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The Lockdown Unlocks Real Work

Markovitz Consulting

By now it’s practically a business fable, but when Alan Mulally took the reins at Ford in 2006, senior management actually had “meetings week”—five days each month in which executives held non-stop meetings.

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Flashback 2006: Senators Clinton and Obama Vote for Secure Fence Act, Bush Signs Bill


Inquiring minds are taking a flashback look at the Secure Fence Act of 2006 , signed by president Bush. more…).


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Copper Plunges to Price Seen February 2006; Copper vs. Gold


Fueling the broad commodities collapse, the price of copper is now back to a level seen on February 28, 2006. click on any chart for sharper image Bloomberg notes that copper is the worst performing non-energy raw material on the Bloomberg Commodity Index ( BCOM ), which fell today to the lowest since August 2002.

Energy 28
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(Re)Designing the HR Organization (Kates, Human Resource Planning, 2006)

Kates Kesler

Human Resource Planning, 2006. Many HR functions have gone through the process of transformation over the past decade. This redefinition of the work of HR is intended to allow a more strategic focus on talent management and organizational capability while systematizing and controlling the cost of transactional work.

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Daring to Lead 2006

The Nonprofit Consultant

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and The Meyer Foundation have just released a new report, "Daring to Lead 2006," exploring the leading causes of nonprofit executive burnout; in particular, widespread frustration with boards of directors and funders, and dissatisfaction with their pay.

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Does Your Team Hoard Information?

Harmonious Workplaces

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Knowledge sharing helps avoid duplication of effort and allows for more efficient processes. The self-efficacy felt among workers and the team-efficacy felt by work groups motivate them to push past obstacles and with better performance (Srivastava et al., DOI: 10.1002/job.2152. Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T.

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How to Solve Your Talent Challenge (Creatively)

Organizational Talent Consulting

Creativity's bottom line: How winning companies turn creativity into business value and growth. McKinsey & Co. Michalko, M. Thinkertoys: A handbook of business creativity. Berkeley, Calif: Ten Speed Press. Enhancement and the fulfillment of potential. Creativity. The international handbook on innovation (1st ed.). Elsevier Science.

Talent 52