Business Books – Video Hacks

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What business books have you read recently? When I ask this of friends and colleagues, I usually get this guilty look of someone who hasn’t read a book in year. Read More » The post Business Books – Video Hacks appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Fun Business Books Effective Executive Good to Great Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Jim Collins John Maxwell peter drucker Video hacks

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Book Review: Four Types of Problems

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The title of Art Smalley’s new book, Four Types of Problems , is misleading. In that regards, it’s an excellent reference book that belongs on every bookshelf. If you’re familiar with the different ways of approaching problems, Four Types of Problems is a useful reference book. It doesn’t actually address four types of problems. Rather, it covers four types of problem solving.

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What is book-to-bill ratio?

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The post What is book-to-bill ratio? appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Finance

What Are The Best Management Consulting Books?

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There are four books that I recommend as core to the generic practice of consulting. nurturing marketing and selling skills for consulting (for example, I highly recommend books like Winning the Professional Services Sale by Michael McLaughlin ).

Book Review: Practicing Lean

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It's one of the most refreshing lean books I've read in a long time, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is, well, practicing lean in their organizations. The book is an anthology with contributions by (as of this post) 16 different authors. It's the variety in tone, content, and style that really gives the book its charm. And by the way, I'm including my own two books in this critique.) I just finished reading Practicing Lean , edited by Mark Graban.

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Business Book Review: Steve Jobs

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If you want to submit a review on a book you’ve been reading, we’d love to hear from you! This book will train you to think differently and see business from a different perspective. 3 Interesting Book Insights . All in all, this book is amazing, both easy and fun to read.

The Pyramid Principle Book Review

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In 1987, Barbara Minto wrote a book called the Pyramid Principle – Logic in Writing and Thinking. She went on to train Bob Waterman and Tom Waters, co-authors of the best seller book – In Search of Excellence. Today, McKinsey and EY use this book extensively, and it is also one of the top reads at Booz Allen Hamilton. Once again Preeti, our ex-Deloitte consultant, read this book on your behalf and distilled into a short review for your reading pleasure. **.

Send the Book First or Call First?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: I have a commercially published book. Consultants Context Discussion Creating Value Fees Positioning Proposals Relationships The Book adding value agreements benefits consulting fees fees Marketing positioning value proposition writing

Should You Give Your Book Away?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: I have a commercially published book and I know i should use it to promote myself, but should I give the book away too? If you have a book, have you given copies away?

Michael’s New Book: The Elite Consulting Mind

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Michael’s new book, The Elite Consulting Mind, has just been published. It’s available at a significant discount on Amazon in paperback and Kindle here: GET THE BOOK. Michael explains why he wrote the book and what it’s all about… Get the Book (Discounted Price).

How to Write a Truly Great Business Book (Tip #5)

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Writing (and publishing) a book can confer myriad benefits on your consulting firm. A great book multiplies those benefits and can lift you and your consulting firm to the next level of success. But how do you write a great business book?

Business Book Review: Beyond the E-Myth

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Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at Beyond the E-Myth, the latest in a long line of great books by Michael Gerber (a marketing genius who has built a world-wide web of products and services to help small businesses grow). Beyond The E-Myth just might be the book that transforms the way you view your business, or inspires you to start (or sell) your own business. Gerber begins by laying out a few basic concepts that guide the rest of the book.

Best Business Books 2018: Strategy


And these key questions are answered with clarity and verve in this year's best business books on strategy. How can you innovate to avoid irrelevance? How can you nurture your best people, especially the rebels?

Book Review: Michael Porter On Competition

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it’s time for another book review! This time, our intern and ex-Deloitte dreamboat Preeti read Michael Porter’s book on competition and took the time to let you know how she felt about it. In the book, Porter has addressed a number of key question like: “How do companies compete in a particular business?”, This book is more chunky because it is an expanded version of the original. INTERESTING BOOK INSIGHTS. This book is a must read.

Business Book Review: Start-Up Nation

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Today is an interesting book review on Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. This book is a fantastic summary of creative ideas, innovations, startup and entrepreneurial genius that have been churned up by Israel. 3 INTERESTING BOOK INSIGHTS. Business Books

Book Review of “The New How” (Business Strategy Book)

Steve Shu Consulting

It is atypical for me to write a book review for this blog, but Nilofer Merchant’s “ The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy ” is very respectable contribution to both audiences of this blog and the process of strategy development in general.

Business Book Review – The E-myth

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Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at E-Myth , an insightful book written by Michael Gerber (a marketing genius who has built a world-wide web of products and services to help small businesses grow). Why Read It: The E-myth was first recommended to me by my wife, who had the book recommended to her by the teacher in a finance class she took at her school. One helpful little feature of this book is the story of Sarah that runs through its core.

Best Business Books 2016


For the 16th edition of our Best Business Books of the year section, we've assembled a team of learned, expert, and stylish guides. See also Best Business Books 2016 -- in Pictures


The So What Strategy – A Highly Recommended Book for Business Communications

Steve Shu Consulting

Over the years I’ve read a number of books on communications such as books on writing, storyboards, logic, presentation construction, visual design, and verbal delivery. First, for the time-pressed professional, the book is a very rich but quick read.

The Ultimate Question 2.0 Book Review

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Our awesome intern Preeti is back to bring you her unbiased review of a very unique book: The Ultimate Question 2.0 – How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer Driven World , authored by Fred Reichheld (from Bain and Co.). Fred’s first book, The Ultimate Question , published in 2006, talked about a business environment that has become more social. Fred Reichheld published a 300 page book on the NPS (Net Promoter Score) called – The Ultimate Question 2.0.

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Three Lessons Learned from Writing a Book

Women in Consulting

So I gathered my courage and wrote my first book, Subscription Marketing. Here are three things I learned in the process of fulfilling this neglected, longtime ambition: Writing a book deepens your expertise. Takeaway: If you want to strengthen your expertise, write a book.

Best Business Books 2018: Leadership


This year's best business books on the subject of leadership all deal with the vital topic of finding meaning and purpose in the workplace. But they approach the topic from fundamentally different and illuminating angles.

Business Book Review: Boston Consulting Group On Strategy

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Welcome to yet another opportunity to gain valuable insights from a book review, written by Preeti Vemu, MC intern, MC events organizer extraordinary, and an ex-Deloitte consultant. In this book, you will find more articles than you can stomach – awesome articles capturing key insights from the 1960s and moving forward to 2005. INTERESTING BOOK INSIGHTS. If you are a student who enjoys discovering the secrets to business success, you will love this book.

Business Book Review: The Starbucks Experience

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If you want to submit a review on a book you’ve been reading, we’d love to hear from you! This is not just your normal business book about a company. In fact, it is way more than just that: it is a book about an organization that has somehow managed to turn an ordinary cup of coffee, something that 25 years ago was ordinary and boring, into something extraordinary, something that has become a worldwide business phenomenon. 3 Interesting Book Insights .

My Behavioral Science, Design, and Business Book Reading List

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As I was gathering my thoughts for my Inside Nudging project ( ), a project that I envision tying together the application of behavioral science in business contexts and providing more of an inside look at innovation, strategy and implementation, I wanted to take stock of books that have probably influenced (liberally interpreted) the way I look at behavioral science. I am also open to getting more book recommendations.

Business Book Review: Case Interview Secrets

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In case interview prep, Victor Cheng has risen to a household name in the last 5 years, and his book Case Interview Secrets is one of our recommendations for those looking to break in to the industry. . Join us today as we pick out the key points of Victor’s book and learn what makes his perspective so unique – and what you might want to watch out for if you incorporate it into your preparation process. 3 INTERESTING BOOK INSIGHTS.

Books I recommend

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Consultants Consultant: Click here to see all of Cindy Tonkin’s books. The post Books I recommend appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Political Acumen

Finding the Time to Write a Book

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By: Anne Janzer. :: Thinking of writing a book? Writing a book can transform a career, opening up new possibilities and expanding your reach. By the time you’ve accumulated the wisdom to share in a book, you’re often busy doing whatever you’re good at.

Four Essential Children’s Books for Consultants

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Harold and the Purple Crayon, Crockett Johnson You create your own reality. Consultants frequently struggle with lapses in confidence. Harold teaches us that even the scary and unpleasant aspects of being an independent consultant are a product of our imaginations. If you choose to apply your purple crayon differently, you can reframe rejection and other terrors and draw a delightful, satisfying business.

How to Leverage Your Book into Business

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A question I was asked: I just wrote a book, how can I leverage it to generate more income? What would your suggestion be to this consultant? What has worked for you? Post your suggestion by using the ‘Leave a Comment’ box below.

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Business Book Review: The McKinsey Way

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Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at The McKinsey Way , a book written by a former Associate at McKinsey, Ethan M. Although the book is fun and well structured, the book skims the surface on a wide variety of topics and doesn’t go into great detail.

Anti-FOMO book: The ONE thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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This book is all about focus. It turns out that pseudo multi-tasking, and not thinking about what is most important in… Read More » The post Anti-FOMO book: The ONE thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan appeared first on Consultant's Mind. It is like the Pareto Principle to the extreme. The authors argue that by narrowing your focus to ONE thing in each area of your life, you will be happier, more successful, and find things easier.

Best Business Books 2016: Economy


For the last decade, the most compelling economics books have focused on the bailouts, bubbles, and blow-ups surrounding the 2008 financial crisis. This year's best economics books include Robert J.

Best Business Books 2016: Marketing


This year's best business books on marketing tend to "think small." While information technology allows company to amass and analyze huge volumes of aggregate data on customer behavior, the authors of these books argue we need to understand and relate to consumers at the micro level.

Top Shelf Picks: Best Business Books 2018


Our writers select the year's best business books in seven categories: leadership, management, innovation, economics, strategy, narratives, and marketing.

Best Business Books 2016: Strategy


So it's no surprise that this year's three most compelling books on the topic of strategy touch on how to plan for, quantify, and cope with unpredictability -- in life, business, nature, and geopolitics. Business, like life, is inherently uncertain.

Best Business Books 2016: Management


This year's three best business books on management offer compelling and useful advice on how to avoid such problems. When things go wrong at companies - whether they're epic debacles or minor glitches - it often seems the system is in some ways to blame.

Best Business Books 2016: Technology


This year's best books about technology recognize the tensions inherent in new technologies - the ability to bring about enormous good and progress, and the potential to cause enormous harm and disruption.

Best Business Books 2014


Our annual review of the year''s best business books


Best Business Books 2017: Marketing


Cathy Taylor reviews the best business books on marketing and sales of the year. Leading the pack is Superconsumers, by Eddie Yoon, a highly relatable book that describes how companies can thrive by identifying, catering to, and learning from their most committed and passionate customers.