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How to Spot Golden Projects that Other Consulting Firms Miss

David A Fields

Some consulting opportunities are rotten. Blech. Don’t want ‘em. Leave ‘em, don’t look back, and set your sights on better projects for your consulting firm. But hold on, Harry. Wait, Walter? Pause, Paula?) A few of those stinky projects may actually be goldmines.

Bias busters: Getting both sides of the story


How can the CEO break employees’ silence and get the critical input needed to make the right strategic moves? Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

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Wasting time – it’s such a waste of your brain!

The Management Centre

Time management. It’s a popular topic in management training. Whichever way you look there is something else demanding your attention and therefore your time – and it can feel like drowning.

Leveraging Presence To Land Fortune 50 Consulting Clients with Harrison Monarth: Podcast #104

Consulting Success

Advocating to create an image of trust is one of the key things any consultant must strongly do in the process of starting or continuing a consultations business.

PM On the Job – Acquire, Activate, Retain, and Monetize

Tom Spencer

Product management is at the heart of any modern business and today’s product managers need to have incredibly strong quantitative skills and intuition to build products or features that customers will find truly useful. They must focus on quality outcomes and not quantity of output.

Global gas and LNG outlook to 2035


Expansion in the gas and LNG markets continues, with LNG demand expected to increase 3.6 percent per year to 2035. Oil & Gas Insights

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Management essentials – how to delegate effectively

The Management Centre

Being a manager means taking on more responsibilities and also letting go of others. However, as much as we know delegation is a good thing – we still struggle to do it well.

Consulting Networking: 6 Best Practice Guidelines

Tom Spencer

One of the more memorable parts of the consulting recruiting process was witnessing people attempting to network with consulting firms. What stood out was that people didn’t seem to have a commonsense understanding of networking best practices.

Analytics for grid decision making


The energy transition will make grid planning and operations increasingly challenging for transmission and distribution operators. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas

Energy 112

When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This!

Melissa Agnes

One of the challenges of communicating effectively in times of viral issue and crisis management is ensuring that your brand’s communications are consistent across every stakeholder group, region and department.

Video 87

Time Debt ??? ??

Kai Davis

“What is Time Debt?” ” Time Debt is when you don’t have enough hours in the day to get things done, so you raid your Time Banks and then steal more time through a Time Heist. You’re here because you’ve run out of time.

Better the devil, or auditor, you know

The Source

Apologies for those of you who clicked on this blog expecting a discussion of Kylie’s performance at Glastonbury; this blog is in fact about the audit market. Despite the (not so) occasional accounting scandal, many people could easily make the mistake of thinking the audit market is rather dull.

Telecom operators: Surviving and thriving through the next downturn


Telco operators are more vulnerable today than they were ten years ago. To thrive through the next economic downturn and beyond, they must act now—and with focus. Telecommunications Insights

How to Present to Executives

Prudent Pedal

Over my career, I have received, given or simply observed thousands of briefings, pitches, and proposals. There is a clear delineation between effective and ineffective presenters and business-development winners and losers.

The Cleaning Dash — ??

Kai Davis

Look around your workspace/desk/office right now. What’s around you? Notes/papers to sort through? Mail that’s waiting to be opened/recycled? Coffee mugs? Phone? Headphones? Water glasses? Take fifteen minutes (right now, or as soon as you can) and do a…. Cleaning Dash. First, switch your context.

Always lead with your best price – based on a story by someone who didn’t

Rod Burkert

Greetings from Forbes Park in the historic San Luis Valley of Colorado. Friends of ours bought a home here and promptly added two full-hook-up RV pads to accommodate visitors like us.

The future of work in South Africa: Digitisation, productivity and job creation


Digitisation and automation could result in a net gain of up to 1.2 million jobs in South Africa by 2030, and companies need to move fast to capitalise on these opportunities. Middle East and Africa

Freelance programming


What is freelance programming? Freelancing is a viable option for developers to earn money while working at other jobs or starting own business. Flexibility is the key feature of being a freelance developer. Freelancer jobs come up with a range of benefits and a few limitations.

Are we about to see the rise of boutique firms in America’s consulting market?

The Source

Fears about an economic downturn in the US have been waxing and waning for many months now, but growing disquiet is now being fuelled by some hard facts, with a slowdown in GDP growth in the second quarter of 2019, and a recent troubling downwards revision of 2018’s growth rate.


Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Miserable teams are not so effective. If you have miserable people in your office, The post Un-miserable appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Get what you want Manage others Manage yourself Presentations and meetings

Five Fifty: Tech for the greater good


Can advanced technologies like AI improve the well-being of humans? Only if we more carefully manage its deployment, and its effects on human labor. Future of Work

When You’re In Over Your Head…

Martinka Consulting

AB InBev, which makes one out of every four beers sold worldwide and owns hundreds of brands is selling assets in Australia, Asia, and Central America. Because an acquisition spree got them to the size they are but also saddled them with massive amounts of debt And there’s a lesson here for small businesses and individuals. Many things can derail a business’s value (customer concentration, owner dependency, etc.) and there’s nothing wrong with manageable debt.

What are you Reading? (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On today’s mini-podcast episode, we have a question for you about your dominant pairs of Strengths.

Do You Have Enough Organizational Health?

LSA Global

Defining Organizational Health. When people try to define their personal health, they often think of their overall well-being where all systems – physical, mental, and social – are positive and in balance. But it’s more than that.

Australia’s infrastructure innovation imperative


For 30 years, Australia has helped lead innovation in infrastructure planning, financing, and delivery. New challenges now create a need for change in prioritisation, design, and productivity. Asia-Pacific

This one simple trick makes everything faster and easier

Seth Godin Blog

Here it is, tested, effective and worthwhile: Stop chasing shortcuts. Personal finance, weight loss, marketing, careers, beating traffic, relationships, education–everything that matters to someone often comes with heavily promoted shortcuts as an alternative. Fast, risk-free, effortless secrets that magically work, often at someone else’s expense. But if the shortcuts worked as promised, they wouldn’t be shortcuts, would they? They’d be the standard.

Research: Being Nice in a Negotiation Can Backfire

Harvard Business

Warm and friendly isn’t always the most lucrative approach. Negotiations Decision making Digital Article

Why Strategic Alignment is Important

LSA Global

Strategic Alignment is Important. Strategic alignment is important because it is all about performance – for your people, for your customers, and for your business.

5 Reasons (G?i?g? ?E?c?o?n?o?m?y? ) Freelance Consultants bring value to your company in 2019


5 Reasons (G?i?g? Freelance Consultants bring value to your company in 2019. In the last 5 years, everyone has been talking about the “Sharing Economy, Gig Economy and Freelance Consultants”.The

Agile 13

Two kinds of 9 to 5 job

Seth Godin Blog

The eight-hour workday is precious and humane, and difficult to find in an era of always-on communication. But there are two kinds of 9 to 5 jobs. The first one is the industrialized cog. Protect yourself, do as little as you can, because the boss will always take more. This is the standard, and the source of the expression about watching the clock. The other one is the linchpin.