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Harmony & Rythm in Organizational Development

Harmonious Workplaces

Parallels between shared music-making and OD In the dynamic world of organizational development (OD), business leaders oftentimes find themselves on a continuous quest to find innovative and effective strategies for fostering teamwork, navigating change, and enhancing employee well-being.

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Developing next-generation leaders

Brimstone Consulting

CASE STUDY. How a health services organization developed next-generation leaders, increased employee engagement scores, and increased employee enablement. A leading health services organization identified leadership development as one of its biggest challenges. Let's talk CONTACT BRIMSTONE.


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An Overview of Business Development Consulting

Tom Spencer

Business development consulting is about helping businesses grow sales and profits in order to achieve their strategic objectives. Business development consultants enable companies to reach their full potential and rescue companies that are struggling to survive. We don’t understand the value and we’re too busy to think about it.

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The consulting case study: What you need to know


Why are Case Studies used? Note that they are not looking for a “right answer”; they are looking for a “right method” Types of case studies. Strategy Consulting : tend to use “strategic” type case studies (more details below). How to answer the case study.

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UK-based Fire and Rescue Service – Case Study

People Business Psychology

Leadership assessment and development Situation A UK-based fire and rescue service consisting of some 1000 members of staff wanted to develop the leadership skills of a group of its Area Managers, part of the Service’s senior operational and strategic management level.

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Using Case Studies in Training Programs

Gina Abudi

This is where case studies come in. Case studies, based on real-life situations within the organization and related to the employee’s responsibilities, enables for practicing new concepts learned in the classroom environment. The post Using Case Studies in Training Programs appeared first on Gina Abudi.

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Breaking down the M&A Case Study

Tom Spencer

Rationale: In both the Siri and Beats cases, Apple had the capabilities to develop the technology / product it was purchasing itself. To be more precise, they probably estimated that launching these products more quickly was worth more money than the savings they would make by developing the technology on their own.