December, 2018

How and When to Raise Your Consulting Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client. With the new year just a few weeks away, now might be the time. This article offers ideas of how to do this, as well as some sample language to use when notifying your clients.

10 Ways to Have Fun in Consulting

David A Fields

You probably spend more time working as a consultant than you spend in any other role in your life right now. Holey shmoley. Can that be true?

5 Rookie Consulting Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Consulting Matters

After 10+ years of running my own consulting practice, you can bet that I made my fair share of mistakes. I want to share with you my top 5 mistakes so you can sidestep the agony of wasted time and resources.

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Career day

Consultants Mind

On the last day of class, I have career day. Double meaning – students do their course evaluations (impacting my career), and I dole out what career advice I have from the last 25 years. Caveat: 90% are blog posts that I have written since 2013.

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Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Consultant’s Guide to Productization: How To Productize Consulting Services

Consulting Success

Productization is a hot topic today. What could be better than packaging your consulting services into products? No proposals. Minimal negotiations. A streamlined, predictable process. Sounds good, right? Yes — but that’s not the complete story. Productizing your consulting services can be an incredibly profitable move. It can help you scale your consulting business. It can be your ticket to creating a consulting business you can sell. But productization doesn’t come without risk. Risk that.

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Book Review: Four Types of Problems

Markovitz Consulting

The title of Art Smalley’s new book, Four Types of Problems , is misleading. It doesn’t actually address four types of problems. Rather, it covers four types of problem solving. In that regards, it’s an excellent reference book that belongs on every bookshelf. Smalley starts with the hoariest example of root cause problem solving: the machine tool that stops working because of insufficient lubrication.

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This Proposal Writing Trick Can Help Your Consulting Firm Close More Projects

David A Fields

Pop a sun-warmed, fresh-off-the-tree olive into your mouth and you’ll spit it out after one bite. Blech! But if you process your olive with brine and NaOH (a.k.a., lye) for even a short time, the result can be sublime.

5 Rookie Consulting Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Consulting Matters

After 10+ years of running my own consulting practice, you can bet that I made my fair share of mistakes. I want to share with you my top 5 mistakes so you can sidestep the agony of wasted time and resources.

Winter reading list 2018

Consultants Mind

Reached out to readers of the ConsultantsMind blog and asked what they recommend for students on winter break. Here’s a list of books and podcasts. Using first name initial, title, and any other words they might have shared. Caveat: affiliate links. E, Strategy Consulting How Will You Measure Your Life, by Clayton Christensen The […]. The post Winter reading list 2018 appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Reading

How to Find Purpose In Your Consulting Business: Podcast #66

Consulting Success

It’s a known fact that consulting firms tend to be small businesses with a small number of employees. Oftentimes, because of this, when a simple knock is at the door, we tend to burst it open, ever-willing to accept all the opportunities.

Getting promoted: 3 skills necessary to make it to Partner at a Consulting Firm

Management Consulted

When you sit down for an interview or a performance review at a management consulting firm, you are being evaluated beyond just your current role. In fact, you are being assessed for longer term viability – from the next level … Continue Reading.

Growing faster than the market: Three questions the C-suite should ask


Leaders who are most successful at driving growth in their organizations are deliberate, persistent, and disciplined in the way they go about it. Marketing & Sales Insights

Hidden Benefits of Off-Strategy Consulting Projects

David A Fields

You’re diligently working away at your consulting practice, winning projects and creating exceptional value for your clients. Then, out of the blue, George Gigglehammer asks whether you can help him with his hardware enterprise.

Transparency Is Key to Building Trust in Business


CEOs can boost consumer and employee confidence by asking these four questions about how their business operates

Consultant’s Advice: Use numbers

Consultants Mind

Numbers are compelling. They are easy to see and remember. They serve as proof. No wonder your resume bullets should have them. The Economist uses numbers to great effect. In fact, they love fractions. Copy/pasted quotes from last two issues of the Economist. All quotes, click on the titles for links. Family offices become […]. The post Consultant’s Advice: Use numbers appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Economist Magazine

How To Run A Million Dollar Consulting Business While Traveling The World For Five Months: Podcast

Consulting Success

Leaving your consulting business to spend time with your family or friends in some other part of the world seems an inconceivable idea, most especially if you are the type who worries about their business constantly. Learn how to be able to do just that.

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2019 Consulting Salary Information Promo

Management Consulted

Our full 2019 Consulting Salary Report will be out in just a couple of weeks! See here what will be included in in the full report, and what to expect. Transcription of 2019 Consulting Salary Information Promo: Hi, I’m … Continue Reading.

Building a tech-enabled ecosystem: An interview with Ping An’s Jessica Tan


A culture of innovation and failing fast drives the Chinese financial conglomerate’s expansion beyond traditional sector boundaries and its early adoption of emerging technologies. China

Three Steps to Avoid Holiday Hangover at Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

Maybe you’re taking a break from your consulting practice entirely this week. Or, perhaps just enjoying a lazy schedule with fewer client demands, lighter hours and higher stacks of festive chocolates.

Leaders vs. Leading

One of my favorite television shows is Inside the Actors Studio. It is a long-form interview show, where a famous actor or actress is interviewed for about an hour. The show is filmed before a live audience consisting of students at a well-known film school. What I like about the show is that it gets into real depth with the actor. They talk about their life story, early influences, and the technical work they did that led them to this point in their career.

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Organization Design in China

Kates Kesler

Organization design and development are relatively new fields in China. But, as leaders of local companies become more sophisticated in … Blog

How Consultants Make A Great First Impression At Client Meetings with Mark Bowden: Podcast #67

Consulting Success

First impression is really about human communication and how you can use your own behavior and body language to influence and persuade people.

Craziest Travel Story of 2018

Management Consulted

Transcription from YouTube: Two weeks ago, some friends of mine on Facebook were lamenting the fact that they only made it halfway across the country before they had to get stuck in the Chicago Airport (which by the way is … Continue Reading.

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Megadeals: How data and analytics can dramatically boost success


Megadeals are tricky and so rare that companies think there’s not enough data to be useful. But the data isn’t as scarce as they think. Marketing & Sales Insights

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Six things the smartest consulting firms will be thinking about in 2019

The Source

By Fiona Czerniawska. Growing East : When we crunch all the data for 2018, we expect to find that demand for consulting services has been patchy.

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How to be an Interesting Person

When you’re an interesting person, people want to connect with you. They want to work with you, hang out with you, or work for you. Candidly, being interesting is a major advantage in both your personal and professional lives. An interesting person can’t easily be categorized, stereotyped. or ignored. When you meet an interesting person, you don’t know what to make of them. You can’t figure them out easily. You sense there are facets to them that you haven’t yet discovered.

Ten Digital Marketing Predictions For 2019

Henry DeVries

Here are some predictions for the future of marketing in the year 2019 and beyond from thought leaders

Branding Tips For Your Consulting Business with Nick Westergaard: Podcast #65

Consulting Success

Nick Westergaard, consulting strategist, speaker, educator, and author, talks about strategies for branding and digital marketing.

Switching from Consulting to Private Equity

Management Consulted

Doing the Greenback Boogie: Switching from Consulting to Private Equity Private Equity (PE) funds represent some of the most lucrative players in the business world. It’s not uncommon for total comp in PE to go into the seven figures once … Continue Reading.

Machine learning and therapeutics 2.0: Avoiding hype, realizing potential


Six levers can help healthcare and pharma players achieve better outcomes when using machine learning. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products