs.

Business intelligence vs. predictive analytics: Turn key differences into advantages

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Uses of predictive analytics include workforce forecasting, sales forecasting, and brands’ suggestions for what customers may want to purchase next. Think fast: What is the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics and why does it matter?

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To Better Train Workers, Figure Out Where They Struggle

Harvard Business

Almost half (49%) said that it was difficult to ensure a return on investment (ROI). It has trained and placed 11,000 graduates into entry-level jobs in four sectors: health care, tech, retail/sales, and skilled trades. These metrics can be converted into an estimate of ROI for the employer. Employers pay Generation based on the ROI of the graduates they hire.

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The Basic Social Media Mistakes Companies Still Make

Harvard Business

Later, marketers found themselves working backward to connect their social strategy to business strategy, as managers demanded greater proof of ROI. Unless you connect your social media actions to broader business goals from the beginning, ROI can be elusive, and social media becomes an end unto itself. Instagram has played an integral role in helping to lift sales for brands including Gatorade. Stories that evoke emotion tend to perform better than straight sales messages.

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Business Valuation Lessons From ESOPs

Martinka Consulting

A well-run company rated a 5 out of six (a 20% ROI) is now an 8.33 (same rating percentage but now a 12% ROI). Using comparable sales of much larger firms will distort the value. I’ve been working with a client company on the implementation of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). In an ESOP, a qualified plan, the plan buys the stock of the firm from the owners with vested employees now the owners, en masse.

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5 Mindsets to Adopt If You Want More Consulting Clients

Tsavo Neal

Outsourcing tasks that take time away from your most important activities (marketing and sales) is as critical as marketing/sales itself. I see it all the time, consultants who are struggling because they don’t make clear offers as part of their sales and marketing activities. Successful consultants aren’t afraid of the sale. They understand that to move the sales process forward, they must make an offer to each of their prospective buyer.

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