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"Process Mining"? Sounds Like a Waste of Time.

Markovitz Consulting

You know what the problem is with your lean initiative? You’re not doing any process mining. Yup, that’s right. You’re missing the boat on “process mining,” the latest improvement breakthrough that will catapult your firm to the top of your industry. According to a new HBR article , process mining will “revitalize process management in firms where it has lain fallow for years.”

Marketing for Consultants Study (2019)

Consulting Success

How do you get new consulting clients? Do you have a system in place for winning consulting projects? If you’re a consultant, you’re in the business of marketing. To get consulting clients, you need to generate conversations with the right prospects. Marketing is how you generate these conversations.

Study 282

The digital difference in what clients say is important to them

The Source

In our annual survey of clients, we asked them to tell us how much of their job is about digitising their function or organisation to see if there are any differences between those with digital responsibilities and those without.

Want More Rain at Your Consulting Firm? You Need This First

David A Fields

Imagine your consulting firm as a palace. Ideally, frequent storms of consulting opportunities shower your spires and domes, coursing down to sustain the peasants consultants in your employ and nourish your garden of profit. Or, if your consulting firm is not a palace, then perhaps it’s a house.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Great Podcast Interviews

Consultants Mind

Gift for you – podcast playlist Someone recently asked for a few podcast recommendations (hat tip: JZ), so I put together a playlist of 60+ podcast interviews. Two ways to subscribe: From your phone, click here and hold down for 1 second.

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McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew

Management Consulted

The McKinsey consulting case interview – there are so many things to become familiar with in McKinsey consulting interview prep. Of course, there are the basics that you have to learn. But additionally, there are things that most people don’t … Continue Reading.

The benefits of different types of time off, and how they differ around the world

Tom Spencer

Ever feel short-changed by the amount of time you’re allowed to take off work? In some cases, individual employers are more generous than ever in looking after the well-being of their employees.

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70+ Healthcare Links

Consultants Mind

Yes, US Healthcare can be a puzzle. Or worse, a labyrinth, a Gordian knot. First, I would probably spend 5-10 hours skimming The Health Care Handbook and googling things of interest. As a second step, here is my resource list of 70+ links to thoughtful articles, websites, podcasts, videos, and other get-smart-tools. Good stuff. Provided […]. The post 70+ Healthcare Links appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Healthcare

Three keys to faster, better decisions


Decision makers fed up with slow or subpar results take heart. Three practices can help improve decision making and convince skeptical business leaders that there is life after death by committee. Insights on Organization


Case Interview

Management Consulted

Case Interview Prep Guide. Ask any consultant, and they’ll have their own take and probably a few tips. “Be Be More Structured” – that’s the most famous tip. Lots of case interview practice.” There’s another zinger. “Be good at mental math.” ” … Continue Reading.

5 Tips on How to Spend Your Summer Before You Start Your Consulting Job

Tom Spencer

For those of you who signed a consulting offer, congrats! The hard part is over. Now there are just two more important decisions that you need to make. What start date should be requested and what should be done with the soon to be very scarce free time prior to starting?

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The No Joke System for Attracting Clients

The More Clients Blog

A few months ago I re-tooled my system for teaching people to attract new clients. It’s a new take on an old approach. I called it ABDO – Attention-Based Direct Outreach. And it’s all about proactively reaching out to prospective clients and ultimately turning them into paying clients. There are a number of things that makes this approach different than what most self-employed professionals do to attract new clients. Let me count the ways. There are six.

How to move fast: Innovation at speed and scale


Leading start-ups innovate, go to market, and scale quickly with limited resources. What can large companies learn from the start-up playbook? Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Thoughts on Data Analysis

One of my volunteering goals for this year has been to train to be a volunteer emergency medical first responder. I found it quite eye-opening to go through the two weeks of medical training to become a Wilderness First Responder. Wilderness defined as more than one hour away from a hospital.). The instructor constantly drilled into my head the importance of taking, writing down, and continually updating a patient’s vital signs to determine trends. The big ones are: Pulse. Breathing Rate.

People data

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Analytics in Human Resources functions has its own benefits and drawbacks. This McKinsey take. The post People data appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Blog Consulting Well data scientists leadership Manage others recruitment

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7 secrets for presenting to prospects you want to turn into clients

Rod Burkert

Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love. The RV is parked just outside of Philadelphia where we will be visiting friends, family (my mom turns 94 this month), and neighborhoods we ran in. And eating soft pretzels.

Performance management in agile organizations


Performance management is tough enough in traditional organizations; in agile organizations, three changes are essential to success. Insights on Organization

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Leadership = Salesmanship

My first boss in industry started a company from scratch, took it public and still runs it today. He was such a ridiculously intense person. We fought and argued every. single. I was his chief of staff. His job was to demand the impossible from everybody in the company. My job was to make sure nobody quit the next day after they found out what he wanted. In the end, we delivered the improbable.

Freelancers: how to spend less time in crappy meetings

Kai Davis

Do you feel frustrated at crappy, time-wasting meetings? Here are three rules you can follow to make your meetings more actionable and less sucky: Rule #1: Every meeting must have an agenda. If it doesn’t have an agenda, it isn’t a meeting.

The PDF report isn’t dead—but it shouldn’t be the only option

The Source

When we run training sessions for creators of thought leadership, one query invariably arises: Have longer reports had their time and should we be focusing on snackable content?

Confronting the risks of artificial intelligence


With great power comes great responsibility. Organizations can mitigate the risks of applying artificial intelligence and advanced analytics by embracing three principles. Analytics Insights


Lipstick on a Pig; Homes and Businesses

Martinka Consulting

“ Buyer Beware: Hollywood Special Effects Now Permeate Property Listings ” is a headline in the Wall Street Journal’s March 5, 2019 edition. The gist of the article is sellers and their agents to doctor images of the house for sale. The article states, “The technology allows sellers to green browned out lawns, stage rooms with virtual furniture and even perform full-blown HGTV-style makeovers with the click of a mouse.”.

Mastering the Case Interview

When learning any activity, there is a transformation that takes place as your skills improve. It is like learning to drive a car. Initially, you have to think about every little thing. Check your mirrors. Check your blindspot. Focus on where you want to go. Look out for bad drivers on the road. But somewhere in that learning process, all those things that seemed challenging when first learning to drive suddenly became automatic.

Too humble? Really?

The Source

I’ve lost count of the number of times senior people in the world’s leading consulting firms have told me that one of their firm’s major attributes is humility. I don’t believe them. I reckon that humility, like fame, is undermined by being asserted.

Why you should apply analytics to your people strategy


Bringing advanced computing power and analytics capabilities to bear on people decisions in an organization is crucial to driving lasting and effective change. Insights on Organization

How To Write Thought Leader Books And Articles Like Ray Bradbury

Henry DeVries

So you want to be a thought leader? Most consultants and business leaders overthink their books and articles. Just carve out some time and do it

How to Balance Work and Life in Management Consulting

Is it possible to balance work and life as a consultant? Yes, I think it is, but you can't always manage it when you want to manage it. There are however 5 factors that can have a huge influence on your work life balance. The first factor is the culture related to your geography (both country and city). I worked in the New York Office at McKinsey and in general, people in New York work much harder than they do in other cities around the country.

A Meaningful Company Mission Matters

LSA Global

Strategies and People Need Meaning. A meaningful company mission, your fundamental purpose, helps to create broad organizational commitment and drive peak performance. Corporate strategies without a meaningful purpose to pursue can lead to goals that are temporary and unfulfilling.

Managing data as an asset: An interview with the CEO of Informatica


Anil Chakravarthy draws on his experience leading a data-management business to discuss new technical and organizational approaches that help companies create value with data. Digital Insights

Do You Have a Million Dollar Problem and You Don’t Even Know It?

Peter Stark

In a recent organizational assessment our firm did for a client who wanted to improve their organization’s culture, several employees told us in the interviews that they felt little hope the culture would improve and they were actively looking for another job.