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2 Tips to Vastly Improve Your Consulting Firm’s Outreach Efforts

David A Fields

Outreach to consulting clients, prospective clients and influencers is still the core of your consulting firm’s efforts to grow. Because pound for pound, outreach (a.k.a. network building) is the most reliable, consistent, effective vehicle for driving new consulting business.

Do You Need Charisma to Be a Great Public Speaker?

Harvard Business

How to deliver your message without distracting your audience. Presentations Communication Digital Article

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Two-dimensional transformation: Are you doing both?

The Source

Research we published last year highlighted the extent to which clients expect the consulting industry to be transformed by new, digital technologies.

Joining a Management Consulting Firm as an Experienced Hire

Tom Spencer

The question of how to join a management consulting firm as an experienced hire from another industry or another consulting firm is one that is often asked. The traditional route is to apply and go through the standard interview process as an MBA summer intern or post-MBA consultant.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Progress Over Perfection

I have written previously about the benefits of striving for excellence rather than perfection. Perfection is based on an external standard - an impossible to achieve one I might add. Excellence is about striving to be the best you can possibly be. The standard is one set by yourself. The goal is to be YOUR best self, as opposed to chasing someone else's idea of what you should be. One way to do this day-to-day is to value progress over perfection.

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Want a High-Performance Team? Get Clarity and Alignment First!

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Having a strategic planning meeting is important because it will help you generate two things among your team members: clarity and alignment. Our Aligned Strategy Development methodology will take your team through all aspects of creating a strategic plan.

Look, Doc, Before You Cut, How About A Ten Percent Discount?

Alan Weiss

I’ve never understood consultants who are flummoxed by a prospect saying, “Others can do this cheaper than you.” ” Do you shop for the cheapest heart surgeon, or mechanic for your car, or roof repairer?

Building new businesses: How incumbents use their advantages to accelerate growth


For large companies, building new businesses is essential for growth and reinvention. The key to success? Combining the strengths of an incumbent with the agility of a start-up. Digital Insights

Agile 83

How To Resurrect Business Development With Celebrations And Funerals

Henry DeVries

Business development is the game worth playing, but to attract high-paying clients it is often a mental game. If you change your mindset you can change your results

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

How to Talk to Strangers and Enjoy It

A few days ago, I was in Manhattan taking a seminar on screenplay writing. During my time there, I had one night where I didn’t have any plans or commitments. As an experiment, I invited a few dozen CIBs, 1Y, 2Y to a last-minute, impromptu Q&A session in the lobby of my hotel. The crowd got so big that we ended up taking over most of the lobby and they kicked us out! My apologies to anyone who came at the end of our scheduled time, as we had by then moved to a conference room.

Better Emails

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: If you spend the greater part of your day writing and reading emails, consider. The post Better Emails appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Consulting skills writing

Building the tech talent pipeline


By taking a data-driven approach, regions can pinpoint the strengths and gaps in their pool of tech talent and prioritize investments to boost competitiveness and collaboration. Insights on Organization

Got a minute … I’d like to pick your brain about something

Rod Burkert

In case you missed last week: What’s your 20 and 20/20 for 2020? Your 20 is your location – where are you, literally and figuratively. Your 20/20 is your vision – do you have one for your practice. Your 2020 is next year – as in your best year ever.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

May the best resource win

The Source

Fifteen minutes to wait. Mark sits down and looks round. It’s a room much like all those other rooms he’s encountered on his job search: Several chairs, the token potted plant, untouched issues of Consulting magazine. He hasn’t been massively impressed by the selection process so far.

163: Tristan Wright—Need To Grow? Lessons From A Business Sherpa

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to build a business and a life! What, you may ask, is a business sherpa? The answer is Tristan Wright, a Melbourne-based leadership coach and my On The Brink podcast guest this week.

How purpose-led missions can help Europe innovate at scale


Missions can foster broad collaboration between business leaders and the public sector while also garnering support from European citizens. Europe


Everyone has a plan…

Ben de Haldevang

Afternoon all, please see the start of a very big and hairy project (forgive the gorilla reference). Attached is a link to an extract from the introduction to my ‘work in progress’, a book based on a 100 interviews with programme directors around the world on their experience of success and failure. I’m in the middle of writing mode and making good progress and thought I’d share the odd extract as it moves forward. Any thoughts, ideas, comments, just let me know. link].

What is Your Real Income

Martinka Consulting

I’m working with a private equity firm to find add-on HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or refrigeration companies for their plumbing construction firm in the Seattle area (so if you know of any doing at least $5 million in sales who want an investor let me know). The founder of the PE firm has a distinct term for the earnings/income of a company. He calls it “real income.” What this means is, it’s the income after allowing for all the expenses required to run a business.

How to Deal with a Credit Hog

Following is an email I received from an F1Y who has encountered what I see as a big problem in the first three months at the firm. Question: Like many of your mentees, you are the reason why I have my current job at [XXXX], a boutique management consulting firm in [ U.S. state ]. Coming from my previous career as an attorney, management consulting was a daunting challenge that I could not have tackled without your guidance.

Reinventing the organization for faster growth


MásMóvil has been able to accelerate its growth by fostering a culture focused on growth and killing off emails, among other things. Marketing & Sales Insights

Strategically Thinking….

Alan Weiss

“We need a strategy” is a common plaint, and usually wrong. What’s actually happening is that the tactics are failing. People often respond to my advice with, “I’m already doing that!” ” I reply, “Yes, but you’re not doing it well enough, are you?” ” Strategy is top-down. Planning is bottom-up. Planning kills strategy through strangulation. “Strategic planning” is an oxymoron used by those who understand neither.

The Effects of Misunderstood Corporate Strategies

LSA Global

Misunderstood Corporate Strategies Undermine Success. Misunderstood corporate strategies threaten your success. A corporate strategy is the plan you create to achieve specific goals.

Living Life on Your Edge

You can live a safe, predictable life, or you can live a wild, chaotic, unpredictable life. The former provides you with a sense of safety, and the latter a sense of excitement. Living your life on the line that separates these two extremes is what I call "living life on your edge.". One secret for living life on your edge is to do something in your life that scares or intimidates you. It's a wonderful way to grow and challenge yourself.

Operations management, reshaped by robotic automation


Today’s automation shows huge promise for saving time, money, and human effort. For operations centers, is it now just a matter of “ready, set, automate”? Insights on Operations

Providing Opportunities for Employees When Career Paths Do Not Exist

Gina Abudi

Not every role in an organization has a clear and specific career path for employees to progress through their roles. But this does not mean that you can’t provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and take on leadership roles. Be creative!

What NOT to Do with Employee Survey Results

LSA Global

The Employee Engagement Survey Is Over. You did it. As a leader who believes that employee engagement matters not just as a reflection of employee satisfaction but also for its impact on the bottom line, you conducted an employee engagement survey. The employee survey results are in. What now?

Do you Play to Win or to Not Lose?

I find strategy concepts that I would typically use in the business realm are often surprisingly useful when moved to determine a strategy for one’s life and vice versa. One idea, in particular, I’ve been thinking about over the years is developing a strategy to “win” as opposed to one designed to avoid loss. The two approaches are quite different. About 10 years ago when I was in industry, I ran the ecommerce product line for a company called ATG (now owned by Oracle).

Toward a net-zero future: Decarbonizing upstream oil and gas operations


To operate well is to operate responsibly—but more must be done on sustainable design and balanced portfolios to achieve a net-zero future. Oil & Gas Insights