Net-zero power: Long-duration energy storage for a renewable grid

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As the world transitions to decarbonized energy systems, emerging long-duration energy storage technologies will be critical for supporting the widescale deployment of renewable energy sources. Insights on Sustainability Resource productivity

Energy 104

Industrial-resource productivity and the road to sustainability

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Insights on Operations Energy, Resources & Materials Operations Resource productivityAs industrial companies—especially in process industries—strive for a zero-carbon future, a time-tested approach shows renewed value in helping reduce carbon by up to one-third in three to five years.


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bp: An agility pioneer in the energy industry

McKinsey & Company

bp took the bold step to organize for agility at scale in the Production & Operations organization with impressive results. Six leaders share their learnings and reflections on the transformation. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas Organization

Mental Energy Units

hours), I find it more helpful to manage mental energy. I’ve developed a phrase that I call "Mental Energy Units," or "MEU" for short. I first got introduced to the idea of managing energy, rather than time, from the book The Power of Full Engagement , by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. (It’s Time and energy are not the same thing. For the sake of simplicity, let's also say you have 16 mental energy units per day (roughly equivalent to 16 productive waking hours).

10 Life Productivity Hacks

Tom Spencer

This is a new experience for many of us, and poses new challenges and distractions that can make it difficult to stay focused and productive. I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about productivity, and so I thought I should dedicate an article to it.

Collaboration Overload Is Sinking Productivity

Harvard Business

How forward-looking organizations are protecting employees’ time and energy. Collaboration and teams Personal productivity Time management Cross-functional management Digital Article

4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively

Harvard Business

The key to productivity isn’t starting strong — it’s staying strong. Productivity Time management Managing yourself Digital Article

5 Secrets for Improved Productivity

Tom Spencer

Making the most of each one will help you to become more productive and, ultimately, achieve your goals. There are many different ingredients that combine to determine your productivity including the time of day, physical environment, your level of motivation, as well as your innate ability to stay focused. Whatever your natural tendencies, there are a number of common sense strategies that can help you be as productive as possible. Silence can be productivity’s best friend.

Developing products for a circular economy


Cross-functional collaboration and customer-focused design thinking can help companies reap more value from the energy and resources they use. Our Insights

Walk the line: faith rewarded in the energy sector—for now

The Source

is not what Johnny Cash sang, but does neatly sum up consulting to the energy sector over the last year or so. In fact, consultants to the energy sector are sitting pretty right now. Indeed, it’s the countries with higher costs of production that are proving most fruitful for opportunities around efficiency and cost cutting. Despite what is clearly a fragile situation energy remains—at least for now—a very attractive sector to consultants. By Alison Huntington. .

Digging deeper: Trends in underground hard-rock mining for gold and base metals

McKinsey & Company

While underground mining methods show higher cost than open pit, their complexity almost always means that there is opportunity in both productivity and cost improvement. Metals & Mining Insights Energy, Resources & Materials

How to Assess Entry-Level Product Manger Positions

Tom Spencer

Associate Product Manager (APM) positions are well known in Silicon Valley as rotational, mentorship-focused programs designed to accelerate the careers of young aspiring product managers. These alumni have gone on to become VCs, founders, and product leaders, in addition to starting APM programs at companies like Salesforce. If you have views on on-boarding, shaping, and training young product managers, you can effectively mold these programs to fit your vision.

AI in production: A game changer for manufacturers with heavy assets


Companies with heavy assets are improving throughput, energy consumption, and profit per hour with customized AI solutions. Analytics Insights

The 3 Stages of a Country Embracing Renewable Energy

Harvard Business

It means energy turning point. (We In this transformation, we are witnessing the decarbonization of power consumption, thanks to the large-scale deployment of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. At the same time, we’re also seeing the decentralization of power production. Similarly, in cities, energy and housing associations are installing PV panels on multi-unit buildings, and the German ministry of economics and energy estimates around 3.8

Seth's Blog: Conservation of energy in conversation

Seth Godin Blog

Essential reading about remarkable products and services. Conservation of energy in conversation. If you escalate (cut off in traffic, angry at the gate agent, frustrated at your boss), you've just added (negative) energy to a conversation. If you escalate (high-pitched enthusiasm, a hug, encouraging words), you've just added (positive) energy to a conversation. Once the energy is added, it has to go somewhere.

Governments Don't Really Want Clean Energy; Economic Madness In US and Spain


In effect, when solar energy made no economic sense, companies received subsidies, now that solar makes sense, many governments want nothing to do with it. Solar Energy Storage is Worse Than Nuclear Spillage In sunny Spain, Solar Energy Storage is Worse Than Nuclear Spillage Storing solar energy in a battery in Spain is more criminal than spilling radioactive waste. Some units of Yingli Green Energy Holding Co.,

$550 Billion Energy Junk Bond Bubble Busts; "Whac-A-Mole" Distortions in Multiple Markets


The energy junk bond bubble has finally popped. Junk bonds of Energy XXI Ltd. Energy XXI Ltd. Energy production is extremely capital intense, and often accompanied by negative free cash flow. Recently I have been getting numerous cold-calls, nearly all of them energy related. Energy investment added to GDP since 2010, with $550 billion in bond and loan offerings. Energy will now have a negative impact on GDP as funding dries up.

Great Companies Obsess Over Productivity, Not Efficiency

Harvard Business

Business leaders often think of “efficiency” and “productivity” as synonyms, two sides of the same coin. When it comes to strategy, however, efficiency and productivity are very different. At a time when so many companies are starved for growth, senior leaders must bring a productivity mindset to their business and remove organizational obstacles to workforce productivity. Productivity is about doing more with the same.

5 Ways to Focus Your Energy During a Work Crunch

Harvard Business

Maintaining focus and managing energy levels become critical as tasks pile onto an already full load. When you’re in your next work crunch, there are a few things you can do to focus and manage your energy more productively: Accept the situation. By not being present to the here and now, we drain our energy by ruminating on the situation. ” In the case of a work crunch, the more you oppose what’s happening, the more energy you lose.

HR’s Vital Role in How Employees Spend Their Time, Talent, and Energy

Harvard Business

Energy. The combination of these factors ( time + talent + energy ) and the interactions between them, is how human capital is converted into productivity and economic value. Our research concluded that the best companies, the top quartile in our study, generated over 40% more productive power than the average of the bottom three quartiles. We found that the average company loses 21% of its productive power to time-wasting interactions.

Industrial Production Jumps on Surge in Auto Production; Revisions and Seasonal Adjustments in Play


Industrial Production Jumps Industrial production numbers for July, released today, beat the Bloomberg Consensus Estimate of 0.4% However, June industrial production was revised lower by 0.2 percent surge in motor vehicle production gave a very significant lift to industrial production which rose 0.6 The rise in production drove capacity utilization up 3 tenths to 78.0 Production at utilities, due to July's cool weather, fell 1.0

Why Apple Is Getting into the Energy Business

Harvard Business

Consider Apple, hardly a byword in the energy business. This summer, the company applied for federal licenses to sell directly to customers the excess renewable energy it generates on its new campus and in facilities across Oregon, Nevada, and California. Your company may not be going as fully or directly into the business as Apple, but you may soon want to join the ranks of the energy “prosumers”—companies that both produce and consume energy.

It’s Time for Companies to Be Strategic About Energy

Harvard Business

Last year, networking giant Cisco Systems worked with one of its contract manufacturers in Malaysia to deploy 1,500 energy and temperature sensors on its manufacturing equipment. These more “ intelligent assets ” read performance data, giving Cisco a detailed view of energy consumption — one that had not been available before. In the tech world, for example, energy is now the largest component of variable costs for running a datacenter.

How Industrial Firms Invest in Renewable Energy, Affordably

Harvard Business

Big companies have been buying a lot of clean energy lately – 3.5 They put up almost no capital and usually lower their day-to-day energy costs. First, due in large part to the scale and consistency of their energy purchasing, industrials already pay the lowest rates for power. They held about 40 meetings with companies that had bought renewable energy and with big project developers. You need legal, accounting, procurement, energy, and sustainability involved.

Busy is a choice, productive is a skill

Seth Godin Blog

Productivity, on the other hand, has little to do with busy. Productivity requires bringing soft skills (real skills) to the table in service of the generous work you seek to do. Productivity is learned. And productivity takes guts. We just wrapped up the most recent session of the altMBA , and I was thrilled to see the energy and insight each contributor brought to the workshop. Learning is not the same as education, and busy is not the same as productive.

Made in France: Montebourg Ridiculed in Text and Pictures; France Goes After "Red Bull" Energy Drinks to Finance Social Security


In response to Montebourg Announces Deal Between Goodyear and Titan to Save Union Jobs (One Problem - Goodyear Did Not Even Receive the Offer) , one of several recent posts on Arnaud Montebourg, France''s Minister of Productive Recovery, reader "AC" who lives in France responded. France Goes After "Red Bull" Energy Drinks. Socialists want to introduce a levy of 1 euro per liter of energy drinks. The tax bill provides for an overhaul of the tax burdens on investment products.

How Many Versions of a Product Do Consumers Really Want?

Harvard Business

Consumers almost always tell researchers that they prefer to have many versions of a product from which to choose. For retailers, that difference has big implications for the problem of assortment — how many variations of a single product to offer. But when seeking to meet a utilitarian need with the same product, they are less inclined to see their preferences as being greatly different from those of other people. Holger Weitzel/Getty Images.

The Goldilocks Theory of Product Success

Harvard Business

Fast forward more than a century to the launch of the Toyota Prius, which succeeded not by going full electric, but making a gas-powered car, something people were already familiar with, more energy efficient. If a competitor’s product offers the same features at the same price, there’s no reason to switch. So they used design, rather than the product itself, to create differentiation.

Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall

Tom Spencer

A revolution in energy technology? Elon Musk, CEO and product architect at Tesla Motors, has just announced the launch of the Tesla Powerwall. The new product is a home battery that represents a potential revolution in energy technology. It is designed to store around 10 kilowatts of energy, and could be used (in combination with solar panels) to take homes off the grid. We could very well be witnessing the initial steps in a global energy revolution.

Bureaucracy Can Drain Your Company’s Energy. Agile Can Restore It.

Harvard Business

About two-thirds of agile practitioners report higher team morale, increased productivity, greater ability to manage changing priorities, and faster time to market than they were experiencing before. The energy, commitment, and collaboration among team members was a revelation. I decided to offer them a two-for-one deal: “We are happy to help you discover, design, and develop this product. Tetra Images/Getty Images.

Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive

Harvard Business

How often do you consider the air quality in your office and how it affects employees and their productivity? In the 1970s, efforts to conserve energy in the U.S. Given these studies tying air quality to health, we wanted to see whether improved ventilation affects cognitive function, an indicator of worker productivity. These are exactly the skills needed to be productive in the knowledge economy. Workspaces Health Productivity Digital Article

Your Company’s Energy Data Is an Untapped Resource

Harvard Business

Most companies are unprepared for the emerging revolution in predictive energy analytics. In fact, many readers’ eyes will have already glazed over at the preceding sentence, with the natural initial reaction that energy-related data isn’t relevant to their jobs. Chances are, energy-related spending has a significant impact on your company’s profitability. Energy Information Administration, with a combined annual energy cost of over $200 billion.

Do you think culture and collaboration require an office? Think Again

Brimstone Consulting

Tsipursky cautions that these biases are causing leaders to “fall victim to mental oversight,” and “doing what they feel comfortable with, even if it devastates employee morale, engagement, and productivity; seriously undercuts retention and recruitment; and harms diversity and inclusion.

Industrial Production Numbers and Revisions Shockingly Bad; Autos Have Peaked


Not only was December industrial production an awful -0.4%, November was revised lower from -0.6% The Econoday Consensus Estimates for industrial production and manufacturing were -0.2% December was not a good month for the industrial economy as industrial production fell a sharper-than-expected 0.4 Mining, reflecting low commodity prices and contraction in energy extraction, has also been week, down 0.8

No Rebound in Manufacturing: "Surprisingly Weak" Industrial Production Numbers; How Long Can Auto Sales Hold Up?


Following the rebound in consumer spending (heavily weighted to subprime auto sales), economists expected a rebound in Industrial Production. All the main numbers in today's industrial production report are below low-end forecasts with the headline at minus 0.2 percent, has really been hit hard by weakness in the energy sector but, in a plus, contraction here seems to be easing. The production of consumer goods decreased 0.3

Industrial Production Declines, November and December Revised Lower; String of Unexpected Events Continues


This morning the Fed reported Industrial production declined. Industrial production decreased 0.3 percent, partly because of the severe weather that curtailed production in some regions of the country. Additionally, manufacturing production is now reported to have been lower in the fourth quarter; the index is now estimated to have advanced at an annual rate of 4.6 Consumer non-energy nondurables down 0.8% Paper Products down 1.0%

Energy Price Deflation: Crude Dips 6% to 7-Year Low; Gasoline Below $1.50; Central Banks to Blame for What's About to Happen


Some member states sought production cuts. Saudi Arabia has long insisted it would cut production only if fellow OPEC members and non-OPEC countries joined in. The report quoted a senior OPEC delegate as saying the Saudis would agree to cuts if Iraq freezes production rises and Iran and non-members such as Russia, Mexico, Oman and Kazakhstan contribute. We do not accept any discussion about increases of Iran production after the lifting of sanctions.

Bad Deal Math: I have a Product, But Please Don't Buy It


How often do you hear a car manufacturer (or any other manufacturer) tell people to "not" buy their product because they lose money if you do? Here's the bottom line: Companies don't beg consumers to "not buy" a line of their products, unless they think favorable publicity will make up losses elsewhere. It's quite likely that energy mandates are a lose-lose proposition for everyone involved.

Profit Sharing Boosts Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Harvard Business

Until the latter part of the 20th century, firms were organized in a top-down hierarchical fashion using production techniques that broke down job tasks into their smallest components — what came to be known as a Taylorist or Fordist method of production. Why link financial incentives to groups, teams, or organizational performance when production wasn’t set up in that way? And, more specific, does it boost productivity? Juan Díaz-Faes for HBR.

YOU are Your Own Superhero!

The Fearless Marketer

They take a lot of our attention and energy which drains our creativity and resourcefulness. Pretty soon, we’re so consumed by these thoughts and emotions that it becomes difficult, if not impossible to get any productive work done.

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